Quote of the Day: Good Luck With That Edition


“Liberals do want our guns. But since they won’t dare try and take them, they have to convince us to give them up voluntarily.” – Curt Schlichter in Liberals Are ‘Gunlighting’ When They Say They Don’t Want Your Guns [via ijreview.com]


  1. avatar Wade says:

    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he did not exist.

    Most things that are evil follow a blueprint of deception. It is very much the same thing over and over.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      +1 for The Usual Suspects reference and good point on the deception angle too.

    2. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      Verbal was lying, as usual, when he said that.

  2. avatar CRF says:

    Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain!

    1. avatar TX Gun Gal says:

      Pay no attention to the sissy man in the pink hoodie

  3. avatar Accur81 says:

    Another hardcore conservative in LA? I’m going to see if I can find this guy and go to the range. I bet he likes scotch and cigars, too.

    Read the linked parent article – it’s flippin’ awesome.

    1. avatar Brentonadams says:

      I’m in LA. So is Bill Whittle.

      So that’s four…

    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Yes. The linked article is a definite “must read”!
      Mr. Schlichter rocks.

    3. avatar Cliff H says:

      If you have Sirius/Xm satellite radio you can often catch Mr. Schlichter on Breitbart News weekend programs. He is indeed a great conservative spokesman.

  4. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    When Obama and Hillary start babbling about Australia, what they are talking about is the confiscation of our guns.
    I thought this to be a much better quotation from the article and much more appropriate to the situation at hand.

  5. avatar Christopher says:

    Oh man, I’ve been using the term Controlist in conversation/argument with the liberal gun grabbers for years, Gunlighter is my new term. It’ll probably go right over their heads. Perfect.

  6. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Well, if you don’t believe in the Second Amendment, then the NRA certainly does not speak for you, whether or not you have an unused 20 gauge your grandfather left you.
    Hit the nail on the head of the hammer concerning Quisling Fudds that the Gun Grabbers trot out for display.

  7. avatar BLAMMO says:

    Here in NY, they figured they couldn’t get away with banning semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines, so they started by banning pistol grips and adjustable stocks.

  8. avatar Jolly Roger Out says:

    I’m just gonna point out that he’s wearing a Pinkie Pie sweatshirt and advocating for gun rights. A man after my own heart.

    1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      This guy is welcome to wear pink with purple polka dots in my book.

    2. avatar PK says:

      Right? I’m fine with that, as a Hello Kitty nut myself. Some people mock those who like MLP, HK, any “kid” animation really. It’s adorable stuff, and I love seeing other enthusiasts who also like it.

      1. avatar jsallison says:

        My 8yo granddaughter keeps me abreast of the doings in Celestia.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Grandsons keep me up on Transformers and granddaughters do the MLP etc.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      Um, that appears to be a “hoodie”. Which makes the person wearing it a menace to society. Tho we probably should cut the dorky white guy in the pink hoodie a little slack.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        Still trying to find ANY YouTube video of a thug in a My Little Pony pink hoodie hot-footing it out of a Quickie Mart in a hail of store-clerk directed lead. That would be priceless.

    4. avatar Adam says:

      Kurt is wearing the Brony outfit for a 2012 veterans charity event.

      Curious choice of photo given how great the article is.

    5. avatar actionphysicalman says:

      Bronies are welcome too.

    6. avatar B says:

      Wearing best pony’s hoodie and fighting for gun Rights. Double win.

  9. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    So why don’t the liberals ever explain how come those outside localities that supposedly sell all the guns to the gangbanging Democrats are never war-torn and violent like the liberal inner cities?
    Places such as Indiana and Chiraq.
    Sooo…let me get this straight. Indiana does have a lot of hunting guns such as Ruger .22lr rifles and Remington shotguns. How many of those are used in Chiraq? Indiana has lots of legal owned guns and low crime while Chiraq has many illegal owned guns and has high crime.
    We have guns moving from a low crime high gun area area to a high crime low gun area. This is a gun problem?

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      I wouldn’t call Gary and Indianapolis “low crime.” But they are better than Chiraq.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        Apparently Gary has a lower crime rate only because they’ve sold all their guns to the gangsters in Chicago. See, lees guns DOES = less crime. (/sarc)

    2. avatar Another Robert says:

      I think part of your reasoning is why the guy said “supposedly”. Really, what Barack and Co. are saying is that people in Chicago can’t be trusted with guns, so no one else should have any either.

  10. avatar 505markf says:

    Great way to start the day. If you liked the douce article and it’s articulate and cogent rant, check out Kurt’s novel Conservative Insurgency. Great fast read. Very entertaining and should be considered an asymmetrical warfare manual in the current culture war.

    1. avatar 505markf says:

      Source article. Damn phone keyboard.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        That was an unfortunate, yet funny autocorrect. Just sayin

  11. avatar scooter says:

    Bronies with guns? Why not. Pinkie Pie packs a Party Cannon. I’m not afraid to admit I know this.

  12. avatar Another Robert says:

    Lots of good lines there: “the affluent icy harridans of Everytown”..LOL! But I still maintain that their “special snowflakes Caden and Cassidy” are for the most part all grown up and out of the nest already. Or at least more in the governess’s nest than in the “mom’s”. Lots of good substance there, too. The Australian deal wasn’t a “buyback” at all, in American terms it was a government “taking”, with the former owners being compensated at a government-determined rate. Liked that biz about the media’s pet Fudds, too. Heck, I liked it all.

  13. avatar Anon in CT says:

    From the article:
    “. . . don’t look for the affluent, icy harridans of Everytown to suit up their special snowflakes Caden and Cassidy in Kevlar and send them from their Connecticut suburbs out into West Texas to kick in some doors and do the dirty work of making their anti-gun fantasies a reality.”

    Totally agree – but those Moms Demanding Action [from the Dominican poolboy] shouldn’t assume that all CT suburbs are “safe spaces” either. We may be a minority in CT, but we’re everywhere.

  14. avatar Dustin says:

    Precisely. These propagandist hatemongers are going to kick down my door and take them? No, as is through history, evil hires the government to do the dirty work: with guns. I’ll be keeping mine as a bulwark against that, thanks.

  15. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Pink is fine-it’s just a color. I’d carry a pink pistol just to disarm folks-they might think it’s fake. Someone thought my red pepper blaster was a squirt gun. I like that term “gunlighter”…

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