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1. Criminals will always have guns, this is not about them.
2. Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms. Humans have a right to defend themselves. If we didn’t have the Second Amendment, we would create it.
3. You can’t control everything; but if it makes you feel better, go with a simple law preventing violent offenders from buying firearms. Make it “violent” offenders rather than “white collar” offenders, or most of Capitol Hill won’t be allowed to own them.
4. Get a gun, get legal, be responsible, trust yourself. Don’t trust yourself? Then don’t carry. But for God’s sake then, shut the f**k up about it, because that’s where your involvement ends.

– Lynne Russell in ‘Nothing to debate’: Second Amendment, legal gun in my purse saved our lives [at]

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  1. We must be reading the same news at the same time, Dan. I literally just sent a tip on this in a few minutes ago! lol

    Awesome article. I couldn’t imagine TTAG not posting something about this.

    • You need a quicker news pipe…this is over a week old….any way….

      AceOfSpades had a humorous quip above the picture of Russel and her husband….

      Her husband, Robert Caro, is ex-Special Forces. They live together with her two breasts.

      • She seems like a great gal and more importantly someone who wouldn’t be offended if you called her a gal.

        • Correctamundo!

          The shooting was reported a week ago. THIS post is about the editorial she wrote about the incident for Fox, which got posted yesterday.

      • Was it published that much earlier somewhere other than Fox? “By Lynne Russell Published July 08, 2015” Could you be confusing the story about the incident with this opinion article written by Lynne Russell? (ETA: Nevermind, others clarified.)

        I rarely read pieces labeled “opinion” in MSM so it was unusual for me to see something like this. The circumstance struck me as funny because I had just sent an email tip about it. From the time I hit send to the time I first got TTAG notification of the article, it doesn’t seem like my tip had anything to do with it. TTAG and I were apparently just riding the same wavelengths. It happens alot to me…I read something and consider submitting a tip, decide not to, and within 24 hours there is a TTAG story about that same thing that caught my eye. 😀

    • Tom,

      That is what a person who believes in and supports the Second amendment says, while cowards who own guns say meh. you can take them, like what was posted on this forum the other day.

  2. Holy crap, I just read the article, de Caro was shot first, and shot five times. Still killed the BG. Impressive.

    • Too bad de Caro wasn’t able to get his shots off first, I would think he would have fewer holes in him if that were the case.

  3. Obviously she’s just an evil cold bitch who’d rather kill poor disenfranchised people kept down by the Koch brothers just out for money to buy food to feed their babies.
    Speaking of babies clearly she hates them too. How else could a woman “look at this baby!” and still not hate gun owners?
    Plus, Fox News. So. You know. Fox News.

    Hillary 2016!

  4. I hope Ms. Russel keeps up this discussion. The aniti’s are already beating her down.

    She needs to stay in the spotlight and tell her story. Her and her husband are alive because a good guy with a gun was able to defeat a bad guy with a gun.

    Hope she writes a book that comes out in Oct of 2016 and keeps the RTKBA in the spotlight during election season.

    • Dude, in their eyes, there is no such thing as a “good guy with a gun”. We’re all “ammosexual, tiny penis, insurrectionists” for believing in the right to bear arms without regulation out the ass and having to ask the almighty .Gov for permission first.

  5. “…go with a simple law preventing violent offenders from buying firearms.”

    I think she doesn’t have a clue how the “law” works. It is not possible to prevent criminals (or anyone else) from buying firearms, or knives, or matches… by passing laws.

    She’s got it down pretty good everywhere else.

    • I agree, but it can’t hurt to be on the books so that when they are caught they can be locked up. Oh, wait….. it’s on the books? And not being enforced very well? Shocker.

      • me thinks the “simple law” reference was sarcasm, aimed at the chuckleheads who say “there ought to be a law”, when in reality, they cannot make something illegal more illegal.

        • But… But… If we don’t make it more illegal-er then the bad guys will still get the guns! We must, for the children!

