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“Do you think there was any connection between the passage of the new Missouri gun law and the racial strife in Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown? It’s as good a theory as any about what really motivated legislators to let guns into schools, because there sure isn’t any violence problem in Missouri schools that this law will solve.” – Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser in New Missouri Law Will Allow Teachers to Carry Guns, Defying Statistics and Common Sense [at]

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    • Don’t know the exact figures. But South Africa had something like 3-5 million whites and 25-30 million blacks. Rhodesia had the same type of disparity.

      Seriously, how do you think the South Africa effect is going to come about here?

    • Well; they hate themselves so much, they probably would. Think about it; these are the people that describes human beings as a plague, a virus on the planet.

      These are the people that go crazy over hunting of deer and then fully support the murder of unborn children.

      These are the people that that having no children at all is something to be proud of.

      Liberal/progressives/ gun grabbers so hate themselves, other human beings, personal freedom and the right to defend yourself from being raped, robbed or murdered that they fully support the disarmament of the people and the “monopoly of force” by the government, the greatest and most efficient mass murderer of the last hundred years.

      In reality, Liberal/progressivism is a cult of self-hate; of embracing helplessness, powerlessness and dependency and calling it freedom and if not addressed or changed; the end result will be the destruction of western civilization based on personal freedom and responsibility and the return of what has been the norm in history; tyranny by the few over the many.

        • Please don’t send them here. We have enougth paranoid wrecks of people in this country as it is and we don’t need any of these kind of peoples idiotic statism.

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t these laws proposed and potentially passed by the state legislature (pre veto) before Michael Brown was shot? Some in Mizzou help us out.

      • Thank you Dan. I suspected as much since veto overrides means the legislation was in process for quite some time and Michael Brown was shot recently. Even fast tracked legislation couldn’t get to veto override votes in the short amount of time since the Ferguson incident.

        This then falls into the realm of knowingly dishonest. That is just evil, no different than any fraudster trying to rip you off. I’d question the ethics and business practices of this guy since he has published in public, known lies and innuendo.

        • Ah, but if it supports the meme that all whites are irredeemably racist and the Second Amendment is really about white racists wanting to oppress the minorities, then all lies are for the good, “The ends justify the means” after all.

          The really typical lies of the gun grabbers is the aspect that one of the first laws enacted after emancipation was “Jim Crow Laws” to deny gun rights to the newly freed blacks.

    • weren’t these laws proposed and potentially passed by the state legislature (pre veto) before Michael Brown was shot?

      Yes, which proves the Republicans are not only raaaaaacists, but can also predict the future with unerring accuracy. Those b@stards!

  2. Wow, now you don’t have to disagree with obama directly, just having a different view from any liberal, regardless of color, makes you a racist. Good to know.

    • Alan,

      This is what Progressives always do. They have no actual facts to refute someone’s point. So, they try to refute the person and portray them as either stupid, crazy, or corrupt (or combinations thereof). In this case Mr. Weisser accuses the Missouri legislature of being racists which falls under the “corrupt” category.

    • That’s funny you mention it, because on Facebook the running joke for my friends and me is to call each other “racist” when someone disagrees with one of these crazy liberal opinions. That includes my black, Asian and Hispanic friends.

  3. No. The laws to control guns were put into place because of racism. Removing these racists based laws(disarm the scarey black man) is removing institutionalised racism from America.

    • Thank you for putting the horse before the cart, which horses’ patoots like Weisser just can’t get through their little wooden heads.

  4. Wow, this wounded animal can’t fathom for a second that his ideas were voted down because they are simply contemptible and idiotic. “They must be racist!” And if the gun homicide rate in MO rises 25%, what is that like 10 people? They use the same dismissal when discussing euro crime stats…

    • That “factoid” apparently did not come from DOJ, but from academics at Johns-Hopkins,, and we know how fair and balanced college profs tend to be about guns. It appeared to me that the whole article was the standard made-up statistics having zero relationship to reality. Mucho appeal to panic, mucho sarcasm, mucho condescension, totally snotty smartass. Remind me to skip his store.

  5. “It’s as good a theory as any about what really motivated legislators to let guns into schools, because there sure isn’t any violence problem in Missouri schools that this law will solve.”

    How much of a violence problem was there at Sandy Hook Elementary prior to December 14, 2012?

  6. Or maybe the Missouri legislature finally got around to overriding the governor’s veto on legislation that they proposed long before the Brown incident in Ferguson, MO.

  7. And they think of us as paranoid, conspiracy-theorist, tin-foil hat types…..
    In the immortal words of Pee Wee Herman, “I know you are, but what am I?”

  8. The guy is a tool. He’s gotten away with calling Colion Noir the NRA’s ‘house black man’. A not even thinly disguised racist term for Uncle Tom or house negro. Maybe your neighborhood used the n-word instead of negro. I contacted his handlers at Evolve Together and they kissed it off.

