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“With the new administration I worry about Nazi-style camps that would include my wife, our twins and myself.” – Melissa Letos in Liberal Preppers Stock Up On Guns, Food As Trumpocalypse Looms [via]

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  1. Whatever, snowcups. The real preppers will just take your stuff and leave you naked in the woods.

    • Unless they are wearing stupid hippy clothes. Those they can keep.

      They can also keep their yogurt makers, tambourines and digeradoos.

      • Um, hippy clothes make great rags for cleaning up after working on my jeep. Tambourines and digeradoos burn in the word stove and will help heat my house. I understand you can use a Yogurt maker to make cheese and a “15-minute beer yeast starter.” But seriously, I doubt liberals will make it more than 10 feet outside their condominiums before realizing they have zero survival skills and that the designer survival kits they ordered online are worthless.

          • Not really – after all, “Ahab the A-rab” originally made it by putting milk in a goatskin and sticking it under the saddle of his camel to ferment. I’m sure some REAL back-to-nature hippie type would figure it out eventually…

        • The condo owners, yes. But having been to some outdoor “events” with hippies, they are pretty effing good at coming up with some field expedient sh!t…

    • I like how the liberal prepper illustration has a pump action rifle and a revolver, because semi-autos are evil!

  2. Feels like it’s a line from that SOUTH PARK episode where the power goes out for a few hours during the overnight indoor camp at the YMCA Gym, and people immediately resort to cannibalism.

  3. Well, though I think their fears are absolutely ridiculous, at least the other side is finally starting to understand why the second amendment exists.

  4. I find it hilarious that a liberal “prepper” would have a copy of both the CotUS, which they have been using for toilet paper, and 1984 which is basically their bible.

  5. Funny how people look at things. I expect Trump will change the popular definition of prepper from a post apocalyptic survivalist to someone planning for a better job.

  6. Nazi-style camps that would include my wife, our twins and myself.” – Melissa Letos

    Hot Lesbian MILF Prison Camp With Kids! Is a weird elevator pitch for a porn flick. The idea that it would ever happen IRL under the Trumptser is beyond ludicrous. Unless of course they’re illegal lesbians, in which case the camp is just there to hold them till the next plane arrives.

    The scary part is that she is so brainwashed, she actually believes it. Egads.

  7. “He’s made “bug-out bags” stuffed with ammo, energy bars, and assorted survival gear for his wife and their three cats.” I’m sorry, but the vision of three cats hiding in the woods with shotguns slung over their shoulders and toting “bug-out bags” as they munch on energy bars just tickles me to no end.

  8. Looks like a pump shotgun with rifle shells and a revolver with a hand grenade. I don’t think they’re as prepared as they think they are. BTW, don’t let your precious gubmint find out about that grenade they will send you to the ‘camps’.

    • And a cell phone?!? They might as well just give themselves up. Just head for the woods with that beacon that tells the government exactly where you are. Don’t forget to leave your GPS turned on.

        • I can just see it now:


          Day 3: We just can’t take it anymore! I’ll submit to the camps if they have an organic, locally sourced, coffee shop inside the fence.

          11:13 AM – 23 Jan 2017”

        • I thought it was to watch YouTube videos of how to start a fire without using a cop car and how to identify organic vegetables outside of a Trader Joe’s

        • “But how else is he supposed to update his Twitter and Instagram profiles?”

          With this, an Iridium satellite phone, of course! :

          Iridium’s new satellite constellation (the first 10 of the 70 birds) has just been launched and it is built for data.

          It’s surprisingly affordable, the basic service (the reserved phone number) is about $50 a month (the handset will probably run you over $1,000, and the per-minuet charges aren’t exactly inexpensive).

          For $50 a month, you can have something that will literally enable you to call for help *anywhere* on earth, at any time. From the North Pole to the South Pole, and anywhere in between (Even on the African Veldt where Tom in Oregon can be found stalking wild game.)

