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“You can’t have people walking around with guns.” – Former President Bill Clinton

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  1. “You can’t have people walking around with guns, and I’m leading this effort by eliminating my Secret Service detail.”

    • Clinton family are worthy, you and I are not. Let me break it down further;

      Your life ~ $1 million
      Hillary Clinton ~ 1 million peasants (1 trillion)

    • I remember very well the protest democrats put up when former President Nixon still had his secret service detail. The public pressure caused him to hire his own security and give up the government security detail. Democrats said it cost too much money. The democrats have always worked to disarm the people they do not like.
      They hated Nixon and they hate and fear the America citizen.

      • If I’m not mistaken, Obama extended Ex-PotUS Secret Service protection for life.

        That’s likely to be a might long time for this young soon-to-be ex prez.

    • He wants you disarmed for the next Civil War, or War with China (who will not care if Bill Clinton doesn’t think people should be ‘walking around with guns’).

      It is tough to oppress an armed populace.

      No thanks (D)s, your blue-eyed boy is on you, you are all personally responsible for that abomination, and his wife. Can’t believe you actually managed to give us something worse since, but your damage completely permeates.

  2. I’d like to see a nice picture of him surrounded by Secret Service agents with this story.

  3. Funny because I’ve been doing it everyday for the last 3 years and as of current, my body count is still zero. One less than the late Ted Kennedy. How bout that Bubba?

  4. Statist worldview on display.

    Of course you CAN have people walking around with guns. What an asinine statement. We he MEANT to say was “We can’t ALLOW” or perhaps “We don’t APPROVE.”

    As in…in his worldview, the very laws of physics and realm of ‘the possible’ is dictated by The State…by those elites that have deemed themselves not only rulers of other men, but rulers of what CAN and CANNOT occur.

    Language matters. That he chose to word his statement this way communicates far, far more than his thoughts on ‘gun control.’

    • And of course, when he says “people” he means us commoners, not the ubermensch of the ruling class and their chosen enforcers.

  5. I’m having trouble finding the references, but supposedly his advice to newer Democrats is to stay away from “the gun issue” because it will cost them votes.

    • Yeah that’s the latest, but his opinion can change with whichever way the intern blows.

      • Keep in mind. His wife now wants to sit in the Oval Office just yards away from where another woman gobbled her mans goo.

        • That’s right, she can’t even protect herself from her own husband, she didn’t protect us from him, she didn’t protect the people under her care in Benghazi, but she feels she’s up to hold all the reins? FU(D).

  6. Wasn’t Bill supposed to be one of those “pro-gun Democrats” we occasionally hear about hereabouts? Before he was elected POTUS, decided we really didn’t have a 2nd Amendment, just a “national consensus” on hunting guns, and got his pet AWB, that is…

    • Ask any democrat politician and they will tell you they respect the second amendment. They just respect their own interpretation of it.

  7. Well we can’t have men going around groping and molesting women, yet there you are, Slick.

  8. Are they really that stupid? Are the Democrats trying to hand over the 2016 election to the Republicans? I can’t imagine that the Blue party all of a sudden thinks that openly talking about gun control is a winning strategy. Remember how obtuse about the subject Obama was prior to his election in 2008, how he tried to appear cool on guns by allowing them in national parks, and how he avoided the subject like the plague (see his reaction to the Gabby Gifford’s shooting – very muted) until he won reelection in 2012. That was not an accident. They know gun control is not a winning option at the pools. I am very confused as to why they changed their tune. With her being out and proud against gun, I kind of hope Hillary wins the D primary. I guess we’ll find out in 2016.

    • The Clinton’s are very politically calculated. They check the polls and they check the wind before they speak. They see anti-gun agitprop as a plus. If all the OFWG voted “R”, the “D”s would still win — why? because demographics. The “D” believe they need the women vote and the minority vote and that is all. The “D” only need something like 35% of the OFWGs to win. The reason the “D” are pushing for amnesty so hard is they understand that the demographics are changing to their favor — that is the mostly socialist thinking centralized government crowd.

      Sorry to say, but world is changing. There are people who will vote for Hillary for the sole purpose of wanting to make history and nothing else as can be seen from the polls already.

      The idea that being anti-gun is a negative has passed. Their are plenty who willing to give up their gun rights. Worse, most people still do not get the fact that the next POTUS may have a chance to elect one if not two to the SCOTUS. We are f*ed not matter what anyone says.

      Get ready to see Bill back in the White House.

      • ” If all the OFWG voted “R”, the “D”s would still win — why? because demographics.”

        Like illegal aliens voting, people voting multiple times? Dead people voting?

        • Note to self: Don’t be buried in Chicago.

          When I’m dead, I want to rest in peace, not have to constantly get up to go to the polls.

      • I can only hope that you are wrong. I wouldn’t bet my life on it though. Given how out and proud they’ve become about gun control, they must have done the calculus and figure that it is not a losing position from their perspective (I suppose, how many truly ardent 2A supporters vote D. Probably not that many).

    • There are an awful lot of gun owners who vote (D) because of the nonsensical partisan fantasies they choose to believe in.
      Such as “most transparent administration ever” that prosecuted more whistleblowers than any administration ever.

      Republicans pull the same crap. Bush Jr. promised non-interventionism then proceeded to invade a third of the world.

      The voters are all stupid children and the politicians are all lying crooks.

      • “Bush Jr. promised non-interventionism then proceeded to invade a third of the world.”

