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“Blinn College administrators sacrificed the First Amendment in order to stop Nicole (Sanders) from talking about the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. But public colleges like Blinn are bound by the First Amendment, which gives all citizens—including college students—the right to speak out on the issues they are passionate about, whether gun rights or gay rights.” – Catherine Sevcenko, Associate Director of Litigation at Foundation for Individual Rights, quoted in Student Sues College After Gun Rights Sign Needed ‘Special Permission’ [via]

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  1. The American university is one the forefront of the campaign to end certain Constitutional Rights. Due process is probably one of the first they want to eliminate and indoctrinate students into getting used to not have it. Hopefully, the public can be educated on the outright scam college is for many with student debt mounting while professors look to not have to actually be in the classroom, pawning the teaching off to a TA. This amongst many issues building to an eruption sooner rather than latter. And if you thought the Wisconsin Union fight was bad, it’ll be nothing compared when the college profs and admins feel their cushy gigs are in danger.

    • Students grow up knowing the Bill of Rights does not apply to them. They are only allowed to speak in school when told, and when they speak it must be in general excepted topics. They can be searched at any time, without cause. They can not practice religion, can not organize any groups without approval. And as we all know are not allowed to have weapons, even symbols of weapons. Why would someone brought up in this community think anyone has rights.

      • The Soviet Indoctrination Centers perform a vital function of providing proper thought patterns for the children; so that they will become productive proletariat citizens and be ready to integrate and function in the new Soviet Society.

  2. According to Sanders, the official added, “I don’t know that you can get special permission” to advocate for gun rights, and said she was not against guns, but “on campus, I’m not so sure.”

    “On campus, I’m not so sure.” She may be thinking that the federal gun free zones also prohibit 2a speech. Which is just too stupid for me to process right now.

    The young lady herself said it best;

    “It feels like I’m back in high school getting my mom to sign a permission slip for a field trip.”

  3. College has become a place to send your kids to get their GEDs and learn to be good little commies.

    The lawfare strategy is a good way to combat this sort of thing, but they need some big payouts. It’s not much of deterrent when the only thing the college has to do is restore your constitutional rights when they lose in court.

    • Got it. If I had college-age kids today, the only place I would be willing to wend them is Hillsdale College. This college accepts NO Federal money, and has required courses on the Constitution.

        • Approximately 1% of the entire country receives that college’s monthly newsletter in the mail. This suggests something like 3 or 4% of households.

          On another broadcast, they’ve been running an hour a week course in classical history (running now for more than two years), and it has millions of listeners.

          Hillsdale College is ranked reasonably high on overall national college rankings, despite seriously teaching American and classical history, something the usual judges of liberal arts disdain. I was a subscriber to that newsletter for a decade before I’d heard of Mark Levin. And the college has been a major supplier of graduates who go on to become leaders of the US. For example, I understand that they are the #1 college in terms of graduates going on to West Point. And this has been true for a century or more. Yes, the left doesn’t like them — but they are hardly inconsequential.

          ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  4. And this thinking is supported by American businesses that are ” too big to fail” . They contract out the work that requires creativity and intelligence then hire the “educated” drones to carry out the short term plans structured to pay bonuses to the executive management while the government provides tax dollars to keep them afloat. .

  5. Too bad a lawsuit doesn’t make the adminstrator pay out when they lose. That is the only way to stop these fools from spreading their red branded stupidity.

    • The flagrancy of some of these colleges’ actions goes beyond simple differing interpretations of the Constitution and its application to an academic setting. Some of these restrictions are so bold and obviously counter to established legal norms that they should be treated as civil rights violations, and those administrators subject to criminal punishment.

      Want to confine someone’s exercise of free speech to a concrete square the size of a parking space for the afternoon? Fine. How about we confine you to a concrete cube of about the same size for a few years?

  6. Not sure exactly what damages she is seeking but hoping she is asking for an apology, prohibition on this kind of unlawful activity in the future and substantial monetary damages so the college admin really thinks twice before pulling CRAP like this in the future. Be great to find out exactly which educated idiot decided it was OK to stop her from exercising her right to free speech and made her sign the permission slip. That person should be thrown out of their job for doing that. And the rest of the administration should be reprimanded or at least put on notice for going along with it. With all those educated people in the admin area of the college why didn’t anyone ask “isn’t it her right to say what she wants? “

    • It is the “educated people” — educated at exactly such universities — who have already accepted that free speech is too dangerous to be exercised by students … and citizens.

      The case above is very common, nearly universal at colleges. FIRE has handled many thousands of cases where students (or teachers) have been deprived of basic rights. FIRE contacts the university by letter first, warning them. That’s usually enough. If that fails, then they get more deeply involved.

      The punishment is usually media exposure, like this, for the anti-Constitutional idiocy. But sometimes monetary damages are involved as well, though the large Constitution-suppressing colleges are not much affected by that; their funding often runs to the hundreds of millions of dollars.

