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Mark Karlin (courtesy

“There are so many American men who love their guns; so many organizations such as the NRA who enrich themselves from fanning the fears of ‘besieged’ white males and goosing up their ‘manhood’; so many industries and retail shops that make money selling firearms; and a national history of white Europeans conquering the ‘heathen Indians’ and keeping black slaves in check with plantation artilleries.” Mark Karlin, Megyn Kelly Lights the Powder Keg for a FOX Gun Guy to Shoot a Black Santa [via]

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  1. so I guess a Black life member of the NRA who possess a law degree from a top 10 school is what? SOL? Besides, as silly as Megyn Kelly’s comments were (Santa is from the area near Turkey so he was “darker” shall we say), she is still hot and right 90% of the time.

    • Ok Dirk I think I can say that you are not alone, nor unusual. But this isn’t the picture they choose to portray.
      So I have formulated my own ideas. We are all familiar with Godwin’s law. The first person to throw in the Hitler comparison looses. Well I have a new idea. The first person to pull the race card, or scream about the Big Bad NRA, or reference our genitals looses.
      Mark manages to loose the argument in the first line of his comment. Game over man..

      • I’ve heard that the easiest way to find out what someone else is up to is to listen to what they accuse YOU of being up to. This frothing, incoherent particle of liberal feces thus gives us a treasure trove of information.

      • had to leave my piece in the car the other day at lunch with my father. Sat down at the table, stared off into the distance for a second, and declared; “Oh, no! Now i have no gun AND a small penis!”

    • Santa is actually an amalgamation of several characters, but mostly draws from the Dutch Sinterklaas, and the British Father Christmas, so yeah, Santa is Caucasian. As for Saint Nick, he was Greek, and they’re not particularly brown either.

      Jesus was still a Jew though.

      • Have to agree with you, Pal. Saint Nicholas, be he Greek or Turk, would probably be of fairly dark skin, but the more modern iteration of Santa Claus (as opposed to Saint Nicholas) has been traditionally depicted as the same race as the majority demographic of whatever society he inhabits. So if she was referring to the iconic Santa Claus of our era, an image widely accepted to have been popularized by the poem “A Visit From Saint Nicholas” and the early advertising campaigns of Coca Cola, then he is traditionally a white man.

        But this is just a load of PC bullshit anyway since over the last two decades at least it has been not uncommon to see both black and Caucasian men in the role of Santa Claus in public and in the media. I do not remember seeing any Asian Santas, however, nor any Native Americans, Hispanics or middle easterners. Where is the outrage over that?

        As for Jesus being a Jew, yes, up until he became the Christ, then he was, obviously, a Christian.

        • Jesus was an ethnic and religious Jew the whole time. The term christian didn’t come about until much later. In fact, most of the apostles still identified as religious Jews while they were spreading their message. They did not see Jesus’s work as forming a new religion, but fulfilling their own.

  2. This is what you get when an idiot that can string words together and has an agenda and THEN uses misstatements and lies to reach an utterly false conclusion. I’m not even sure how such garbage get’s any publicity…

    On the other hand the obvious faults of this article make it ridiculously easy to IGNORE IT!

  3. It’s funny how progressives are always telling us what they would like to do but we just ignore it. For example Obama says ” I’m not a tyrant” but that’s what he wants to be. (Remember his unfortunately I’m constrained by the Constitution comment) This guy says shoot a black Santa but I’ll bet you in his heart thats what he would love to do. Liberals are so full of hate I feel sorry for them.

    • It’s funny how progressives are always telling us what they would like to do but we just ignore it.

      Quite so. Note that in an essay complaining about guns, he waxes poetic about the government “vaporizing” gun owners with missiles fired by drones…

      • There’s the rub, isn’t it? The militant Left is just as selfish, vindictive, petty, unreasonable, cruel and greedy as they keep saying we are. The chief difference is that, rather than do any of it for themselves, they want to sit around while someone else acts on their evil impulses.

        That’s how they can hate guns and yet still fantasize about government troops kicking your door down and shooting you and your family dead. Don’t let all that “peace and equality” bullshit fool you: they have absolutely no problem with wiping out people they don’t like, so long as they don’t have to get their hands dirty in the process.

        • By dehumanizing and painting gun owners as sick, twisted and homicidal in our desire to own weapons; they’ve have made a perfect excuse to use their favorite hammer, (the government) to pound their most hated nail, ( gun owners) into oblivion.

