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“The only people I want having guns are police and the bad guy. I don’t want police to have to sort out who is John Wayne coming to the rescue.” – University of Dallas President Tom Keefe in Texas House tentatively OKs ‘campus carry’ proposal [at]  [h/t shootingthebull410]

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  1. Well that’s convenient. Seeing as how the bad guy will be long gone before the police show up to draw the chalk outline.

    • By time the police show up, the “bad guy” will be the one holding a gun with a pile of dead kids’ bodies around him. In effect, this college president sees mass piles of dead students as morally superior to one legally armed student saving them.

      • No, he just sees the police as having teleport ability so that they are on the scene instantly, or perhaps he thinks they have a pre-crime division and can arrive BEFORE the crime happens.

        • I think you’ve got it. Saw a comment thread at a news article about this, some presumably sentient person basically said nowadays there is no need for anyone to own a gun for self -defense because the police are always close by to protect you. Apparently believed it.

      • My thought exactly. Wonder how some of these educators have so many degrees and no brains ? Open mouth and insert foot.

        • I work around people with advanced degrees every day. These people may know some area of science fairly well, but they are as dumb as rocks on pretty much everything else. People in academia tend to know life on a college campus in a college town, but are clueless when it comes to how the rest of society lives.

        • All bureaucrats care about is expanding their bureaucracy, power, and income, no matter who it hurts (to the point of self-destruction). If they were just misguided and ill-informed about the RKBA, it might be forgivable, but they are are not. Colleges are no longer places of learning. The Ivory Towers erected in their place by bureaucracy-focused administration care nothing for their students and only serve to impede their learning and societal functioning, milk them and their families of money, and short-change actual teachers. Then they hide behind idiotic ultra-leftist ideologies like the Social Justice movement and “gun violence” in an attempt to appear as if they are not simply in it for the money and power, but rather for (idiotic, but not pure evil) “moral” reasons.

      • “He wants Bad Guys to have guns? That seems kind of counterproductive.”

        Not for Mr. Bad Guy…

    • Exactly what I was thinking Gov.

      When an armed criminal attacks an armed victim, there are only three possible outcomes:
      (1) The attacker or defender immediately vacates the premises (before police arrive),
      (2) The attacker or defender incapacitates the other before police arrive, or
      (3) The attacker and defender are still in a gunfight when police arrive.

      We know from ample experience that (1) and (2) happen in about 99.9999% of attacks. Therefore, in about 99.9999% of attacks, there will NOT be a Good Samaritan standing around with a handgun in hand. Why? Either the attacker left and the Samaritan reholsters, the Samaritan left and reholsters, the Samaritan incapacitated the attacker and reholsters, or the attacker incapacitated the Samaritan who is no longer holding on to a handgun. Therefore, Mr. University President’s fears are totally unfounded.

      In fact the only example I have heard where a prolonged gunfight ensued and lasted until police arrived was the Trolley Square Mall attack in Utah in 2007. And even in that situation, the first police officer to arrive actually joined the armed defender to return fire to the attacker.

  2. Well Tom, sh!t in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up faster.

    • That’s what I thought. Every conservative media outlet should have a headline that reads…

      “University President Wants Bad Guys to Have Guns”

      I want to think he realizes what he said. But I don’t know.

      • Actually, I would rather think that he didn’t quite realize what he was saying–but I don’t know either.

    • I am sure the Board of Trustees will want to have a chat with him. . . . . esp when the alums raise hell

      • I wouldn’t be too sure of that. Ardent gun grabbers openly admit that criminals will be armed no matter what. Thus, if a policy at least ensures that good people are unarmed, most of the alumni will probably support that sentiment.

      • The Board is likely staffed wall-to-wall with papists as well.

        The Catholic Church has a position on guns, and it is against private ownership of same.

        • True, but keep in mind that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was created by the United Methodist Church.

          The Catholic Church isn’t the only one, it’s just the leading one.

