Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm
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H&K P30 Gun Review

In a world of compromise, some don’t.

Thus reads the unofficial tag line of Heckler & Koch, whose products I can only dream of owning…not just because they’re expensive, but because they won’t sell me the really neat stuff they make. Since 1949, the good folks from Oberndorf have been supplying excellent firearms to just about any government willing to pay for them.

H&K’s achievements are numerous, but since that’s not the point of the article, I’ll be brief; they have been tactical since before tactical was cool. They revolutionized the use of plastics and polymers in firearms, popularized polygonal rifling, designed a rifle that didn’t need any of those silly brass casings, and still make everything from target pistols to heavy machine guns. All that being said, let’s take a look at their latest pistol offering. Meet the H&K P30

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

Isn’t she beautiful? You won’t find any blued steel or wood grips here, but I think she’s pretty in the same way a shark is. Just like those monsters of the deep, the P30 is highly evolved and looks downright predatory.

The slide is smooth and streamlined, interrupted only by aggressive cocking serrations both fore and aft. The low profile, fin-like sights only add to the overall sleek look of the handgun. The pistol’s size is in the intermediate class: she’s neither compact nor full size, but somewhere comfortably in the middle, much like the GLOCK 19. In fact, it’s only 1/10th of an inch shorter than that model GLOCK and just a tad wider if you include its much larger slide release. And the P30’s about an ounce heavier.

The frame and grip are H&Ks usual fiber re-enforced polymer, and everything looks sharp, from the standard accessory rail to the checkering on the front of the trigger guard to its 0h-so-comfortable grip. But more on those later.

Technically speaking, the P30 is more or less the classic link-less Browning tilting barrel action, just like the H&K P2000 before it. And before that, the infamous H&K USP. If it isn’t broke, there’s really no reason to even think about fixing it.

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

The slide (which, by the way, is machined from one solid billet of steel) and any important metal parts wear H&Ks proprietary “Hostile Environment” finish. It’s essentially a black oxide coating and it’s resistant to just about everything up to and including 5 megaton airbursts, if H&Ks website is to be believed.

The P30’s offered in quite a few configurations. Caliber-wise, you can get it in 9x19mm or .40 Smith and Wesson. You can chose a SA/DA trigger, a DAO law enforcement trigger, a manual ambidextrous safety, spurred or bobbed hammer, a built in gunlock, and even a RFID chip if you’re either European or too lazy to actually read off the pistols model name, information and serial number.

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

Regardless of the set-up you chose, the heater comes with H&Ks outstanding 3.86’’ polygonal rifled barrel which is supposed to increase muzzle velocity and barrel life. It also means that not only does H&K cold hammer forge their pistol barrels, but they also design them so that even if completely blocked (say, with dirt, mud, blood or the bullet from one of your friend’s handloads) you can still fire a round without the gun going grenade on you.

I personally witnessed a P30 brought back from the firing line with a severe problem. The slide was locked back, and would not move forward. The culprit was a bulged barrel due to a round being fired after a squib became lodged. The pistol was sent back for warranty work, the barrel was replaced, and the owner was quite happy that he still had his shooting hand.

One novel feature of the gun are its interchangeable grip panels. Quite a few pistols on the market have interchangeable backstraps, but someone at H&K had the idea that maybe that wasn’t the only part of the stock people might want to adjust. The pistol comes not only with three interchangeable backstraps (in small, medium, and large), but also with interchangeable side panels.


Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

The backstrap, which is kept in place with a small roll pin, keeps pressure on two removable side panels, one on each side of the gun. They slide into place allowing a shooter not only to change how the back of the pistol fits the hand, but also the sides. What’s even better is that the side panels can be set up asymmetrically.

This allowed me to put a large, somewhat bulkier panel on the right side of the grip to fit the concave shape of my particular palm profile and a flat panel on the other side  to get maximum grip with my very high thumbs-up shooting style. Not only are they modular, but the panels are textured quite aggressively. Not to the point where they feel like they’re going to cheese grate your hands, but textured in such a way as to dispel any worry about keeping a good grip on the gun after dunking it in a barrel of motor oil.

It may seem like a gimmick (it did to me, at first) but the modular grip makes a huge difference in practice. I’ve shot and handled a lot of different handguns and I can say without doubt that after setting the grip panels the way I liked, this pistol fit my hand better than anything else I’ve ever held. With a fully loaded magazine, the balance was darned close to perfect. It pointed very naturally, just like an extension of my arm,  just the way a gun in this class should.

But the real question was how would it shoot? I started off with the 9mm version going fairly slowly, plinking at paper targets at different ranges just to get a feel for the firearm and to get used to the SA/DA trigger. I have to admit, I’m spoiled rotten when it comes to triggers. I’m used to nice 1911 designs with fairly light triggers. Also striker fired pistols, specifically my GLOCK, with its boringly predictable bangswitch and super crisp reset.

To be frank, the P30’s go pedal bothered me from the first shot to the last. Not just because of its weight, but because as I pulled the trigger back, my finger would uncomfortably rub across the top of the paddle-style magazine release located at the bottom of the trigger guard. I had to shift my trigger finger placement slightly to the left, but after doing so, the mag release wasn’t a problem.

Predictably, the double action pull is long and heavy. The single action trigger pull, however, is a breath of fresh air. In DA, it starts out a tad mushy but then stages and firms up, allowing you to very easily take up the slack to press through the last bit and drop the hammer. In SA, it’s fairly light, although the pull was a bit long for my taste. Both modes, though, were smooth and consistent and by the time I was done with my warm up, I had more or less figured out the trigger.

Well, almost. The one thing I couldn’t abide about the P30’s trigger was the reset. Or, should I say, the almost complete lack thereof. The reset is so far forward and so hard to feel that it’s almost not worth bothering with. This is probably the single biggest detriment to an otherwise outstanding handgun.

The H&K’s sights are a typical 3-dot configuration and are placed far enough apart to allow easy alignment. They use a proprietary H&K luminous paint and are easy to pick up quickly at my favorite indoor shooting range.

The pistol’s magazines are very well made and sport a black finished steel body. And unlike many double stack mags, they’re fairly easy to load. I didn’t need any special tools – or shred my thumb – to fully pack the P30’s fifteen rounders.

With my initial familiarization of the pistol completed, I borrowed a Blackhawk! SERPA holster, strapped it on, and got down to business.

