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“I know people get (upset) and go, ‘They’re going to take away the assault weapon.’ Who … needs an assault weapon? Like really, unless you’re carrying out an assault. … You can’t hunt with it. … Who’s going to attack your house, an (expletive deleted) army?” – Sylvester Stallone [via]

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  1. Um. Donate all your money from every movie you’ve been in with a gun, never act/direct in gun related movies again, and then we’ll talk. Maybe

  2. The point is that I’m a law abiding citizen and why restrict what I have as opposed to fixing the real problems. Not enforcing the laws we already have and taking care of the mentally ill. They also don’t talk about anything that Hollywood does or the gaming industry. The other issue is that most crimes are committed with a handgun. Will that be the next argument? Criminals don’t abide by laws. That is the bottom line.

  3. A well thought out quote from the guy starring in the non-violent sounding “Bullet to the Head”. Stay classy Sly!

  4. “Who’s going to attack your house, an (expletive deleted) army?”

    Why yes, yes that would be correct Mr Hollywood elitest. This, coming from the guy who starred in a classic violent counter culture movie. More proof that they live in a fantasy world. And for what it’s worth, there are lots of gun rights advocates out there that think that will be the case someday. The cold dead hands thing is not Heston/NRA just a catch phrase, they believe that it’s better to go out fighting than submit to disarmorment.

    • He must be a pacifist at heart–that’s why he fled the country to avoid the draft. His level of hypocrisy is matched only by his arrogance.

  5. why does hollywood actors think they are correct when they are speaking against our gun rights?? who the hell are them to tell me what to believe in..

  6. Oh look, another washed up Hollywood actor whose life is a world of make believe whose job is playing make believe trying to tell those who live in the real world what they need without knowing or understanding what the real world is lke. Awesome!

    • Stallone is wont to point out that “the rest of the world doesn’t have this” implying it is guns, but refuses to acknowledge what exactly it is that TROTW doesn’t have. I note that his Wikipedia bio leaves out two stages of his education…and has him going directly from Lincoln High to Miami-Dade College. No. He flunked at Lincoln and was transfered to the Devereux Manor School, which is about two miles from my house, and is for emotionally troubled and learning-disabled kids. Then (also not in Wiki) he spent two years at the American College in Switzerland, a high-end boarding high-school. So he knew Switzerland, knew they have tons of guns. What they don’t have is millions of minority gang-bangers. Go ahead, Sly, say it.

      • I wonder why that isn’t in Wikipedia? Doesn’t anyone have the option to add to it? I wonder what would happen if this happened to be added to his bio on there?

    • I think there maybe just a little “gun violence glorification fatigue” in America right now. As the 2A debate rages and Sandy Hook bloody flag is waved 24/7 on the MSM, glorifying it and then trying to profit from it with a title like “Bullet to the head” is about as classless as it gets. They should have pulled the movie and retitled it. The title strikes a wrong chord with me, and I and decidedly pro-gun. It’s like a bad, juvenile joke made at the worst time.

  7. The day you give up all the money you’ve made off movies with assault rifles in them I’ll lend you an ear. Then I’ll demand you give up your armed secrurity and maybe I’ll attempt to listen to you.
    Until then, have a big cup of “stop being a hypocrit.”
    And yes, the armed citizenry is to fight an invading army. If you can read, I suggest reading why the Japanese never attempted to invade America. It had something to do with a rifle behind every blade of grass. Just sayin’

  8. well, when you shoot from the hip like that all the time, rambo, no wonder you don’t like ‘assault weapons’.

  9. Dumb bastard probably thinks that DiFi’S “assault weapons” are actually full auto.

    Didn’t they “lose” an M-60 while filming First Blood, which then wound up in the hands of he NRA?

  10. Did he suddenly decide that his opinion was pertinant. Who told him this? Was it his mother? A hollywood bimbo girlfriend(ok, I wouldn’t gloss over that either). I guess when you make a bunch of movies you become a defacto expert on all sorts of things, Randy

  11. After Stallone, a draft dodger, made his millions with his Rambo character, a Vietnam vets group hit him up for a donation. The all knowing Stallone reckoned he could help them out with something they needed more than money. He donated an autographed poster of himself in his Rambo outfit.
    The sight and sound of him makes me ill. But I did like the South Park parody of him where a translator had to repeat everything he said.

    • First of all, Stallone’s hypocrisy on guns is the usual Hollyweird guns for me but not for thee tripe. Reminds me of Kirk Douglas calling for gun control while he was making all those Western shoot-em-ups.

      The draft dodging is kind of iffy. Did Stallone have a draft card? He was out of the country for quite a while but did that insulate him from being called up? No apparent record of him being notified for the draft. Could he have volunteered for enlistment? Probably.

      Right now, Stallone is playing pile on. It’s extremely easy to come out for gun control in the current media climate.

  12. if you are unarmed and a guy on pcp breaks into your house and you are not WELL armed, it might as well be an army attacking you. either way you lose. however guy on pcp vs .223, now you have a fighting chance.

    • No shit! These morons have no idea what they’re talking about. We should have a reality show where anti gun rights celebrities have a cage match with a naked guy on pcp, all coked out or on bath salts.

  13. Walk the walk, Sly. No more ‘assault rifles’ or hi-cap mags in any of your upcoming works of cinematic art. And while you’re at it, why not edit out all such scenes in your previous masterpieces? Oh, right, the fliks would be about 38 minutes long…

  14. This blue dog shit is getting real old. Seriously, he supported the first AWB and it got him nothing. Now that enough time’s gone by most people had forgotten, and a new generation has embraced gun culture, maybe Sly could accept the fact that he’s got as much a hard-on for guns as anyone here, and maybe we’d overlook some of his past transgressions if he didn’t endore another AWB. Or, at the very least, shut his gob.

