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“They had to settle for an insignificant victory that they tried to portray as something more than what it was. They didn’t get what they wanted.” – the NRA’s Andrew Arulanandam in Gun control supporters turn to new front [at]

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  1. We need to have a photo of a gun rally with an “EASY” button prominently displayed. That will tick off Shannon.

    • Better yet, a photo of a LARGE rally with each and every person holding an “EASY” button high in the air.

  2. Ah, a Staples parking lot. I’m glad that MDA was able to locate a meeting space large enough and empty enough to adequately convey just how little public support their group possesses.

    That was easy.

    • And it’s very interesting that they use this (pathetic) photo for the “” article and then never even include any reference to Staples in the article.

      As I recall, the only thing MDA managed to ban from Staples through this anemic effort was themselves from the Staples corporate headquarters.

  3. For some reason the phrase “there’s nothing sadder than an ageing hippie” comes to mind.

    It looks like they took the picture when the store was closed. If so, I wonder if it was so the manager wouldn’t ask them to leave…

    • That way the manager wouldn’t call the cops on them for trespassing. I wouldn’t exactly call that one a win.

    • When you are young you are supposed to want to change things. If you are still like that past 30, it means you failed…

    • Given what appears to be the average age of the photographed membership, I suspect they’re happy with _any_ movement they have. I didn’t think Staples sold prunes, soluble and insoluble fiber.

      I’m aging just looking at this post. Good grief, the wrinkles…

  4. Anybody else wonder what’s up with that dark spot on the building right above the handicap sign?

    Also, did they have four people? Or a tripod?

    This was in my home state, and I put them on BLAST on Facebook. It was so much fun.

  5. While I disagree with the intent of the women in the picture, and I find the MDA group to be hypocritical, alarmist and factually incorrect, I don’t believe it is fair nor is it right to use this picture with the title “Quote of the Day: Lipstick on a Pig Edition”. That can be taken as a direct insult on the particular women in the picture. We need to be better than our enemies, show that pro-freedom and pro-2A people are not willing to sink to the level that the control groups do; no need for personal attacks, insinuation or insults. Destroy the message, not the messenger.

    • “Lipstick on a pig” means “an attempt to make something more attractive, made useless by the method used or ugliness to overcome”. In this case MDA failed to score points, and failed badly. So they issue a “press release” claiming victory, and now they’re following up with a rather anemic looking crowd for a photo op. The phrase fits and has nothing to do with the looks of the members of MDA. Bless their hearts.

    • Oh come on…..he’s referring to their “movement”….not the poor, pathetic, misinformed ladies that Watts & Co. propped up for the photo op. Besides……even if he was specifically referring to them in an insulting way, I’m thinking that’s the nicest thing that would ever be said to any of these bitches when they show up for a “rally”. I would have some choice words for them myself.

      • I fully understand the meaning of the phrase “lipstick on a pig”. It is perfectly applicable to MDA. However, this is the internet, and as such most people only latch onto a headling and a picture instead of delving into the real article. Anyone who has seen how Twitter influences the media should easily see that. In addition, many comments on news articles are vile and full of insults; case in point, your calling the women “bitches” while in no way is as bad as the comments get, especially those directed at gun supporters, it is still an unnecessary ad hominen attack on the messenger and does nothing to discredit the message.

        We all know that Shannon Watts does not attack the message, she is a sensationalist who lies and manipulates, using histrionic headlines and sound bites to advance her agenda. As do many others of her ilk. We also all believe that our rights, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are being eroded. Yes, we must fight back, but we must not bring ourselves down to their level by cheap shots, personal attacks and name calling.

        • …from a strategic, logical…tactical perspective…Dev is 100% correct….the fact that this is an emotional issue is an element of the opposition’s playbook…and as much as possible…we should not play their game…and especially if you cannot control your emotions, words and message…(not that I’ve been perfect at this either)…but…if we can maintain our “moral position”…without giving the other side ammunition (ha!)…it would be to our tactical advantage…eh?

          RJ O’Guillory
          Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      • I have been guilty of attacking people personally in internet discussions in the past, and I am attempting to stop that when it comes to the really important discussions like our rights.

        • So now you’re the “Internet Police?” Tolerance? Naah… So would you prefer “Polishing a Turd” instead?

      • No, but even if one was that doesn’t mean I have to insult someone because I find their beliefs to be ignorant, ill-informed and/or different from mine.

      • Oh shit! One of them is MY mom! I didn’t even notice. Going to have to talk to security at the home I put her in. 😉

      • We get what your saying Dev. Just let us have our fun and keep in mind that everyone of these scumbags would burn us at the stake if given the chance.

    • In any pitched battle, which is what this contest between pro-natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights supporters and the civilian disarmament groups is, the side that is unwilling to match the opponents tactics item by item operates at a distinct disadvantage and is extremely likely to be forever toppled from their moral high ground.

      They constantly attack us with innuendo, false statistics and outright lies, not to mention personal attacks on the size of our sexual organs and moral character. They OWN the low ground, because they know they cannot win be honest debate. We will still OWN the high ground, even if we have to roll in the mud with the lipsticked pigs from time to time.

    • This little “preoccupation” has long slipped into “morbid fascination”.

      And the sad thing is, we can get lulled into a false sense of security with our silly mom jokes – the left it generally much better at culture wars than their opposition. This point should never be lost on anyone.