          This man truly shows the mentality of someone that would support mass murder.

          Which is why there is a second amendment. To protect against such genecidal tendencies.

      • Yes. The left wants to take your money so that sitting in an office concocting new benefit schemes will still land them a generous wage and bountiful retirement.

        I find the whole “penis” line of argumentation odd, so let me just ask: Why does the left think a gang banger with a twelve-inch penis and a 72 IQ buys a pistol? Is he hoping for fourteen inches? Does a liberal observing someone with a gun feel his own penis actually shrink? Does he think if he had a gun it would grow? Does a liberal think if he gets rich his penis grows longer? The entire penis meme simply says a liberal thinks a gun grows your penis, and seems to suspect conservatives are cheating. I find this odd. Perhaps it is just a confirmation that guys spout liberal pablum in order to get laid, finding their own physical attributes attract few opportunities?

        As for writers who quote Bill Moyers on any subject of importance: He was LBJ’s press secretary. He made his living supporting one of the most ethics-devoid politicians in US history, and one of the more sex obsessed. Moyers? Likewise.

  4. “Truthout works to spark action by fabricating systemic injustice and ginning up a platform for subversive ideas, through blatant conflation, skewing and twisting of facts and application of critical theory. With a thin veil of independence, we will agitate the marginally stable useful idiots into delusions of revolution and manipulate them into self-sabotage necessary to dismantle foundational principles of this country.”

  5. This reminds me of that story about chimpanzees and how their vocalizations were found to have different meanings and people called it “language”until it was pointed out that there was no syntax and the meaning of longer series of grunts was not the result of the meanings of its component sounds.

    Also, give him another million years at a key board and we’ll have hamlet.

    If they put half as much effort into understanding our motives and what we say as they do into deliberately misunderstanding us they’d already be converts.

    • Marcus, I could only wish I lived in a world where the components of your analysis were comprehensible to a majority of voters.

  6. Listen to the guy in the interview on the page to which the image at the top links.
    It’s entertaining….

  7. Rest assured that having a draft dodger and a crazy idiot Ted “I Messed My Pants” Nuggent speaking/ranting/barfing out stupidity about gun rights isn’t helping firearm owners…..B.S. Mountain News is just that…B.S.

    Here’s one for ya….it’s XMas day….yeah that’s right…XMAS!! So what does Frosty the Snowman…Santa Claus and the Nativity Scene have in common? Not a damned thing! Yet across the country there are front yards and business displays with all three of the characters/scenes together and displayed with the words “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”.

    Santa Claus is a witch/warlock with powers to know what is good/bad and has magical reindeer that fly and Santa knows what you’re up to. But of course in many cultures Santa Claus (Whatever they call him) would brings gifts to good children but eat the naughty ones! You have a demonically pocessed chunk of snow that walks and talks. Then you have the nativity scene where you have a wooden manger and shed when anyone with a lick of history study knows that in reality….there were rock caves with one location in the back of the cave that had a rock feeding trough and this is where people kept the livestock…in hand carved caves. There were many predaters back then in the middle eastern areas. It’s all hypocrisy and to associate a socalled Christian holiday with this sort of fantasy is downright ludacris.

    Let’s face it ladys and gentlemen….todays religious dogma about “XMAS” is nothing more than a political ideology. Going around preaching believe in Jesus or you’ll get the gun is just as radical as the radical Muslims that preach a very simalar dogmatic ideology.

    XMAS? The early Christian religion that was blended into the Roman Pagan beliefs = CHRIST MASS and the theory of there being three separate gods out there…somewheres. OUCH!!

    Why would any person that has this self proclaimed hypocritic view that “I’m a Christian and say Santa Claus is white…..well I know….this persons religion is a farce and make believe…just like Santa Claus!!

    Don’t start in with a bogus rant that I do not have firearms…I’m confident I have more firearms than the vast majority of those that will post but for they record…there are far too many people who have guns that have no business being near a firearm. Just because a person can go out and buy a handgun…shoot a single box of ammo then proclaim “I’M READY” is a joke and a ever present danger to himself and those about him/her. Or buy a firearm and pass it off to a friend/relative that has mental issues are downright criminal. I scoff at those that say there are too many gun laws….in reality when I talk to many of these types…it’s not only these do not like gun laws…they want no laws period.

