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“We refuse to accept that politics stands in the way of our right to live in a safer nation. We will continue to press our representatives to do what’s in the best interest and safety of the American people. The Aurora families, and the families of those murdered every day by guns, deserve nothing less. We all know, we are better than this.” – Dan Gross

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  1. Those victims weren’t murdered by guns, they were murdered by society’s trash. It is people such as Mr. Gross who stands in the way of a safer nation. Due to their biased irrationality and ignorance, they continue to produce incredibly stupid laws that not only intrude upon the civil rights of a gun owners, but fail to provide significant safety in return. Gun violence can be prevented, but the solutions lie in making society better, preventing criminals from obtaining firearms and punishing criminals who possess firearms. Instead these ignorant people think making life difficult for good people to obtain firearms is the one and only solution.

    • You mean like disallowing private sales so criminals can’t just waltz into the gun show and arm up. Is that one of the stupid laws that would “intrude upon the civil rights of a gun owners?”

      I think you have two problems, you and all your gun-rights friends. One, you’re immature and can’t stand being told what to do, and two, you’re extremely self-centered and refuse to be inconvenienced even a little.

      • Which civil right are you willing to give up mikey? Freedom of speech? Right to vote? You’re always willing to give away others rights, what about yours?

        You don’t have a dog in this fight anyway. You live in Italy where you have the gun laws that you want. Although, I’m willing to bet that you own a gun. Preachy guys like you are usually exempt from your own sermons.

        • Mikey doesn’t have Constitutionally protected rights because he moved to Europe – now all he has a privileges that can be revoked at any moment.

      • Mikeb,

        Next time your in the USA, come prove us all wrong, walk into a gun show and show us how you can just waltz out with a legitimate working handgun.

        Please, let’s see how far you can go before your arrested.

        Given that it is so easy, please do that and document each step.

        Worst case you end up in jail, best case you show everyone how true your statements are. Go ahead mike, easy to talk, come on let’s see it.

        • ??? Nothing irrefutable at all.

          You walk in, find a private seller (i.e., not a dealer) that is willing to sell you a firearm, exchange cash for said firearm, you walk out. Provided the seller and the buyer are from the same state, it’s that easy.

          Are there states that require private sales be brokered by a licensed dealer? I only know of one, California ( There may be others.

      • well, I think you have two problems too, you and all your gun-control friends- One, you’re immature and can’t accept being wrong when it’s blatantly obvious, and two, you’re extremely self centered and want everybody else to do your bidding, mein fuhrer.

      • mikeb,

        You’re the immature and dependent one relating and trusting in government much like a young child relates to a seemingly god-like parent. You’re entitled, spoiled, weak, and unrealistic demanding that government be responsible for protecting you which it cannot.

        Criminals can’t just waltz into a gun show and arm up.

      • Wait, so the cornerstone of your argument is that me not liking people making my decisions for me is a bad thing?


      • The number of people committing crimes with guns is a very tiny fraction of the population of gun owners and the general population of citizens who have a legal right to own guns even if they choose not to exercise their rights.

        How about we talk about something that injures and kills tens of thousands of people every year, that virtually every person encounters hundreds or thousands of times per day, and that can be seen operated in a lethally reckless manner by a large section of the population any time you look at a highway or freeway: the automobile. One count from the CDC in 2009 is 34,485 traffic deaths in one year, or 11.2 per 100,000 people.

        Or how about the combined toll of disease and death triggered by excessive junk food and soda? Another CDC 2009 statistic puts Heart Disease alone at 599,413 deaths in one year, from a disease that with modern medicine is completely preventable in nearly every case yet is exacerbated by obesity.

        So where do guns stand next to reckless drivers and poor impulse control in the kitchen? From the CDC in 2008, there were 16,799 homicides that year, or 5.5 per 100,000 people. That is half the rate of deaths from traffic accidents, and it includes all homicides, not just by guns. I don’t have the numbers, but I would bet that the ratio of serious and disabling injuries is even lower for guns compared to cars. And junk food? Lets not be desensitized to the moral and economic disasters that are our healthcare and food systems.

        Please let us not pretend that the route to making a safer, happier, more productive America is to infringe on our Constitutional rights, while nearly 600,000 people die every year (and millions of others are disabled) from just one disease that is preventable in nearly every case (not to mention the millions of other diseases that disable and kill). Guns may look scary, but the statistics just don’t support the fear and hate that some people feel towards firearms.

        Traffic Deaths 2009: 34,485
        Heart Disease 2009: 599,413

        All homicides including stabbings, beatings, bludgeoning, arson, etc: 16,799. Yup, I think I know where I would put my priorities.

