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“Obviously force protection everywhere around the world, abroad and now at home, is a big priority for us at the department, and will continue to be.” – Defense Secretary Ashton Carter in NRA: Give guns to military recruiters [at]

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  1. This has been going on for years, at sometimes repeatedly at the same facility. It’s not just disarmed military members vulnerable to attack at bases here, but even armed military members at bases abroad.

    How many service people died in how many attacks while on our own bases in Afganistan, for example, murdered by Taliban or Al Qaida infiltrators in the Afghan forces? Our government won’t let our service people defend themselves here, whie forcing them to operate with unreliable allies there.

    No wonder recruitment is down and the military is throwing open the doors in the name of tolerance and diversity. They need to cast a wider net in the recruiting pool. I expect next we’ll hear that felonies are no longer a disqualifier for military service. And why not? Apparently you lose your guns rights in the service, anyway.

    • A good example of that is the attack on airmen at Frankfurt international airport in 2011.

      That hit home for me for the simple reason that that team was on it’s way to relieve mine. We had passed through the same terminal six months earlier and the way I see it, if the shooter had been watching YouTube half a year earlier, that could have just as easily been us.

    • That’s right MM, it was not a “priority”, it was an “obvious priority” and the (D)’s spell Obvious:
      P – O – O – P – S – T – A – I – N.

  2. In the absence of constitutional carry, one’s military ID, DD214, Retired ID should be one’s concealed carry permit.
    Under current rules, any person with ill intent knows that a serviceman/woman in uniform state side is unarmed. That makes them sitting ducks. And since there have been numerous direct calls to kill them where ever they are found, they should be free to carry any side arm they choose, on or off base regardless any state and local laws to the contrary.
    Glock with a 20 round mag, FNX45 with 15, VP9 with the P30 30 round mag. Whatever they want to carry, concealed, on the hip, or in a tactical leg holster.

    • In Georgia that’s currently the law. Unfortunately, when they cross into a federal area (that magical invisible line that turns the meek and mild into potential serial/spree killers), that goes out the window.

        • O.C.G.A. § 16-11-130
          Exemptions from Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2

          (a) Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2 shall not apply to or affect any of the following persons if such persons are employed in the offices listed below or when authorized by federal or state law, regulations, or order:

          (3) Persons in the military service of the state or of the United States;

          There is also an AG unofficial opinion at

        • Wow, thanks, I didn’t realize they removed the part about military being exempt only in performance of duties.

        • AND they recently changed the law to allow active duty to get a carry license at 18 instead of having to wait until 21. If they can already carry on the mil ID there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to get a GWL. That lets them carry under reciprocity out-of-state whereas they couldn’t with just a mil ID.

    • “In the absence of constitutional carry, one’s military ID, DD214, Retired ID should be one’s concealed carry permit.”

      In the absence of constitutional carry, one’s raised middle finger (shouldn’t need both) should be one’s concealed carry permit. If they are going to chuck the Constitution then we don’t need America, and their right to impose anything will only come at their expense of priority/value/and resources in the moment (if they can’t put-up or shut-up right there tough tit, down-’em and go after everything they have prioritized), chuck it first and worse, and let loose the dogs of F U.

  3. People in uniform are a target for nefarious actors. People who attend church are a target for nefarious actors. People who hold any convictions whatsoever are targets for nefarious actors. People with just about any public face whatsoever are targets for nefarious actors.
    This isn’t a new or recent phenomenon.
    If you are something, believe in something, practice something, somebody wants to cause you harm. If you believe in nothing somebody wants to cause you harm.
    For the sake of you and your loved ones protect yourself.

    Carter has a huge raging disarmament boner anyway.

  4. Here the facts as best as I can determine:
    (1) “Muslim radicals” from the Middle East killed more than 3,000 people in New York City on September 11, 2001 and destroyed more than $1 Billion in property. Of course they killed hundreds more in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. on the same day and destroyed several hundred million dollars more property.
    (2) “Muslim radicals” in the Middle East have repeatedly attacked American “crusaders” in the Middle East and killed hundreds/thousands.
    (3) “Muslim radicals” in the Middle East have ordered Muslim “brothers” inside the United States to attack and kill military and police personnel … as well as the good people of the United States.
    (4) “Muslim extremists” have attacked and killed about two dozen people at military installations in the United States homeland in the last 10 years.
    (5) “Muslim extremists” attempted to kill several dozen people in Garland, Texas just months ago.
    (6) A “Muslim extremist” beheaded a woman at work in Oklahoma just months ago.
    (7) Our United States government repeatedly refers to our current “war on terror”.

    These facts combined tell us one thing with absolute clarity: we, the United States of America, are AT WAR with “Muslim extremism” (whatever and whoever that is).

    Given that we are at war and “Muslim extremists” have attacked and killed people at military facilities in the United States homeland, how can anyone in the United States Military chain of command — up to and including the President of the United States — command both military and non-military personnel to be unarmed? How is that not providing aid and comfort to an enemy who has attacked our nation? How is that not therefore treason?

  5. What we ought to be asking ourselves is this:

    If our Congress-critters can’t figure out the right answer to the question of arming our service members,
    Why are we re-electing these incumbents for additional terms?

    Almost all incumbents who run for re-election win their races. Why is this? Congress’s approval ratings are in the sewer yet we re-elect these same people to their offices. What could possibly explain this?

    I suggest that we are all sub-coming to a lesser-of-two-evils phenomena. We know we don’t like our own Congressman or 2 Senators. And yet, a majority will vote to re-elect him because we recognize his name and decide he must be the lesser-evil compared to the contender. Incumbents calibrate their votes and messages to pander to this phenomena.

    Congress-critters do this several times and then accumulate enough seniority to bring home the bacon to their own Districts/States. Then, a majority of their voters have a vested interest in keeping that particular POWERFUL member of Congress in his seat because we WANT that BACON!

    The only thing likely to change Congress – and therefore Government – is for ALL voters to threaten their 3 representatives that they are PREPARED to vote for the GREATER of 2 EVILs.

    E.g., inner-city Blacks should threaten their Democrat representatives that they will vote Republican if Vouchers are not implemented.

    Likewise, PotG should threaten their RINO representatives that they will vote for the Democrat (i.e., gun-grabber) if National Reciprocity (Federal) or Right-to-Carry (States) is not implemented.

    It’s a gutsy proposition; but, what alternative does any voter or interest-group have? The present system has been gerrymandered into one where our representatives are no longer responsive to the interest of their voters. We simply can’t tell which of our representatives is moving the pea under the shells to cater to the requirements of his contributors.

  6. Looks like LtCdr Timothy White May have fired his pistol at the Chattanooga shooter. Unless there is a lot of public support fog the LtCdr, he will get crushed

  7. Never forget Lebanon Barracks Bombing or the Cole bombing. We have been targeted by third world terrorists for a lot longer than the country wants to let on.


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