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“I see Hillary’s adopted the rebranding ‘gun safety.’ ‘Gun safety has traditionally meant handling your guns safely, but now it’s supposed to mean what has more commonly been called ‘gun control.’ ‘Safety’ sounds nicer than ‘control.’ ‘Control’ is what a repressive state does to a cowed citizenry and what sexist men want to do to women. It’s what puts the freak in control freaks. But ‘safety’ feels like a caring mother, a loving partner, a beneficent government. Unlike safety, ‘safety’ is dangerous.” – Ann Althouse in Is Hillary Clinton sorry she reacted to the San Bernardino massacre with a call for more gun control? [at]

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      • I’m waiting for her to visit rural Louisianna at some point with an affected Cajun aristocracy demeanor; that’ll be comedy gold.

        • You got that right! I want to hear her try talking hick. I know she lived in Little Rock for a little while, but you’ve got to be raised as a hick to truly speak it. I ought to know because I grew up in rural Arkansas, and at 59 I still haven’t managed to get the twang out of my voice. 🙂

        • How did you post that video? I once tried to post a pic of a target, and totally failed to figure it out.


    • You beat me to it
      “I see Hillary’s adopted the rebranding ‘gun safety.’ ‘Gun safety has traditionally meant handling your guns safely, but now it’s supposed to mean what has more commonly been called ‘gun control.’ ‘Safety’ sounds nicer than ‘control.’ ‘Control’ is what a repressive state does to a cowed citizenry
      Hitlery and the Donkeycrap IngSocs are excellent at Newspeak proceeding from the Ministry Of Truth.

      • Let me educate you you misogynistic privileged hetero-cis pile of shit. Calling her a tyranette is sexist because it draws a distinction between the sexes, where women are undoubtedly inferior. (/sarc)

        • “Tyrannite”…is that a tyrannosaurus rex in drag?

          (I guess being “in drag” isn’t a thing anymore either, is it?

      • The correct term would NOT be tyrannette, which would imply youth and maidenhood – grammatically it should be tyranntrix referring to a more mature, matronly aspect.

    • if were lucky he’ll just go to bed and forget about it (after he has his warm milk and cookie,,,)

    • he will profess Muhammed is his real spiritual advisor and that he plans to raise the ISIS flag over the White House because they are just misunderstood desert dwellers impacted by climate change. Oh, and all gun owners are racist.

  1. You know they have this Room 101 at the Ministry Of Love where dissenters are tortured. I have had heard rumours that guys taken there are forced to have abnormal and disturbing relations with Hitlery, Peloski, Boxter, Di-Fi, while Slick Willie supervises.

  2. Hillary is only as bad as obama, and he is less than 1/8th as bad as the liberal evil blue house of (D) that voted for him.

    I’ll repeat:

    If you live in a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is PART-OF-YOU, YOU ARE PERMANENTLY DAMAGED, AND YOUR MOTHER (one of your five fathers that wears the dress more often) OWES US AN ABORTION.


    • Or…people can change. Some people can learn and acknowledge that they were wrong in the first place. You’re acting immature and hurting our cause by spouting off that everyone who doesn’t currently agree with your political views deserves to have been murdered before they were born.

    • I live in a D state and have done a lot for gun rights. The latest will be helping several women from Orange County get concealed carry permits. That’s above and beyond

      -NRA, Calguns, FPC, SAF membership / support
      -writing state and federal congress critters
      -thousands of dollars to pro-gun politicians such as Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz
      -pro gun Facebook posts and articles
      -helping dozens of coworkers and friends but guns
      -taking dozens of people shooting
      -hundreds of pro gun discussions
      -taking people hunting, etc.

      CA is messed up, but I’m part of the solution and not the problem.

      Dr Vino and JWM live here, too, as did Ms. Tipton.

      • I’m sorry to have to tell you this Accur81, but in spite of all your other worthy efforts, every time you support an “open borders”, “pathway to citizenship”, or “comprehensive immigration solution” squish like Scott Walker, or Rand Paul you are sealing your own doom and the doom of gun rights in America.

        Even Cruz, while not as bad as the traitorous leadership in the Republican establishment, has supported expansion of H1B visas which has displaced huge numbers of American technology workers.