    • I met more racists living in MA in two years than I did living in various southern states for 7. Of course that is not scientific but I surprised at how freely people would toss out a few phrases here and there in my company.

  9. Pfff! please. Defying statistics? What fucking statistics? Practucally no one is allowed to carry in schools so you have no fucking statistics.

  10. I love how liberal rags keep latching on to their own so-called “liberal gun supporters” as columnists that always turn out to either be super-FUDDs or extremely poorly disguised “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…” gun control advocates.

    All I can say is this content must be for people who are already in love with those publications, because they’re sure as not going to do any successful “reaching out” or “dialogue” with actual 2A advocates.

  11. Anymore I look at being called a racist like a badge of honor. If racists weren’t calling me racist I’d probably actually be racist.

  12. I’m surprised that no one has commented on his apparent solutions for school shootings. Guns are bad, we need more monitoring of who is entering the school (I guess that means cameras, which Sandy Hook had), and having visitors sign in at the office (that could be what the Sandy Hook principal and counselor were doing when they confronted him as he shot his way through a wall, we’ll never know). I can really respect this dweeb’s intelligence, if he’ll just show me how(instead of merely claiming a positive result) a camera and a sign in book will stop an armed child-killer. Sandy Hook proved otherwise, and supposedly these people are still waving the bloody shirt on the subject of that tragedy. Did they not even investigate what happened? Has no one imagined the result if the principal had responded to the door with an AR and the counselor with a 12-guage pump? Not even any ex-parents are interested in that question?

  13. I found it amusing in the original article how he dismisses the teacher carrying law as unnecessary on the basis of the rarity of school shootings. Any other time and in every other space, the antis present rare school shootings as the norm, calling them rampant and an epidemic, and demanding action toward civil disarmament as a the only common sense response.

    So which is it, antis? Must we restrict firearms freedom because school shootings are rare, or must we restrict firearms freedom because school shootings are rampant? Better question would be: why is your solution always more freedom infringement, regardless the facts on the ground or the lie of the day?

    • +1

      The rate of school shootings is high when that narrative suits gun control advocates, and the rate of school shootings is low when that narrative suits gun control advocates. Whatever it takes to push their agenda of infringing the rights of law-abiding citizens.

      In that regard, they’re a lot like global warming alarmists.

  14. You see a similar kind of argument about Stand Your Ground laws. Libtards are in deep denial about violence because seeing it for what it is forces them to question values that are at the very core of their political and cultural beliefs . This is why, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, libtards continue to insist that Travyon Martin was murdered. In their view, any attempt to give private citizens the ability to defend themselves just means that white people will visit more “carnage” on minority (i.e., black) communities which are already suffering such oppression that many of its youth attack better off people as an act of political protest. Street crime, the “knock-out game”, flash-mobs, and Trayvon are all “caused” by racism and structural inequality for which better off people (i.e., white) must share some responsibility. When you look at things from this standpoint, gun-rights, arming-teachers, stand your ground laws, and open carrying, is just giving an unfair advantage to the oppressors.

  15. Guns were ALREADY allowed in Missouri schools before this legislation. This numbnut should read first. This legislation now requires schools that do allow guns have to MAKE those teachers get police training for approx 120 hrs vs the time they had for getting a CCW.

    • Really. Dirk, thank you. I did not even get a hint of that anywhere else. 120 HOURS? Did they include an extra $1000 each teacher has to pay? How much can you discourage the only thing that can help, in support of impossibly expensive solutions? Pay the teachers. 10-15 hours a year of training beyond CCL. End of problem.

  16. For the conspiracy theorists: In El Paso, Texas a man reads “The Truth About Guns.” In the wilds of Iran, a shepherd gazes longingly at a goat (and the goat looks nervously over it’s shoulder). Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  17. A gun store owner that thinks we should have fewer guns. I guess that makes sense in the parallel universe he lives in. Perhaps he’s counting on the revenue from his books to keep him afloat.

    If he would write an original opinion instead of spouting the party line and making up statistics I could respect that. People can have different points of view based on their background and experiences, and I am willing to listen to a well reasoned argument, which his is most certainly not.

    In my opinion he is a traitor to the 2nd amendment posing as one of it’s defenders. Someone once said “with friends like this, who needs enemas?”,

  18. ok, let me see if I got this, not being from MO, and a bit shy of HuffPo’s “credibility” as an unbiased news source….

    1. This law was about arming teachers, and sent up by legiskators on a majority vote twice, to be vetoed by Democrat Governor Nixon.

    2. All before Ferguson, which had nothing to do with teachers, as I recall.

    3. Nixon pretty much totally discredits himself, and his leadership, during Ferguson.

    4. Leguslatirs bring school teachers becoming armed again, and it passes, bipartison vote to overwhelm veto by Nixon.

    Seems like the sleazy race-baiters left town when it became clear Mr. Brown wasn’t quite the innocent gentle giant the StateRunMedua barrative made him out to be….

    Looks like Mike the Gun Guy, and HuffPo didnt get the memo.


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