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“Tommy, I guarantee you, we’ll get it done by the end of January.” – Vice President Joe Biden as quoted by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Menino: Veep promised him fast action on gun control [via]

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  1. Politicians. Bridging the vast chasm of doing something constructive vs. looking like they are doing something constructive. If only I didn’t have a finely tuned BS detector, I’d be able to see it, too.

  2. We are going to lose in the end. Where are the billboards putting faces to DGU people? The 60 year old grandma who fended off a burglar, the old guy in the Internet cafe? Where are the billboards with stats showing how many rapes are prevented with guns and the faces of those women? The NRA shouldn’t be playing defense in the court of public opinion but should be putting these signs up everywhere now! Show the faces of gun control victims in England who have been beaten or robbed and put the tagline this could be your son or daughter. Since the gun people aren’t going to be in Biden’s circle of mast… Um, self congratulation… Then we need to go ply our case in the court of public opinion, before Obama gets there. Start putting faces to the numbers of lives saved by guns!

    • I agree with Joe. We need to go on the offense and start more aggressively telling the good side of guns (the defensive stories). Unfortunately, we have the mass media against us – so we need to make these points in person with friends, family, and strangers and when posting on the internet. People need to hear the stories of the mother defending her child, the rape that was prevented, the child molester that was shot dead, etc. Better to use DGU examples that involve women and children, as it more pointedly drives home the fact that guns are a force equalizer.

    • I dont think we need to appeal to any emotional side…because like we always say, we dont make legislation based on feelings or emotion…Knee Jerk Legislation does not work!!!! People respond to facts…and facts are shown throught the Math. Show people what DiFi is talking about and what mathematical difference her ideas make. Thats where you beat them and thats where we need to maintain our steadfastness.

      • No, intelligent people respond to facts. The moronic masses respond to emotion. We can make legislation based on facts and use emotion to get those too stupid to understand facts to support it.

      • How about we show the stat that 1.5 times as many homicides were caused without guns as with guns. Or that automobile accidents caused 5 times as many deaths. Baseball bats were the single leading cause of violent death in the U.S. in 2011 but no one is regulating those. Also, Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the U.S. but it has the highest murder and gang violence rates of any city.

  3. “Tommy, i guarantee you, we’ll worry about populist agenda stuff like gun control and immigration reform in January, and then we’ll wait until late February when we run out of money to discuss the more important debt ceiling, so we can pass thru emergency legislation at the 11th hour.”

  4. A little off topic, but didn’t they raise the debt ceiling so they could spend more money to “get us back on track”?

    • No, the debt ceiling is at 16.4T. We reached that late Dec. after Christmas. The Treasury is legally barred from borrowing any more money until they raise the limit. Geithner is ‘borrowing’ money from the Postal Workers Pension fund to keep us going for awhile. Also, with the current and new tax revenue from the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations, and the two month extension of automatic cuts until Feb 28. (sequester cuts cutting military spending, etc, decided in Aug 2012 when the debt ceiling was raised on an emergency basis for six months) the govt should have enough cash to operate until late February.

    • That state invented gerrymandering — the process where the political party picks the voters vs the voters picking the politicians. They have made it such that Demcrates have districts where it is impossible to unseat and such that the other party has no voice. If you vote is for the other party, it does not matter. If you support the other party, you do not exist except to pay taxes that they can waste away in failed social programs.

      Massachusettes like California thinks they are big enough that they can tell the rest of the USA what to do. Its not suppose to be this way, but it is.

      Boston wants to make believe that their gun laws are better than the USA and there is no crime. They want to be held as the national example of gun control.

      Other than that, Boston is just some city.

  5. The only comfort in any of this is that an incompetent, drooling moron like Biden is involved.

    Just extend the rest of those fingers and put a swastika in the middle of the O and that about sums up the administration.

    • Thats what makes me hopefull Silver, the guy is an idiot and a hothead. I can only hope that his puppeteer(s) isnt/arent much better. DiFi scares me more than Biden, she actually has experience at this game.