Over the course of a quite enjoyable afternoon, I burned through over five hundred rounds of ammo in various flavors. From high quality American made to imported steel cased ammo with funny animal names, the P30 eagerly devoured everything. The gun cycled perfectly only one malfunction…and that was a failure to fire from a bad primer. Being a double action, I theoretically could have pulled the trigger for a second strike and tried that stubborn primer again, but I automatically tap-rack-banged and cleared the round before I thought of it.

Any pistol will behave well when you baby it and shoot slowly. But with H&Ks reputation, and the P30’s obvious intention as a duty firearm, I figured it deserved a sterner workout. The vast majority of my test was conducted by firing as quickly as I could yank the trigger.

My method was to use the pistol’s excellent de-cocker, mounted on the back of the slide, to de-cock the pistol on a full chamber, holster it, draw, and fire. I varied between drawing and firing a controlled pair and drawing and firing a Mozambique drill (two rounds center of mass, one round to the head). Regardless, the rapid fire portion of my test was done at the seven yard line from the holster, with the first shot fired double action.

And that was where the pistol really shined. With the exception of a few flyers (most likely from the much longer initial double action trigger pull), I kept the vast majority of rounds where they would be needed to stop a threat.

Groups like this were standard and pretty easy to achieve, even shooting as fast as I could manage, flash sight picture and all.

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

The pistol’s paddle-style mag release is located in a style endemic to many Germanic designs. And although it may not be immediately familiar to most American shooters, the trigger guard mounted mag catch is just big enough and in almost the perfect place (for me). I had to slightly roll the pistol in my hand to dump the magazine, which drops free quite readily, thanks to their sturdy all steel construction. The pistol also had a decent flair in the magazine well so speed reloads were a lark.

Overall, I was pretty impressed. My shooting with the P30 was only marginally worse than what I can do with my regular carry pistol, which has a significantly longer barrel, better sights, and a much lighter trigger. I think this sort of practical accuracy is owed to the pistol’s superior ergonomics, very fine barrel and build quality.

Once I’d shot through most of my ammo and without letting the pistol cool down, I pulled up a chair to the bench, got out my sand bag rest, and braced the pistol for some longer range accuracy testing.

The initial results were not encouraging. The front sight’s fairly wide, and the trigger, even shooting single action, isn’t exactly God’s gift to target shooting. I got the distinct feeling, however, that the pistol, with a 5.85″ sight radius, is still capable of outshooting me. I did manage to achieve some good quality groups at twenty five yards, such as the one below.

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

After I fired my last round, I loaded up my range bag and decided to be kind and clean the test pistol before I returned it. Breakdown is very conventional. Lock the slide to the rear, drift out the slide catch, pull the trigger, remove the recoil spring and then the barrel and the disassembly is done.

After five hundred rounds – most of which were reloads or cheap imported ammo – the pistol was mighty dirty. But the gun didn’t seem to mind it at all. Even after some tender loving care with a tooth brush and rag, the pistol’s action and function were just as smooth dirty as they were when clean.

Gun Review: H&K P30 9mm

In conclusion, I don’t have much bad to say about the H&K P30. It’s accurate, reliable, and very easy to shoot and use. The trigger certainly isn’t to my taste, but I think someone who’s more accustomed to the whole SA/DA trigger thing would have great results.

The price, however, is another matter. I’d have to think twice – and maybe a third time – before laying out that much lucre even though the gun’s generally a joy to shoot. That’s a lot of money to lay out for a gun when our Austrian friends produce something at least as reliable at about half the price. That being said, I have no doubt that this pistol could be rode hard and put away wet for years and years and still provide faithful service.


Model: H&K P30
Caliber: 9x19mm
Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
Materials: Fiber re-enforced polymer frame, steel slide
Barrel Length: 3.86’’
Weight: 1.43 pounds without magazine
Overall length: 6.99 inches
Sights: Fixed three dot with luminous paint
Action: SA/DA
Finish: Matte “Hostile Environment” Black
MSRP: $1023, about $850 street

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style * * *
As in all things, it’s a matter of taste. If you’re into the whole polished blued steel and walnut look, this isn’t the heater for you. But if you’re looking for something that’s all down to earth, no-frills tacticool, she’s the Mona Lisa.

Ergonomics (Carry) * * *
This pistol is light, points intuitively, doesn’t have anything that will snag and is wicked quick out of the holster. She is, however, a little on the chubby side. The P30″s probably more at home on a duty belt or in tactical holster, but she’d still be OK to carry in an IWB holster, or, if possible, an OWB holster with a very loose shirt or light jacket.

Ergonomics (Firing) * * * *
All the controls are in the right place – once you get used to that paddle mag release. It’s accurate and is a pleasure to shoot. I’d have given it full marks except for that trigger, which is the biggest drawback to the gun.

Reliability * * * * *
Come hell or high water, this pistol is going to work. What else could you ask for?

Customize This * * *
With the choice of 27 different grip options, a Picatinny rail and a fair selection of replacement sights and holsters, there isn’t much you can’t do to this pistol. The only limitation is the fact that the pistol is rather expensive and fairly uncommon, so there aren’t tons of aftermarket options.

Overall * * * *
The pistol feels great in the hand, is quite accurate, handles flawlessly and is about as reliable as you’d want a handgun to be. It lives up to H&Ks legacy of building excellently crafted, reliable firearms with mediocre triggers.

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  1. I had the opportunity to compare a P30 and the new Walther PPQ the other day and was amazed at the similarities in size and feel. The biggest difference between the two, aside from the price, was the striker firing mech. on the PPQ. I walked away seriously contemplating adding a PPQ to my collection. I’m still considering that option.

    Price wise the PPQ is coming in around $550-600. Anyone who likes the ergonomics of the P30 and who isn’t married to the H&K name owes it to themselves to check out the PPQ.

    • Indeed.

      I did add the PPQ to my collection, and in my opinion, it’s the best new handgun of 2011. While I like the P30, and generally don’t mind spending more to get more, the Walther gives you the same level of quality, the same European proof-house hallmarks, similar ergonomics, and a much better trigger reset for significantly less. Also, the magazine release is the same style, but larger and easier to use.

      If you don’t mind spending a little bit more than a G19, but want to spend a lot less than a P30, it’s worth checking out.

