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Santa Monica CA Police Chief Jaqueline Seabrooks (courtesy

“Any time someone puts on a vest of some sort, comes out with a bag full of loaded magazines, has an extra receiver, has a handgun and has a semiautomatic rifle, carjacks folks, goes to a college, kills more people and has to be killed at the hands of police, I believe that’s premeditated.” Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks [via]

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  1. I thought i was looking at a wax mannequin at first. Is it just me, or do press releases always mention “an extra receiver”?; it bothers me.

    • my first thought: whats up with the picture of a doll dressed like a leo.

      as to the extra receiver, did he think his barrel would overheat?

    • I don’t recall ever seeing press reports mentioning an extra receiver prior to this incident. I would think it’s a fairly uncommon thing for someone to carry around an extra upper.

      • These kids are always shit for brains. Their kit usually screams of a complete disconnect from reality. We saw the same thing with Aurora where the perp carried an ungodly amount of ammo and three or four guns. The kid here was carrying around ammo still in the boxes like he was going to have time to sit and reload a mag, an extra upper, and a black powder revolver. They just have no idea of how things work.

        • I would wait until all of the details are out. My guess it that he just grabbed a bag full of “gun stuff” and took it with him after he shot his dad and brother.

  2. Bet her desk has a desk placard that reads, “QUIET – GENIUS AT WORK”, or something of the sort. We hire the hapless!

  3. Whoa, somebody hit the jackpot with this one. A remotely programable, talking cyborg that looks black, asian, hispanic and/or female depending on the camera angle. Strong work California police chief selection committee. A liberal’s wet dream.

  4. Protip: You’re supposed to use a little bit of concealer or foundation to even out your skin tone, not use a lot to spackle on a completely new color. Wow.

    • No kidding. Going from 80 grit all the way to 400 grit must have taken hours!
      Not to mention the poor color match at Home Depot.

  5. wow she figured that out all by herself?…or did she have help…. last time I seen 4 stars like that was on the movie i just watched …Patton… she does look very butch with that do

    • Not to sound too insulting but her hairdo is the only thing that looks remotely good on her. Granted that hair would look better on Kent McCord.

      On a different note

      “Inside the library, a group of people hid inside a “safe room” when they heard or saw the shooter coming, Seabrooks said. The group barricaded the door with materials found inside the room and dodged bullets the gunman fired through the drywall.”

      See folks you don’t need a gun to defend yourself. You just gotta have a room that you can barricade and be really good at dodging bullets till the police (ie people with guns) arrive. It’s just that simple. I’d ditching my 2 CCW’s for a room in a box.

        • Nope. But they did have close enough hairstyles. Either way, she should wear her hairstyle like Cousin It from the Addams family.

  6. Since the press has identified the shooter as John ZAWAHIRI, and immediately stated the Santa Monica shooting was NOT terrorism, we can rest easy that another enraged muslim was simply offended by a youtube video or maybe didnt have any friends in college, or it was just another case of “workplace violence.”

    Wonder if his phone calls were being monitored, or if the NSA was too busy listening to Teaparty members discuss a bake sale for the next meeting.

    • Yep, remember, when Maj. Hasan yelled Allahu Akbar as he shot the soldiers at Fort Hood, it wasn’t terrorism, it was just work place violence by an unhappy employee.

      Also just know, it had nothing to do with Islam. ( with a wink and a nod)

    • Muslims are rarely named John. There are many Christians with Arabic last names. It’s too early to jump to that conclusion that he is Muslim. But that begs the question, why hasn’t the press asked and answered that question?

      • Because the answer could be inconvenient and might screw up their anti-gun narrative

      • Also, it has come out that his father was named Samir Zawahi. I’d say the middle east connection is pretty strong. His father went by “Sam” and named his kids Chris and John. This may be a case of someone who moved here to start a better life, tried to do the best by his kids, but one of the kids got lured in by an extremest sect and convinced to “honor his heritage” or some nonsense like that.

        In the 60′ and 70’s kids rebelled against their parents by taking drugs and becoming free love hippies. Now it seems that some kids choose to rebel against their parents by becoming jihadis.

    • If his real name is John then he is some form of Christian Arab. Maybe a Copt. Fun fact for all those keep track of these things. Most Arabs who live in the United States are Christians. Most Muslims residing in the United States aren’t Arabs.

