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“Hillary has made it perfectly clear to the millions of gun owners in the United States: she doesn’t like us, she doesn’t trust us and she wants us to go away.” – Grover Norquist in Hillary on New 25% National Gun Tax: “I’m All For That” [at]


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  1. Well Mrs Clinton, I really can’t freaking stand you either or your lying husband. I guess when all things come down to it If you cheat on your spouse that still considered Cheating, And for him to lie about it Is something a middle-aged man That doesn’t have children And not much Respect for his relationship and or marriage X. Your husband acted like he was a 12 year old when he’s in the most powerful position in the world that doesn’t wash for me Your book to dirt balls. And I know you don’t like law abiding gun owners or the 2nd amendment So why don’t you just move out of this country if you don’t like the Constitution so much huh? Go get screwed You nasty old ring s***** looking bag! Please vote November please vote in November If she gets elected I’ve already got my passport I’m moving to Argentina. I’ll be back When she crumbles like a soda cracker.

      • I don’t trust anyone with my rights. That’s why they’re rights. The government was brought in to protect our rights and have done nothing but eroded them.

  2. Some of that got garbled I apologize, I think you get the gist of it though Can’t stand the Clintons Its dirt and dirtier that’s what I call them!

    • Federal prison sounds really good to me for the both of them Maybe they can get adjoining cells. But seriously she does need to go to federal prison for all the lies and back door type illegal activity that she participates in along with all her cronies! You know I’m wondering if Bill learned it from her or if she learned it from him I’m almost willing to bet he learned it from her from the way she’s been acting. That’s the thing Most politicians That opposed the Constitution are criminals And if they were to take the oath of office such as our current Tyrant, there should be something we the people can do the federally prosecute these people For breaking their oath of office and federal law time and time again!

    • One could only hope but I have seen this movie before and unless he MSM decides they want someone else and can find a viable alternative she will skate through this like she always has.

      What a choice for 2016. A private sector B-list billionaire con artist and a walking one woman criminal conspiracy.

      • Yup. She will probably skate right through this. And if she is the domocrat party’s top pick, it will just show you the mind set of the party.
        And woe to us freedom lovers if she is elected.

        • If she was elected there would be a revolution people are so sick and tired of the government telling them how to live how to feed their children what clothing they should wear where they should work How they should have their hair cut It’s getting to be politically correct World of wonders here in the United States. I doubt very seriously that she will be elected It will probably be a close race But I hate to say it but even President Obama can’t stand or he’s picking Biden over Clinton And that tells you how much he thinks of old Clinton cuz Biden’s a moron as well I think he has a secret service helping tie shoelaces in the morning so he doesn’t put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot lol.

        • What do you mean, IF? I think it’s all but certain. Sure Sanders is gaining in the polls but that won’t last once Clinton’s superPACs start churning out attack ads against him. Once that gets going, Sanders is doomed.

          The 2016 election will be Jeb Bush vs HIllary Clinton, and Bush is going to lose because of all the baggage he carries with the name

        • The Republican polity isn’t any better. Two months ago Ted Cruz was the man but now he is just another RINO and the affection of the base has gone over to Il Donald. We will have a chouce between two actual Democrats.

      • I can see Hillary get it done by why this fixation with Jeb Bush? He is going nowhere. Nobody likes him. When he goes nowhere in Iowa and New Hampshire his donors will walk away. His only chance is if Trump flops after killing off Cruz, Walker, Rubio, et al. but Carly Fiorina is still on her feet she will beat Jeb like a drum.

        • Carly Fiorina is one sharp lady. From what I’ve seen so far (which admittedly isn’t a whole lot), I think she might be the best candidate in the race. Top five, at least. I’m rooting for her.

        • Don’t forget about Carson; he’s the new wild-card, even though he’s as far from being wild, as Trump is from being humble.

    • “At this point, Hillary stands a better chance of being in a federal prison than she does of taking the Oath of Office for POTUS.”

      The way that’s been playing out makes me wonder if we’re seeing a game of ‘chicken’ between Obama and Clinton.

      She’s not stupid and I’m beginning to suspect she may have some real dirt on Obama.