      The only downside is that accessories are still thin on the ground, but the PPQ takes P99 sights and magazines, and magazines from P99 clones, so the situation isn’t dire. The Desert Eagle Fast Action magazines are the best deal, since they come from Mec-Gar, just like the OEM PPQ magazines. And Kahr ships quickly. Holsters are the biggest issue. The shape of the trigger guard was changed from the P99, so it’s not backward-compatible. However, I like Desantis, and they have a PPQ mold, so I’m satisfied. I’m sure other holster makers will be getting molds eventually too.

    • PPQ owners represent!

      Gotta love that trigger! And the ergo. And the fit & finish. And the price.

      Hate the lack of accessories for the Walthers. Mostly the ability to mount a optic easily. But in a gun as good as the PPQ, what else do you need but sights and a holster?

  2. Amended:
    They revolutionized the use of plastics and polymers in firearms, popularized polygonal rifling, produced a rifle that chewed up those disposable brass casings, designed a rifle that didn’t need those silly brass thingies, and still make everything from target pistols to heavy machine guns to grenade launchers.


    If only Glock had a similar mag release and interchangeable grip panels…

    Typo: If it isn’t broke, there’s really no reason to even thing about fixing it. (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

  3. An open letter to the gun community from HK’s marketing department: In a world of compromises, some people put the bullets in the magazine backwards…But it doesn’t matter, because our gun is on the cover of the Rainbow Six video games. Look how cool that SEAL coming out of the water looks… If you buy a $2,000 SOCOM, you will be that cool of an operator too. And chicks will dig you.

    At HK, we stuck a piston on an AR15, just like a bunch of other companies have done, dating back to about 1969. However ours is better, because we refuse to sell it to civilians. Because you suck, and we hate you.

    Our XM8 is the greatest rifle ever developed. It may melt, and it doesn’t fit any accessories known to man, but that is your fault. If you were a real operator, you would love it. Once again, look at Rainbow Six, that G36 sure is cool isn’t it? Yeah, you know you want one.And by the way, check out our new HK45. We decided that humans don’t need to release the magazine with their thumbs. If you were a really manly teutonic operator, you would be able to reach the controls. Plus we’ve fired 100,000,000 rounds through one with zero malfunctions, and that was while it was buried in a lake of molten lava, on the moon. If you don’t believe us, it is because you aren’t a real operator.

    By the way, our cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns like the G3 and MP5 are the bestest things ever, and totally worth asinine scalpers prices, but note that cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns from other countries are commie garbage. Not that it matters, because you’re civilians, so we won’t sell them to you anyway. Because you suck, and we hate you, but we know you’ll be back. We can beat you down like a trailer park wife, but you’ll come back, you always do.

    Buy our stuff.


    HK Marketing DepartmentHK.  Because you suck.  And we hate you. 

  4. I agree with the above comments. Down here in Wilmington NC all the local police departments have have switched out their H&K,s for S&W M&P,s. Truth be told, H&K has made only one truly great pistol. The P7. Everything else has been overpriced, hard to shoot, mediocre stuff.

    The P30 has the same faults as its predecessor the USP. The combination of the bore axis and recoil system throw your hand off target in the strangest way. Glocks, Smiths, CZs, Beretta PX4s, and even Rugers are much better shooters.

    You can literally get two of the above guns for the price of one P30. I will take an M&P and PX4 please!

    • I used to visit Wilmington every weekend when I was stationed in Camp Lejeune. I had noticed they carried H&Ks. Pretty ritzy for a college town.

      • Yep Wilmington, and the New Hanover Sheriffs Dept. both carried the USP. Universally, everyone at both agencies prefer their new M&Ps in .45ACP. They also carry +P ammunition in them too. UNCW PD carries Gen4 .40 cal Glocks.

        Semper Fi

    • I halfway agree as I’ve owned quite a few HK’s but the USP45 Tactical I own is my favorite handgun in DA/SA. I put nearly 20k rounds through the barrel before electing to install a threaded one to install a mb on the end and a can after a little saving (for the can). I love the gun for the fact that it has NEVER failed in any way on me despite any ammo I put down it though I do use only 2 types now that are my favorite, both 185ers. If you watch the military channels torture test it is one of the only guns that makes it through the entire gauntlet. The way the slide rides over top the frame hanging a frag below where the frame starts and the tight tolerances it seals out a lot of dirt etc unlike most others you can look through to tthhe other side and see daylight. HOWEVER, The trigger, being fair… SUCKED until my smith and I got it to where I needed it (pain in the ass). Everything else about it I love though. The recoil reduction system is noticeable for certain. It IS an offensive gun for certain. Having said that it doesn’t come close to the (different categorically) STI DVC 0 for my Steel Challenge partakings and then yes, the M&P orginal I bought in 9mm is pretty damn amazing for the price. I will say that I bet I have and will still be shooting an everage of 500+/mth of 45’s through my USP45 longer than any of the other pistols I own. WHY can’t they make a trigger? Or is it WHY can’t they make a nice civilian trigger? Are the HK non-civilian models of their arsenal all with excellent trigger groups? ((It should also be mentioned that I’ve got about $1,000 extra into the USP45 minimum on what I bought new decades ago and did so right away so you can bash me for that I suppose). The PQ though – Now that’s one I want to check out as I have heard over and over (and it’s lower priced than HK’s equivelants) that it is comparable or even better if you lean in hard on the value of the stock triggerr groups iin each. One more thing…. The lack of reset (lol yes, it didn’t happen until I was nearly letting go of it in the returned position) is a break point (and SHOULD be) less you’re more of an HK fan and have the patience and throw money to change it all. WHY pay all that sticker price and then a ton more? Only because the end result is exactly what I wanted. Hey, $3,500 for a used STI is not so dissimilar to arrive at the goal you’ve inteded to reach to make the gun shoot exactly as you want it to etc.

  5. My Hk45 is might be the most accurate defensive pistol I own. After I put about 3000 rounds through it I had Bruce Gray do his magic on the trigger and internals. I also replaced the crappy stock sights with Heinies. A Surefire X400 and Cor Bon 185 gr DPX rounds finish a package that I think is the most modern choice for a combat handgun. When I’m at home it’s either on my hip or on the nightstand 24 hrs. Raven Concealment is a great choice for weapon light compatible holsters. For old school penetration I have a WC Tactical Elite set up for 45 Super and loaded with Buffalo Bore 255 gr hardcast rounds.

