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“I don’t get the violence revenge thing (in Taylor Swift’s video). That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.” – Miley Cyrus in Miley Cyrus Is Just Trying to Save the World [at]

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  1. Titties were doing damage long before guns were invented. Although they were usually a bit larger than Miley’s.

  2. Titties and guns? (Singing) “These are a few of my favorite things”.
    (Apologies to Julie Andrews)

  3. The only problem I have with that statement is her equating guns to violence. I’m certainly perplexed by the hysteria that insists we must, at all costs, prevent small children from being exposed to breasts. It’s positively perverse.

    However, there are in fact times that titties are worse than guns. When I have to put down an ailing sheep, using a breast instead of a gun would be just downright inhumane, to say nothing of impractical.

  4. Context Miley. Your titties are fine to me and I like the open and shameless sexuality. However guns are fine too, especially since your tits ain’t gonna stop a guy breaking in my house… Well maybe.

      • “If it flys, floats, or f*cks… it will be trouble.”

        Make that “If it flys, floats, or f*cks… it’s cheaper to rent.”


  5. It not the titties that are going to Miley in trouble, it’s the empty space between her ears.

  6. The comparison is idiotic to start with. But then she is from Hollywierd so what can you expect ? Is her opinion supposed to be important or insightful ? Like to watch a movie once in a while. Usually on my own TV after they have left the theaters. Have never watched one of hers yet. She is attractive for a young girl but that does not mean she has any brains or the ability to say anything important. More likely she is just going for free publicity.

  7. I definitely like tits better than guns, but they have very different uses and neither is a good substitute for the other.

  8. Dear TTAG,

    Please, desperately please do not pollute your very interesting gun-news site with any more of Miley Cyrus.

  9. My daughter tried getting me to watch the Taylor Swift video referenced in the article, saying “Watch this with me, you’ll love it. It’s got ‘gun violence’ in it.” That’s where I stopped her dead in her tracks and we had a discussion about the term “gun violence”. I explained it was a made up term used by hoplophobes and people who are afraid of their own shadow. There’s no such thing as “gun violence” in my opinion. There’s just violence.
    …And we never watched the video. I’d rather listen to cats mate than listen to either one of those bobble heads.

  10. I sometimes wonder when this “which is worse sex or violence” nonsense began. Clearly a product of some early churchies who had no qualms about burning women alive for showing too much ankle.
    It is absurd that either Cyrus’ twerking or Swifts guns should incite any reaction at all other than one of being entertained.

    I have strong objections to the way society tries to shelter sex and guns from kids. Especially the hypocrisy too often seen where one ideologue will gladly teach children in unecessarilly graphic detail sexual subjects but wholeheartedly oppose the letter L for being gun-shaped and the good-ol boy Fudd who would have their 8 year old out hunting but keep that same kid using terms like “wee wee” and “hoo hoo” into his twenties.

    Teach kids the same way for both. These two things are awesome yes but if you’re irresponsible with them you could ruin your life.
    Parents be honest with your kids. Don’t stop with “gunz r bad” or “sex iz bad”. Tell them the truth. I bet if parents stop treating their kids like retarded porcelain dolls too stupid and fragile to withstand reality many of societies issues would vanish.

    • I think you’re confusing ‘churchies’ with imams. The churchies only burned women alive for witchcraft.

    • One of my favorite things about social conservatives is how they *know* that gun bans don’t work, criminals will still get guns, yet *somehow* they believe that abstinence-only sex ed will work…

      • Not to diverge into a discussion about the merits or effectiveness about abstinence sex eduction, but I really don’t equate both as equal. We all know that gun control laws largely puts the burden on law abiding citizens, not the criminal. Sex abstinence doesn’t artificially place any added or different burden on sexually-active teens compared to sexually active ones. You might make the argument the intentions are similar, but my point is that government puts into place the means to enforce gun control laws, and not so with abstinence.

        • Oh another thing, a more equivalent firearm program to sexual abstinence program, would be a program in school where kids and teenagers are taught about firearms (and their uses) but are strongly urged not to use them until they are responsible to do so. Or telling young children the four basic safety tips and if they came across a firearm that is unattended and not theirs, they should leave it alone and inform an adult. On the surface, i wouldn’t be against that.

      • You know any females that got knocked up when they had their pants on?

        Interesting libtard trait that you project your lack of logic and self control on others. Perhaps you’re not sane and should surrender your firearms

        • I know of many females that got knocked up while still in their teens. For some mysterious reason, most of them live in red states, the same ones that love abstinence sex-ed so much.

          It’s almost as if telling teens that they shouldn’t fuck, doesn’t actually result in them not fucking! Hmm, I wonder, if that is perhaps because there is some strong innate, instinctive urge in humans to fuck, especially when they have just discovered their sexuality and are so eager to experiment?

  11. Miley’s fifties have seen a lifetime of use in such a short time. Porn stars usually take better care of the twins and themselves.

  12. I think it was Spider Robinson who once said (paraphrasing) “There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that find the sight of a naked breast more obscene than that of a naked blade.”

  13. Miley. She will soon do a lindsy Lohan. Followed by a reality show. Followed by a trip in the coroners van. These story lines are so predictable.

  14. +1 on Frank Zappa-3 things…I believe the miley may be a Swyer syndrome critter. Has this hillbilly thing “come out” against guns? It does have a point-I’d hate to be Taylor Swift’s ex boy…man “music” sucks nowadays…

    • The dark ages of music. Its part of the reason theres so much division in society. No great music to unite everyone. Those with taste keep waiting and waiting for that light at the end of the musical tunnel.

  15. Oh, great… more sociopolitical commentary from a celebrity twit who is oblivious to the fact that she isn’t famous for her brilliant opinions.

  16. They claw for increased popularity. The young women today are sexually exploited like never before, and they are at the forefront. If they could screw on stage while singing they would. And they will. We are seeing strippers on stage. Soon it will be outright pornography. What few youngsters are wise to is donkeys do it too.

    • Both titties and firearms can be tools for good or for bad, it just depends on who’s hands they’re in.

  17. Replace ‘guns’ with ‘gratuitous violence’ in Miley’s statement and I can’t say I disagree. I took Swift’s video to be a bit of an homage to either Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill and more of a fantasy thing. Riannah’s video was a bit more realistic and edgy. not my taste.

  18. “I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns”

    Not that a sub literate monkey like yourself will ever figure this one out even if told, but titties are worse than guns because implicit in you running around with your titties out, is support for a omnipotent government there to “protect” you in doing so. While running around with guns presupposes the opposite; namely that you’re perfectly capable of protecting yourself. So, titties begs for big, totalitarian government. Guns for small or none. And bigger government is always worse than smaller government. QED.

  19. “So, titties begs for big, totalitarian government. ”

    Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

  20. Max: What do you believe in Wade? I’m guessing; shotguns and big titties.
    Wade: I also enjoy air shows and beer.

  21. Not that I’m a fan of either’s music, but the distinction is that Swift sings about inappropriate things, whereas Cyrus just plain lives her life inappropriately. No one’s saying The Police are monsters for writing a song about student-teacher relationships, but it’d be pretty nasty if they tried to pick up teen girls themselves.

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