Quote of the Day: Gun Control is Just Common Sense Edition

“Chicago likes to compare itself to other world cities, so Ward Room thought it would find out how we rank in violence. It turns out no one can top us. Among what are considered Alpha world cities, Chicago has the highest murder rate — higher even than the Third World metropolises of Mexico City and Sao Paolo.” – Edward McClelland at nbcchicago.com    [h/t instapundit.com]


  1. avatar Angel says:

    We just need more gun control in Chicago. I’m pretty sure that’ll fix it.

    1. avatar AnotherMatt says:

      They should just make murder illegal. I’m sure then bad guys wouldn’t do it.

      This state is a hellhole.

    2. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

      I would go to that city if you paid for me to go……at least not now with the way things are

  2. avatar Tommy says:

    If you look at the cities listed, the murder rate is lowest where crime is the most organized.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      That’s because any organization, whether government or criminal, provides some amount of order. The situation in Chicago is chaos, anarchy.

      And now for the topic of the next post, how to tell the differences between organized crime and government organizations because they appear to be so similar.

  3. avatar ed ranger says:

    I live in an older house with an older air conditioner system. When it gets above 90 degrees, it struggles to keep up, so my roommate keeps turning the thermostat lower and lower. I have tried to explain that if the system can’t cool the house to 77 degrees in the middle of the day, it certainly won’t cool it to 74 or 73 or 72 degrees, no matter how many times she lowers it.

    If thugs ignore the gun laws on the books, adding additional gun laws aren’t going to help……..even my roommate agrees on this.

  4. avatar Mdbostnmt says:

    The rest of Illinois should secede from Chicago. We could have a 51st state called The People’s Republic of Chicago. At least one could drive through the “illinois” and not be a felon…

    1. avatar C. Walther says:

      Interestingly enough it seems like California has tried to do something similar 220 times already (break off the bottom half from the top half or two-thirds), at least according to the Christian Science Monitor.

  5. avatar Curzen says:

    Calling Mexican and Brazilian cities third world is rather ignorant on behalf of that ‘journalist’.

    1. avatar racer88 says:

      You’re right. Chicago is the “third world” city. 😉

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Curzen: The author referred to them as Third World metropolises, but also as Alpha cities. From Wikipedia: : [An Alpha city] is a city generally considered to be an important node in the global economic system. If you change the word order, he referred to them as metropolises of the Third World, which is what they are. The city itself may be modern and vibrant, but vast swathes of the countries they’re located in exist at a third world level. In Sao Paulo, you don’t even have to leave the city to see it. They are Alpha cities in a wasteland, thus, Third World metropolises.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    i wonder if you break the murder numbers down in chicago. how many that were killed were involved in some drug or street crime as opposed to the truly innocent victim. i haven”t been to chicago since the 80’s but i remember it as being a cold hearted place. if you didn’t live on that street you stayed off it sort of foolishness.

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    Chicago is following Detroit straight down the drain, the main difference being Detroit allows it’s residents to defend themselves at least.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Speaking of, Detroit may be leading the nation in civilian justifiable homicides. That would be an interesting topic of research.

      While any homicide is regrettable, there could be a silver lining to that cloud. I can’t help but wonder how long it takes for the violent crime rate to plummet. I have heard that a relatively small percentage of our population are criminals who repeat crimes over and over. If armed citizens begin killing them off faster than new ones are created, it will have to lower the violent crime rate.

  8. avatar CarlosT says:

    Hey, Ed, it’s São Paulo. Unless there’s some other city out there with that weird, other spelling.

    Anyway, Chicago and DC are shining examples of the wonders of gun control. Of course, gun control advocates will always say that if not for gun control, things would be even worse.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      CarlosT: Hey, Ed, it’s São Paulo.

      And assault rifle and assault weapon, and clip and magazine are interchangeable terms. Despite what you may have read in another thread about a Journalistic Code of Ethics, there’s no obligation to get the details right, even the important ones.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:

        Yeah, I know, but this is simple spelling for gawd’s sake. You don’t really even have to know anything.

        1. avatar Greg Camp says:

          You have to know how to make that character appear–I’m still fascinated by the workings of a manual typewriter. . .

  9. avatar Silver says:

    The residents reap what they sow. Vote in a tyrant again and again, don’t be surprised by the results.

  10. avatar Greg Camp says:

    Puerto Rico has Chicago beat, at least for now. It’s murder rate is twenty-two per hundred thousand. And its gun control? Exactly what control advocates demand.

  11. avatar Sanchanim says:

    Well yes less mimic the countries worse than us because it is what we know works, not!

  12. avatar James says:

    Chicago is a third-world city. I’d argue that, right behind Detroit, Chicago is the nicest city in Africa.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      the point iwas making is that hitler’s hatred of the slavs, much like your hatred of the blacks, is irrational. wasting your time and energy on hatred is just that, a waste. i’m an ofwg from wva. i’ve seen my share of this hate and anger. it’ll burn you out and accomlish nothing.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        In other news, matt’s church is getting their 15 minutes:


  13. avatar MotoJB says:

    Racial demographic with those figures? Hmmmm….

    1. avatar matt says:

      2010 census said Chicago was 32.4% black, 28.9% hispanic, 31.7% white. 2009 CPD homicide perpetrator stats are 70% black, 21.8% hispanic and only 2.8% white. Other types of crime are broken down in the blog post below, the stats are similar, 92% – 97% of crime is committed by minorities.


      So i’d like to ask all my detractors again, what is wrong with racism?

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

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