          (In 20 short minuets, an 8 year national nightmare will be OVER!)

  9. “I worry about Nazi-style camps that would include my wife, our twins and myself.” – Melissa Letos

    Where in the Hell do people get ideas like that? What has Trump ever said about “re-education camps” or the like?

    I have to wonder if this is yet another example of Progressives projecting their own mindset. They would send their political enemies to re-education camps in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it … so they assume that someone with significant popular support must be planning to do the same.

    • Just an alternate theory; these people have grown up in a culture (liberal bubble) where victimhood is celebrated. Their heroes are all victims, generally of OFWGs. Being a victim themselves is their ticket to celebrity and they’re desperate to achieve that. So they manufacture oppression where none exists.

    • Saw the other day at this comment: “The Democrats haven’t been this upset since the Republicans took their slaves away.” Don’t know if that was original by Chris Muir, but it sure tickled me.

      As far as Nazi-style camps – Puhleeze! Is it really possible that none of these Libs knows or cares that the ONLY American president that sent American citizens to concentration camps (ever) was their beloved Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

      Besides, most of the Libs frightened of this eventuality (snort), have already self-located themselves in the camps they so seem to fear – California and New York.

      • I think Woodrow Wilson did the internment camp thing too. And of course you’ve got Andrew Jackson with his Trail of Tears (aka death march). Democrat icons one and all.

    • Where in the Hell do people get ideas like that? What has Trump ever said about “re-education camps” or the like?

      Maybe from the same place the previous preppers and conspiracy folks got their ideas? Remember FEMA death camps, Obama declaring martial law and other things that never came to pass?
      Nutters just gotta be nutters I guess.

    • They already have their re-education camps up and running, they are called colleges and universities.

      • Well if Thedonald goes after them they’ll have to stop comparing him to Hitler and start comparing him to Pol Pot.

  10. There has always been liberal preppers. They just don’t hang out here. If you want to find them look for things like organic agriculture or pest free gardening or blacksmithing or candy or forums about making your own clothes or how to shoe a horse or or medicinal uses for local plants.

    It certainly isn’t that the liberal prepper has just come into existence. it’s that that the right and the Second Amendment folks have finally noticed because of the Liberals interest Guns.

    • I think that the term “liberal preppers” is misleading. The people that believed for freedom for all and a defensive military have been prepping right along with the right wing so called “patriot preppers”.
      Just the fact they are prepping means they aren’t just depending on government handouts, they are thinking. Using all of the resources you can is what a prepper does, even if some of those resources come from the government(like Social Security, military pension, disability payments, ect).
      We are all Americans and want the best for us and ours. Preppers are NOT the Hollywood stereotype liberal and never will be, they are surviviors

      • An author writing under the pseudonym “Angery (sic) American” wrote a series of books about survivalism under a liberal government gone berserk after an artificially caused disaster takes out the power grid. Granted, the scenario itself seems far fetched, but I read the series and I think the author got the difference between true survivalists and their opposite numbers down pretty good (in one of the early books in the series, the main protagonist, having had to walk 200 miles back home using the equipment in his “get home bag”, has to deal with some liberal neighbors who failed to be prepared and are now demanding that the hero, and everyone else, pool their food and other supplies to help out those who didn’t prepare for emergencies. Things got ugly from there…). Liberal (and ignorant though not necessarily liberal) types gladly went into the FEMA camps and the “safety” and “security” they supposedly represented, only to find they were actually slave labor camps where those who entered (willingly or not) were totally stripped of their rights.

        Again, much of the scenario seemed rather far-fetched to me, but the series is at least entertaining and I DO think the author got a few things spot-on. If anyone is interested, the first book is called “Going Home”.

  11. A fear of being disarmed by Democrats = racist.
    A fear of being disarmed by Republicans = patriotic.

    Got it.

    • I was going to say this. Right wing preppers have been scorned and ridiculed for decades, now the left does it and suddenly it is a completely rational, justifiable response.

