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Homemade Jamaica gun (courtesy

“We are urging members of the public to desist from engaging the police in gun battles and to surrender peacefully when confronted by the police.” – Jamaican police media spokesperson quoted in Police seize 8 illegal guns, assorted ammo [via]

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  1. Please also surrender all contraband, and have yourself handcuffed on the jailhouse steps. We will give you a cookie if you comply. Thank you
    The idiots in charge

  2. I have the greatest mental picture of this guy shaking his finger at some thugs shooting at him while saying ”You are being very rude firing those bullets at me. Please surrender mkay?” Then he turns around with a smirk and says ”I sure gave them a scolding!”

  3. The best part is the inclusion of ammo as ‘additional’ evidence or contraband. Just think, if ‘Putty West’ would have only had the Taurus 9mm pistol, but not the (shocking) 14 rounds of 9mm ammo, he would have been much less of a criminal! I say he was 4 rounds short…..

  4. Does any one know if the weapon pictured above has a CAD file? I’d like to print me a couple of those in preparation for Jan. 1st 2016. 🙂
    Gonna need lots of clipazines for them.

  5. The comments on the story in the Jamaican paper boil down to “Kill them all and let God sort it out.”

  6. That “gun” and the lecture are the perfect examples of the folly of the British depending on tradition and the government to protect their rights. If they had a written constitution they and the rest of the Common Wealth might still have rights beyond what their own government allows them to have.

    The adult real world example of the old child’s game “Mother, may I.”

    • The Brit Isles finally had their own revolution over the last few decades. Not working out all that well as the welfare yobbs decided they loved eurp style marxist progressivism. Likely to far gone. Scotland certain appears so.

  7. He’s got to know that real criminals will not comply, so who is he directing this at? I know little about Jamaica, but from this statement, I am inclined to believe that there is an issue with Jamaica’s criminal justice system that people would rather fight it out than be subject to it.

    • Implying only “criminal” resist against government thugs, or the quaint notion that cops only go after “bad guys”.

  8. More and more I believe retardation is the norm. From very high and powerful stations of society we get statements like this regularly. Chiefs, mayors, senators, presidents, CEO’s. I estimate currently 40% of all of them are full on retards.

    Either that or they are pod people from another planet.

    • I just had a mental image of the Coneheads going “Put down your weapons now humans, you will comply.”

  9. Vacation places to for me to safely go with my family:
    1. Jamaica– NOPE
    2. Mexico– NOPE
    3. Any part of the middle east– NOPE
    4. China– NOPE
    5. Indonesia– NOPE
    6. Malaysia– Nope
    7. Africa– NOPE
    8. Russia– maybe……NOPE
    9. Western Europe– Probably not
    10. South America– NOPE
    11. Central America– NOPE
    12. Antarctica– maybe
    13. Central Asia– NOPE
    14. Australia– NOPE
    15. United Kingdom– NOPE

    Pretty much leaves me with about half the United States, and some of the English speaking portions of Canada. I guess I’ll stay home.

    • You’d go to Canada, but not the UK or Australia? From a stupid police, anti-gun, anti-self-defense perspective, all three are about same-same to me.

      • Hey don’t lump Canada in with Australia or Britain. We can actually get most guns here and there are loopholes around some of the mag restrictions. Also most of our guns are not registered.

        And you CAN defend yourself and expect to get off though depending on where you live it may require a court case (the charges you’ll be charged with are more likely related to safe storage laws and not self defense itself).

  10. Don’t engage the police? WTF? I wouldn’t engage my late grandmother with that piece of home-made crap.

    I made better zip guns than that when I was twelve.

  11. Given that this is Jamaica we’re talking about, it’s not a stretch to imagine this police spokesperson got seriously toked up on some ganja before meeting the press.

  12. Items needed to make look a like pistol:

    1. Short length of pipe. No PVC
    Size depending on caliber selected.
    2. Wood for handle
    Use balsa wood for one time use.
    3. 26 rolls of black electrical tape
    May need more fore calibers larger than 45-70
    4. pin for firing
    Scripto may work????
    5. pack of rubber bands for firing pin.
    If not handy, cut end bands off of condoms.
    6. Hammer
    Ball peen, or framing hammer
    7. Safety glasses
    At least one lens should be present.
    8. Life insurance policy.
    Should be in force.

  13. Surrender peacefully? Why are the Jamaican police stealing lines from Buzz Cason & Tony Moon? They should be ashamed of themselves.

  14. “We are urging members of the public to desist from engaging the police in gun battles and to surrender peacefully when confronted by the police.”

    hahahahahaha, oh wait. You were serious. Let me laugh harder. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  15. I have to assume there is a feeling of need to have gun battles with the police. If the picture is what they have for handguns, I’d say a great number of people free oppressed.

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