    Oh, and it might be out of the ordinary, but the one time I used HK,s cust service it was great.

  6. Why do you refer to the USP as being “infamous”? Did I miss something all these years? I have a HK USP-T in .45 acp, and while I will confess to not being able to shoot it all that well, I have never attributed that fact to the gun.

  7. I have shot a number of HK pistols. I think they are extremely well made. But I never liked a single one. They just don’t feel right in the hand. And they are absurdly over priced. A CZ shoots much better. At half the price. A S&W M&P or Springfield XDM shoot better, and cost 1/3 less.

    • BMW loves their customers. I can always feel the love at the local dealership. It is necessary, though, that you understand the psycho-social complexities of Bavaria. Last week my long-time assigned service account manager actually forgot which one of us is supposed to hold the whip. I guess business had been slow. I bet HK never forgets details like that.

  8. My wife just bought a H & K P30 and I think it’s a fine pistol….until it’s time to field strip it. This reviews description is completely different to my wife’s. You have to hold the slide at a specific point (not locked back), push a button on the right side then while still holding the action at the same point lever off the release. You basically need three hands.

    Unless we are both missing something.

    • Try holding the slide instead of the frame with your thumb on the back strap when you are stripping it. That is what I do with my P30S V3 40S&W.

    • I also have a P30. I shoot right handed. I removed the ambi slide release lever on the ejector side of the pistol. With the ejector side slide release removed, there is a button like nub remaining which you can depress with your trigger finger. If you do that, the take down becomes easy and very fast. You just put your finger on the nub, rack the slide, and pull it right off the front of the receiver. You can take it down as fast as you can rack the slide and put it back together just as quickly. If you’re right handed, give it a try and see what you think.

    • This is a nice gun problem is its way over priced for the normal gun guy. Most would look at others that are within a pay check.

      This reminds me of a 900 dollar vacuum cleaner sold in the 60s pretty works well but you can buy a 50 vacuum that does the same thing,

  9. HK polymer since the USP in my significant experience is the top shelf for reliability and durability. Take it new out of the box put, duty factory ammo in it, and with no break in you can stake your life on it. Period. Oh but it costs so much. Yes it does and it is worth every penny. Oh but Glock. . . . Yea right. The durability of the .40 cal Gen 1-3 is lack luster; it didnt function right with stuff on the rails. The reliability of the Glock Gen 4 9mm is a complete joke. The Glock 9mm Gen 3 for about a 5 years period was certainly the equal and perhaps superior to HK polymer. Other than that it is not the for best for durability and reliability. For shooting dynamics the Glock is superior. (But that LEM trigger is very nice for police work.) However, the (old and) new kid on the block that nearly equals the Glock in overall in shooting dynamics is the Walther PPQ, certainly it has the best stock DAO or striker trigger ever put out on a production gun and full ambi controls are highly desirable. So if you want P30 ergos with awesome shooting dynamics get a PPQ. However, I think the PPQ will not have the same outstanding durability as the HK or Glock Gen 3 9mm.

    • i dont know WTF youre talking about but the glock’s durability and reliability is pretty much hard to beat…especially for the price. im sure militaries around the world and US special forces would select a handgun with lackluster durability and reliability LMAO!!! especially when they have the budget to select whatever handgun they want.

  10. Review is spot on, and also applies to all USPs and P2000s regarding bomb proof design, “slow” trigger, and long range accuracy being limited by the blocky factory front sight. Over the years, I have found that compared to other light weight polymer pistols like Glock and XD, limp-wristing does not cause a malfunction with the USP/P2000/P30 series. YMMV.

  11. my gold cup fits my hand perfectly and the plastic stays in the safe

    maybe its just cuz I’m a geezer with a colt fetish…………….but if you stick with the originals, they’re still the best

    do admit that I like my socom, but the suppressor just never seems to come off

  12. I bought P30 2 months ago in local gunshop in Philippines and very happy with it. The ergonomic is superb, most accurate hand gun i ever shoot. The down side is the price, it me cost 2100 USD+ 200 for license ( i cried only once ha ha ha). But the quality is topnotch. Never had any any issues about trigger SA/DA ect, stock parts works fine for me. I understand that this pistol is designed as combat handgun…..(not for shooting empty cans & bottles)……If you want reliable, accurate & comfortable guns…HK P30 is the way go…….Life is too short to carry ugly guns!

  13. H&K makes quality stuff, but like FN, are a military contractor, and only sell to us civilians as a sideline. So we get crazy prices on the guns, and even more so on parts, magazines, and service. I carry HK’s, but keep a Glock around just in case.

    • What pistol do they make that goes only to the military that is superior to the ones we have access to? And are you saying just for instance that say the HKUSP45t V1’s price is over-inflated because of their love for the military and hatred (or maybe a lesser term like non-caring attitude) towards the GP? Do you not think that an HKUSP45T V1 say when it was still produced and on the retail consumer shelf at gunshops say for $800 was the price for a single purchase -VS – a fair price for maybe 100,000 of them to a military branch (minimalizing the military purchase number so as not to exaggerate) of ??? (I do NOT know what they’re pricing indexes were for any of the branches of any country’s military or police forces but imagine it wasn’t $250. I would wager that it would be a sensible and back and forth negotiation and even a contracted larger future buyout to obtain a “fair” price compared to “Joe Shooter” at “Greg’s Garage of Guns”. If someone would kindly state an accurate price our (U.S.A. Seal Team 6 price) or any military or police mass purchase price, THEN we would have an idea. And even then, how do you come up with “That’s NOT fair” and the conclusion of “They (HK) don’t give a hoot about us if we dropped off the earth?

      • ….continued from above. Who makes the weapons made for military use by HK not available to the general public say here in the U.S.? Back in the earlier 80’s, my HK91 was no different than what went out to any other military branch as a civilian. Yes I paid the tax and for a short while legally shot select fire. I mean, were the equivelant to the HK91 in semi-auto made cheaper and/or with different grades of metal and poor welding etc? What or which models are we not allowed to purchase in semi-auto versions? (Serious question as I don’t know that answer). And does that mean that the ones that DO sell (if there are many models a civilian cannot own even in the semi-auto set up), are they considered to be the bottom of the barrel and such that it just keeps them from being bashed too hard by hard workin civilians wanting the other models?