      • Wait I can just walk into a gun show and buy a gun???
        I can honestly say I have never seen that happen before…

      • Immature, really? Mike, I think you should really understand who you are talking to before you make accusations. Since I am one of the supposedly “immature” people, let me explain something to you. You have a freedom of speech, the right to fair representation, right to vote, etc. I am one of the many people who have enlisted in the military to preserve those rights. I did so knowing many men and women before me fought and gave their lives to protect these rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. As a result, I want my rights preserved. The right to bear arms is in the document I enlisted to help protect. It is not immature to work to preserve your rights but it is ignorant to try to take them away. You are willing to render the sacrifice of many Americans to a null point when you act to try to take our rights away.

        I think you sound like an ignorant fool. Who is incapable of reading comprehension. We have a Constitution that has granted these rights with a lot of history as to why these rights were included in the Constitution. I think you should educate yourself as to the history behind the reasoning for those rights. Maybe you will realize it’s because the founders realized that there are many people who start following the mob mentality and can get their rights subverted very quickly by people who think they know whats best for the masses. I do not accept and will not accept the violation of any Constitutional right. If we allow the Government or their active legislators work to subvert our rights, we could lose our right to vote, to live without having big brother following us, arrests without evidence. Any allowance of a circumvention of our rights allows for a slippery slope where all rights are legislated away.

      • What about private sales of cars? Cars are involved with more deaths than guns, but there are no laws regulating private sales of cars.

        What about private sales of poisons? Poisons are also involved with more deaths than guns, but there are no laws regulating private sales of most poisons.

        What is the ultimate goal of your gun grabbing? I asked you this a while ago, but you could never articulate it.

  2. I really don’t know how people like Gross survive in this world. Pathetic amoeba incapabable of defending themselves or their family. The problem is, they want to force other people to be just like them.

  3. Just saw an interesting story in the local birdcage liner (aka newspaper) about crime in Mexico. It was a very brief, 2-sentence story, so I will first provide some context for mikeb#s and other “reasonable gun control” advocates:

    Mexico’s “reasonable” gun control laws include a limitation on gun stores. There is exactly ONE legal gun store in Mexico, located in Mexico City and run by the Mexican Army. It is the ONLY place in Mexico where a law-abiding Mexican citizen can legally buy a gun, and the guns available there are highly limited: no “military or police” calibers, no assault weapons, etc. Purchase of a firearm at the only legal store in Mexico can take months to years for anyone except the politically connected. With this level of “reasonable” gun control in Mexico, the following complete story, as printed in the Idaho Statesman (10-6-12), clearly shows the benefits of such gun laws:

    “MEXICO CRIME: Nearly a third of households in the country were victimized in 2011 and only in 8 percent of those cases was a preliminary investigation opened, according to new figures from the national statistics institute. The numbers demonstrate that crimes with victims, including robbery, assault, car theft, extortion, identity theft, and kidnappings, are widely underreported to authorities.”

    This story was printed in very small print in the “not too important stories” section of the local rag’s “News of the World”. Anyone want to guess why the news media tried to hide this fact about the gun-control paradise of Mexico? ONE-THIRD of households victimized, and only 8 PERCENT even got a preliminary investigation? Sounds like a great argument for “reasonable gun control” – if you happen to be brain dead.

    • People like Dan Gross, and Sarah Brady will stop at nothing until they think they have reached some utopian status. Simply put, these guys need to be victims. Yup you heard me knock some reality back into their heads.
      If they get their way it will happen too. We have already seen a rise in armed drug cartel activity in the southern states. What makes you think they wouldn’t spill over into the rest of the country if they felt we were unarmed?

      Now don’t get all delusional that our police will save us. Look what they do the police and politicians in Mexico who try and stand up to the cartels.

  4. You guys want to know something funny? One of the primary people behind the nuclear bomb, Enrico Fermi is also related to the Brady Campaign. His wife, Laura Fermi was one of the people who helped start the predecessor to the Brady Campaign. I just found this out because her granddaughter is apparently coming to my locale to speak on the 9th (Tri Cities, WA). So the man who helped create one of the most devastating weapons in history is also responsible for helping to reduce the safety of all Americans by encouraging the elimination of our rights. Pretty sad isn’t it?

    • If you’re argument is that he’s guilty by association…just because his wife did something doesn’t mean he was part of or responsible for it, dude. Unless you’ve got more evidence, it’s a factoid just like the MSM like to spout and it makes us all look kind of foolish.

  5. It’s pathetic when actors who make their living with guns as props then go around claiming that the rest of us shouldn’t have guns. Apparently, Ms. Hargitay is a method actor. She’s absorbed the anti-gun sentiments of the NYPD brass and Hizzonah the Mayor.

  6. I have to admit: I didn’t bother reading all the text. All I saw was a pretty woman wearing a shirt with some print on it.

    Instead, I’m going to play stupid. I’ll read the shirt as it stands:

    “We are better than this”


    What’s “this?” The stuff under the “this?”

    Does she mean…. Boobs?

    Sorry, there’s very few things better than boobs. Bacon with beer, maybe. But even that’s only a close second. I’d have to have beer, bacon and my favorite dog all in one place at the same time to rank as “better than boobs.”

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