        • The CSGV wishes they had 0.001% of the assets of the RCC. CSGV is now pretty much nothing more than Josh Horowitz and some flunkies churning out press releases.

          The Catholic Church has been campaigning against human rights since, well, along about the time of Constantine.

  3. I want only the good guys to have guns. To be honest, I only want good guys roaming around free and unsupervised in society. In my perfect dream utopia. I would also weigh 175lbs, be handsome and have perfect kids.

    Problem is I live in the real world and this has never happened, no matter how many personal freedoms you abandon. The best we do is create a system where we have a balance of power, my pistol provides me a reasonable amount of power to defend myself and my family from criminals.

    • “balance of power”

      That is the most concise and compelling case for the Second Amendment I know of. Without it, the criminals and the government have a monopoly on force. That monopoly, at least in the case of the government, is exactly what the antis want. I think history makes it clear that neither kind of monopoly is a good thing.

  4. I’m going to try to apply his own logic to other tools in life and see if it passes the stupidity test:

    “They only person I want having cars is cops and bank robbers driving getaway cars. I don’t want police to have to sort out who is John Doe driving to the grocery store.”

    “The only person I want having cell phones is cops and terrorists detonating remote bombs. I don’t want cops to have to sort out who is Joe Blow calling his grandmother.”

    Hmmm. I don’t really feel the need to continue. It already fails the test.

  5. Yeah, well the only upstairs neighbors I want having pillow fights are hot sorority girls. The only food I want served in restaurants is steak. The only music I want to hear on the radio is Stevie Ray Vaughan. Imagine how micro-aggressed I must feel knowing I can’t control the world like that. I think this guy needs a safe space where he can meditate on his life of rejection as an authority figure, a place where he will no longer be subjected to the defiant insults of the freedom loving people he means to rule.

  6. He wants the bad guy to have a gun. Interesting. So the true reason he wants gun control is to disarm people other than criminals? Who’d a thunk?

    • At the very least he has figured out, and admitted, even if by accident, that the total effect of anti Second Amendment gun control legislation will be to disarm the law abiding citizens and the students foolish enough to attend his university.

      Problem is, even the criminals with guns have already figured this out, and they don’t have anywhere near his level of “education”.

    • The Catholic Church views criminals as souls to be saved. So if a criminal holds a gun, (or use one), it’s more opportunities to preach their message.

  7. Gun control supporters don’t have any facts on their side, so they have to make stuff up. Law-abiding concealed carriers have been present at several actual and potential mass shootings, including the Gabby Giffords shooting. They know how to handle the situation, and the good guys never get shot by the police.

    • “the good guys never get shot by police”.

      Not always true, even unarmed bystanders get shot sometimes.

      It isn’t an argument against carrying or getting involved though. It just means in the unlikely event I am in that kid of situation and the cops show up, I am going to holster my gun at the first opportunity and reach for the sky until they figure out who is who.

      • I wasn’t talking about unarmed innocent bystanders accidentally hit by police gunfire — that happens a lot because many police officers can’t shoot very well. I'[m saying that lawful concealed carriers at a shooting scene are unlikely to be shot by police because they would do exactly as you would — holster the gun when they arrive and put your hands up. I don’t know of any cases where a good guy with a gun has been mistakenly shot by police in a situation like that. It’s only a problem in the gun controllers imagination.

        • My mistake, I get what you meant now. I don’t know of any cases like that either.

    • But I am glad that he did as this is what the Communist Statists really desire. The mask has been removed.

    • A progressive and enlightened attitude from the Marxist Leninist Academia. Saul Alinsky educating Hillary in radical progressive politics was really no exception to the rule, but rather the norm.

  8. “The only people I want having guns are police and the bad guy. Well, he can always go from Dallas to Mexico and his dreams will fulfilled. I do not know why the article had fill your hand edition as there are paradises in existence where his enlightened statement is an actuality.

  9. So Keefe doesn’t want civilians to own guns huh? Let’s see how this works: a crime occurs, someone calls 911, police show up after 10 minutes, someone gets shot, someone gets arrested. Me thinks the order is wrong.