    • I was kinda hoping Shannon would label it stalking so I have something to sue her over. . . .

  6. From the reference article at The Hill:

    “Congress locked the door, so moms are going through the window,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action

    I find it ironic and appropriate that Shannon is using a burglary analogy to describe her attempts to steal our second amendment rights. I really don’t believe that they care if their actions to accomplish their goals are illegal or immoral so burglary just pops in her head to describe their actions.

    • Now that is “spot on”. Interesting observation. Goes to mindset and motive although……I’m not sure all of the MDA membership are going to fit though the windows (that was for you Dev & PTM – LOL).

  7. We’re ALREADY BETTER than that. These white women need a better HOBBY. BTW what happened to the REPLY BUTTON? Thought it was my crappy phone.

    • Don’t think it’s a hobby. They are busybodies that have nothing else to do to get “validation” and purpose. They’re bored, comiserating, and are seeking to “feel useful” by sticking their noses into other people’s business. They do not have enough hardship in their lives so they have to create it by projecting their fears onto other people.

      • And where they used to be confined to their small town or subdivision – they have now discovered the Internet. Now they can raise money, gain inches in the Internet press, and become NATIONAL FIGURES.

        • And get cheap Canadian pharmaceuticals to combat their self-diagnosed depression. The boxed wine they buy by the shopping cart full is the chaser.

  8. Sad for any organization to barely get enough people to hold up the sign. You would think that these folks would look aropund and start to understand that the organization they are representing is the lunitic fringe. And that their time would be better spent on other causes, like I don’t know, maybe their local schools, churches, helping the homeless, job programs for the unemployed, volunteering at the local hospital, or nursing homes.

    • You make a good point, Joe.

      Thing is, most of those other things you mention involve getting outside the comfort zone of a lot of people, especially those who have never had to live through similar circumstances. Or who just don’t want to deal with the realities of poverty, old age, poor health or a combination of all of them.

      If I were cynical, I’d note that being a member of MDA mostly involves meeting other members for coffee (sorry, organizational meetings), strolls through nice neighborhoods (sorry, door-to-door campaigning) and zero-stress events like the above photo.

      I think that’s why some of them get seriously bent out of shape when a counter-rally takes place – all of a sudden they’re faced with a reality they try to deny and they do NOT like the feeling.

      I guess I see MDA as an enabler for people who want to believe they’re making a difference without having to really do much outside of feel self-righteous.

      If I were cynical.

      Oh, wait…

      • Or who just don’t want to deal with the realities of poverty, old age, poor health or a combination of all of them.

        I think you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been cynical for decades, and I suspect that their non-involvement with those causes may have something to do with their methods as well as their attitude. Like legitimate movements uninvited them to the party in the past.

  9. These 3 are SO funny, they march around from site to site, from business to business posing together and taking turns holding up the ridiculous sign, they accomplish absolutely nothing but having a photo journal of their not so spectacular, non-productive exploits…Even IF these 3 were to have a minor victory, it would pale in comparison to the major defeats MDA and MAIG have suffered…

  10. The EASY button rally is amusing, BUT let’s not drag non-threatening corporations into a public 2A fight they don’t necessarily want ala Starbucks.

  11. Dev: the use of double entendre raises the level of TTAG beyond the level of most blogs and reflects a sophistication not usually associated with “gun nuts”. Clever and witty headlines help destroy the myth that we only have a second grade education. Also, I enjoyed it. “Lipstick on a Pig” was descriptive of the event and the participants and possibly the entire MAD “movement. Well written, sir. Encore!!

    • You know, I came to this post specifally to say that I thought it was rude to juxtapose that photo with that headline–but I was gonna say it with a smile… 😉

  12. Mina: (looking at photo)
    Mina: (reading title of post)
    Mina says: “No pun intended, I am sure!” 😀

  13. Their victory here is that Staples has decided to close half of their stores. Where will we buy our staple guns now?

    • MDA will no doubt trumpet this as a win for their side – “Half of Staples corporate stores no longer open to pro-gun bullies!”

  14. “Congress locked the door, so moms are going through the window,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.”

    This kind of behavior is exactly the reason I keep a mag full while I sleep!

  15. Lipstick on a pig? I don’t see any of those women wearing lipstick. And think it highly unlikely that they get any action unless they use a shotgun to get it.

  16. Hey Mom, my stepson just ran a staple through his finger while stapling his papers together for college. Perhaps we should have a 3-day waiting period, training classes, better guards or perhaps “safe staples” That stapler was purchased from staples I’m going to return the thing as being unsafe and a hazard, present then the bill for the band-aids, cleaner and time. I will never shop again at a store which supplied such dangerous item for use by irresponsible college students.
    FYI the staple injury is true, I am however going to check with Staples and find out if they support this this organization I will boycott them.

  17. Actually, my stepson is pretty cool and a great student. He came from MA and was totally against guns when he moved to NM. I never pushed the issue but since I often target shoot he finally decided he would like to see why we went out shooting. Net result is a total convert, he has now gone through the hunter safety course purchased his own .22 rifle and a nice shotgun (waiting until he turns 21 so he can purchase a pistol). Even his mom comes along now and is actually learning to shoot (not bad for a tree hugging, Obama supporting Liberal) slowly becoming convinced we are not all crazy and violent. The problem is you have to have firearms in the first place and people not so close-minded that they cannot see a different perspective. I waiting for MA to re-join the British Empire as that would suit them well.

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