Quote of the Day: In Loco Parentis Edition

“Owning a gun in a college environment hasnt turned me into a drunk school shooter, I havent settled any disputes with .40 cal hollow points, and I certainly havent posed any threat to any LEOs trying to do their jobs.I hope NH can get this cluster sorted out. It would be a disservice to college students everywhere to do otherwise.”  – commenter BT here.


  1. avatar jkp says:

    I agree with BT’s sentiment.

    That said, it’s disappointing that BT has apparently not learned how to correctly use punctuation in whatever college he’s currently attending.

    1. avatar okto says:

      Where’s the punctuation error?

      1. avatar RKflorida says:

        Apostrophes missing?

      2. avatar karlb says:

        Drunken, not drunk (word choice, not punctuation).
        Haven’t, not havent.
        It should be a semicolon after shooter, not a coma.
        One could question the choice of “college students everywhere” since the request was for NH to get its act together, for most college students do not go to school in NH.
        That said, the points are clearly stated. I might imagine the post was written on some portable device that makes the use of some punctuation more problematic.

        1. avatar Ropingdown says:

          Yep, there shouldn’t be a coma unless they’re in intensive care.

        2. avatar karlb says:

          I can use punctuation, but I am dyslexic!

    2. avatar Totenglocke says:

      Well, to be fair, he probably attended a public school before he enrolled in college.

    3. avatar BT says:

      D’oh! Point well taken.

      Karlb was right, that was typed from my phone during work. To further support my defense, I was working a 7 am shift, which turns my brain to jelly.

      1. avatar jkp says:

        Figured it might be something like that. Dan Z.: you should have edited it before posting; that’s why God created brackets!

  2. avatar Aaron says:

    In Loco Parentis – “Crazy Parents?”

    1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

      Latin for “in place of the parent.” It is a legal doctrine that applies to those who oversee children when the parents are not present. There are several court decisions describing the limits of the powers of a public school’s ability to act or make policy for the “safety” of children attending the school.

      At a college or university, where students have attained the age of majority and can also be old enough to be in possession of handguns of their own accord, things are going to get much more interesting WRT CCW.

  3. avatar pastubbs says:

    Considering what I remember from college. It included a lot of drinking, parting, recreational drug use, domestic fights. So I can kind of see the hesitance of letting student carry on campus. Not that I agreeing with it but I can see the logic be hide it. I was an off campus student meaning I just left my gun in the car, I felt no need to actually take it to a class. The only encounter I had with campus security was when 1. my car was broken into [luckly my gun wasn’t stolen] and 2. I got a parking ticket. But then again I didn’t take any night classes and I didn’t have to walk to a dorm in the dark, plus that was some time ago things may have changed.

    1. avatar Jeff says:

      Yep – makes sense to block a 22 year old ROCT from keeping a gun on campus while allowing the alcoholic 18 year old high school drop out maintain a cache that’s worthy of a spot on “Preppers.”

    2. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

      pastubbs, thanks for saying what all the others pretend to not know.

    3. avatar Chaz says:

      Avoiding “stupid people doing stupid things” can be problematic on a college campus. If it’s not party people then it’s an occasional mass murderer. Fortunately a trend is growing that delivers the education while bypassing the campus. Has the Higher-Ed Revolution Begun?

  4. avatar Don says:

    No one expects or would tolerate a 22 year old carpenter or electrician that acts like a child. This is indeed different for college students, and I don’t understand why. Kids shouldn’t go to college. Adults should go to college. If the school or their own parents would just stop in loco parentis-ing maybe they’d be forced to grow a little. Treat it like a job. Show up, do your work, and don’t let it affect your personal life and don’t let your personal life affect it. If that can’t be managed then you should pay the price for whatever trouble you get into, and enough of that in the cultural memory will maybe help it to change. College students need more rigorous coursework so they don’t have the TIME or ENERGY to be morons. College towns need paddy wagons and bigger drunk tanks, and maybe some technology for remote booking and citation issuing on the street. Or maybe more adult criminals to mug the stumbling and vulnerable prey between 2 and 4am. Not more parenting. Time for that is over.

  5. avatar Michael says:

    Well said.

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