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Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez (courtesy

“It is crystal clear to me that in every incident we have seen over the last decade; somebody knew something in advance of the situation. We have seen that in San Bernardino. So I would implore our community members . . . you have the real authority, you have the capacity to detect terror plots.” – Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez quoted in What law enforcement officials are doing to keep the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl safe [via]

[h/t ML]

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    • To be fair, the san bernadino neighbors saw something but were afraid to be called islamaphobic. (Why cant the hoplophobs be afraid ti be labled Hoplophobe?)

      • What he saw was a few cars and bearded Muslims…hardly cause for alarm. Then even if he reported it, how long would it take to be investigated. Bottom line local law enforcement hasn’t got a clue. To wit all the anti terror in law enforcements tool kit could not ID the Boston Bombers. Only after exhausting their assets and posting pictures on line, and with citizens help, were they able to accurately identify them. The result law abiding citizens getting rifles shoved in their faces, city wide lock down and a boat getting shot up.

    • These are self actualized home grown jihadis. Unless you’re comepletely oblivious to your surroundings you will have hints if one is in your sphere.

      I’m willing to bet that most of them will never go “hot”. But if you suspect a neighber or co worker and ignore those suspicions…….

      • The threat is not a jihadist bomb or mass murder by them. The real threat is Islamist slowly taking over your city council, introducing sharia law and enforcing it upon citizens.

        Think it cannot happen in the US…think harder. European transition (invasion) has begun. Although governments refuse to admit Enclaves – no go zones exist and Islamist defy and refuse equality laws.

  1. All the surveillance tools already in place courtesy of NSA, and they are encouraging a snitch state?
    Komifornia!! For the win!!

    Winning what? I’m not sure.

  2. So, hopefully the general public realizes what he’s really saying is “We can’t protect you, you’re responsible for your own safety”

    • With clipless pedals no less. I doubt he has cleats on the bottoms of those boots.
      Maybe he just seized it asset forfeiture style from somebody who rode through a red light.

      • He has the shoes for it.

        If you maximize, you’ll notice there’s very, very deep tread for normal shoes. He has eggbeaters, and the shoe clips for eggbeaters can be fairly small, and more importantly, recessed into the shoe.

        • I guarantee you no police department in the country has that uniform as a bike uniform.

          He was just using it as a prop for some reason or another and it was probably the best photo they found while searching google.

    • “Why is there an Italian Racing Bike in the picture?”

      What I was wondering, as well. A carbon-frame road bike, no less. For city street riding, I would have expected a cyclocross-type frame or a suspension mountain bike type frame, to smooth out curbs.

      Clipless pedals don’t surprise me, most bikes not sold in a big-box store tend to be sold with no pedals at all.

      Were I building up a cop bike, I would have done a Ti-frame cyclocross.

      Ding a carbon frame and you trash it. Ti is more durable…

  3. “See something, say something” is bullshit.
    Besides, we’ve spent billions and forfeited half of our rights so the NSA and DHS can see everything anyway.
    What’s that? DHS and NSA aren’t accomplishing shit? Then write them another billion dollar check and lets forfeit the other half of our rights!
    Yay, imaginary safety!

    • But I though you wanted “the people” to do the job so we wouldn’t need all those alphabet agencies but when the government asks you to do just that you shirk your responsibilities. This is how we got to where we are today. The Militia seldom shows up and when they do most run away when the going got tough.

      • I didn’t realize we knew each other. Please tell me what else I want. Lord knows I haven’t experienced enough of that. Why stop at just telling me what I want? Legislate and mandate it. Because, you know, it’s what I want.
        Thanks a bunch. 🙂

        • Well Shire-man, tdiinva is correct. Even though tdiinva is a cheerleader for government power and control; if not a fed herself; the people get the government we deserve.

          If we had enough people that truly wanted to be free and responsible for their own lives, people that tdiinva represents, if not a one herself, would actually have to get a real job instead of being a parasite sucking the life blood from the golden goose. Ultimately, of course, the parasite( government) that started small, becomes the monster sitting on the back of the host, spending most of it’s time, and our blood, in protecting itself from being rejected by the host., until the host is sucked dry and killed by the parasite. That, or the host finally finds the strength to reject the parasite and becomes free.