        Flooding our country with vast numbers of people who have no connections to America’s traditions and who are often dependent on various re-distributionist programs to survive, does not expand the pool of self reliant citizens who are by nature responsible, independent and conservative.

        California voted for Reagan but, it will never again go Republican again in our lifetimes because of
        the consequences of “open borders”. A large reason for this was because of the sellouts in the Republican leadership.

        As Trump has said, if it wasn’t for him no one in the Republican party would even be talking about immigration.

        This election has given us a final chance to change course and prevent a permanent Progressive/Democrat takeover of America with the cooperation of the RINO Republican establishment.

      • +1

        Getting involved is the key. Only a small percentage of politically active people can make significant impacts. Especially at local and state levels.

  3. I had a comment I wanted to share regarding Hillary and her agenda. However it angers me so much I cannot seem to articulate it without profanity. So I will keep it to myself.

  4. I spend too much time over at Ann’s blog, and we did discuss this the other day, but, as usual I think with her, she fired it off and egged us on with much more cryptic comments. My point there was that this was inevitably poll tested, and isn’t designed to sway anyone looking at the politics today, but rather, to sway the LIV (low information voters) that will start paying attention next October, or maybe even early November. They won’t see the rebranding, but will be impressed that she sounds to rational about guns and gun safety. What could be more important than addressing “gun safety”? Only later would they discover that Hillary really meant gun confiscation when she talked “gun safety”.

    • Hey Bruce, you’re right. Inevitably poll-tested and aimed to sway LIVs.

      However, it’s early. There is time to steal the meme.

      “Yes, indeed, gun safety. In a world with guns, knowing how to operate them safely is a step toward gun safety.”

      “Yes, indeed, gun safety. I’m pleased with the (statistically) greater safety-through-guns brought to people in the US in areas with higher legal gun ownership.”

      “Yes, indeed, gun safety. So, armed citizens are one aspect of safety in a world with terrorists in it.”

      “Yes, indeed, gun safety. I’m glad for the safety of innocent folks after bad actors are stopped with a gun.

      “Yes, indeed, gun safety. Just like the NRA has been teaching for decades. Will you be expanding federal support for in-school gun clubs as president, you know, to improve people’s safety?”

      Yes, indeed, gun safety. I’m delighted that the statistics for gun violence, and, indeed non-terrorist violence over all have been going down for years in the US. We’re just getting safer all the time.

  5. ‘Gun safety’ is a euphemism. Only one side can’t describe their positions without euphemisms because their positions are unpopular. They don’t dare speak with clarity. I’m for the right to keep and bear arms, they’re for ‘gun safety’. If they spoke honestly they’d say they were for restricting civilian ownership of firearms. They’d say that they think that only the government and it’s agents should be allowed to have guns but they’d never get elected if they did that.

  6. We *must* take the phrase ‘Gun safety’ and throw it right back in their faces, if not forcibly ram it right down their (likely pencil-neck geek) throats.

    Draft and submit legislation for *actual* ‘Gun safety’.

    We must start small and gently.

    Just the 4 rules, kindergarten through middle school.

    I want to hear their excuse for not passing a law that tells a little kid to get the hell far away from a gun if they happen to come across one. No ‘Eddie Eagle’ branding, they’ll flip out.

    Just the 4.

    We can shame them into passing it.

  7. I call this the rape of our second amendment rights. Gun control advocates operate in a similar predatory like manor to a sex offender does on women. First comes the grooming process, then comes the woman letting her guard down and submitting to a state of vulnerability, and then comes the assault. They groom the public by using words that are designed to mislead the public about their intentions and when our guard is let down, they assault our rights.

  8. Does anyone realize IF Hillary assumes the presidency, she will be almost the, if not the, oldest president to assume the office, even older than Ronald Reagan when he took office.

    Senile Dementia anyone?

    • Oh, definitely! But in this case I belive alcohol consumption is playing a part. I watched my ex-boss go from mild mannered professor to full blown idiot in 15 short years due to excessive alcohol consumption (he was big into the wine club too). He used to host the depart Christmas parties at his house (tax write off), and was always falling down drunk by 7 or 8 PM. As the years went on he got increasingly bizarre and imperious, and was eventually fired for assaulting (choking) a female faculty member.

      Cest la vie, as the frenchies say.

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