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“What do we need to do? Automatic weapons must be banned. Guns must be registered. Ammunition sales must be limited. There must be background checks, so mentally disabled people have a harder time obtaining guns. The ‘gun show loophole’ for unlicensed sales of firearms must be closed. This is a source of a vast number of unregistered firearms being sold by unlicensed dealers who keep no records (and generally pay no taxes on the sales). The details of how we do these things are up to our political leaders, or if they are not effective, to activists working through the insurance or investment industries. But it is absolutely clear that they need to be done.” – Gloria Duffy in My Life with Guns [via]

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  1. Ah, some women are just dumb and can’t help but open their traps and remove all doubt. smh….

      • If the gun-grabber being quoted here was a man and misery wrote that some men are dumb etc would you respond with a comment suggesting misery change it to people?

        • Given the amount of sexism and misogyny in the comments here (included a now deleted comment that espoused beating her in the face with a club) I think we could go a long way here to NOT reinforce the stereotype that we’re just a bunch of insecure men trying to compensate for Freudian shortcomings.

        • daveR,

          I’ll re-phrase and broaden my question: do you respond to calling out and criticizing all or any of the overwhelming sexist attitudes towards men (and boys) and the misandry (hatred of males) that is so prevalent on a daily basis throughout the media, in entertainment, advertising, education, government programs and policies, religious institutions, in the courts especially the Family/Divorce and Criminal, etc?

          I feel pity for you. You are suffering from a severe case of social conservative white knight chivalry and male hating feminist brainwashing.

      • When a male or men get criticized about their position on an issue or their behavior do you also jump in with comments in reply online or in your personal life that such and such women are just as wrong for doing something similar?

  2. Do read the comments.

    They are about 10:1 in favor of calling this windbag liberal out for being a windbag liberal.

      • There’s a big group of gun rights supporters who comment on every gun-related story there. I’m one of them. It’s not an organized effort, it’s just that people who support gun rights are very dedicated to the cause, and we have the facts on our side.

        We often outnumber the anti-rights people on those threads at HuffPo.

  3. We need mental health checks / IQ tests before people are allowed to publicly voice an opinion because some people (such as Ms. Duffy) clearly lack the mental stability and intelligence to have an informed opinion.

    • Requiring IQ tests wouldn’t do anything, unfortunately.
      They only measure aptitude not whether someone is
      willfully and sometimes forcibly keeping themselves


    Seriously, though, if you replace 2nd amendment rights with right to vote, this article would invite the ire of plenty of people willing to rearrange that unmade bed shown on the above picture.

  5. Apparently, all you need to do to limit ammo in the US is to show up at WalMart right after the ammo truck arrives.

  6. And thus, there will always be people who I will always fundamentally, morally, and ethically disagree with. These people have been known throughout history as collaborators, appeasers, apologists. They believe what they are doing is for the greater good. If the zombie apocolypse ever occurs, they will try to empathize with them, even try to make peace. Eventually, they would seek to bolster their “rights” just because they are different (and potential Democratic voters).

    Unfortunately, putting up with her is the price we pay for living in a (moderately) free society. Coincidentally, her kind is exactly the type we’ll fight hardest against in order to keep our free society.

  7. Read the article… Google fu shows she went to high school in Cali… starting to think the whole story was made up… ten minutes of my life I won’t get back

  8. Reading the article, the central thrust is that she comes from a family of abject morons, and therefore we should look to her for policy recommendations.

  9. A few years ago, the comments on an article like this at HuffPo wouldn’t have looked like that.

    We’re making progress.

  10. I read the article and the comments. One of them is an instant classic:

    “………the plural of anecdote is not data…………”


  11. firearms being sold by unlicensed dealers who keep no records (and generally *****pay no taxes on the sales*****)

    and there ya go folks, it isn’t about safety… is, and always was, about tax revenue. Government don’t like people making money without giving Godfather Obama his piece of the pie.