        • Exactly, sarcasm on her part. She certainly knows there are already laws against violent offenders buying guns.I am sure she also knows that they get them anyway. That was her point with that statement. It is why she said “you can make laws”. She also said, more or less, that it is pointless to do that.

        • “they cannot make something illegal more illegal.”

          There’s always ‘Double-Secret Illegal’…

          At Faber ‘Kollege’ anyways…

      • Maybe… but she goes on and on – every report I’ve seen – about her “legal” gun and her permit, license, etc.

        Now, maybe that’s what the reporter chose to emphasize, but she had to say it first, probably. I think it’s a great story, and they did very well under the circumstances. I just get so tired of the defender being identified first and foremost as a “legal” gun owner and “permit holder” – especially when it is the defender making that distinction. I can understand it from the aspect of liability… but it is just irritating.

        • I understand your irritation from the standpoint of constitutional absolutes. But in the battle for hearts and minds, any media report of a law-abiding gun owner stopping a violent thug reinforces our mantra of good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns.

          This story is a win for us in several ways because Lynne Russell doesn’t fit the stereotype that the liberals try to create. She’s female, well-educated and articulate, and formerly employed by a left-leaning news organization (not a redneck). It’s also a reminder that you can capitulate to a robber’s demands and still get shot. This story is a liberal gun-grabber’s worst nightmare.

    • I believe that what proceeds that is key to understanding what she’s actually stating. You can’t control everything; but if it makes you feel better, go with a simple law… I took that to mean that it won’t really help but if you are convinced (makes you feel better) pass something simple and limited. I completely believe in an un-infringed RKBA and that’s the way I took the totality of her statement there.

    • She gets it; see point 1.

      I think this is more of “if you can’t or won’t acknowledge reality, do the least harm to those of us that do.” Otherwise known as a pacifier. 🙂

    • She did not say such a law would accomplish anything, she suggested it might make some people feel like they were “doing something”.

    • I didn’t think of the remark as sarcasm; I took it as her way of thinking about it.
      AND, with the greatest of respect for her, she is wrong.
      The felon-in-posession law IS important for gun control;
      lending/selling/giving to a prohibited-person is much more troublesome and of very little value.

    • A gunfight to the death will bring out the knuckle dragger in anyone.

      Lighten up, Captain Etiquette.

    • Think she used the F word to accentuate her statements. Means she is damn serious about what she is saying. Which she has a right to be after what happened to her and her husband. Her husband is lucky he is not dead or permanently disabled.

  6. Any time a subject like this comes up, I immediately have to go to the huffington post article about it and read the comment section, because I apparently want to die young due to high blood pressure.

    • So you can read about how all the Antis tell everyone how all this could have been prevented if only all guns were banned ? Or how the poor BG is now dead because of guns ? Yep, that would raise my blood pressure too.

      • Or how, if they hadn’t had a gun, there was no reason to think the criminal would hurt them.

        Or the criminal fired first because he saw the gun, and wouldn’t if he hadn’t.

        Or, my personal fave, that he would have killed her right off if that had been his intent. Right … So much for the getaway then, eh?

    • Friends don’t let friends read huffpo… (Interestingly, when I typed huffpo, it auto corrected to “buffoon”)

    • I went over just to amuse myself and to learn more about the anti mindset. Seems most think that if they didn’t have a gun to fire back, the husband wouldn’t have gotten shot and the perp would’ve left without harming them. Completely naive.

      • Perhaps even true, in some instances.

        However, I think of this like a fireplace grate. A well-made fire from good wood shouldn’t need one, and having a grate slightly increases the risk when adding wood, etc. However, all it takes is that one bad log to spark out and pop, and there goes the house.

    • At the Foxnews article there are already a number of posts about the evils of guns and how “you’re more in danger owning a gun than without”, mostly from someone calling himself HTB4444. According to this character only police should have guns because they’re better trained at handling high stress situations.

      I didn’t post because I already have enough passwords to remember and don’t do Face(palm)book. However the comment I would have made is…

      I’ll just leave this here

  7. Wondering if Ms. Russell and her husband know Jim Shepherd of the Outdoor Wire ? They all are early troopers of CNN. And the all seem to be strongly pro 2A.