    And to believe that a society will prosper with a anarchistic state of being….that is impossible. Without government society crumbles and what you have would be nothing short of a Mad Max exsistance.

    And do you wonder why there is so much fuel to fan anti gun beliefs?!

      • Don’t stick your head into a hole in the ground…..there’s plenty of fuel being fed to the anti gunners by the NRA etc. I know many people that will never belong to the NRA and these own firearms a plenty. Fact.

        The pro gun crowd has been fed a steady diet of B.S from those that profit…likeWayne LaPierre…this turd racks in 1.25 million a year…but look real close and study. Things aren’t what it appears to be.

        Blurting out “That I’ll cap anyone who tries to take my guns”….sure they will…wink!

        • I don’t know if you’re trolling, manic, or intoxicated, but I’m having trouble following what on Earth you’re saying. You jump around so much, the only point I can gather is “NRA = bad”.

        • All I got was not to stick my head into a hole in the ground. While the rest of the rants were a little iffy, this seems like sound advice.

    • Ludacris… Is a hip-hop artist popular among urban youths and suburban Caucasian adolescents. And your “guns for me but not for thee” rhetoric is flawed and ridiculous.

    • Oh, I don’t think it’s firearms you’re lacking, bud. It’s more tinfoil for the ol’ noggin and new shelf-space for all of those stored jars of pee that you can never have enough of. I mean, am I right, or am I right?

      And hey, while we’re just chatting, how many severed heads are in your fridge right now? Because I can hear Mother’s voice too, and she says it’s not enough. NO AMOUNT WILL EVER BE ENOUGH.

    • I doubt many firearms owners advocate precisely zero gun laws whatsoever. I know for a fact that a great many firearms owners believe wholeheartedly in the Second Amendment, which is the first and foremost gun law. Beyond that, a great many firearms owners believe in the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a whole, being instituted to secure the blessings of liberty and all. We could take a quick poll, but I bet many would also support the Militia Act of 1792. That’s the one requiring all male citizens age 18-45 to own a good musket with a bayonet and 24 cartridges; aka, a high capacity military style weapon. There’s a whole lot of law right there, such that your phony binary vision of government/no-government straw man blows away in the wind.

      Why do anti-gunners persist in their ridiculous arguments riddled with fallacies of logic? Are they confident that we won’t realize and repel their attempts? Are they hopeful that bystanders will take at face value their counterfeit conclusions? Or do they simply know that their position is morally and intellectually bankrupt, and they’re left playing the only cards they hold in a hopeless, hapless hand?

    • @Curt Bibb
      What a pseudo intellectual, lightweight, wannabe, regurgitator of liberal progressive statist non think bullshit. Be real and not a troll, anybody can post here about what a “gun nut” they are but still believe everything MAIG / MDA and the rest of the deconstructors of the Constitution want to make a more perfect, or Euro centric America. Go live there if you love it so much. BYW, I bet the best part of you rolled down your mother’s ass.

    • Curt, it’s obviously a strain for you to observe the melding of religion and common folk customs. I offer you a song drafted for presentation at the Christmas party of the Director of National Intelligence, taken to be humorous. Uncle Sam is Santa Clause. The lyrics are sung to the tune of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” It was written and enjoyed pre-Snowden by those whose business it is to play Santa:

      You’d better watch out,

      You’d better not cry,

      You’d better not pout;

      I’m telling you why.

      Santa Claus is tapping
Your phone.

      He’s bugging your room,

      He’s reading your mail,

      He’s keeping a file

      And running a tail.
Santa Claus is tapping
Your phone.

      He hears you in the bedroom,

      Surveils you out of doors,

      And if that doesn’t get the goods,

      Then he’ll use provocateurs.

      So — you mustn’t assume

      That you are secure.

      On Christmas Eve

      He’ll kick in your door.

      Santa Claus is tapping
Your phone.

    • I lack nothing in Penis Size….though when someone states such a thing to another say’n such….I reckon you should go get the mirror and examine yourself down below.

      With that attitude…you’re just helping anti gunners….just the way it is there Poindexter.

      • Unlike me, the guvnah was not replying to your post, he was commenting on the original post above. Why you have come to our quiet little corner of the interwebz to start arguments, on Christmas Day no less, is baffling to me. Please step away from the keyboard and return to your egg nog. I hear it’s delicious.