        • That is scary, Biden or Hillary? Im going to have nightmares. Wow Maybe in ’16 America will wake up and realize that there is more than two parties in an election. Thats wishful thinking. Maybe we will finally get a strong GOP candidate that can keep the personal opinions of his religious fanatics at bay. No offense to anyone of faith, I know the fanatics dont speak for you all.

        • Like her or not, Hillary is no fool and has decades of experience at the highest levels, unlike a certain Ill. senator. I might disagree with her politically, but I have no doubt she could do the job.

        • Yea Hillary cant keep on in politics for much longer. Either her health or Benghazi will bite her hard. Its convinient that she had that anyerism and a speedy recovery when she was supposed to address Benghazi

    • Silver, you’re wildly underestimating Biden. Yes, he’s a horse’s @ss, but he’s also a cunning politician. He’s the worst guy to have in charge of gun legislation — but not for the wingnuts. For us.

  6. Careful, people. “That moron” Joe Biden is credited with pushing the Clinton crime bill (and therefore AWB) through Congress.

    • It barley made it thew a ll Democratic congress it was same team bulling each other. Now the GOP has a House majority and still a large number in the Senate it can be stopped. Keep up the pressure.

  7. The ban is not about criminals with guns, it is about making criminals out of anyone that owns a gun. It’s a slam dunk for LEOs: “….. you got a gun? You are under arrest, you got bullets too?, now you in heap of trouble”.

  8. Hey Joe, (do you mind if I call you Joe, Mr. VP?) Before you go inflicting your will on us, lead by example. First pass a law banning guns for you, your family, your security detail, and any politician in your party including the POTUS and his family. Show us not only how well that works for you but also show us the overwhelming support you have within your party for what you propose for the rest of us “little people”. If you can get that passed, try it out for a year before wreaking havoc on our rights. I’ll bet there’ll be a bunch of republicans that will vote for that testing ground legislation, talk about bi-partisan!
    Warm regards,

  9. Why the hell isn’t OUR SIDE going on the offensive?!?!?!!?!

    Seriously! Where are our pro-gun bills? Where’s a bill for reciprocity? Where’s a bill for the abolishment of GFSZs? Where’s a bill to abolish the Hughes amendment? Why aren’t the states overflowing with bills to make even more states Constitutional Carry?

    The so-called “pro-gun” (they’re just a little less anti-gun than the other side IMO.) politicians better get their acts together! Show us that they’re on our side, or down the road, things are going to go downhill fast!

    I HATE being on the defensive!!

  10. Why the Katrina mentality now? I think everybody knows that was so minority rioters/looters wouldn’t be shot. We all know that the bans & confiscations are not going to save childrens lives & so do the grabbers, they are not that stupid. I may be all wet here(not the first time). I believe we have a real good chance of riots in the future(the prepers etc are gearing up for it). Why? I give GZ a 75 percent chance of going free. There will be riots coming to a large city near you if that happens, & where are they pushing to ban AR’s? You guess it. Where the riots will be. Its a mistake to think that the Katrina mentality is dead. “if only one life is saved” sure as sh.t doesn’t mean you, lol, Randy

  11. Slow Joe isnt the most competent politician and pushing it may just push off enough Dems even to kill this in its infancy. Any wall the GOP House will unlikely pass a AWB. Overall keep the pressure up and call your Reps and Senators and say NO!! It has worked before!

  12. I am sure that Biden’s powers of persuasion will work on the House.

    My guess is that there will be bill (that will die in the House) but the commission will focus on legal authorities for some kind of Executive Order. That order will not include a redefinition of NFA to cover semiautomatics, since the weapons characteristics in the NFA are clearly defined in the statute. I expect to see some kind of long gun registry covering semiautomatic weapons and some other measures that don’t require congressional action. No bill will make through the House and my guess there will be bigger fish to fry in the 2014 midterms. The kind of voters who will vote on pro gun control alone are not going bevoting Republican anyway.

    • Being way to negative. Many GOP Reps already said not to a AWB. Most experts say ti wont pass. keep up the pressure but dont be so dooms day. Pessimism never get you anywhere!


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