Quote of the Day: Gun Owners Are Un-American Edition


“I would personally just say to those who are listening, maybe you want to turn in your guns. Oh no, I’m not going to take your guns. But look at what Dick’s Sporting Goods did … they wanted to be part of the solution and part of America.” – Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) [via thehill.com]


  1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

    No, I will not live in Sheila Jackson-Lee’s version of “America”.

  2. avatar Keith says:

    There’s a reason they call it “Dicks.”

    1. avatar C says:

      It’s not so much “sporting goods” as “yuppie affectations of athleticism….goods”. I’ve always found their shooting merchandise to be sub-par.

  3. avatar tdiinva says:

    And here it was that I thought all those Massachusetts farmers and tradesman were anti-British and now Ms. Jackson tells me they were anti-American. Learn something new everyday.

  4. avatar beanfield says:

    Did anyone ever answer her question on whether or not the mars rover found “the flag the astronauts planted there before”? http://goo.gl/TWBy7

    1. avatar Wiregrass says:

      Nearly spewed all over the keyboard with that one. Thanks, I really needed something to laugh about this week.

    2. Omg that article was hilarious…it stopped being as funny when I realized that she’s one of the people that represents the future of this country lol.

    3. avatar Chris says:

      I can find no authoritative source for this claim/quote. It seems they all reference this editorial that provides no source.

      Be careful quoting it further, for fear of looking like as much of a fool as she is.

      1. avatar beanfield says:

        Actually, they all reference an article from 1997 written by Sandy Hume at The Hill. They don’t publish articles that far back, but here’s a couple of copy/paste posts floating around (if you trust the sources). You’d really have to write the hill and get the back copy from Sep 1997 if you want definitive proof. I’m all for verifying sources, but I’m not gonna go through that much work for a simple joke. I do admit though, the article was wrong that it wasn’t the Rover…it was the Pathfinder. 🙂

        Source: The Hill
        Headline: Jackson-Lee’s Planetary Gaffe
        Byline: Compiled by Eamon Javers; Sandy Hume contributed to this page.
        Dateline: September 10, 1997

        It appears that someone needs to tell Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) that “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is only a book title, not a statement of fact.

        During a Science Committee trip to Pasadena, Calif., during the recess, Jackson-Lee reportedly asked an official at the Mars Pathfinder Mission Control Center whether humans could live on Mars.

        That question may have been purely hypothetical, but it was merely a follow- up to another remarkable query from the congresswoman: Did the Pathfinder Mission succeed in taking pictures of the American flag planted by Astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969? Of course, Armstrong planted the flag on the Moon, not Mars.

        Jackson-Lee, whose Houston district neighbors the Johnson Space Center, sits on the Aeronautics and Space Subcommittee. Fellow committee member Rep. Vern Ehlers (R-Mich.), a former physics professor, didn’t consider the questions out of the ordinary.

        “If you ask the American people how long it takes the Earth to orbit the sun, 50 percent can’t tell you,” Ehlers said. “We just don’t teach enough science.”

        In defense of Jackson-Lee, Ehlers added, “If I were on a tour of a law school, I could ask an equally inane question about points of law.”

        1. avatar Randy Drescher says:

          Moon, Mars, tell me shes the first one to make that mistake, lol, Randy

  5. avatar 6 gunner says:

    She went on to say “the Earth is flat and Pi is exactly 3.”

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    We are not part of America or the “solution” if we don’t give up our guns? I guess being a citizen means nothing anymore.

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      I dunno, sounds to more to me like she’s advocating armed revolution because America has lost its way.

  7. avatar Rambeast says:

    I am convinced that a good portion of our nation has lost their minds. Apparently a sizable history lesson needs to be taught to those that really believe that government calling for disarmament is in their best interests.

    As we sit back and watch our system cannibalize itself, our “representatives” erode the few rights we have left away, and the lowest common denominators in society demand more free stuff; just remember, when the checks stop going out, you will see how “civilized” our society is when the subjects first destroy their communities, then work their way across others.

    “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”

  8. avatar Josh says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. You’re asking us nicely to turn in our guns. I’ll politely decline to take you up on your offer. You promise you won’t take take my guns, so we understand each other just fine. Dick’s is part of America. Yep. I’m glad you understand geography. Its hard to say about the solution thing, because I haven’t seen a solution to the problem presented yet.

