Quote of the Day: One Plus One Does Not Equal Two Edition

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“We are hard-wired to keep our children safe from any threat of any sort. I don’t believe it is a teacher and administrator’s job to determine the intent of that person who is walking into a school.” – Ann Arbor Superintendent Jeanice Swift, quoted in Judge: Michigan school district can ban guns [via usatoday.com]

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  1. avatar James says:

    So she confirms that they, the school district won’t think or use their heads. And the public schools are supposed to be some sort of model for teaching our children? How can the children learn to think critically when the adults don’t have or exercise the same skills? Indoctrination yes. Education no.

    1. avatar Sean in MT says:

      Boom. Mic drop.

    2. avatar tfunk says:


      Also that she is idiotic enough to believe that banning guns will keep out those who wish to do harm. The “Oh, I wanted to go kill kids…but I’m not allowed to bring a gun there! Guess I’ll just go become a productive member of society instead” outlook.

    3. avatar Bill Kohnke says:

      Critical thinking has been replaced by rote indoctrination. Teaching you what to think, instead of how to think, is a much more efficient way of breeding a nation of complaint lambs. Hasn’t that been the goal of every would-be ruler (or ruling class) since the dawn of man?

      1. avatar Pieslapper says:

        That’s where the cower and die in place training comes in.

  2. avatar tfunk says:

    The mindset of this administrator is what I have to deal with a lot as a teacher. Unfortunately it is prevalent throughout not only admin but many teachers as well.

  3. avatar the ruester says:

    Maybe she’s saying “we’re hard wired to protect OUR kids,” as in “pffft, those aint MY kids, EVERY TEACHER AND CHILD FOR THEMSEEEELVES!”

  4. avatar Parnell says:

    Well then, WHO?

  5. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    Activist judges need to be disrobed (metaphorically):

    [Michigan law bars local governments from regulating guns. But [Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Carol] Kuhnke said the law doesn’t define a school district as a local unit of government.

    So, Michigan doesn’t elect school boards?

    As for the idiot teacher:

    We are hard-wired to keep our children safe from any threat of any sort. I don’t believe it is a teacher and administrator’s job to determine the intent of that person who is walking into a school.

    PROTIP: if the person is pointing the gun at people and shooting, he’s a threat. If he’s a parent picking up his child, with a firearm safely holstered, he’s not a threat.

    Schools are more of a brain-cell-free zone than they are a gun-free zone.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      exactly Chip. This judge probably has kids going to school in the district. Another judge in another county ruled differently. This is just a liberal’s wet dream to elevate it to the court of appeals, but most of the judges on the court of appeals and the supreme court are conservative (real conservatives, not just “R” after the name). this is a waste of time. The Governor (an “R”) had a chance to change the law to prohibit open carry in CCW free zones, by eliminating CCW free zones and then eliminating open carry. He didn’t. the house and senate are both conservative. they won’t roll over so fast

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        Michigan’s current governor is a flippity floppy fish when anything firearms hits his desk, the NRA gave him a B- for gun rights, I give him an F. Snyders’ true self came out a few years ago in a public vote regarding the new bridge to Canada. Nobody wanted to pay for another bridge but they put it on the ballot twisted. You voted no if you wanted the bridge, and you voted yes if you did not want the bridge. The confusing language meant a lot of people voted that they didn’t want his bridge but by voting no they gave him the votes he needed to hire his buddies to start construction.

    2. avatar Katy says:

      My understanding is that most jurisdictions consider threatening a government official a much more serious offense than threatening a “regular person.” I’m ok with that, as doing so in their official capacity is a threat on the lawful governance of society. Threats in personal life are another thing and for another story.

      In this case, does the ruling mean a threat against her or an administrator or teacher should be considered an ordinary threat? Does that mean that schools are no longer government buildings? Wouldn’t that mean that absent express language to the contrary, guns can be carried by licensees on school property? I’m a bit unclear on how school zones are called out in MI

      1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        Your logic is flawed. Federal law defines gun free school zones. The federal law has left it to the state to decide if a person is licensed, can carry in a school zone. Michigan specifically bans concealed carry at a school, but Michigan doesn’t have laws prohibiting open carry. Cpl is a state license so that gets through the federal law.

  6. avatar William says:

    Reason number 8,232 why I home school.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      Public school administrators with the IQ of a turnip?

  7. avatar Another Robert says:

    Liberalism, thy name is non-sequitur…

  8. avatar Hannibal says:

    Even aside from guns, I would think someone should be figuring out the intent of people walking into a school. Guns aren’t the only way to hurt kids…

  9. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    “Michigan law bars local governments from regulating guns. But Kuhnke said the law doesn’t define a school district as a local unit of government.”

    So basically, Kuhnke just said up is down and black is actually a shade of white.

    ‘”We are hard-wired to keep our children safe from any threat of any sort,” she said.’

    What is this “our children”? You’re not the parent of them, you’re just a bureaucrat who leaches off the taxpayers regardless of how poorly “our children” are educated.

  10. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Here is a better question: if a school district is not a local unit of government, how can they tax? Only gov’t can tax, so if the school district is not part of gov’t, then they owe the people a very large refund. I hope some rich guy is gonna foot the bill now for public education. Boom. Drop the mic

  11. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    “Michigan law bars local governments from regulating guns. But [Judge] Kuhnke said the law doesn’t define a school district as a local unit of government.”

    That’s the key to this case: you have a lawless school district robbing citizens of their rights, and an elitist enabling judge granting judicial imprimatur on this illegality.

    Laws be damned. Rights go to Hell. Government with the consent of the governed goes under. All replaced by the prejudice of a school board ratified by the caprice of a local judge.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I just hope the next judge up the ladder rules the same way that was done when MI open carry took Clio schools to the bench.

  12. avatar Adub says:

    So wait, how are they going to ban guns? Will they have somebody stand at the door and eyeball everyone who comes in? And when they see a guy with a gun, will they ask him nicely to turn around and go home? What will they do when he instead draws and starts shooting?

    So, as always, lawful citizens will be inconvenienced while criminals go about killing anyway. Great plan.

  13. Am I to understand Ann Arbor Superintendent Jeanice Swift is an idiot or has never read the Constitution of the USA? Isn’t the job of the school to TEACH??? I think schools should have courses given by the NRA and GOA.
    No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word. mrpresident2016.com

  14. avatar gerald brennan says:

    I live there. Smart money is on successful appeal. Ann Arborites, being a relatively “progressive” bunch, were pacified by a local judge trying to score brownie-points from the electorate. Next judge won’t be so willing.

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