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“I have a feeling that [Clinton] is wise enough from her Arkansas roots not to come to Denver, Colorado, or Colorado Springs and decide what I’m going to do is a major speech on gun control. She’s got enough political wisdom, and if not somebody will kick the tires off her campaign plane, make sure she doesn’t land here and give that speech.” – Democrat consultant Rick Ridder in Liberal fervor for gun control puts Senate candidates in tough spot [at]

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  1. We need the 2016 election to mirror the 2000 election from a gun rights perspective. The democratic candidate needs to run on gun control and lose, so that the issue is taken off the table for another 12 to 16 years.

  2. Maybe not…recall she would have to “look into” Australia’s gun confiscation for gun control. For her neurons to fire electrons creating that thought is the most reprehensible statement against our Second Admendment. We must as a nation and people Who value lawful self protection, end her reign by voting in 2016. Register now…

  3. “She’s got enough political wisdom, and if not somebody will kick the tires off her campaign plane, make sure she doesn’t land here and give that speech.”

    I hope she does try to ‘kick the tires off her campaign plane’, and breaks her foot in the process.


    Mr. Nice…

  4. There are many other cretins waiting in the wings. Electoral politics will never stop those who believe they have both the mandate and the “authority” to control our lives.

    Personally, I’m in hopes that the clogged sewer drain she uses for a brain will just stop up completely and she can join the ranks of the past inmates of the District of Criminals, ashes contained in a suitable urn…

    • “Hillary Clinton is from Chicago…”

      Perhaps there’s something in the water, there?


  5. “… Denver, Colorado, or Colorado Springs …”

    Hmmm… there’s a Colorado City, a Colorado Crossing, and even a Kanorado, but I know of no Colorado CO.

    The DNC is wrong in guns, just like the RNC is wrong to like giving my tax dollars to ExxonMobil.

    That leaves a fellow who’s “Republican” but doesn’t approve of robbing the poor and giving to the rich in a tough spot, and a Democrat who’s sensible on guns likewise at sea.

    What’s a body to do?

    • “That leaves a fellow who’s “Republican” but doesn’t approve of robbing the poor and giving to the rich in a tough spot, and a Democrat who’s sensible on guns likewise at sea.
      What’s a body to do?”

      I know what a “body” should do.
      You are implying that it would be rational to decide between trading away your gun rights by voting D, if Exxon would then be forced to pay more in taxes, or received less in “tax breaks”.
      You imagine a relevant equivalence between Exxon’s tax bill and your right to keep and bear arms.

      An intelligent citizen should vote on the issue that is most important to the maintenance of his
      long term liberty.

      Tax laws can always be changed with effective lobbying, but
      the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, once lost, is rarely restored.

      Tax bills for 5 corporate giants…
      Exxon Mobil: $15.1 billion
      U.S. federal: -$156 million
      U.S. state and local: $110 million
      International: $15.2 billion

      • Well done.

        That’s an excellent point. A LOT of the “pro-Dem” issues that get people twisted up over voting “guns vs other issue” are nowhere near as foundational to liberty as guns.

        I’ve become a single issue voter. From that one issue, all others follow in the sense that without the 2A, we don’t even have a voice in the other issues. Without 2A, we are told and have little choice but to obey.

      • And, since my time to edit expired before it actually expired, I’ll add:

        The presence of an armed citizenry, even without firing shots (like the anti’s fantasize we all “want” to do), is a balance of power…and one could argue, the balance of power.

        The presence of an armed citizenry is a gentle reminder to everyone in government, “You work for us.” It does not take constant armed insurrection to make that statement. The mere presence of civilian arms is its own balancing force in the struggle between freedom and oppression.

        • Replying to JR in NC…

          Exactly so. Indeed, every example of autonomy, choice and responsibility is such a reminder – they work for us.

          That’s why their reaction is so consistent – no uber for you! … because people get to rent out driving services, and people getting lifts without asking for permission first. Almost as if it were their car, their trip, and they’d both already paid for roads sk they can vo where they like.

          They are the least flawed mechanism we’ve found so far for governing ourselves to our own advantage. The leading problem being consistently… who is this for, again?

      • You know, I would kind of like these “death to the corporations” types to tell me how many of the working stiffs they purport to love get a paycheck signed by a “poor person”.

        • Most of the people I know get paychecks from people who own their own businesses and whose incomes are about the U.S. median.

          Small businesses are the backbone of an economy, but the GOP loves to screw small businesses in favor of the giants. More and more, that’s also true of Democrats, because the giants are good at buying politicians.

          If the TPP passes, those giants will be set legally higher even than U.S. states and many nations, and they don’t care about the Second Amendment; they’re more likely to hire private armies to get their way. And while the government is at last somewhat restrained by the Constitution, the giant corporations are restrained only by profit.

  6. I say keep it going… we need to pad the numbers in the house and Senate so that even if she wins in 2016 she doesnt get anything done. 2014 proved that running to the left of Obama and dropping any secrecy on gun control was an express ticket to retirement for lots of Dems.

    If your enemy is digging himself into a hole, you can always be polite and try and take the shovel away, or just wait until he gets deep enough and start kicking the dirt pile in on top of him.

  7. I hope she continues to run on a gun-control based platform, her failure to get elected can be the stained blue dress of her political career.

  8. So pretty much a demoncrat is hoping that another demoncrat will do exactly what all demoncrats do… Bait the lies to suit the fish. Don’t lie as much to the less liberal areas but pull every lie from the libtard lexicon when among fellow idiots.

  9. As a proud Arkansan, I am deeply ashamed that my state produced the Clintons. Please accept my apologies. I’m sorry.

  10. The Hildebeat is from Park Ridge. Yes- the anointed hag is goofy enough to wreck the left in Colorado. The 3rd rail is HUGE folks…Ted Cruz for president. Look for the 2 front repubs to implode. Dr. Ben’s former thug narrative redemption story doesn’t withstand scrutiny…

    • I wouldn’t bet my bippy. We’ve been hearing that for months, now, while others implode instead.

    • “The third rail” in context of U.S. politics refers generally to Social Security. As far as I know, not one of the Republican candidates can be trusted with Social Security. So to what are you referring?

    • Yes, it called politics and Republicans do it too

      It will be interesting to see how Hilary glosses over her previous statements when speaking to more centrist, pro-gun democrats.

      • Pardon the interruption, but even Hillary can see that Colorado elected a fiercely Liberal governor AND voted for all the gun control wet dreams. There is NO WAY she will shut up about gun confiscation when she is in Colorado.

  11. I just love the assumption that if she doesn’t address gun control tight there in CO, no one will know that it’s the only plank in her platform. They really do consider everyone else stupid, and it so often works for them!

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