  12. Liberals are never happy (?) unless they have SOMETHING to whine about. When their side has the upper hand, they whine about how “un-fay-er” things are for the “oppressed classes” (which, to them, is anyone liberal, lazy, and/or terminally whiney) and lobby for more government power to take rights, privileges, and especially money away from people they think have too much of all three of those things so things are “more equal” (meaning, they now get more than the other side). When conervatives are in power, they whine because now people are in power who may actually try to make the liberals work for what they want instead of handing it to them on a silver platter after taking it away from other people.

    Biggest difference between liberals and puppies is, most puppies stop whining so much once they grow up, while most liberals (a) never grow up, and (b) whine more often and much more loudly as they get older!

  13. The irony in these comments is mind blowing. The past 8 years have been awash with right wing preppers stocking up on ammo, seed banks, and gold bullion because Obama was definitely the secrect Muslim anti-Christ who was going to disarm America and put people in FEMA camps. Keep on keepin on, nutters.

    • Nah, I find your comment to be wrong, we aint saving gold.. all our investments are in silver bullion!

    • The difference is that people here will continue to buy guns and ammo, just like they have for the last 8 years.

      The liberals that this article was written about are the people who spent the last 8 years calling their conservative gun-owning opponents a bunch of bitter racist ignorant kooks. And working tirelessly to ban guns.

      Now that the shoe is on the other foot (politically speaking), these liberals suddenly awake to the need to protect themselves and their loved ones, and start buying guns and ammo.

      It’s the hypocrisy of it that people here are reacting to, see?

    • I think you need to look up irony sport. I take great joy in watching the snowflakes go ape shit over the same things they jeered conservatives for the past 8 years. Difference is, we are still buying guns and ammo.

    • And now they aren’t as in a few minutes the marxist Kenyan eunuch is GONE. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Actually, FDR was the anti-Christ, but Obama certainly would have disarmed us and put us into FEMA camps if he’d been able.

  14. A 1984 copy. Lol oh the irony.

    I wonder after Trump does NONE of these things what the libs will say?

    They have already cried wolf so many times.

  15. C A M P S ???

    C A M P S ? ? ?

    Liberals are always looking for a damned gov’t handout.

    Why do stupid people think if it would come to civil war they’d even make it to the train station?

  16. Do these people genuinely believe that government storm troopers will round up all ‘Democratic party voters/LGBT’s/foreigners/insert favored minority group of the day’ and incarcerate them in Soviet style Gulags?

    I’m not sure what has got them scared, for all of DT’s faults, he is a NYC based, socially liberal guy who happens to speak his mind, have strong opinions and has had the worlds media and political establishment against him from day 1.

    The next 4-8 years will be very interesting and I will settle down with many bowls of popcorn and await the Liberals wailing and propaganda bs with interest!!!

    • Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union. Mao’s China. Pol Pot in Cambodia. Castro in Cuba. I’m sure I’ve missed a few.

      Help me out, please – can ANYBODY give me the name of a legitimately conservative country that has EVER put people in camps based on their political opposition to the party in power?

      • Maybe Spain when they put Cuban dissidents in the original (“re”)concentration camps, or the British government during the Boer Wars?

        • Spain definitely, but I wouldn’t call England “rightist.” And in both cases there was an ethnic component. Distasteful as the difference is, they didn’t imprison their own.

        • How about North Korea? They’re still seemingly stuck in the 1950’s. In fact, one way South Koreans spot spies from NK is they often wear clothing that is way out of date (no kidding!). Heck, just being caught with a copy of a movie from Western capitalist culture can get a North Korean summarily executed

  17. Hitler had a Jewish son-in-law, a daughter who converted to Orthodox Judaism and was a big supporter of Zionism? Who knew?

  18. Frankly, this isn’t any more ridiculous than the fear of being rounded up by a black army after they take your guns to supply the Muslin Brotherhood and then tossed in FEMA camps. Remember all that? Both sides have their nutjobs; don’t confuse the fringe element of either with the thoughts of the mainstream.