      Obama hand is real strong, considering the early leaks of classified material discovered.

      The real kicker is that scrubbed server. As I understand it, just the fact there was an attempt to wipe that data allows the prosecution to assume that data is just as damaging as they suspect it is.

      Destruction of evidence itself is a serious felony in it’s own right.

      Why the hell is she not being charged with impeding a Federal investigation?

      The erased drive is the proof right there!

      I really wonder if this is a blackmail duel between Obama and Clinton…

    • Yeah, this is old news…very old. I think the conservative news sites just dredged it up as a hit piece. They’re making it sound like she said it yesterday, when it’s something she said 20 YEARS AGO.

      I’m sure she hasn’t changed her mind in the meantime, but I’d appreciate a bit more honesty in the reporting.

  3. Here’s what I’m for:

    – ending Secret Service details for ex-presidents and wives.
    – requiring elected and appointed officials to adhere to the the same benefit and pension plans as any normal Fed employee.
    – requiring 100% total reimbursement for any campaign related travel while in office.
    – 75% tax on money “donated” by foriegn entities to tax exempt corporations that do political advocacy… Like CGI for instance.
    – reducing the size of DC to encompass the Mall, Supreme Court, Capitol and White House. There should be no “residents” of DC.

    • Here here brother Those are some very good choices And the funny thing is I do believe that’s how it was supposed to be laid out from the get go.You forgot to disband the ATF e and make them a state or an agency under the governor of that here steak. Bust their balls back a little bit shorten their leash!

  4. Just a FYI, there is already a 11% tax on Firearms and Ammo (Why do you think it is cheaper to build a AR than buy one) Kind of like your Social Security and medicare tax is 30.6 %, not the 15.3 you see on your paycheck.

  5. From the source article:

    On Aug. 26, Clinton said she would push to “balance the legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures and control measures.”

    Apparently, the tens of millions of people who own modern sporting rifles or handguns with magazines that exceed 10 rounds are not legitimate. Did you know you’re not exercising a legitimate 2nd Amendment right?

    • Yeah just like Bill Clinton’s assault weapons ban if you look at the statistics from that you notice it failed miserably And all I can say about your previous comment is hahahaha that is very funny.Yeah I agree with you 110% The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed and I don’t think there was a clause in there if I remember remember correctlyAbout a legitimate second Amendment right I love how she just adds crap in as she goes along makes it up as she goes along What a horrible person to be selected to hold the most powerful office in the world. It would be a total travesty of justice if this woman gets elected And brings Bill Clinton back to be the first lady

  6. How about calling it what it is?

    A call for an increase in the tax on guns is a call to abolish the Constitution, not all at once, if they tried that you’d cave their heads in while they slept.

    NOT JUST A HILLARY (D) PROBLEM – there’s millions of POS a-holes out there that voted/will vote again for this cr_p, and they are your neighbors.

  7. I can’t get too excited about this, honestly.

    Consider the context. She’s a democrat. She’s never met a tax she didn’t want to embrace like … well, let’s just say she never met a tax she didn’t like.

    This one happens to be on guns. Insert car, swimming pool, computer, DSL service or just about anything else and she’d still likely be for it. And for carve-outs for her base, of course, that goes without saying.

    But I’m still not going to vote for her.

  8. I hope there’s a special place in hell reserved for the most power hungry, leadership lacking woman on the planet.

    Keep in mind this woman wants to sit 30 feet away from where another woman swallowed her mans goo. Nothing good can come from that.

    • If Monica had the respect for the office of POTUS that she should have, she would have swallowed, but it is because she was a spitter that we ever found out it was not all a vast, right-wing conspiracy. And lord knows how many times little Billy got off in the oval office, I bet she would be working at a desk the he “worked” at, too.

  9. she doesn’t like us, she doesn’t trust us and she wants us to go away.

    Relax, fellas. I’m sure she’s lying about that.

  10. Save your shekels folks, If Hillbilly-ary get elected, the day after the election will be the biggest gun sales day, the world has ever seen!

  11. “Blah blah blah…..[it depends on what the meaning of “infringed” is]……..blah blah blah”, said Hillary.

    Got it. No thanks.

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