  14. There is a slight difference between HK USP series and other pistols
    because navy seals adopted other pistols and MK23 and USPs were
    developed according to navy seals requirements (are there any more
    demanding requirements on combat handgun than navy sealse have
    ? i do not think so) so if someone says HKs are bad or have medicore
    triggers (it is a service gun not a target one) or something he is just
    not good enough to use it properly 🙂

    yours sincerely
    happy p30l user

    • Aye Aye! Team 6 , Plus don’t forget the plethora of special forces, regular infantry, and police all over the world armed with HK.
      USP45 bought new and have had fun putting about 1,000 – 1,500 into it or more with the Cmore STS2, and nearly every part in the gun along with smith work…..because I can, and because it pleased me and I can afford it. Appx 22k rounds through the non-threaded barrel without any problems! ANY AMMO! Then decided to go with the German made HK threaded barrel to run a can and also a MB also because I can. I don’t understand the difference between 600 and and maybe 800 for my USP45 new. If we were talking 1,000- vs 20,000, then not only should there be a huuuuuge difference in quality etc etc but there’s also the disability for many to afford the second number. But what kind of job do people have that stop them from being able to AFFORD a 800 or even 1,000 gun compared to a 500 gun? SAVE your PENNNNIES anyone?! If that difference breaks the bank you canNOT and Should NOT be shooting as there are tons and tons of brick walls you will hit starting with ammo and possibly ending with a caliber specific bore brush. **And I do understand there was sort of a common thread talking about hiking retail pricing because HK just doesn’t CARE. That’s not the case, c’mon…bitter bitter bitter. I have gotten more, dollar for dollar out of my USP45T with tons of upgrades and smith work than from my 4K starting price on my STI DVC O.
      With the trigger group work on my USP and Cmore STS2 on both my STI and USP I am able surpass my best times clocked using my STI on Steel Challenges with my USP! I don’t know why other than maybe the amount of rounds I’ve put through the USP. Won’t happen with my PQ and definitely not my G19. The money is spent ONCE on the gun’s price tag. Newspaper routes (back in the day as I have also been shooting over 40 years) could cover the spread between a Glock and an HK of the same caliber in maybe 2 months time lol.

  15. I held one at the store and don’t like it’s feel. Feels like a child molded this from a block of cheese with a potato peeler. The shape is just all wrong. Plus HK’s attitude seriously does not fit with the real world. They live on brand appeal anymore, their quality is no better than anyone else and their guns have odd features added for the sake of annoying people. Examples, civvy UMP-45 uses only single-stack mags as well as the SL8. Prices, too, the prices. These guns are cool but never worth what HK sells them for.

    I’m not a Glock fan-boy but I will admit a Glock is a toaster that keeps going. My brother never cleans his and never treats any of his things well, but the Glock doesn’t fail. He is one of those guys that just shoots his AR and won’t bother with maintenance until it jams or something broke, he needs an AK really. I myself have a PX4 and it’s very accurate and low-recoil, especially since I got the 9mm, but the rotating barrel and action scare me. I never had a jam in 1k round but I just feel that the action wouldn’t be as reliable and I am considering getting a 92fs again. The pistol I enjoyed the most in my life was the P226 though. And Navy Seals DO use those, there is even a version identical to what the Seals use being sold by Sig.

  16. I have two HK’s, P2000sk and a USP 40 compact, and I love them. I’ve never had a problem with them and they shoot great. I love the LEM trigger. I’ve carried them on and off duty and they are both also fairly easy to conceal.

    Also, I’ve had nothing but great service from HK customer service. Not sure if all the negative comments about customer service are from actual experiences or if people are just repeating what they’ve heard. I suspect a lot of it is just hearsay as I rarely hear the details when people complain about the service.

  17. I have an HK P2000 in 357 sig. Ergonomics are way better than a Glock. I personally like the LEM trigger too. A S&W is next best egonomically, but the trigger isn’t too great. For me, it’s worth the extra $$$.

  18. Get a Sig SP2022; it’s half the price of the H&K, includes real tritium night sights, and has a better trigger. If you prefer all metal, go with the P226 or P229.

    • I have a .40 Sig2020. Accurate as hell. Problem is that after a few rounds it locks into battery. Sent it to Sig and they say no problem. One more chance with oil and emory cloth, After that it will be well oil and put back min the case in the gun safe. If you can rely on it I have other. SA has a good 9mm but not as accurate. Ironically I carry a Sig .380 Scorpion as EDC and would bet my life on it.

  19. I have one HK P30L. Is there any company that offers improved weapon accessories such as company APEX ? I want to shrink more recoil and trigger stroke

  20. My Glock 22’s plastic guide rod broke while I was firing. It was pretty embarrassing but at least I wasn’t shooting at an intruder. I have fondled a few P30’s and they feel perfect, and I currently own a P2000SK. I’m very happy with it. A gun isn’t just how it shoots, customer service can mean alot, along with warranty. Smith and Wesson are a perfect example. If you don’t want a long pull then I would suggest you get a striker fire and shut up. Its not rocket science!

  21. I have one HK P30L. Is there any company that offers improved weapon accessories such as company APEX ? I want to shrink more recoil and trigger stroke

    thanks a lot

  22. I own the P30 9mm V.3 and bought it back in 2009. This gun is fantastic! I have shot about 4,500 rounds through it since (I record all rounds shot through all my guns), and I can honestly tell you I have never had one failure with this gun. I bought a total of five magazines when I purchased the gun, and all of them are still in great condition.

    The accuracy is still excellent. The gun is still tight and with a little polish could pass as semi-new.

    Whenever someone asks me what gun they should by, I never hesitate to say the HK p30 9mm or .40 cal.

    I switch between this gun and my 3″ Colt New Agent .45 for my carry gun. Whenever I am out in the open public or in a large area the HK p30 is my choice of carry. Somewhere where I would possibly need high velocity and a gun that can give me a range, I carry my HKp30.

    If you are looking for a high quality leather holster, I had TT gunleather make me a custom holster. Highly recommend Tim Thurner! He is fantastic.

    I will say this. I bought the 9mm only because I already own two .45’s and a .40. If this is your FIRST GUN PURCHASE, I recommend getting the .40. Overall IMHO the .40 is a better carrying round and home self defense than the 9mm. It does kick more but not much. The .40 version also only holds 13+1 not 15+1 like the 9mm.