    • Most of the people that thought that (ie Obama FEMA camps) were from the outlying fringes of the extreme right wing and must have been very few in number. However, the ones that did exist sure were found by the media, and soundly mocked!

      The liberals fearful of DT sanctioned Gulags are not extreme progressives that are few in number. They are your common, every day liberal that you’ll find in artisan coffee shops living in hipster type neighborhoods in the major cities. And this paranoia is fed & encouraged by the media, not mocked & derided.

      To me, that’s the difference between than and now.

      My one pennies worth anyway!

  19. They took the idea of NAZI Trump camps from the people worried about FEMA camps. Same coin, different side. They think it is thier difference from the straights(whoever that really is) that will get them put in camps, the same as the same straights(people with hopes and dreams of a middle class that got quashed years ago) think that they would be put in Fema camps because they did not buy the many faces of the fractured democratic party.

    If Trump does anything, I think it will be to get America working again and get the Democratic party back on track

    • FEMA camps made their debut during the Bush Adminstration. Alex Jones is an equal opportunity nut job.

      • I keep doing Alex Jones impressions to entertain the Liberals I know, but they don’t seem to get the joke.

  20. The real irony would be a copy of The Turner Diaries instead of 1984. Exactly what would have happened if Hitlery had won.

  21. Don’t be so quick to name Trump as a “socially liberal guy”. He is fully behind the “Patriot Act” and will use it against those he dispises. He believes in heavier handed LE, Stop and Frisk was and is ok with him.
    While I don’t think he is going to pander to the “Moral Majority”, I think that he will tighten up on some of the LE policies than Obama let hang loose.

    • Letting the Patriot Act sunset is one of my hopes. The outgoing glorious leader had no qualms in renewing this overreaching legislation that was hastily enacted in the aftermath of 9/11. I fully support the authorities having adequate tools to find, capture & prosecute those with terrorist ambitions, but not at the cost of the people’s Constitutional Rights.

  22. I don’t know where a lot of that stuff comes from. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Trump has ever said anything negatively publicly about gays. Some of other stuff, I can see its origin, but after that it’s a real stretch.
    There’s actually a country music song that explains this, right in the title,
    “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy”.

    • It’s all wholly fabricated. Trump has come out to support gay marriage, trans rights, womens rights, never called Mexicans rapists. The only thing the hyperbolic and paranoid left sort of got right is some of his statements regarding Muslims if you ignore all of the qualifiers.

      The entirety of their opposition is based on made up lies they told themselves. They’re worse than birthers. Worse than flat Earthers even.

  23. Sure cupcake/snowflake. Be prepared I guess. I belong to a few prepper groups on fakebook and there’s always a FEW weirdos spouting left BS. Whatever gets you to stimulate the economy…

  24. The comments on this thread are sickening. We should be embracing these people that have finally come arround to our side.

    • I somehow doubt that they have come around to our side.

      I haven’t seen any ‘sickening comments’ to be honest, maybe some light hearted banter!

      If/when the Democrats get back into power, you can guarantee that these ‘vegan preppers’ will once again join forces to shred the constitution and identity politics will once again rear its ugly head.

    • These people are not on “our side”. At best, they’ll buy a gun for their own convenience and continue to vote for anti-gun politicians. At worst, they dream of ushering in an America in which a right-leaning voting history disqualifies one from gun ownership outright.

      We sat by patiently through two Obama elections and what happened, a handful of retards got arrested for posting assassination plots on the internet? Trump running for president alone spawned a culture of violent Red Guardism on college campuses and riots nationwide. Fuck these people.

      • I’ve seen messages posted on Facebook calling for exactly that: if you are conservative/Republican, you should be stripped of all rights.

    • LOL the wolf always smiles right before he bites you. IF you think these people have come around to anything at all, youre underestimating the effectiveness of their brain washing.

