“Two years ago, explaining (Chicago’s gun buy-backs), then-Mayor Richard M. Daley said, ‘We have just too many guns in our society. When someone has access to a gun, they use it.’ The gun buyback is a way ‘we can reduce the number of guns on our streets,’ says Mayor Rahm Emanuel. But don’t put too much stock in those pronouncements. The number of privately owned guns in America keeps rising, and at last count it totaled 270 million, or about one for every adult. But nationally, the homicide rate has fallen by half over the past two decades. Contrary to Daley, most people who own guns never use them for anything but legal purposes (hunting, target shooting, self-defense). Contrary to Emanuel, the weapons this sort of venture yields are probably not the ones carried in the streets or the ones used in crimes. The reduction also represents a minuscule share of the firearms in the city, which may number over a million.” – Steve Chapman


  1. Hey, it is the only successful “jobs program” the Democrats have come up with. If they wanted to tweak it a little to make it an American jobs program; make it “Buy the Union guns” program and only buy back American union made guns.

  2. Politicians, Democrat and Republican, can’t do math. If they could then we of course would not have a long-term federal or national debt obligation estimated to be between $90-130+ Trillion. That number does not include state government, local city debts, and the currently owed federal deficit.

  3. Well see we are taking guns off the street! must must be dong something right! Ok end sarcasm.
    It looks good for a campaign for some one who hasn’t actually looked at the math behind it.


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