    Either way you can’t go wrong.

  23. wanted to know what the pros and cons are of of an h&K usp 40 full size dao lem vs p30 dao light lem

    dont know as to which one to purchase.
    and from what i have learned the ups 40 is very hard to get and is on back order

  24. All that talk about the PPQ makes me sick, The quality is far from HK’s P30, no were near as solidly built and the grip feels nothing a like other than shape. Yes PPQ’s trigger reset is awesome, Whoppty fucking due, A Glock with a $170 Pyramid Trigger feels loads better in ever way and over all is cheaper. The PPQ is so tapered that the sites look dumb and let’s no forget PPQ’s undersized eject port making the gun just like the PPS stovepipe a lot. 400 rds through mine and I had enough I sold it, It’s cheaper, because folks it’s a cheaper gun. Deal with it, Like the the Sigpro 2022 is a poor man’s 226, the PPQ is a poor mans P30. No one should be ashamed to own a PPQ it’s a great gun at that price, but it’s no P30 or far from the tank built 226.

  25. Its 2013 There’s no need for a Double Action Pistol with a High Bore Axis and with a price over 1000 dollars ! I wish I had a dollar every time I’ve heard it spoke .

    I made my third transition to DA/SA Pistol back in 1995. And I still use the SA/DA Pistol = A SIG P229 in 40cal..

    I’ve been wanting to go back to 9mm because I’m getting older and bullets like federal 124 +P HST will do fine for CCW use.

    Pistols I looked at.

    SIG M11A1- I’m a sig owner but no way will I test the new DASH-1 Slide and long extractor. If it was made to M11 specs I would of bought it .

    GLOCK 19 – to many reports of problems!. Great job screwing up a nice pistol guys!

    S&W M&P 9mm Hit and Miss . reports of 8MOA groups. And it seems they don’t care.

    Walther PPQ – Hey its German 9mm But I don’t see LOTS of mag’s , parts, holsters

    HK P30 9mm . German made. has a good rep. Parts/Mag’s can be bought at HK Parts. Lots of holsters to be had.

    I chose a P30S V3 9mm . Its about the only Pistol I trust to be GTG out of the box
    I would of trust a SIG MK25 and the Beretta M9 etc! but they aren’t compacts!
    and the only thing that might need changed on the p30 is the sights. But I would of done that with a Glock right..

  26. I’m somewhat of a novice when it comes to internet comments. But, why do so many Glock fans have their period and literally have a panic attack when another gun is wrote up as being great. Damn, they come out of the air like zombies hearing a loud noise. Glocks are a fantastic gun. But Glock-Tards are the worst brand whores on the net. They’ve surpassed the 1911 snobs (who they whine about constantly) in douchiness by light years.

  27. Last time I checked they don’t sell to civilians because our government said no more importation of cool guns. Also we won’t do anything to attract you to make your cool guns here. Also we are striving to make guns uncool. We have even banned super soaker commercials. Dolls are the new guns and fashion is the new war.

  28. I owned a Glock before I could afford an HK. If you’re funds are tight, a Glock is an OK choice. It’s just that I would never go back to one, it wasn’t fun having people snicker at me at the range when they saw my Glock 19. Maybe thy were snobs, but I now see why they would roll their eyes when yet another guy shows up with a a Glock.

    They’re boring guns. And I don’t trust the lack of manual safety. Most Glock owners don’t care because no girls would even noitice if they accidentally shot themselves in the genitals.

  29. So I have an opportunity to pick up a P30 .40 cal for $500. Comes with 50 rounds and a hard plastic holster. The gun itself appears to be in excellent shape with very little holster markings. It feels and shoots great. What do y’all think? Should I get it?

    • Personal opinion here, I tried the P30 at the rental range today, and it just didn’t feel “right”. In 9mm it felt snappier than a P229, and the Sig pointed better for me. I actually had a similar problem that I have with Glocks, in that it doesn’t naturally point right for me. If it feels good in your hands, points right, and it is shooting reliably, I’d say go for it. But I would put at least 20 rounds through it yourself to make sure that YOU can shoot the gun well. Don’t get me wrong, it feels like a great gun, I would have no issues trusting it to go bang every time and hit what it’s pointed at. But I can’t point it reliably enough. I could still hit a 12″ circle at 15-20 yards, but it took a lot more work than with a Sig. When you get to choose for yourself, I really don’t see the point in picking a handgun that’s fighting you all the way. Given how snappy it felt in 9mm, I can’t imagine being able to make good follow-up shot in .40. But that’s my hands, my stance, etc. You won’t be able to tell without shooting it yourself if it will work for you, so I’d ask the seller to let you run a box through it on your dime before making the decision.

  30. I have taken my P30S to the range a few times. For me it is not as absolutely accurate as other pistols I have fired. The accuracy certainly exceeds my ability. The trigger is a little spongy, but very manageable. What I do like is that it shoots any ammo I put in it without any problems. It is just a range gun for me, and carry is not a priority. I did buy an HK P30L threaded barrel and probably paid too much for it. My accuracy improved with the “L” threaded barrel. It also is drama free when I attach a suppressor to it. It is probably not the right pistol for everybody, but it has proven itself reliably through the worst that I can throw at it.

  31. I’ve held the P30S, and was amazed how it felt in my hand. My only gripe was the location of the manual safety and its proximity to the slide release. If the was in a different spot, or smaller I dont think there would have been a problem. Other than that I think it felt superb, and this is coming from someone who loves the way his P2000sk feels, which is also amazing.

  32. Fired it. Bought it. What a fantastic weapon! It’s even better know that I swapped the grips. Thanks for the feedback Kyle.

  33. Love HKs but they are not all perfect. i also own Glocks, Sigs, Springfield 1911s, Ed brown 1911s, and various Colts and Smith revolvers. I had a early Springfield Xd slam fire in my living room upon chambering a round from the mag. My friend’ SW M&P is a total POS several failures. This is a good honest review. Kudos. For all you HK haters who talk smack about HK pricing-Hers a hint- find a police supply outfit who sells to the public. Buy an HK police turn in for less than a springfield XD/XDS or a SW M&P. Most of my HKs are turn ins and I have had ZERO problems with them. My Glocks function pretty well but they shoot high with factory sights in my hands. They do go bang every time and the value is Ok except the model 19 I am looking at is north of 600. I and an issue with my P 30-wrong variant in the correct box- HK fixed the issue within a week. Not bad. Helluv a lot better than Springfield or Smith.