    • It’s too late. At this point, any sort of “welcoming” would be seen as duplicity. The political differences between us and Trump supporters are simply too great.

      On the bright side, turns out that there’s a lot of pro-gun left wingers. The newly created Facebook groups for pro-gun liberals are overflowing with new members, and many of them have considerable arsenals. Many veterans. A lot of people are ecstatic to see that they’re not alone in their “weirdness”, and people who are just buying their first gun because they’re afraid of the future are encouraged by seeing all the others already there welcoming them without telling them to leave their politics at the door.

      What more, people are already discussing organizing left-wing militias in their states, and anti-Trump open carry marches. Gadsden flag is making a reappearance, even though some people are wary because of its Tea Party roots. All in all, I’m pretty happy to see where things are going. If and when it comes to that, liberals will be able to truly stand up for what they believe in, not just in words only.

      So the pro-gun left doesn’t really need the right to “embrace” it on the common ground of guns. There are now enough people and enough experience in that community to be self-sufficient.

        • It doesn’t actually work out that way. Gun rights are one of the many sticking points that define that difference. Just because I’m pro-gun doesn’t mean I’m for deregulating everything, or flat taxes, or ditching welfare.

    • Exactly. Who would have time for that when you’re busy running your own personal dystopian story of The Red 1984 Matrix Blade Book of Dead Dawn Omega Road Runner Walking Eli?

        • I was pretty proud of myself – I’m glad someone got a chuckle out of it; either from genuine humor or wondering if my brain threw up on itself…

        • “The Red 1984 Matrix Blade Book of Dead Dawn Omega Road Runner Walking Eli”

          That Sir is a work of genius right there. You just needed to add “Code” (The Omega Code) and you could have covered everything, The Omega Man and The Omega Code would have been covered and you’d have gone from Einstein level to… well off the fucking charts.

  25. There is a lot of conjecture about Hitler’s origin, including Jewish. I have hypotheses that might include African origin.

  26. The camps would be more like Roosevelt’s (D) for the Japanese.

    Kudos for learning not to blindly trust government though. At least that’s something.

  27. I understand the main stream media, educational institutions, and politicians have been lying to the leftists for decades, but this level of fear goes far above anything I have ever heard of before. What the fuck is going on here? We fear the government wants to confiscate guns and we are called paranoid wackos. These snowflakes openly behave irrational even crying and we’re just supposed to …I don’t even know the answer.

  28. well, seems to me that not so long ago, a lot of folks on the right were saying the same thing about Obama.

    Seems to me that, rather than tease them, we should be using this as a teachable moment as to the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, and the ever-present threat posed by government over-reach.

    • Think about the kind of brain that looks at the 2016 election results and draws the conclusion that they’ll be loaded up in cattle cars and taken to Dachau-2. You can’t teach anything to that level of crazy.

      And remember, these people are 100% supportive of government overreach, so long as their party is in power. They love the idea of a tyrant that would strip away all the individual freedoms and traditional institutions they don’t like, and they despise the fact that our Constitution is designed to prevent that.

      They are not your friends, they do not wish to be your friends, and they don’t want to hear anything you have to say, ever.

      • dude, I’m a constitutional libertarian. the right (many of the people on this comment thread) scare me as much as the left. ya’ll look the same to me.

        • Good for you; most people are content to only feel superior to half of their fellow man, so I have to admire such an all-encompassing commitment to smugness.

  29. They are afraid of an out of control government, so they are buying guns in order to protect themselves and their families.

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me. Welcome to The People of the Gun. More liberals with guns means less liberals.

    • When a far-left psycho picks up a gun, you don’t get a George Washington; you get a Che Guevara.

      There’s no silver lining here; they think we’ll be the ones running these imaginary death camps. They’re looking to protect themselves from you, and to hear them say it, their idea of “self-defense” is vastly different from that of a sound-minded individual.