    I don’t think he’s got another Expendables in him. What if Rambo’s career ends with a whimper, a crappy ill-timed movie and a rambling bashing of sporting rifles?

  15. Stallone repeats the frequent assertion “You can’t hunt with it…”, but if you search “hunting with AR-15”, you find article after article detailing successful AR-15 hunts for deer, elk, wild boar, varmints, coyotes and even bear. I get why this lie is repeated for the ignorant as propaganda against the guns they want to vilify and ban from law-abiding Citizens, but I don’t get why Pro Gun Rights supporters let this deliberate dis-information go unchallenged.

    For the record, I would play solitaire Tic-Tac-Toe before I’d watch any Stallone film. He’s a Class-A tool.

  16. When I am hunting, my priorities, in order, are: 1) As little suffering to the animal as possible and 2) Giving the quarry a sporting chance. When I am fighting for my life, I will take whatever advantages I can to make it through alive; there is no such thing as overkill. Stallone is just another typical example of an useful idiot*/mouthpiece for the agendas of the anti-gun.

    *Incapable of critical thinking.

    • Yep. It was the gun’s fault. Had nothing to do with Hartman’s murderous wife Brynn’s blood showing she was high on alcohol, cocaine, and zoloft at the time she pulled the trigger.

  17. Yawn. Another Hollywood celebrity PR early defense block to avoid being flamed by the gun-grabbing politically-correct crowd.

  18. Do any of these @ssholes realize that we protect ourselves from the SAME people that the police (or secret service) use their “assault weapons” against??? I’ve never seen the police go up against an army either.

  19. It annoys me but unless they’re funding/actively working with anti gun groups I just don’t care that much-people have the right to be idiots, but if they’re a good actor and make good movies, and don’t actively crusade against guns (or whatever else) I don’t really give a damn.

    The reason I don’t watch Stallone movies is because most of them just flat out suck. Not because he doesn’t like guns.

  20. Precisely. He’s taking heat for releasing a violent movie called “Bullet To The Head” right after Sandy Hook, so he’s trying to walk it back. “See, media elites, I’m on your side! My movies are just make-believe! Please, won’t somebody go see my crappy movie???”

    • Speaking of crappy movies, I watched The Expendables 2 the other day (because I hate myself), and I’m pretty sure I suffered brain damage as a result. It took me 5 attempts to get through the whole movie, because I was hoping there would be some good parts in there, but no such luck. Who the hell thinks that making these movies is a good idea? I think torture is more pleasant than watching anything with Sly.

  21. RAMBO KNIVES” are heretofore to be referred to as “Patriot Knives”.

    Covey leader to raven. We don’t want to talk to you anymore Johnny.

    Way to alienate your fan base sly. (sly with a small s).
    maybe you will find a new career in chick flicks. Work on your sensitive side.

  22. In answer to your question, Sly, if the recent news reports are to be believed, your sister could have used an “assault weapon” to stop you from molesting her… or is than an “anti-assault” weapon?

  23. Why do you need an AR and 30 round magazines? Why do you need life insurance? Why do you need property and homeowners insurance? Why do you need car insurance and buckle your seat belt? Why did you need a prenup? Why do you need a spare tire? Do you expect to die or kill yourself when you sign the paperwork? Do you expect someone to burn down your house or place of business or are you going to burn it down? Are you expecting to get in an accident or going to crash your car into the first thing you see? Do you expect your future spouse to cheat or leave you or are you planning on it? Do you expect your tire to be blown out or are going to test the effects of a nail board on tires? The first scenario is always considered paranoid, “why would you ever expect something to happen?” and the second is the common assertion “if you bought it you’re planning on abusing it”, yet in most facets of our lives we employ seemingly pointless protections we will most likely never have to use and never plan on using, and from the stats we know gun abuse by law-abiding citizens is near non-existent. If we ever do have to use them those protections can save our lives or allow them to continue relatively normally. The (mostly) unrestricted Second Amendment Rights gives us the choice to take responsibility for our own protection, whether that be theft, bodily harm, or governmental tyranny, in order of likelihood. I pray I never have to use that protection, but denial will not protect you or your family.

    Why the double standard? The go-to for police when escalating a situation is the AR-15. Before the police get there you are the first responder. Why shouldn’t you have the right to respond the same way the police do? Why do they have better protection than the citizenry? Even assuming police are better trained “professionals of the gun” we have seen from real situations in the DGU of the day section that in most cases all it takes is the presence of a defensive gun, some cases require “ineffective” defensive shots, fewer take a hit(s) on the assailant(s), and a small number require lethal action. Now apply the fact most police are not as well-trained as most assume, and the well-trained officers have to suit up, drive over from anywhere in the county, and grab their AR-15 first. I’m sorry if this is news to anyone, but in most cases the police are there to fill out the reports after the incident has occurred, not stop the incident in the first place. Personally, I want an overwhelmingly effective response as soon as possible, whether that comes from myself, my wife, the neighbor, or the police. I know I can count on myself first so taking responsibility for myself is the first step.

  24. “Who … needs an assault weapon? Like really, unless you’re carrying out an assault”
    Well, this is awkward. Does he realize “assault” is used because it invokes violent imagery? Assaults are best carried out with things other than “assault weapons”.
    “Who needs a ‘cancer stick’, you know unless you’re going to carry out some stick cancer stuff.”
    That doesn’t make sense. Don’t expect celebrities to make sense.

  25. it really breaks my heart to hear this; after watching Demolition Man all those years ago i always just assumed that Stallone believed in Liberty and Freedom(for everyone, not just himself). 🙁


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