      • He was not talking to you. Like a good liberal, you follow the rule of “me”.

        What a liberal thinks is polite conversation-

        “Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?”

  8. Every time I read one of these anti-gun rants I am beyond amazed. It has been only a literal “blink of eye” since 9/11 and a little more than two generations removed from WWII and so many of our fellow citizens think the world, and everyone in it is “just fine”. That they can be brainwashed so easily by the liberal media is just scary. I hate to think what might happen if there is a very real threat to this country and we’d need to rely on these individuals to be called to serve and defend her. To have so little reasoning power, as to just digest and process everything the media sells, without even gathering your own facts, is concerning on every level. If these individuals are our future leaders, we are most certainly in trouble. I continue to hope and pray that they are just the vocal minority, but I’m starting to really question that.
    Regardless, I have chosen to take every means possible to protect my family. I will not apologize for doing that and I will not voluntarily give up that right. There is truly evil in this world and to turn a blind eye to that is just asking for problems.

  9. Hard to decide who is more hateful, this Karlin fellow or our good friend at Esquire, LTC Bateman. For sure, both of them have some really deep-seated psychological issues that need to be treated by a professional, licensed psychiatrist.

    His psychotic screed would be easy enough to ignore except for the sheer ignorance of his target audience, which is what worries me more than anything else.


    • I agree. Even though both people you mentioned are anti-Gun, what do you think they would do or say if we could deny them their rights of firearm ownership without due process? Think it would bother them? I think they should be added to the NICS system for denials.

    • +1. Dont have to read the whole thing to get the same tired America-hating Progressive groupthink and projection issues…

      “Useful Idiots” -V.I.Lenin

  10. Enough with this guilt about slavery. America is the first country to actively acknowledge and then try to rectify the wrongs that happened in the past. As far as slavery, there is MORE slavery going on in the world now than ever before in history, and it’s done in Africa and Asia. By people doing it to others of the same skin color.

    And lest we all forget, our “gun crazy American culture” is the FIRST place people like this fool quoted were able to express their opinions freely and without any fear if repercussion.

    • People who guilt Americans for slavery just love to ignore the fact that we tended to get our slaves from other African to begin with. It was not until it became a genuine economic enterprise that white Europeans (not Americans btw) among others embarked on their own enslavement missions.

      • Slavery has been happening since the very dawn of civilization. That’s the sad fact of it. The stronger military force almost invariably took the weaker, conquered people as slaves.

    • A few things liberals don’t like to think about. It was the democrats who wanted to keep slavery. It was the democrats who gave us the KKK. It was the democrats who gave the south the Jim Crowe laws. And finally it again was the democrats who supported segregation. Why would anyone expect them to really look out for the less fortunate and want to allow poor inner city blacks to have guns to protect their families. Just a thought.

  11. If the NRA has been goosing up my manhood, then Karlin has been constantly fluffing his.

    And Santa is a fictional character whose color depends on which crayon you use to draw him. I’m partial to purple. It makes Santa almost indistinguishable from Barney.

  12. This guy is a reason why I think another question should be added to the ATF Form 4473. A positive answer to this question results in an immediate denial…

    Q: Are you or have you ever been a member of the Democratic Party?

    • and here it is. Tying mental health to voting records to determine gun ownership. Wait, what if I was a Democrat in 1964-1978 then became a Republican? Does that still count? What if I voted D in a local election six years ago? Define Democrat – are you talking 1963 JFK Democrat? 1988 David Duke Democrat? 1968 George Wallace Democrat? I know… 1993 Bill Clinton Democrat.

      • Re-read the question. I never said “voted” for a Democrat. And yes, I am saying being a Democrat should be associated with mental health issues. 🙂

  13. Law abiding respectful african americans stuck in ghettos are probably in the most need of firearms. Though pssession and bearing of such arms is an innate right of all people on this earth.

  14. If that is Mr. Karlin, he looks pretty white to me. Sounds like another white man telling “people of color” what to think. Wouldn’t surprise me if the guy who shot the black Santa was black. Who else carries a gun in DC?

  15. Jesus went around turning bad things in to good things. Such is the ‘Pagan’ rituals that a Christian Nation adopted.

    I know many gun owners that are Liberal and hate the NRA…..and just like YOU they are hypocritical. The laws only apply to the underlings. Even many Republicans have the same way of thinking and it is those two groups that freedom loving Americans should be very afraid of.