      • I agree with you 100%. Just because radical leftists might mimic our methods does not mean that they are in anyway politically compatible with our ideas about the role of government, the constitution, or individual rights.

        That makes about as much sense as suggesting the Viet Cong were actually potential allies to the US because they also carried guns.

      • I’m looking to protect myself against people who wrote stuff like this here last year, while praising Trump:

        “Sending Donald Trump to Washington, DC is an alternative to sending bullets. Personally I don’t see why anyone is bothering, but at least it will be entertaining. If we’re really lucky he’ll start mass round-ups for illegals and maybe even throw a few leftists outa helicopters in a tribute to Augusto Pinochet, the right wing dictator that saved Chile’s economy by brutally murdering his countries communists.”

        “And the more bodies he drops the better. Trump is not an end to himself. He’s a weapon. An opening salvo. Ron Paul was the last olive branch. From here on things get progressively uglier until the actually shooting people starts, one way or another, top down or bottom up. However it happens this country needs the r-selected lefty rabbit people gone if we’re ever going to get anywhere. The right wing, the religious, the libertarians, and other k-selects can sit down and have an honest debate about the nature of government once the r-selects have been either driven out or are simply dead. Until then we’re stuck dealing with Black Lives Matter, the BLM, safe spaces, “The Patriarcy” and other total horse manure and can get NOWHERE. The leftists are what’s keeping us in these problems, so get rid of them.”

        Yeah, I can totally see a guy like that running a death camp if given a chance.

    • Maybe, but they don’t realize that yet. Eventually they’ll figure out that the government is never your friend no matter which party is power.

    • Yeeeeeee-haw! We gonna do ‘er, now!

      Y’all bring the beer, Cletus’ll bring the beatin’ sticks, and I’ll bring the Weather Girls mixtape so we kin lure ’em out of hiding!

      …Hey, we can’t convince them this isn’t going to happen, so we may as well have fun with it.

    • Advocating committing a hate crime on a gun blog seems pretty dumb.
      You’re acting pretty bigoted.

  30. A bunch of middle-aged people who can’t work a compass, nevermind actually navigate with it and don’t know which end of a socket wrench is the twisty bit preparing for the Trumpacalypse/civil war/TEOTWAWKI by learning to make homemade beer and wine and buying guns….

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Look, I’ve said before I don’t think this is a good trend, and I caught some flak for that opinion but I still hold it. A bunch of paranoid and supremely arrogant people with no experience, common sense or grounding in reality concerning themselves with moonshine as a high priority and tooling up doesn’t sound like a good combination to me. As others have pointed out, these people don’t think like most TTAG readers or even most hardcore preppers. Thier newfound affinity for firearms doesn’t strike me as a cause for celebration any more than my neighbor’s kid picking up a “responsible” meth habit.

      • A noticeable bump in gun sales, prepper supplies and the constant drumbeat of “Trump is Hitler” championed by the Left and crowed by Rachel Maddow?

        Might not be a big trend, but it’s certainly a trend.

        • Update.
          It’s happening. I was in my lgs yesterday and the owner confirmed that a rush on guns from Obama supporters has been happening since the election.
          These people are genuinely afraid that Trump and conservatives will stage an attack. Though the political violence has been 99% from the left.
          We know them better than they know us.
          Pop some corn. These 4 years are going to be interesting.

    • I love it that you and pwrserge hate it. Strongly indicates that we’re doing something right, and should be doing more of it.

  31. The Nazis didn’t target gays. MOF, many of them were gay. Must explain why they were so well dressed. To fear a Nazi-style camp as a homosexual is just coat-tailing on the Holocaust the same way gays try to equate their “struggle” with civil rights of blacks.
    Why no mention of fear of Islamic treatment of homosexuals?

    • The only gay I know of in the Third Reich was Ernst Rhomm ( spelling ? ) leader of the SA and he ended up taking a dirt nap courtesy of the SS. If the Nazis weren’t against homosexuals then who and why were those camp prisoners wearing pink triangles ?