      • Excellent point. Everybody’s favorite Middle-Eastern assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, is a Christian.

  7. “….., goes to a college, …….” you bet that’s premeditated! Go to College, immerse yourself in the Left Wing’s incubator of tomorrows Bullies. It’s premeditating the next generation of Libtards.

    • So, what, you want everyone to be a peasant for all their lives and to never go beyond foreman or owner of a contracting company (landscapers, plumbers, roofers)?

      Yeah, that’s a great way to run a country. If you want to be invaded by the Chinese.

  8. The sunbaked police chief mannequin makes sense. Question of the day-How soon before some politician (DiFi) uses this criminal act as a springboard for a new attempt on gun control?

  9. I always think it’s stupid and sad when they mention the perps name in the article, and then say police won’t identify them until they find the next of kin.

  10. Hmmm…. Shotgun Joe says gun control will be back in a stirring speech on friday….. hmmmm……. spree shooting on saturday…..hmmmm…….

    Nah, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

    • No no no. The shooter was a paid agent of the federal government, with support from North Korea and aliens from the Planet Uranus.

  11. On which of these points was she finally convinced it was premeditated?
    Most of us probably suspected as much at “..puts on a vest of some sort,..”
    Nothing says,”You’re gonna have to stop me with a difficult head shot.”
    like a ballistic vest.

  12. I thought it was a crash testtactical vest test dummy mannequin, but clicking on the picture takes me to her actual bio. Well, this is California after all where everyone is just waiting on their big break.

    I know people like to blame the media, but when firearms-stupid LEOs are dispensing “information” about an extra receiver, hard to blame the reporters. LEOs must know something about firearms! Or, not.

  13. Extra receiver? What am I missing here? Should I add one to my bugout bag? I have broken a lower receiver before in an unfortunate incident in Iraq involving a HEMTT crane and a water buffalo. Maybe I DO need a spare receiver.

        • Bottom line, if someone from Defense Distributed would have asked me I could have told them exactly where the plastic lower was going to break. It is the weakest point in the AR design. It’s the same place where mine broke and I brought my rifle parts back home in a bag.

      • No waterbuffalo are those rather large women who get no lovin until its deer camp season and then if by chance a stray hunter gets a little too drunk at the local bar, there is a buffalo stampede to grab the unawares hunter of whom the waterbuffalo, uh TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR WEAKENED CONDITION!

        • In the military, a girl like that is called a “Dependapotomus”. They are the reason the Entrance and Exit at the Commissary has double doors.

  14. The perp was a whackjob known to the authorities before this incident. And (as in so many other cases), they did nothing about him.

    • No argument, but there are a lot of whackjobs wandering the streets who will never pose a threat to anyone. Start rounding these people up and you have a different problem. We simply don’t have the facilities to lock up every possible nut job forever. We have to reconcile ourselves to the sad fact that this sort of thing is going to happen every so often and keeping that in mind, we should adopt steps to stop these rampages before they get started.

      Something like letting people exercise their 2A rights and carry some protection.

      • As long as Obama/NSA is monitoring all communications it will all work OK. Not listening to the actual content until they decide to do so.

  15. Four stars (seriously, what’s up with that?) and she looks like she was just delivered to Madame Tussaud’s.

    • You beat me to it. Why do city police chiefs wear four stars? Do they use fancy titles like generalississimo too?

  16. It is dangerous to guess, but it sounds to me if perhaps the fellow had a bug out or action bag that contained all of the things he needed and perhaps a few he did not ( ie the extra receiver).
    Really think about the stuff in your BOB, trunk, hunting/camping pack ect, then wonder how odd some of it would sound if it were being reported on in the context of a crime such as this by low information MSM:
    Para cord? Must have intended to kidnap and tie someone.
    Trenching tool? Burying bodies of course.

    Remember that to a prosecutor or a reporter, especially in the aftermath of something like this everything is going to seem a little off kilter.

    There are horror stories about arrests for ‘burglary kits’ (crow bar, sledge hammer) and robbery kits (pistol and a mask) and rape kits (box knife, crowbar, gloves, condoms and duct tape) that left out 1. The items were found on a man in work boots covered in cement dust who was on his way home from helping bust up an old concrete porch; 2. The pistol was lawfully owned and stored in a car that included happy meal boxes, children’s safety seats and assorted child related litter and the mask turned out to be child’s discarded Halloween mask; 3. There were cases of floor tiles in the trunk along with the ‘offending items’ and the condoms were in the hapless fellows wallet (he was apparently redoing his girlfriends kitchen floor).