  10. So, I cannot have something if a university president doesn’t want me to have it. Got it.

    Can someone please explain how that works?

  11. Once in a long while, I see someone who claims to want gun control to prevent accidents. The huge majority, however, claim their stupid plans are going to keep gut of the hands of CRIMINALS! This guy is telling us the real goal is to keep the good guys disarmed, so we don’t have to spend the money to hire cops smart enough to determine who the bad guys without a flag of some sort? And he manages to hold a job of some kind with that level of intelligence?

  12. Steve Jobs may be gone, but his reality distortion field is strong in this one, yes it is. In most shootings, the perp is long gone when the police get there minutes later. Only the citizens, on scene from before the start, have any chance of shooting back and he wants to make sure they cannot. What a Jackhole. If the need a picture for the definition “pompous a$$” in a dictionary somewhere or on Wikipedia, his portrait oozes it. And I mean that in the slimy way it sounds. Ick.

    • He won’t. He’s there because he’s a good political Catholic with a JD after his name.

  13. Sometimes I wonder why we’re spending money sending our son to college when most schools are run by dumbasses like this one.

    • That’s a pretty damn good question. #2 son hasn’t finished college yet, may never get around to it, and is already building his life without benefit of the degree he hasn’t quite got. But…#1 son has decided he wants to do something that requires a degree–so I guess that’s the reason. Daughter would have been better off doing something that didn’t require a degree, but decided against it at the last minute and went into something else that did require a degree. But at least I didn’t ‘send’ any of them, they all did/are doing it on their own.

  14. Taxpayers and Alums need to get rid of this guy and put someone in his place with common sense and enough brains to think before he speaks.

    • Private university. Taxpayers have limited say. Alums probably agree. But I think this statement should be given as wide circulation as possible just to show how utterly irrational even the “brainiest” gun-grabbers are.

  15. Don’t worry, Tom. I would not lift my trigger finger to help you. Since you are the “captain of the ship” of a gun free zone, it is your duty to go down with the ship.

  16. If shootouts were limited to the police and bad guys………this would be a great idea! As a retired police officer I am convinced that when seconds count……….the police are generally minutes away!

    But, then, what would expect from the liberal administrator from a Jesuit college?

  17. Notice how his argument starts with~ “The ONLY people I WANT with guns…”.

    Because “I KNOW BETTER.”

    Go ahead and say it…………

  18. It seems to me that every anti-gun argument goes for the 0.001% scenario plus emotions. because that is all they have. Their arguments are all so weak they have no choice but to appeal to emotions and the scary 0.001% scenarios. They have no real arguments — that is just desperation.

  19. What a surprise! Thanks for the reference. Is there a quote from the VA Tech University president saying he was proud to have removed all guns from his school including the university police side arms one year prior to the mass shooting there?

  20. I WANT CRIMINALS TO HAVE GUNS. So cops will know who is the bad guy. The WHOLE higher learning hard drive JUST fleeeewwww outa of his brain housing group AND FINALLY we have evidence supporting the reason for Constitutional Carry.

    Thanks Tom…glad your not in charge of my liberty.

  21. The only person I want having guns is me. And maybe some of you if I know you and like you. And Israeli supermodels. But that’s it.

  22. I would argue that a not-insignificant number of current college students are veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan variety. Further, I’d argue that of those veterans, a measurable number of them are better-trained than your average donut-muncher, and on another level entirely than your average “campus cop”.

    I personally would want those veterans to have the ability to arm themselves, if they so chose.

    Why not take advantage of that training & experience for $0 cost to the taxpayer?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of campus-carry for everyone, but if we’re going to carve out exceptions for donut-munchers, perhaps the anti’s would like to add an “exception” that’s actually worthwhile as well?

