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“Yet this is an issue that should transcend politics. No one who hears the stories of the victims — those who survived the gunshots and those who did not — can possibly believe that gun violence is an issue to be determined by the politics of the moment. No one who hears these stories can escape the conclusion that the unnecessary loss of life and untold suffering from easy access to deadly weaponry presents not a political issue but a moral issue. The politicians are not hearing, because they are not listening.” – Dennis Henigan

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  1. The politicians are not listening due to the big bad gun lobby. Someday us common folk shall surely triumph and we shall surely have Kraft Durch Fruede!

  2. My plan is to use the flashlight app on my smartphone to “light” up the room in honor of defensive gun usage to save a life and take a criminal permanently off the streets.

    Lighting candles is a dangerous activity that should be intensively regulated. In other words, we need to start with a full background check on Al Sharpton here to ensure that when he does light that candle, he does not set the whole city on fire.You get my point I hope.

  3. I’m all for making it harder for criminals to get guns, maybe if they left them in jail instead of releasing them it would be a reality.

  4. Wow! This phony who calls himself “Reverend” is gonna light a candle??? That’s it for me, I’m tossing the guns into the trash right now. Phew, good thing I stopped by here and saw this.

  5. I am going to hold a vigil for those defenseless individuals who were killed by senseless violence. At the gun range.

  6. @Scuba Steve I agree that lighting a candle is VERY Dangerous probably a bigger health problem than gun violence!
    How many lives are lost each and every year to Senseless arson and fires. These candles pose a serious health risk to our children….don’t they emit carbon monoxide….that KILLS!! How many senseless DEATHS will these candles cause due to fires and carbon monoxide poisoning?
    I think instead of lighting a Candle we should all go to the Range and “Light up Our Guns” to celebrate the states that all have concealed carry laws so citizens can protect now themselves……Except of course Obama’s home state of Illinois…..THEY ARE ALL VICTIMS there!!

  7. Sharpton and Henigan could start by remembering the two US agents and 300 Mexicans killed and being killed by Fast and Furious. Since, you know, it’s not a political issue. Think they will?

  8. Sharpton is a hate filled fraud who has blood on his hands relating to the Crown Heights riots and the attack on Freddy’s-I think the body count is eight.
    Too bad he survived being stabbed.

    • joe, whenever I hear that Sharpton guy, it just boggles my mind anyone gives him any attention at all. It gives me instant disrespect to those who give him a forum.

  9. AS err I mean Al Sharpton isn’t looking healthy. He hasn’t just lost weight. AS looks emaciated. I last saw that look when I lived in San Francisco.

    • In just a generation, we’ve gone from Martin Luther King to Al Sharpton, Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama and . . . well, why go on.

      Most of today’s civil rights “leaders” are just in it for the money.

  10. I will respect a minute of silence to honor defenseless American victims who did not have a gun to protect themselves from criminal violence .

  11. What’s so damned special about gun violence? Would it make the victims’ families feel better if they had been bludgeoned to death?

  12. I wonder if our favorite race peddler here knows that gun control is historically racist. Bet that’d put him in a pickle of made-up outrage and morality.


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