      • I didn’t say they weren’t against gays. I said they weren’t targeted as a group.
        Gays inside the camp were identified, but that isn’t why they were imprisoned.

        • That’s absolutely why they were imprisoned. Homosexuality was a crime in and of itself. And that was specifically something that the Nazis introduced – Weimar Germany was more liberal than France when it came to sexual mores. There was technically a law on the books that criminalized sodomy, but it was worded in such a way that it was practically unenforceable (and wasn’t enforced). Nazis changed that law to be very clear, and started actively enforcing it.

      • Many of the original Brownshirts were gay. After Rohm and the Knight of the Long Knives, gays were purged from the ranks. Officially, anyway.

  32. Remember when Obama was elected and the left had a good time mocking people that were scared he was a communist or a Muslim? While the jury’s still out on that, the shoe is definitely on the other foot now. Hilarious.

  33. Still love the fact that the people who have been asking me for years what am I so afraid of that I have guns are now so afraid of something they are getting guns.

    The irony is absolutely delicious!

  34. You should buy lots of guns whatever your political stripe: guns in civilian hands are what keeps totalitarianism at bay. In fact, it is your civic duty to own guns, to train, to keep your guns at the ready at all times. If Trump turns liberals into gun-owning preppers, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Gestapo or NKVD, it’s hard to drag away a civilian who is shooting back at you. Civilians should upgun their arsenals to defeat body armor too: .308 Winchester battle rifles would do the trick most of the time. Civilian arms must be upgraded to keep up with developments in the government sphere.

  35. I’m sorry but a bunch of people that are politically different from all of you/ us start to do what you/ we have been doing for years and all you do is make fun of pbr and call them assholes? This site and everyone who comments are such hypocritical asshats. Enjoy your special club and don’t let anyone who may want to be prepared join. Limbs buying and using guns should be viewed as a positive thing, at least I think. Nothing will ever satisfy anyone on this site.

    • You fail to realize that they are “prepping” to defend against us. So, no. They aren’t doing the same thing that we are doing.
      Did you not read the quote? She called Conservatives Nazis. I invoke Godwin’s Law. You lose.

        • You mean it’s a government by the people?
          That’s not tyranny. Conservatism won at the ballot box and your reaction is to push for a violent revolt. Nothing in the Republican platform involves stripping anyone of their human rights. Funding PP is not a human right.
          It was and always has been the Democrats that want to rewrite the Constitution or ignore it.
          We tooled up to save the Republic and to stockpile arms ahead of a potential ban.
          Your side is actually believes that your lives are in danger immediately. That’s paranoia.
          I support anyone’s right to be armed but no, it isn’t for the same reasons.

          • A government by the people can still be a tyranny. That’s literally what “tyranny of the majority” means.

            You aren’t a tyranny yet – and I didn’t say that you are. But Trump looks likely to head into that direction, so better be prepared for that.

            And yes, we’re also tooling up to “save the Republic”, not just ourselves.

              • “Tyranny” is actually a fairly vague thing in practice. The disagreement is over what exactly it is, and what outward signs indicate its imminence.

                To me, Trump’s talk about “strengthening” the (non-existent) federal libel laws to constrain the “lying press” is a clear expression of intent to infringe on the First Amendment, for example – and therefore such a sign. Most Trump supporters seem to be happy with that notion, though.

                Or all this talk about special treatment of Muslims – calls for extra surveillance, mentioning Japanese internment camps in this context etc. Again, most Trump supporters either don’t see a problem here, or deny that those calls happened.

                For many of you guys, on the other hand, something like ACA is tyranny. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a particularly poor implementation of a sensible overall approach to healthcare.

                So we can agree on broad statements – e.g. “I want to live in a free state with checks and balances to protect against tyranny of the majority” – but when it comes to details that are necessary to interpret those statements in specific circumstances, we deviate a lot. And common action requires those interpretations to match more often than not.