          Unfortunately, historically, that almost never happens. But we beat the odds once in establishing our republic, , G-d willing, we can beat the odds again.

        • To both Tommy and the Shireman:

          You are an American Archtype. All talk but when it comes down to it you will shirk your responsibilities. You are as much a social parasite as any welfare queen.

          You are the people who were all for the Revolution until you were called up to fight; all for “free trade and sailors rights” until you had to fight the British invaders. When it came time to fight for states rights or the Union you bought a substitute. You just can’t be bothered.

          There is a good reason why I am skeptical of any “see something, say something ” initiative. Clowns like will report “SamI” Haddad asa possible ISIS terrorist without realizing that Sami is a Marianite Christian from Lebanon. You know all those ay-rabs are alike.

          Yes, I was a Fed. I was one guys who did tough national security jobs that you thing only losers do when you are the real losers.

          Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem for you called “Tommy. ” Go read it.

        • It’s Tommy this, and Tommy that
          And throw the blighter out
          But it’s “Thin red line of heros”
          When the guns begin to shout

          As near as I remember.

        • Ahh, tdiinva. Yeah, I figured you are or were a fed.

          Typical arrogance and condescension towards those american “civilians” you are supposed to be a servant to.

          Do you see yourself as a servant to the people? Or the master?

          That’s a rhetorical question.

          But it’s like I already said, it’s because of the people that government parasites as yourself have been allowed to become a cancer in the body of our still great nation.

      • I don’t think that’s the point. While “See something say something” can be helpful, it may not help and can be abused. CSGV efforts at “See something…” is an obvious abuse, and there have been times when authorities WERE told (Dylan Kleebold and others) but did nothing. I think the point is we are all responsible for our own safety, all the acronym agencies are a false sense of security.

  4. But the only problem is that the only people that are politically correct to report bad things about are white., heterosexual, conservative, gun carrying , american flag waving, christian males,; and since they are also some of the most law abiding demographic, much crime, mass murder by those yelling Allahu Akhbar(AKA as “work place violence”), rioting, looting and the buring down of local businesses will largely go unreported.

  5. If the suspect’s name is Billy Jim Earl and he has an American flag on his pickup truck, hell yeah we want to know about it.

    Mo in a mini van with his wife sitting in the third row of seats, leave that guy alone will ya?

  6. Here’s a tip. For 30 years I have seen a lot of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and establishing permanent residence. Our government is well aware of this and is blatantly ignoring existing laws written to protect US citizens.

    Here is another tip. People from some countries that harbor and promote terrorist groups are allowed entry into our country despite the fact the our government acknowledges there is not an effective way to determine if these people are part of the terrorist threat.

    Find these people and lock then up.
    There are millions of them.
    You have 12 hours and 14 minutes until 2016.
    Thanks for the help.

      • I thought H had the right idea.
        If the gov wanted to stop illegal immigration how many people would it have to lock up?Maybe fifteen. The heads of the major companies that employ them.

  7. Hindsight is always 20-20. And always will be just that, hindsight.

    Hindsight doesn’t help people killed in an attack.


  8. The chief is posing with his $4000 Italian bike. Because nothing is too good (or too expensive) for our boys and girls in blue.

    • That IS a mighty fancy bike Ralph-I’m betting stol…er confiscated from some poor sap…Happy New year Ralph!

  9. If the gov wanted to stop illegal immigration how many people would it have to lock up?Maybe fifteen. The heads of the major companies that employ them.
    The gov doesn’t. Both partys just talk like they do.
    The companies get cheaper labor so it’s a win. For whom?

    A certain amount of our agrilabor has been seasonally migrant for a century.
    Some recent folks are refugees. What’s our gov’s part?
    Did our economic deals and policies benefit the fat cat and not the people?
    Is that new revolutionary jockeying to be the next fat cat or is he for the people?
    Who do we back?
    Goes around and around…

  10. . you have the real authority, you have the capacity to detect terror plots.”
    But then you will not be PC.

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