  8. This piece dovetails nicely into other things posted here on TTAG.

    “Which presupposes that the robber(s) taking your money won’t punch, stab, stomp or shoot you even if you hand over your cash or jewels just because they can. And do. But the odds are less, our anti-gun friends insist. Yeah, No thanks”


    “If you are unfortunate enough to be shot, the most important thing is to ensure that you are not shot again. That means limiting your opponent’s ability to continue firing and limiting his mobility are your primary concerns. The best way to do that is by returning effective fire to the opponent . . .”

    “I concluded, based on seeing so many patients, that all common pistol rounds pretty much sucked for any kind of instant incapacitation, and that with qualified medical care, the vast majority of people shot lived. If you are one of those people, that’s good news for you.”


    “Evil is real.”

    • Right, I was thinking about these posts too.
      Read the one about returning fire just yesterday evening.
      Great example of how right that one was.
      Guess also the treatment part has been followed pretty much by the word.

      • It’s apparently not just anecdotal evidence here, either. There was a CDC study released in 2013 which found that the best defense (the one resulting in minimal injury to the victim) against an attacker is the use of a firearm. From that CDC report:

        “Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies.”

        Now, perhaps not everybody is well-suited for armed defense. That’s their own call, but for those for whom it is an appropriate choice, it can be very effective.

        • Since the days when I was an officer in the Italian Mountain Troops, I’ve been told that to carry a gun, you have to be very clear about what you’re bringing with you.
          Never show, never brag, never threat.
          If you carry for self defense, drawing your gun means starting to play a very different game, and you normally shoul only do it, if you’re ready and willing to shoot.
          As a soldier, I only once raised my rifle in the face of a thug (we were on an anti-mafia deployment in the deep South), and I really meant business. The signal reached the idiot, and everything calmed down at once, but I still wonder: would I really have pulled the trigger if he had moved?
          That’s “The Question”. And in a place where self defense is judged worse than actual criminal offense, I can grant you all, you have some kind of hand-brake always pulled in those situations.
          I’m thinking about carrying without permit, since I’m a honest and fairly well trained person and I don’t want to be a sacrificial goat, but the odds are enormous.
          So, I’m still thinking about it……..

        • You sound to me like a well spoken, level headed, man of the world. You could find yourself warmly welcomed were you to make a new life for yourself and your family here in Texas. Both Texas and America need more immigrants like you.

  9. What about the dead perp? Was he a convicted felon, prohibited from owning firearms? That would solidify her argument (not that it needs much solidification).

    • According to Wikipedia she left CNN to care for her first husband who was very ill at the time. He eventually recovered but they later divorced.

        • Absolutely no disparage towards her, but you know the saying….

          …for every spectacularly beautiful women in the women there’s a guy that “is tired of her sheet”

  10. I wonder why she was staying at a Motel6 that had armed security. Better to spend the extra money and find a nicer place.

  11. My only issue with Ms. Russell’s statement is her “nothing to debate” line.

    She was on a cross-country trip, with loaded firearms in the vehicle. There are still far too many states in the US where this is a felony and there is no way to “get a gun, get legal.” If this had happened in New York State (or a few others), traveling with loaded firearms would not have been a legal option.

    Constitutional carry should be our goal, and until that happens, interstate reciprocity should be something we continue to push for. We need to be willing to debate it all day long.

  12. WTF is it with ‘ammosexual’? Truly, it’s like the schoolyard bully thinks they dug up something embarrassing on some kid and proceed to chant it ceaselessly.
    This is just one more reason I’m not buying their collective crap about “reopening the discussion” on gun control. They want no discussion, they want a monologue, and they want to have the only voice involved.

    • The epithet doesn’t even make any sense. It’s a nonsense term, but it’s a timesaver in that it’s a tip-off that the person using it is an ignorant douchebag who warrants no further debating.

    • Ammosexual sounds a lot like homosexual — they’re inferring gayness as an insult.

      And this is coming from the same group that calls Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner a hero and screams bigotry whenever anyone dares to disagree with their push for gay marriage.