    1. avatar DisThunder says:

      Ha! My thoughts exactly. Nah, I’ll keep my weapons, but thanks for asking!

  9. avatar A Reasonable Man says:

    Dicks dropping semi-automatic rifles was never a big issue to me, because Dick’s always carried a wall full of the tacky faux-camo covered ones.

  10. avatar a gun is just a tool says:

    OK, That is just tacky. Sheila Jackson Lee should be ashamed of implying that people who don’t share her opinions are not Americans. She deserves to be chastized for doing it. We need to remember, though, that she’s not the first politician to do this.

    Anytime you vilify the opposition instead of listening to them you will end up with the type of partisan gridlock that we have in washington. 🙁

  11. avatar Bill says:

    And here I thought it was just Racists that negatively painted a group of people with the broad brush rhetoric. How ironic coming from her.

    1. avatar WSBS says:

      While were on the topic of irony, how about that sign on the podium in that photograph protesting the Chinese government, all the while standing there envious of the Commies’ policies concerning civilian firearm ownership and possession.

  12. avatar Silver says:

    Self projection at its finest. Progs know full well deep down that they’re anti-American and support a belief system that is wholly unAmerican, so they accuse of others of such before they can be accused themselves.

    Frankly, I couldn’t care less what this crapstain wants me to do so long as she sticks to her “I won’t take your guns” thing. Remember, acts that the loathsome consider loathsome are by definition righteous.

  13. avatar Chas says:

    I never knew that being elected to a seat in the House or the Senate entitled one to rewrite history to suit their own values.

    You learn something new every day.

    And Ms Lee is right about one thing… she ain’t coming to take my guns, but just a little part of me wishes she’d try.

  14. avatar Pete from Texas says:

    People that suggest shit like this, shouldn’t be taken seriously.


    1. avatar cynical bastard says:

      She was the one who asked why Mars rovers haven’t photographed the flag Armstrong and Aldrin planted. There has to be some king of a test for congresscritters to weed out the pathologically stupid.

  15. avatar Chris says:

    I met this lady at a conference one. She is one of the least intelligent people I have ever interacted with.

  16. avatar hammer13 says:

    She is from Texas, she should know better.

    1. avatar Sam Wright says:

      She is from New York representing the inner city of Houston.

      1. avatar ProfBathrobe says:

        How does that even happen? Is there some facet of American politics I’m completely ignorant of?

  17. avatar Ross says:

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, you are a fool of the highest order, please go play in fast moving traffic.

  18. avatar Gabriel says:

    This is the same twit who stated that the current system of naming hurricanes and tropical storms with “white” sounding names was racist and proposed a “Hurricane Shaniquah” as the name of a storm. To explain how she stays in office one simply needs to look at Houston’s demographics.

  19. avatar Aragorn says:

    Further proof having a degree does not make one intelligent.

  20. avatar Dale says:

    I have to say, my grandfather and Dick Stack were buddies so I got to know him fairly well. I’m pretty sure that Dick is spinning in his grave!!!

  21. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    Isn’t that pretty close to a hitler salute in the picture? Remember, criminal safe zones are American, Randy

  22. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    What a dumbass. Maybe she needs to move to Syria or someplace where her stupidity would be unnoticed!

    1. avatar Aharon says:

      I think she should go volunteer to give polio vaccinations in Pakistan.

  23. avatar Ralph says:

    If being American means disarming and bending over for the G, then I’m not an American. And neither were Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.

  24. avatar Aharon says:

    “Oh no, I’m not going to take your guns” — oh sure (wink). Sheila, we know you will at least try to take our guns away. I don’t think “free American citizen” will be a recognized or even a legal phrase to publicly state in her vision for an American NWO.

    1. avatar Sanchanim says:

      Oh wait that means getting rid of 1A too! Oh dear, we can’t have that.. lol
      Well then I am Un-American I guess. I happen to not agree with you, but well I guess that means we can’t have a difference of opinion anymore!

      Oh wait I am racist too because I voted for the other guy? We gee your killing my self esteem here. I better go to group therapy for this problem.. NOT!

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Good comments. We are witnessing the transition from a semi-free democratic-republic with individual rights in a capitalist society to one that is increasingly ruled by elitists with elements of nanny-police state political and economic fascism, group rights or special class privileges, and little individual freedom.

