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“While open carry makes me uncomfortable, my discomfort should have no bearing on constitutionally protected rights.” – Tyler Kee’s wife

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    • My thoughts exactly. I think she just made a crit roll with logic.

      Now, I could say this same sentiment applies to other hot button issues, but I don’t want to start a huge back and forth comments war so I won’t specify what.

  1. So question, if OC makes someone uncomfortable, how about concealed carry?

    How do you know everyone you see isn’t concealing a gun? Im not sure what the ‘uncomfortable’ issue is beyond the sight of a firearm?

    How about gun stores, that must be panic city? Gun racks in trucks? What about cops, they OC?

    Trying to work through this one.

    And yes I see a lot of thing that make me uncomfortable too. Which I wont elaborate on. I still live and let live. Its hard to resist the urge to be a meddlesome busybody. Good for us!

    • What exactly was the point of your comment? It really makes it look like you are trying to attack her for saying something you don’t like, even though her answer was exactly the correct one for someone who feels as she does.

        • You’re right, my tone is off. I apologize. Exploring the logic of peoples animus to firearms is interesting to me, that’s all.

      • Just a misfire in communication. The Internet will do that sometimes, lacking facial expressions and actual tone of voice.

        I don’t see an attack here, just some musings out loud, or in text, as it were.

    • brentondadams,

      I have mentioned this very point to gun grabbers at a public forum — that many of the people around them in public have concealed handguns. Gun grabbers have no coherent response.

      The reason that they have no coherent response is because, when it comes to firearms, they are quite literally hysterical in the textbook clinical sense. Think about a person who has arachnophobia — fear of spiders. You cannot even have an intelligent conversation about spiders. And when a person with arachnophobia sees a person covered in spiders approaching them, the person with arachnophobia will flip out. That is hysteria.

      Well, gun grabbers have a hysterical fear of firearms — the term is hoplophobia. The reason that we are having a rough go is that a lot of people have hoplophobia — enough that they think it is “normal” or “okay” to have an intense fear of firearms and thus sufficient reason to curtail our rights.

      I tip my hat to Mrs. Kee for not letting her fear of firearms take control of her brain and fester into full blown hysteria.

      • My comment was still shitty. And here’s why, she could hate guns because they’re black but it doesn’t matter. The second half of the comment negates the first half. I dislike many people and things that I don’t seek to criminalize or ban and that makes all the difference.

      • Exactly right, uncommon_sense. Hysterical. Completely taken over by emotion that brooks no rational response, in this case triggered by irrational fear. Completely explains the Shannon-sheep of the world, not just their reaction to firearms but their complete inability and unwillingness to even consider, much less digest and rationally respond to, all the facts contrary to their position.

      • I’ll have to +1 this. When I’ve had conversations like this before with people that know I carry, I point out to them “Either you trust me or you don’t, you realize I could easily kill/maim you without the gun, right? In fact, if I were intent on harming you, I’d go with something subtle like poison to escape the repercussions, using a gun would be the last thing I’d try to harm you with”

        It’s not about how people look or what they have, it’s about how they act.

      • Spiders creep me out. I almost bought a tarantula at PetCo to face my fear. A rather attractive young lady put it on my forearm. It started crawling slowly up my arm towards my neck. The young lass plucked it off my shoulder, because if it had reached my neck I might have flipped out.

        And the wife has vehemently banned tarantulas from our home. I still sort of want one, but it’s not worth the hassle.

  2. There was a time when drinking from the same fountain as blacks made some people uncomfortable but after a while they got used to the idea.

  3. Great attitude, but…………………. Is it just your Average Joe OC’ing that makes her uncomfortable, or is it everyone(LEOs)?

    Just curious, not an “attack”.

    • It’s a valid question.

      Either way, it’s not a rational thought process. It’s basing comfort on fashion. A uniform, or un-tucked shirt tail is apparently the line between ok and uncomfortable..

      • I’d say rather whether you can actually see the gun or not is the “line”. Still not a particularly logical process in my opinion. Knowing for a fact that there are guns out there, until it actually reaches the stage where one is pointed at me I think I would be more afraid of the ones I can’t see than of the ones I can. When I see someone OCing, if I am afraid of guns at least I know who to keep my eyes on, or move away from, or get behind some cover relative to. But again, kudos to Ms. Kee for not letting her feelings strangle her brain nor her respect for the rights of others.

    • That’s a lot of periods, Red.

      In order to respect the syntax of your comment, I am going to come back and read the rest of it tomorrow.

  4. A lot of Free Speech makes many of us uncomfortable. But, our discomfort should have no bearing on the speakers’ Constitutional Rights.