  12. Her family and friends were exceedingly stupid with firearms, if those stories were actually true. Given that about 600 K deer hunters in WI take to the woods on opening weekend, and that more deer hunters are injured falling out of free stands than with rifle rounds, I find her narrative difficult to believe. She may have found firearms to be useless, but damn few ranchers would agree on that opinion. What is typical is the assertion that her childhood experiences must therefore reflect society as a whole, and that she is now an *expert* to speak on the need for additional firearms regulation.

  13. Wherein the author shares anecdotes of her families’ irresponsible gun use, and projects it to the entire population of the United States.

    • I read it to mean she meant semiautos, like Australia, along with limiting ammo to practice with, like Mexico.

  14. Let’s change things up a bit…

    African Americans must be banned. African Americans must be registered. African Americans must be limited. There must be background checks, so African American people have a harder time exercising their God-given rights. The ‘African American loophole’ for unlicensed African Americans must be closed.”

    How does that one sound?

  15. aaa the words from a person who wakes up in the morning and walk into a wall for about an hour every single day.

  16. She seems to be enamored with the word “must”. If she would throw in a few “common-sense’s” and “meh’s”, I might consider letting her launder my underwear. But I will never let her tell me what I MUST do.

    Ignorant wretch.

  17. Lets hope no Obama youth bust in her house for an unfriendly visit, then she will really blame the NRA.

  18. “…activists working through the insurance or investment industries”

    Pesky constitution! Let’s get “activists” (a.k.a., elitist plutocrats) to control the little people. For their own good, of course. I don’t think people like this understand how much of America is against them on this issue. Both sides can play at boycots, and all it can accomplish is to divide Americans further. Well, if our side eventually controlls all private firearms manufacturing, that’s cool with me. Now if we can get all the factories to free states…

  19. (/pith helmet and binoculars)… and here we see the Aging Hippy Liberal Douche, flourishing in its new habitat of HuffPo after the bulldozing of that dank, pestilence-filled wetland known as the Clinton Administration.

  20. Totally Ridiculous. Lets break it down.

    “Automatic weapons must be banned.”
    How many crimes are performed with automatic weapons? Virtually none. How many school shootings are performed with automatic weapons? None at all. A automatic weapon may be purchased with large sums of money with very high tax and a tremendous amount of paperwork and background checks. Automatic weapons are a no issue.

    “Guns must be registered.”
    Gun dealers already register guns. Private sales are not registered, but even if they were it is easy to remove traceability of a particular registered firearm. It is illegal to do so… but if they are planning on committing a crime do you think they are going to think twice about removing serial numbers, etc?

    “Ammunition sales must be limited.”
    Even if ammunition sales are limited do you think criminals can’t understand the concept of handloading? Do you think that they can’t stock pile ammo one box at a time over time? What is the limiting of ammunition sales even going to accomplish? Nothing.

    “There must be background checks, so mentally disabled people have a harder time obtaining guns.”
    Criminals do not have a hard time obtaining guns – even illegal guns, through illegal means. What is going to stop a mentally ill person from doing the same? Nothing.

    “The ‘gun show loophole’ for unlicensed sales of firearms must be closed.”
    Good luck with this. This is a totally unenforceable concept. Private sales of firearms have been going on since this country was founded. There are millions of firearms that are not traceable at this time. All the seller has to do is make the sale and deny the transaction. The buyer could say they bought the gun privately “A long time ago.” …And again, making it a law doesn’t mean criminals are going to follow it. They will continue to buy their jimenez/jennings/bryco/lorcin/cobra specials from the back of a 1980’s sedan.

    When are they going to understand you cannot stop criminals with laws. You only stop law abiding citizens with laws.

  21. Is it just me or do a large percentage of these rants contain a disproportionately high number of “musts”, “need to’s”, and “have to’s”? Not “I think this is a good idea.”, “I’d like to talk about it.”, “I disagree with that position.”, or “I think this should be done.”. It’s all “This is what I think and we HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT NOW!”


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