                For most liberals, I think, it just boggles the mind that all the people who talked about “the Second protects the rest” so loudly, and who were constantly expecting Obama to send out the black helicopters anytime now for 8 years, seem to not notice, or ignore, the immense negative potential of unconstitutional actions and abuses of natural rights that come from Trump’s personality and his declared opinions. For us, it’s so obvious that it doesn’t need explanation.

                I’d imagine that you guys saw Obama, and liberals treatment of him, in a similar vein. But as far as we’re concerned, you were simply wrong about him. And I expect that as far as you’re concerned, we’re simply wrong on Trump.

                And so it goes.

  36. The only encouraging thing about a Trump presidency is that he is unlikely to start collectively rounding up the Jews because of his family ties. But everybody else is probably fair game if they cross him, including individual Jews like yours truly.

    Do not underestimate this man. His ultimate goal is ultimate power. He is the most dangerous leader this country has ever had.

  37. *Sigh*

    Nuttery aside, anyone else getting tired of the frequent misuse of the word “myself” lately?

    Statement should have ended “…my wife, our twins, and me“.

  38. “With the new administration I worry about Nazi-style camps that would include my wife, our twins and myself.” – Melissa Letos in Liberal Preppers Stock Up On Guns, Food As Trumpocalypse Looms ?

    I have only five words for Ms/Mz/Ze/Zir Loomis and Liberals like her:

    “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” (and I hope many of them do, they’ll be easier to spot in public)

    We musn’t worry too much we’ve ALL seen Liberals, they’re a filthy bunch, no doubt their firearms WILL malfunction the first time they “need” them and that’s if they’re not scared off by the loud “report” the first time they fire it.

  39. Want to destroy America? Create a culture of “us vs them” political statements that look more like football slogans than principles.

    I’d rather apply the same standards to whoever is in office. Many of those standards are expressed in the U.S. Constitution (because I live in America).

    So, how about we hold the government to a set of objective standards, regardless of the label they wear? We could include things like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, etc. There’s a theme here that you probably recognize.

    After we’ve got the big ones, let’s go for a 2nd round: Singling out a specific race or religion for different treatment is a bad thing (because it has historically shown itself to have bad results.) Imprisoning political opponents or taking away their rights is a bad thing (likewise).

    Then we get to the tricky ones: everyone should have freedom to pursue their dreams, but monopolies tend to be bad for people. Don’t tax people to pay for something they don’t want, be it health care or military spending. America was built on immigration and immigrants have been some of our most productive individuals and highest patriots, but we no longer have a “wild west” and wild expansion to absorb huge levels of immigration.

    Clearly we’ll need to talk about these things. I’d start off by using the rough guideline that if something is opposed by more than 33% of your population it’s probably a bad idea to do it regardless of how it would be “good for them” or even “good for everyone”.

    Two things are very clear: 1) there are a bunch of liberals. Regardless of what you think about fake ballots and who actually had the majority, the 2016 election had a lower liberal turnout than previous elections. I doubt that will happen again. 2) There are also a bunch of conservatives (see 2016).

    In 2008 the liberals won and tried to ram through their agenda and in 2016 we had a very strong reaction to it. In 2016 the conservatives won and if they try to ram through their agenda, what do you think will happen in 2024?

    Unless we hold to a solid set of core principles that unify America, this is just going to get worse and worse until it gets out of hand and someone starts shooting. Regardless of who starts, both sides will be at fault for driving the other side to the point where they don’t see a choice. Someone needs to deescalate.

    We need to start governing for *all* of the people, not the half of the people who voted for the current government. If you like Trump, encourage this and remember how it felt in 2009. If you don’t like Trump, remember how it feels now for when your side is back in power, and encourage it then.

    If we keep up the same old cycle, we’re destroying America, not saving it.

    • Part of the problem is that the size of the pie (for which the parties / factions fight) is so big. Federal government is too powerful over too many people at once. It’s just too tempting to try to push your agenda on others that way.

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