    I bet VERY few people would disagree with that. Yet, many of those people would see fit to make a singular exception for the 2nd Amendment.

  5. One thing we should keep hitting home is that guns don’t just “go off”. This is still a strong, prevailing myth among people with little firearms experience, and among many gun owners. I think this is one of the bigger reasons we some people so opposed to carrying of either form.

    • Excellent point. I was watching a rerun of Frasier the other day, and someone found Martins old service revolver from when he was a police officer. Of course it was knocked off the dining room table and discharged upon hitting the floor. I’m positive pop culture nonsense like that influences peoples thinking. I have a few acquaintances who think real crime scene investigators are actually some kind of wizards thanks to THAT stupid show.

      • I guess that depends on how old the service revolver was, what kind of internal safetyvit had (transfer bar, hammer block, maybe something else?), and whether such parts were in good working order.

        You’re definitely right, pop culture propagates many a myth out there. Still, the four firearms safety rules are there for a reason, as anything is possible. If it has tires or a tang, at some point it’s going to give you trouble.

  6. I like the idea of sending that quote on a t-shirt or bumper sticker to all MDA members. It is a relevant attitude across the spectrum. You don’t have to like something to understand that it’s Constitutionally protected…

  7. “While open carry makes me uncomfortable, my discomfort has no bearing on constitutionally protected rights.”


  8. You are correct, Mrs. Kee. However, the Constitution is not the ultimate arbiter in a household. I have the Constitutional right to read Hustler, but my wife’s “discomfort” with that would bring consequences. Mrs. Kee does well to respect Tyler’s carry preferences, and Tyler does well to respect her discomforts.

  9. Many who wed or shack up with pro 2A types do not necessarily care for firearms. Some even fear them. My wife does not like how guns can be utilized for nefarious reasons, but accepts that MOST users are law abiding. She herself will not handle a gun, yet has no issues with my training our teen daughter in gun safety and marksmanship. I would prefer if she were comfortable with guns, she is not…some folk just aren’t….fortunately she, like Tyler’s missus understands that a person’s likes and dislikes should have no bearing on constitutional rights.

  10. Funny how that one, solitary sentence says so much. A person’s entire character, decency, worthiness to be an American, and quite frankly whether he or she is good or evil, can be deduced from whether they agree with that one sentence.

  11. Comments on this thread inspire me to realize that opposition to OC vs. CC are incredibly different.

    To a very substantial extent the OC debate is one of pure strategy with the strident Antis. They recognize that if OC ever becomes PC then the War-on-Guns is over; dead. Nothing will resurrect gun control. Everyone will have acclimatized themselves to seeing a couple of armed un-uniformed civilians as they go about their business in the public square. Everyone has already acclimatized themselves to seeing armed uniformed police; why wouldn’t the exact same acclimatization occur seeing armed civilians in street cloths? OC threatens to become the end-game for the Antis.

    Does the average Joe/Jane voter care about the distinction between OC vs. CC? Really care? They might have something of a preference to not SEE the guns civilians are carrying; they would be happier to live their lives out-of-sight/out-of-mind. To the average Joe/Jane voter, OC is probably a mild sentiment; CARRY is the thing they might consider voting over.

    CC is really about civilian carry. Does the average Joe/Jane feel comfortable enough with the idea of civilians carrying guns? Here, we ought to keep working the issues: criminals are already concealed carrying! What are you doing about criminal-CC? We – the level-headed background-checked PotG-culture are CC’ing in 40 States. Still no blood-in-the-streets! Who would-a-thunk? Guess what, all those murders you hear about? 95% of them occur in inner-cities as Black-on-Black violence. 90% of murders are perpetrated by criminals with several prior violent convictions on their rap-sheets. Background-checked civilians’ violence level is a minute fraction of 1% of gun crime.

    In the final 10 Won’t-Issue jurisdictions it will be a cold-day-in-hell before their legislatures vote Shall-Issue. It just will NOT occur ever. Nevertheless, it is critical to free these Slave-States to begin to inoculate their voters against hoplophobia before they emigrate to free-States.

    We need to continue to work the campaign to advocate for Right-to-Carry and the PRACTICE of Carry in the 40 free States to inoculate the uncommitted and GC-sympathetic voters into strengthening our position in Senators and Representatives from such States. Too many of the free States have one or both Senators with bad NRA/GOA ratings and far too many Representatives with low ratings. These Congress-critters and their Progressive constituents are operating behind-enemy-lines and remain a constant threat to the RKBA.

    Achieving Right-to-Carry in 40 States is not enough. In each of these States we need to make Gun-Control the 3’rd rail of local politics; without which, the 2A will remain just one election away from infringement.

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