    I’m not afraid of the military or police….they are US! Common everyday folks with faults and desires that when duty called…they went. I have family in Afghanistan this Christmas Day! Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, fathers and mothers. All in uniform to try and protect something almost as fragile as life itself! Freedom can’t exist without sacrifice. The only things that have real value are those that can be taken away.

    I AM THE NRA!…By choice!

    Trolls need not apply!

  16. Wow, this is a “greatest hits” collection.

    – Gun owners are paranoid, xenophobic racists? Check.
    – Nobody is coming for your guns (wink). Check.
    – Resistance is futile: the overwhelming might of the military will crush you, so why not just give up now? Check.
    – Gun owners = mass shooter. Check.

    These things are so rote you could write a script to generate them.

  17. Is it just me or does he appear drunk in his photo above and if so I’m guessing he never sobered up before writing this oped.

  18. The Saint Nicholas in question was a Turk, which means at the time he would have scared the shit out of Westerners far more than any black would have today or ever.

    • Istanbul was Constantinople
      Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
      Been a long time gone, Constantinople
      Why did Constantinople get the works?
      That’s nobody’s business but the Turks

    • St Nick the Turk meant that he was a Greek. The Turks (Ottoman’s) didn’t show up in Anatolia until much later.

    • Saint Nicholas was in no sense a Turk, but rather a Greek. The town in which he was a priest was populated by Greeks, not Turks. Most of the Turkish coast was Greek up to the early Renaissance.

      If you suppose a Greek looked less like a European than an African, your suppositions might make sense.

      Santa Claus is an idea. His instantiation in some particular modern community should probably fit that community.

  19. Guys, you are giving this guy way too much credit. His screed is absolutely an attempt to rope in twenty-somethings who are impressed that he is so smart and committed to helping people. This is what liberal guys like him do – what they fantasize about, being the cool guy for a change instead of the dweeb they fear they are. Instead of actually trying to attract a mate by having, say, a responsible job, a house, and a personality, he uses bullshit and a ploy where he denigrates gun owners as clearly having substandard penises, thus cleverly demonstrating to his young, female, gullible followers that he has nothing to worry about in that arena.

    I’m betting money that guy tried the whole “hot car” thing but couldn’t get it to work. So now he scores by being a progressive mouthpiece. Young women who are not experienced enough to avoid that kind of banter would be oh so impressed that he is so wise, experienced, and confident, when in his heart he knows he is none of those things. Fakes it till he makes it. Then has to move on because he’s working for the greater cause and he has to sacrifice for the greater good.

    He’s just trying to score during the holidays.

    • “help!! help!!”……”are you a liberal”?…….”yes”……….”do you own a gun”?…………”of course not, you fool”,………….”call 911….I hear a cheeseburger calling me”.

  20. Should I admit that I am part Native-American and a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment, and I am offended by the comments coming from this progressive dweeb? Progressives claim they represent people of non-European ancestry like we are all victims to be “protected” and MANAGED. I do not want to be controlled and I do not want to be “protected” from some imaginary enemy. Really, if you look at history, it wasn’t the “white man” that subjugated the Native-American people to reservations, it was government. (I know, I am over simplifying history a bit.) Anyhow, how is disarmament of the citizenry going to make Native-Americans, or anyone for that matter, more free? Historical fact…it doesn’t. Most Native-Americans were forcefully disarmed and forced onto reservations by the US government in the 1800’s simply because they had a similar ancestry to a few Native-Americans who caused trouble for the settlers. Who can say that this won’t happen again to the Native-Americans after the government disarms us again? Who can say that this won’t happen to others simply because of their ancestry, religion, and/or political beliefs?

    • Somewhat off topic I would like to note that one of the most patriotic and effective NCO’s I ever worked among was David Chaney, NCO in Charge at Quang Tri Launch for a time and the first Command Sergeant Major of Delta, as he served in that function into the creation of Delta. Another was the first after Delta was formed.

      Chaney was a Native American.

      If he ever wanted to play Santa Claus, I would only have cheered him on.

    • History shows it will happen again. It’s funny how universal truths become platitudes. How about “power corrupts”. Said too many times people glaze over but it’s still an universal truth.

      • Yes, power corrupts – unless, as some claim, it brings us a civilized society, protects “the children”, enforces “common sense” laws, protects us from the “bad guys”, etc.

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