      Judgmental, puritanical hypocrites is what they are.

    • Yah, what is this “Ammosexual” issue; something I don’t understand.

      I was selling ammunition years before reaching puberty; is that what made me an “Ammosexual”?

      Or, did it happen during puberty when I got my first .22?

      I hava a low tolerance for not understanding the terms being used to characterize me.

      Someone once called me an SOB; I was very upset when I learned he was casting dispersions on my mother’s virtue.

  13. Wow!
    Glad to know the Jackass is DOA and the husband of Mrs. Lynne Russell is recovering.
    These are the news that need to be highlighted.
    Here in Europe everybody thinks the US are a crazy place full of morons shooting people just because they can carry guns.
    Wish they could all open up their minds and stop inhaling propaganda from the third nostril (the one for inhaling the BS-propaganda of the classical left-wing liberals raised in Soviet-kind pacifism) the commies installed in them.
    But that’ll never happen.
    Any green cards left there?

    • Here in Europe everybody thinks the US are a crazy place full of morons shooting people just because they can carry guns.

      Which doesn’t seem to keep foreigners out of this crazy place, does it?

      • Not really.
        When it comes to traveling, curiously enough, many forget about all the BS they spell and spill around.
        They start again after getting back home and talking to some pals.

    • No GC is required anymore.

      Fly to Mexico; take a bus to the boarder. Put on your waders. Cross the Rio Grande. Find a Boarder Patrol Officer and give him the customary Mexican abraso.

      He will take you to a nice place; get you fed, a place to sleep for a few days, give you some papers and send you on your way. Via con Dios!

      • “No GC is required anymore. ”

        Here’s an idea…

        TTAG has lots of lawyers.

        Perhaps some could consider some pro-bono work to help offshore POTG get to the land of the free.

    • A first step could be looking to get a work visa ( or I don’t know what your background is, but if one of these sounds like it could be you, then maybe you could find an employer to sponsor you. That gets you over here and working. Then the next step would be starting the conversation about becoming a permanent resident (or upgrading from nonimmigrant status to immigrant status). Then if you’re really sold, citizenship.

      I know from personal experience that dealing with immigration is a nightmare. But if living in the US appeals to you, then look into it, maybe it’ll work out.

      • Well guys, thank you very much for the encouraging words.
        It was kind of a joke.
        I’m Italian, proud to be one and with a loving family and a great job.
        They’re trying to get me tired of staying here, but it’s a hard task.
        As a Mountain Trooper, one thing characterizes me: resilience!
        I’m not a quitter, and I’ll fight with all means to keep my Homeland a place where it is nice and safe to live.
        I like to come to the US every now and then, but then…..home is home.
        Next year, I’ll take the whole family with me for once: no work, just holidays, and I really look forward to a great time all together in such an amazing country.
        And maybe…..if the timing will be ok, a couple of NFL games and, if it is allowed, a visit to some crazy range where I could, again after 20 years, try shoot a few round with MaDeuce!
        Would be the cream on the cake (free translation from Italian).

  14. Back when CNN was the shit, when it was the only cable news program, I was a young single man. I watched Lynne Russell every day just to see her lips move. And she has the best sweater meat since Loni Anderson from WKRP and Markie Post from Night Court. You quinquagenarians know what I am talking about! Am I being sexist? I can’t help it if these women are arousing. It’s nice to see Russell has a great mind to go with the package.

    • Agree. That was simply awesome. Lynn Russell harkens back to the days when CNN was actually watchable. And wow, she is still looking great. Phew.

  15. She and her husband have been ridiculed by left saying they should have just gave the attacker whatever they wanted and not risked their lives. Stupid anti’s. Like duh, she and her husband would have I’m sure, but the circumstances indicated they were in the corner, it was kill of be killed and they knew it. Anti’s will argue against, until it’s their life.

  16. I can’t believe such sense was allowed on public media, bravo.

    OK, yeah, I see the boobs, but at the risk of sounding weird, that sweater had me really, really pondering how bad the person in the CNN Wardrobe Department’s life is.


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