    • That sounds like a clear case of thought crime to me. LEOs like Bystander have a real hard on for that sort of thing. I can see how innocent and naive people, who are possibly unaware of their 4rth and 5th amendment rights, could get themselves in trouble this way.

  17. is that a nasty wax puppet? if you have seen the tv show Every Body Loves Raymond, this pic should remind you of the puppet cop that Robert used in one of the episodes.

  18. Well, now I know what it would look like to take the head off a Ken doll and place it on the body of a Barbie doll and dress him/her in a police uniform. I can scratch that one off my bucket list.

  19. She also said, “yes, he deserved to die, I hope he burns in hell!”

    She looks like Samuel L. Jackson IMO.

  20. Photos of his arms show the pistol was an 1858 Remington SA Revolver! I am guessing it might be one of the converted to cartridges types. Since there’s no loading gate, I think you have to carry spare cylinders preloaded and swap the cylinder to reload most quickly…maybe he had an extra pre-loaded cylinder and that’s where the Press is getting the “extra receiver” report from.

    If this guy was a known “whacko” Muslim, he must not have talked on the phone, used e-mail, or visited Jihadist Web Sites, or the NSA would have spotted him…right?

    I thought the photo was taken from a video game when I first saw it.

    • the NSA would have spotted him…right?

      Wrong. The NSA is too busy profiling lawful gun owners, patriots and tea party groups.

      • Try again. The NSA is trying to analyze such a massive amount of records that the likelihood they will actually spot any particular emerging threat is almost zero, which is why the Obama people are saying we ordinary grubs have nothing to worry about…They need to be looking for a specific person, but there’s the rub…if they get a person in focus, they can come up with all kinds of info very quickly.
        When the new NSA Data Center in Utah goes live they will have enough storage capacity to keep extensive records on every US Citizen for decades..5 Databits. Eventually, like within a couple of years, they will evolve the Data Mining Software to actually find “threats”, but first they have to have the storage and computing power to refine the Software, which is what is driving the Utah project. Once NSA gets to that point…let your imagination run wild…and the computing, storage and software will only get more capable.

        • And where is the backup/backups for the Utah Skynet Center located? (You have 2 and you have 1. Have 1 and you have none.)

        • I am not sure I understand your question, but I will try to answer what I THINK you asked. There was no information on where the NSA plans to backup the Data given. I understand what I think you are saying about having no separate backup location, but it may be the NSA just hasn’t got that far yet.

    • From the little that shows in the photo, he did have a black powder pistol but no reloading supplies. What looks like an upper is also on the table, but to me it looks like it is broken off where the buffer tube goes, and the bolt is missing. Maybe she was confused.

      it appears that this guy has a prior mental health history, undefined, but including a hospitalization. His parents divorced, and he took it badly. And to all the haters, this appears another wacko rampage, not a terrorist incident–his first two victims were his dad and his older brother. Speculating wildly, maybe he bought the Remington (no background check needed and delivery to your door, even in California), used it to kill his dad and his brother, and then snagged Dad’s (or brother’s) AR? Sounds to me that his only weapon after he left the vicinity of his dad’s hous3e was the AR.

      Oh, and pay attention to the media hype saying he had 1600 rounds. What the Chief actually said was that, if all of the mags he had in his possession were loaded to capacity, then he would have had approximately 1600 rounds available. (She also said his mags were all Cal legal 5 and 10 rounders). AP has had the best coverage so far.

      • Yeah. Sounds like he was not sophisticated enough to know about the powder and ball to metallic cartridge conversion for the Remingtons and Colts.

        Also, seems like he was personally deranged and no “Terrorist/Jihadist”….just another crazy guy. Thanks for the information you provided. I had seen video on TV and was startled to see the 1858 Remington.

  21. This should be another “This is what happens to a disarmed populace” story.

  22. I agree with his last mean can we bet he might be Muslim and that’s why while still making news this aint a head line every minute.

  23. The fact that the Perp shares a linage with the #2 of Al Qudia has yet to be mentioned. Obviously work place violence

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