  23. The cynical side of me wouldn’t be very upset if Mr. Academia here got involved in a fight with a real hardened criminal. I’m sure he could dazzle John Q. Gangbanger with his epic intellect. Yep, we see that all the time in police work. A young punk attacks an accomplished academic only to be thwarted by masterful vocabulary and literary allusions that would be the envy of any exclusive cocktail party. I think I’m going to get rid of this Glock and put a thesaurus in my holster.

  24. Ahem. When John Wayne’s character Rooster Cogburn said “Fill your hands…” he also said four more words. I offer those same four words to the estimable Dr. Keefe.

  25. Yeah, and I want bad guys to wear orange jump-suits 24/7, but like my mother used to say, “…and people in hell want ice-water.”

  26. Unconscious projection from another of “The Elite Who Know Whats Best For The Little People”:

    “The only people I want having guns are police and the bad guy,” …”the bad guy”.
    Yep, thats exactly right. The bad guys are the only ones (illegally) armed, and thats exactly what happens when you restrict the good guys. You give the criminals the advantage.

    Vs the good guys, which keep in mind- is NOT some large number despite his lying rhetoric:
    “having guns indiscriminately spread on campus is going to make that job immeasurably harder.”

    By Texas law, only those 21 or older, who take time to get the LICENSE for CCW permit will be carrying on campus. Not silly freshmen frat boys, or sophomore sorority social justice warriors, or barely legal juniors stumbling home from Austin bars.

    Bogus sympathy for “feelings” of the cops, yeah, right.
    Just how much do you want to bet this guy really cares about anything other than his power being eroded.

  27. And I don’t think leftists deserve Constitutional rights, but it’s a free country. Guess we both have to deal with other people’s freedom.

  28. Of course anti gunners want to disarm the law abiding citizen. Why do you think the anti gunners focus on suicides and negligent discharges? Once they get off the topics of suicide and negligent discharges their arguments are hollow and seldom pass a smell test, much less an unbiased fact check.

  29. I see. He must have issued a standing shoot to kill order for the campus police when they see anyone with a gun.
    Criminals planning mass shootings only choose designated gun free zones because they want to maximize body count. Campus carry removes a ‘safe work place’ from their list of targets.

  30. Typical moronic liberal statement “I want bad guys to have guns”. How do you quantify this level of stupid.

  31. “The only people I want having guns are police and the bad guy. I don’t want police to have to sort out who is John Wayne coming to the rescue.” – University of Dallas President Tom Keefe in Texas House tentatively OKs ‘campus carry’ proposal

    So, the police, who in some sense work for this guy, can’t be trusted to sort out the good guys from the bad guys? Maybe he should concentrate on learning how to hire (or train, or manage) better?

    Telling us what we can or can’t do to make things easier for the cops to not screw up is the tail wagging the dog. Maybe manage them better, train them better, etc.

    As for me…

    The only people I want having guns are citizens who might find it fun or useful to have one. Sadly, because there are bad guys limited by neither good manners, nor laws about guns, it also makes sense to some citizens to have guns to protect themselves and others. That’s OK with me. Also, for the same reason of badguys wih no self-restraint is often makes sense to contract and arm police to work on our behalf, for our safety, in certain limited circumstances. The cops are there for our benefit, not admini-guy’s, and he’s there to “admin” such things on our behalf. Telling us what we can or can’t do to make things easier for the cops is backwards. Their job is to do their job with us doing as we’d like (that’s legal.)

    There’s nothing wrong with the police initially having to assume that someone they encounter who is doing something lawful is … lawful. Indeed, why would you assume otherwise.

    I do wonder, how does someone with such a low opinion of his own campus community get delegated the authority to administer big things on behalf of that community (which he doesn’t think much of.) Apparently, citizens aren’t to be trusted with guns. Apparently, net / net, they’ll cause more trouble than they solve. Also, his argument only makes sense if police, who in some sense work for this guy, aren’t able to sort out the good guys from the bad guys effectively. Maybe he should concentrate on learning how to hire better.

  32. I saw a movie once where only the Police and the Military had guns.
    It was called Schindler’s List.

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