        G HW Bush was asked by the World (UN) to get Saddam out of Kuwait, Then they asked us not to go destroy Iraq (so they could do their ‘BS’ “Oil for food”). We ended that one in ARMISTICE, under certain terms that were broken enough for even the sh_tbag UN to pass 13+ “resolutions” against Saddam, and IGNORANT A-HOLES WERE OFFENDED BECAUSE THEY NEEDED ADDITIONAL REASONS TO GO PROSECUTE THAT, when (jumping over the other do-nothing Clinton), GW Bush finally did.

        Blue/(D)/Liberal/rino = Permanent Damage (suspect strangubation).

      • You mean the undeclared war the democratic bill Clinton waged against Serbia? His war, when he did not ask for congressional approval as both president Bushes did. The war criminal bill Clinton who ordered thousands of people killed who did not attack America.
        And now United States soldiers are still there as an army of occupation almost 20 years latter.

        A Democrat will send someone else’s child to fight and die in a war they started and never send their own child.

  9. Ah, the Elmer Gantry of politicians. The White House is not big enough for the both of them, ultimate cage match between those two

  10. Interesting to hear him bring up Bosnia and Kosovo in the same breath as Baltimore, though reading between the lines I believe he’s speaking of all of us – a very telling view into what he really thinks about the American public. I guess 200+ years of an armed populous in this country don’t count for much.

  11. “You can’t have people walking around with guns, unless their statist, jack booted, drones” There I fixed it.

  12. The same people that voted for obama twice, will vote for hillary. Be afraid, be very afraid. (To be fair, the republicans threw both elections, and they will throw this one coming up.) Perhaps a merging of republican and socialist after 2016?

  13. If only he would have said “we can’t have radical islamists putting car bombs under the two towers”

  14. Slick Willy said that you can’t have people walking around with guns. That’s a quote. He didn’t say that he couldn’t have people walking around with guns. And so he does.

  15. I wouldn’t put it past Bill to undermine his wife’s campaign on the sly. I think he’s finished with his power trip and has moved on to enjoying himself. Having his wife in the oval office might crimp his style. Let’s not forget that Hillary managed to lose the nomination to Obama last time around.

  16. ” Let’s not forget that Hillary managed to lose the nomination to Obama last time around.”

    He was always going to be the nominee, she was an “also ran” for a reason. 😉

  17. “You just can’t have people walking around groping interns”.

    Well, that is unless you’re a moral-less, elitist pig with money and power. Then it’s “whatev’s”

  18. You mean to tell me this post has been up for hours and there’s no thread of jokes about negligent discharges?

  19. “What happened in Ferguson” – well, Bill, Let’s recap: A thug commits a strong-arm robbery (forcible felony) and then assaults (and batters) a cop (another felony). Fearing for his life, the officer shot and killed said thug. Not a big deal to anyone not personally involved, and this sort of thing happens weekly across the country. What happened next in Ferguson is more interesting, though. Professional left-wing agitators and the news media (I repeat myself) stirred the pot and blew this story up based on a known false narrative. Businesses, livelihoods, and other property is destroyed in the resulting rioting stirred up by the media and other professional agitators.

    So, if we’re going to issue permits for anything, let’s start with permits for press reporting, shall we, Bill? Responsible reporting of the news would not incite riots over a small-town, ordinary police shooting.

    “What happened in New York?” an obese small-time criminal resisted arrest and expired of cardiac arrest some time later. Bring on the agitators and media to incite a riot with a false narrative. More destruction of property and livelihoods that can be laid directly at the feet of the agitators and news media. If press permits save one life, if they save one business from being burned, who isn’t for common-sense licensing of reporters, broadcasters and publishers? It’s just common sense!

  20. Soon his “people” argument will be more valid, as we bring in more and more immigrants from places that don’t appreciate freedoms and hold life and liberty in high regard. Perhaps in these places where we are immigrating people from; they cannot be trusted to walk around with guns without attempting to use them to gain some economic advantage. In our beloved U.S.A. however we have proven that not only can the populace in general be trusted to carry guns in public, it is actually beneficial for us to do so.

  21. Quote of the Day: If You’ve Seen One Clinton, You’ve Seen Them All Edition

    Well… We are about to see another – so you guys get ready for a high pucker factor. No doubt she’ll be elected again for a second term.

  22. “You can’t have people walking around with guns.”
    Hmmm. Makes me want to walk around & buy more guns.

    You can’t have people walking around committing perjury.

  23. A lying, thieving scumbag telling us what people shouldn’t do. Priceless.

    Careful, Bill, gun control isn’t in favor right now amongst Americans. Watch your mouth if you want to be First Lady next year.

  24. Hmmm…I don’t think hildebeast is a lock. It’s already dissed barry after the repubs sides with him. And a LOT of people hate “her”…

  25. “You can’t have people walking around with guns.” – Former President Bill Clinton. ” But I can.”
    Guns for me, but not for thee.

  26. Now Bill, if you are going to go around and start talking about disarming the public,
    then we (the people) are going to have to start talking about forcefully disarming your bodyguards
    and the bodyguards of Hillary.

    That sounds fair to me.

  27. I think that we actually NEED people walking around with guns. How does my opinion stack up against that of a man unclear on the meaning of the word “is?”

  28. Constitution says I can Bubba and if that offends you, go back to the whorehouse with Jeffery Epstein and commit more statutory rape… allegedly.

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