        Spending time hating the leaders and despising the masses is wasting too much of my time and draining my emotional energy. I’m increasingly having less sympathy for anyone or group that supports big progressive government and the re-molding of society into an American NWO.

        It really amazes me how those Black Hats in NYC support Obama and the progressives. It is only a matter of time before progressives step in and tell them what they can teach and not teach their children in their private schools.

  25. avatar fred says:

    In my town Dicks sells expensive sports gear, having rolled up the local “Chicks” Sporting Goods stores. Yes, its true and let the puns begin.

    They sell a lot of decent but over-priced suburban sports for that “close-to-home-willing-to-over-pay-for-convenience-retail-buyer for items that are one step up from what you can get at Walmart. Really good for kids soccer, Pop Warner, baseball, and some outdoor gear for the brand-name-fashion-conscious.

    But I’d no more expect to buy good guns there, as I would expect to find guns at REI, or Adventure 16.

    Big 5 sells decent .22s and shotguns for home defense, and have done well on that for years, I think, and I’ve seen the local Walmart go away from guns, and before this, to bringing them back.

    So, I’d guess this is more about scoring some points with the PTA moms, while recognizing they dont do this product line well, anyway, in a crowded field, thats going more online all the time for the basic stuff.

  26. avatar Lance says:

    Another really dumb liberal who doesn’t know most Americans will and want to keep guns SO in the end here dumb anti-gun tirade is more proff how liberal Dems are just stupid.

  27. avatar jim says:

    Oh Lord, Shelia…. It’s a long story how a Jamacian from Queens got elected to office in Texas, but basically just sheer persistance. When she first showed up in Houston politics… this must have been 30 years ago… she was constantly running for anything… City Council, school board, you name it, and someone famously said “Will someone please elect this woman to something and get her off the street?” Even then she was famous for absolutely shameless self-promotion… if there is a TV camera around Shelia WILL show up and say something… anything… no matter how silly. When she was on Houston City Council I was covering local politics for a small weekly, and my seat at the press table at Council meetings was next to one of the TV guys. Public speakers at Council meetings included some rare characters, such as the guy who got up at the podium every single Tuesday and explained how the CIA was removing his internal organs with laser beams and the Houston police department wouldn’t do anything about it no matter how many times he complained. Bill (the TV guy) would occasionally signal his cameraman to film a little of one of these wack jobs, and when Shelia saw the camera rolling she would ask the speaker a question. Which Bill wouldn’t film, which pissed her off no end, but the next week she would fall for it again – just a pure Pavlovian response.

    It was really funny watching CNN the day the offical report on the Lewinsky scandal broke… here we are at Kinkos picking up the copies of the report, and there’s Shelia in the background waiting for someone to ask her something, here we are at Congress unloading the report from the van, and there’s Shelia in the background waiting for someone to ask her a question. Spent the whole day just following the CNN van around DC, and no one ever asked her a thing. Probably flogged a staffer when she got back to the office out of frustration; her staff turnover is the highest in Congress because… well, basically, she’s nuts.

    Keep in mind that this is a black female Democrat who was banned from the Clinton White House because if the TV cameras were on she would elbow the President out of the way and start talking.

    The classic Shelia story – there are tons of them. Shelia flys from DC to Houston every Thursday (at taxpayer expense) and mainly attends the funeral of anyone well-known enough for there to be media coverage, and gives a little talk where she assures everyone that if the dear departed could tell his friends and family just one last message it would be to vote for for Shelia Jackson Lee. There’s a popular game played by Houston political reporters who put up a pool and bet how many times she says her own name in a speech. I won $20 one time with “37.” Anyway, Continental flies from DC to Houston every half-hour on Thursday afternoon, and she would reserve a first-class seat on every flight from noon to midnight, and then just pick the one that was most convenient. Finally the airline told her they weren’t going to let her make a couple of dozen unused reservations every Thursday and she just needed to pick a time and stick to it. There happened to be a reporter outside her office when this happened, and she was heard to loudly yell that she was going to take legislative action to punish the airline because “I am a queen and I deserve to be treated like a queen.”

    Even in Texas politics she is viewed with some amazement.

    1. avatar J.W. says:

      It’s AMAZING that her little brain can generate enough power to make anything work let alone her mouth at the same time!!! I’ll stop there no need to get racial she does enough for her own race:)

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