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“Everyone should have a gun. I’m just addicted to this shit.” – Unidentified customer quoted in Election Day Gun Sale At Johnson Firearms in Wynwood [via]

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    • And the best thing is to have an even number of firearms so you don’t have one sitting in the corner by itself being lonely and bullied by the other pairs of guns.
      This is how we can justify buying at least two at a time!!!
      Has worked for me……somewhat. The Missus is catching on to my scheme!!! Dagnabit!!!

  1. Two phrases come to mind, and they go together. First, when I bought my first gun, my buddy (who was already an addict) said, “You just got your first tattoo.” When I queried his meaning, he said, “You’ll be planning the next one while this one still stings.”

    Secondly, a tattoo shop I used to frequent had an airbrushed sign hanging in front of the chair in one of their rooms. It said, “Welcome to your new addiction.”

    Both are completely true and correct. I’m not normally one for planning for the future. Five-year plans, retirement, career path… hell, where I’m gonna have lunch today… I don’t do any of that. But I do have a timeline for my next three guns.

  2. One year ago, there were no guns in my house. Now we have three shotguns, six rifles, and we’re shopping for handguns.

    • Better take them to the gunsmith to have them “fixed” or soon you won’t be able to turn around without stepping on one.

      Either that or wrap them each individually in cling film.

      Joking aside, I saw a car recently that, instead of the little happy family stickers in the back window, had an AR and two pistols.

  3. I’ll continue to say it. Every adult in America, regardless of their stand on gun control, should own at least one gun. There simply is no way for the police to be every where at once and as the Petit family proves, awful things can and do happen even in good neighberhoods.

    • That’s how I started. About 2 1/2 years ago, I decided that despite not having much experience with them, you couldn’t really call yourself a well rounded human unless you could handle a firearm.

      Now I own an even dozen. Looking to make it a baker’s dozen if I can ever find a 10/22 takedown in stock somewhere.

        • Believe it or not, I was in my local Bass Pro a couple weeks ago, and asked on a whim. They had one on the rack for show, and said they had four more in the back room.

        • Our local gun shop had two of them Friday.
          Not a bad price either, don’t remember but lower than Rugers MSRP.

        • My local Bass Pro is almost a 90 minute drive over the Altamont Pass. I work up the gumption to make the trip about once a year.

    • I guess i was doubly American, yesterday. Today I had 82 pounds of ammo from Stillwater via UPS on my front porch when I got home.

  4. Not really on purpose but and a friend and I had a multiple gun shop tour planned for today. We do this a couple of times a year between gun shows. The first couple of shops were soon after they opened and were not to busy the last few shops were mobbed with people and they said sales were great. We helped by buying 3 new guns today. One shop said there one supplier had over 7000 orders waiting when they checked their online sales que when they opened.


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