  34. My father and I owned a gun shop during the Brady period. I had the opportunity to to try out a lot of the most popular handguns at the time. I purchased my first HK back in the 90’s. As for many gun owners, financial problems forced me to sell my HK USP 40. But I have always collected firearms and had a opportunity to purchase another HK USP 40 recently. I also currently own an XDM 4.5 45, Gen 4 Glock 32 357 sig, Gen 3 Glock 20 SF10mm, and Canik 55 TP-9. I am not a fan boy of any company, but was collecting compensated c model Glocks, and RTF models for the last couple years. At the time I also had a Glock 22 RTF 2, Glock 22c, and Glock 23c. I had the chance to shoot all of my 40 cal. together at one time. I was pleasantly surprised and quickly remembered what I had been missing. The HK USP 40 out shot every one of them, no failures from any of the guns, just talking accuracy. Felt recoil is significantly less with the HK USP 40, I do not shoot my HK in double action, so I can not speak to that, single action trigger pull is awesome and accurate…way more accurate than I could shoot my 40 cal Glocks. I prefer carrying cocked and locked, just a personal thing but I can drop the safety while drawing to fire. Only draw back in my opinion is a lack of the standard picatinny rail which has been solved with the newer models. The gun has re-immpresed so much, I sold my 40 cal Glocks. If I ever find a better shooter in any caliber, regardless of manufacturer, it will be replaced. My personal collection I am sure will continue to evolve. I am not trying to sell you an HK, I am giving my opinion. 1st reliability, 2nd accuracy and so on…

    In my opinion a lot of these negative comments are made by people who have never shot an HK. I never give my opinion to a gun I have not shot. I have owned and shot a lot of different handguns, I had forgot the huge differences, at least in 40 cal between HK and its competitors. Price is a big deterrent to trying out a HK I understand that, is it worth the price difference? Emphatically YES, try out a rental at your range and shoot your gun side by side with the HK USP 40, you might be surprised, and purchase one…..

  35. Cheapness prevails in the good ol’ USA!!! HK P30 owner for 6+ year and love it. Yeah, I coulda bought a brand A, brand B, brand C or a horrid butt-ugly glock. Its a sometimes carry piece and would only trust a glock or HK, with my life, and as I said before the hideous glock is not for me.

  36. Thanks for writing this article it was very informative. I am buying my first gun and want to buy the best handgun on the market in 2015 (I do not care how much money the gun costs). I want an excellent tactical handgun – I’m going to to use it for home self-defense and to practice at the range. Is the H&K P30 9mm still the best handgun in 2015?

    Also, considering it is my first pistol I was told i should get a 9mm and not a .40 cal or above – what are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • bottom line:
      Get the pistol that works for you!
      your own personal ergonomic fit is what matters.
      If you can, go shoot a bunch of different makes and see what you are more comfortable/accurate with.
      Any name brand firearm these days will function the way they are supposed to.

      I have always bought 40 S&W. not just because of the added power but because if I want to shoot 9mm, I just buy a 9mm conversion barrel.

    • Have not fired a P30 in 40 cal. That said, a Glock model 22 in 40 cal has noticeably snappier recoil than a model 17 in 9mm. I would expect the difference is big enough to make most shooters less accurate with a 40 than a 9. You won’t go wrong with a 9, though many will say otherwise.

      If you really want a bigger caliber, go with a Glock 21 Gen 4. Recoil on a 45 ACP is more of a push than a snap, and the G21 is a really soft shooter. The frame is very large compared to the G17, so you may not like it if you have small hands.

      If you don’t like how the Glock feels in your hand then go with an m&p, just get a new one. The triggers on earlier ones were less than great.

  37. So many ppl complaining about the up front cost of hk pistols. The extra few hundred dollars you spend is what, a few trips to the range? If you like the hk over a cheaper gun but don’t wanna pony up a few hundred for it then you’re just cheap plain and simple. Say what you want about hk but their stuff is top notch quality and yes you have to pay a little more for that level of quality.

  38. Have been shooting pistils for 3 years now. Have bought some of the popular models (p226, M&P 9, XDM, 1911) and shot them for a few months to find what works for me. Fell in love with the G17 Gen 4 a year ago. Nothing else grips, points or shoots as naturally for me than this bad boy. I’m WAY more accurate and consistent with it than the rest. My search was over!!

    Then I had to go and buy a P30 in 9 with the light LEM trigger. Took a few hundred rounds to get used to how the trigger feels, but damn….after 500 rounds I’m as accurate and consistent with the P30 as I am with the G17.

    Keeping the Glock, still love it. Just wish I could find mags for the P30 since the VP9 guys are gobbling them up.

    Bottom line, both work fantastic for me. I’d put the quality of the GLOCK right up there with the HK; the P30 is just way tighter and more sleek. I think Glocks are pretty, too.

    I will say, the LEM trigger is freakin amazing. It is a work of genius to make a trigger light enough to stay on target while completing the pull stroke yet long enough to be safe. I shot a rented PPQ and a Sig P320 at a range in the fall, and both triggers are too light for me to feel comfortable with in a stressful situation.

    If you’re going to get an HK, absolutely go with the LEM trigger. Best kept secret out there.

  39. I’m so sick of all the babies out there that whine about the double/single action trigger pull on this pistol. I’ve spent 2 years in my service with the Marine Corps, first on the 2nd Marine Air Wing Rifle and Pistol Team and later shooting with the 2nd Marine Division team shooting on the National Match course with match 1911’s and match M-14’s. Nothing even got by in pistol competition that was anywhere close to 5 lbs. trigger pull. Generally you had to have at least 6 lbs. before they would even let you through to the firing line. Mine was closer to 9 lbs. If you want to learn how to fire a pistol like the P-30 accurately, first of all you have to grip that SOB like a man! Children and little girls need not apply. Dry firing is essential. You pull that trigger straight back in a swift motion without disturbing the sight picture in double action. If you can do that then the single action trigger pull is a breeze. I’ve been practicing with the P-30 and I’m telling you there is nothing wrong with this trigger.