      At some point, they need to lose business, as their ability to educate has so degraded even as their desire to indoctrinate has overwhelmed all other aspects. Many of these institutions — perhaps most, now — actually believe and teach that learning American history is a dangerous, inappropriate activity unless filtered to show and focus on the evils of America. Hence the university focus on Marxist (i.e., “critical”) history such as the works of Howard Zinn. Literally hundreds of Marxist professors in the US teach this, disdaining American history for black studies, transgender studies, women’s studies, and many more “oppressed group” studies courses. And virtually all literature is examined through Marxist filters in other classes as well. On my bookshelf is a textbook of the disciplines of literary criticism. Of the ten approaches, seven are overtly Marxist and proud of it, describing Marx as “the most important and influential thinker of the modern age.”

      With this view comes the Frankfurt School notion of tolerance, which is that tolerance means not tolerating ideas that are not “progressive.” Also, art that does not advance the progressive cause is “not-art” that must be suppressed. Hence the case above, and thousands like it.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

      • If the school has a football team, take away some scholarships, quickest way to get the attention of the big money donors.

      • I often quote wisdom shared in the comments here to show my fence sitting friends when the subject of guns comes up. This will be my newest addition to the pile. You said everything I’ve ever thought about political correctness infecting education in one passage.

  7. This is a trend on campus to classify any speech you disagree with as ‘Hate Speech’.

    Perhaps a nice expensive payout will educate them on civil rights.

  8. see, that was her problem. she should have said she was advocating for protecting the 2nd amendment rights of gay and lesbian transgender Muslim Jihadists that want to kill the occupying police forces and implement Sharia law on campus as a response to the privileged rape culture of the white male fraternity system. and sprinkled “#Ferguson” and “#blacklivesmatter” hashtags on the signs. then the school would have given her money and a prime spot on fraternity row.

  9. Colleges and universities long ago went from being bastions of free speech to bastions of regulated speech. And not just 2A speech.

      • Just to give you some idea of how long this crap has been around–when I was in law school, back in the Dark Ages, the UT-Austin campus newspaper was in the process of choosing a new editor. And the main selling point for some of the candidates was that they would pledge not to allow any kind of language or speech that someone might find racially offensive to be printed. A campus newspaper, pledging not to print potentially offensive words (the same newspaper, BTW, that insisted on printing the truncated form of “firetruck” that only features the first and the last three letters, repeatedly, just because they should be able to as a free-speech matter)!!!

      • The speech is free so long as it is in line with the Stalinist agenda promoted by the university. Useful idiots.

  10. Not only happening in Universities. Rights are systematically being eroded through legislation. Drive a vehicle across the country and stare in disbelief how your 4th amendment is deconstructed during a profile drug interdiction stop. Protest citing liberty and be amazed how an officer will use words to claim your not being truthful, call a dog, false alert, detain and cell phone removed from you. When no drugs are found they pack up and go And it’s off to the next opportunity. It’s no longer about justice but coin and the blue crew is the enforcement arm of legislators and judges.

  11. FIRE is a great organization. I’ve used their material teaching college kids before. They’re usually focused on religious rights, which is under even greater attack in the university. I’m glad they take on all free speech issued, including where it intersects the other enumerated rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if the apology demanded includes some statement that the university was wrong.

    • The two founders of FIRE were at opposite ends of the political spectrum. But they agreed that the infringement of free speech on campuses was intolerable, and wrote a book together on the topic. The response to that book — thousands of stories of speech suppression coming in — led to the creation of FIRE.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  12. I thought out of the few social electives of which my Daughter took in college, the one which was approved was based on a book by Friedrich Engels titled The Condition Of The Working Class In England, was rather good at promoting Soviet Socialism.

  13. Let’s not forget that the 1A does not “give” the right to freedom of speech. It merely secures it.

    I was surprised to hear a free speech advocate misstating that.

  14. Want to hit them where it hurts? Any university that is found to have violated any human rights should get knocked down a full grade on their accreditation score, and stay down for five years. If it involved more than one student, knock them down two grades.

  15. Can you imagine the sh1tstorm that would have ensued if Sanders was a man-made-global-warming-climate-change-or -whatever-they’re-calling-it-now “denier.” She would have been beaten with clubs and burned at the stake like a witch.

    Back when the Earth was still cooling, I was told to go to college to learn how to think. Now people go to college to learn how to obey without thinking.

  16. The Bill of Rights is between the government and it’s citizens. It has nothing to do with business and such. Folks always get that wrong. Also all rights have limits as the courts have decided many times. So tired of people complaining when limits are put on their rights.

    • State school, so it’s part of the government. So tired of people commenting on articles without really reading them.

      • “Blinn thus became the first county-owned junior college district in Texas. The college continues to operate as one of the largest of 50 public community college districts in the Texas.” Not a state school. Also school is funded locally. Has the right to control students and others that come under their prevue as all schools both public and private do as the courts have ruled in the pass. So tired of people replying without background.

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