  40. I never understood why HK being so innovative and so high quality could never get a trigger right on any gun they have produced? Every pistol besides the VP9 has a extremely sloppy and poor trigger. There is no fathomable reason why the triggers on these guns should have so much slack, take up, overtravel, length of pull and pull weight they do. I have shot HK’s pretty extensively and i can say that there arent many guns, even really cheap ones that have the poor triggers that they do. Again, the VP9 trigger is pretty good but its striker fired, which is pretty simple to get right. And even then the SIG P320 and PPQ beat it on trigger. SIGS DA/SA guns simply outclass the HK guns of same trigger function. Sig mastered the DA/SA. Where HK have always fumbled with it. Again, i just dont understand why, especially being priced the way they are. A good clean trigger is about 70% of how the gun will perform and shoot for most everyday shooters. Go shoot a USP or P30 or HK45 and you will see just how poor the triggers are. I just dont get it

  41. I have three of these as well as multiple versions of just about every other comp save Springfield’s line of plastic guns (XD?). Yes the HK is more expensive. But you will get it back on resale. Ever try to sell a Glock or an M&P? Good fing luck. The light LEM is the way to go. M&P with Apex sear and trigger is a good comp, but rest of gun is not near the quality of HK. I also like the PPQ, the trigger is awesome and build quality is fine for the money. Fun fact, P30 is actually a knock off of PPQ, not other way around. Another fun fact, P30 .40 and 9mm mags are interchangeable.

  42. And another thing, for all of you that parrot the “you suck and we hate you” sctick. Do have any first Peron experi

  43. Although I could never have any pride of ownership when it comes to a plasticky pistol I did buy this HK P30 as working type gun. I like the fact that it can be loaded and unloaded with the safety on (my model has a safety). Although there are those who don’t like manual safeties the fact remains that an accident can happen in a blink of an eye to anyone no matter how careful or intelligent. That’s reality and to deny it is to ignore the real world. I like the fact that I can decock it with the manual safety on as well. I have had no problem with the trigger and it is way more reliable in the ignition department than my Glock which has the anemic striker fired system. If you doubt my word load a high primer in an empty case and pull the trigger, it will not fire in a Glock but will fire in just about any hammer fired weapon. I know, I have tested many pistols in this manner and the striker fired weapons that had pre-loaded strikers (not the old fashioned full cock striker fired pistols) will fail the test, ditto for my Walther P99, it failed the test also.

    The only think that worries my about this pistol is that it uses MIM cast parts which are known for very high failure rates. Hopefully HK uses a higher grade MIM cast part, if such a part even exists.

    I also wish this pistol came with the option of Tritium Sights. The sights on my pistol are very bright luminous but the paint does not work if the pistol is kept in complete darkness as when it is under ones clothes. The sights need some light to glow and when they do glow boy do they glow bright. It actually helps me shoot even in bright sunlight and they are a real fireball.

    • Bought my P2008, right when it was first introduced. I shoot weekly, having put about 24000 rounds thru it in 7 years. I had 2 failures at the beginning using 115 grain 9mm and it jammed cause it was new. After using a few thousand 124’s and 147’s it cycles on everything now. In other words ZERO failures in 24000 rounds.
      The trigger? Its fine for me. The decocker? Excellent. Duh, the DA first pull is too long and hard? How stupid is that statement.? Ya better take a beginner’s shooting class! Pull the trigger you idiots!!!!
      Reliability? Second to none. Most reliable pistol I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had about 120 over the years.
      BTW, about every 10th range time I use Buffalo Bore heavy 147 +p+ 9 mm’s. Accurate as hell, and these are rounds that make it almost a semi-auto 357!!!!!!

      • I often take with a grain of salt when people say I shot approximately so many rounds. Without keeping a book (like I do) the owner really has no idea how many rounds were fired. I find that even only 4,000 rounds of use will often cause the recoil springs to weaken causing functioning problems. When something breaks or wears out on my guns I have documentation proving how many rounds it lasted. I will note in my logs when the first part fails on my H&K but would like to hear from anyone out there that actually has documented the number of rounds fired, what type of ammo was used and how many rounds were exactly fired before the first part wore out or failed and all pistols will wear out sooner than later as they are mechanical devices not god machines that are infallible.

  44. Owning the P30 v3, P2000 V3, and PPQ M2, investing good range time, and carrying all of them has given me good insight on all of them:
    PPQ M2 9mm is a nice pistol all around but you have to use quality ammo or expect false firing issues. I quit carrying it because of this and talked to Walter about it. I would buy the M1 over the M2 because the button mag release on the M2 is too easy to push unaware and drops the mag in a leather holster.
    P30 is an excellent pistol all around at the range and as a carry. No false firing issues. Keep it clean and use very little oil for lubrication.
    P2000 is a nice pistol all around with no false firing issues but it is uncomfortable in the hand and at the range . It also has a slide release on the right side that rattles and can drive you nuts. HK doesn’t have a fix for it but you can remove it. The pistol was brutally tested in Europe and found exceptionally reliable. Night sights added make it a nice carry.
    Overall the P30 is the best 9mm /40cal on the market.

  45. I’ve been shooting for over 40 years and owned many guns….1911’s, Glocks, HKs, Kahrs, S&Ws, Mauser, Sig.
    My HK45 and P2000 are are both V3 (DA/SA) and practice is all that’s required to become proficient with these triggers.
    I like to carry AIWB and don’t feel comfortable doing so with Glocks.
    With the P2000 it is very unlikely you will ever have an AD while drawing or re-holstering. Use the de-cocker when re-holstering. It’s really the perfect setup for a carry gun in my opinion. In a high stress situation it’s very easy to have an AD with a trigger like the Glock.
    I am also more accurate with the P2000 than I am with my G19 and just as accurate with my HK45 as I am with my custom 1911.
    If I could only have one pistol it would surely be one of the HKs.

  46. firing issues. I quit carrying it because of this and talked to Walter about it. I would buy the M1 over the M2 because the button mag release on the M2 is too easy to push unaware and drops the mag in a leather holster.
    P30 is an excellent pistol all around at the range and as a carry. No false firing issues. Keep it clean and use very little oil for lubrication.
    P2000 is a nice pistol all around with no false firing issues but it is uncomfortable in the hand and at the range . It also has a slide release on the right side that rattles and can drive you nuts. HK doesn’t have a fix for it but you can remove it. The pistol was brutally tested in Europe and found exceptionally reliable. Night sights added make it a nice carry.


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