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Next Post rightly points out that Fox News and MSNBC are squaring-off on different sides of the George Zimmerman trial. Fox’s Sean Hannity reckons the Florida Neighborhood Watchman acted in self-defense. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton already has a necktie party planned for Trayvon Martin’s killer. Both nets will go big on the trial, which starts Monday (despite the fact that the prosecution dumped more than a thousand pages of evidence on the defense on Friday). The big question: will ABC, CBS, NPR, the AP, etc. fan the flames of racial hatred by giving voice to those who seek to fan the flames of racial hatred? In a word, yes. Mark my words: if Zimmerman walks, riots will result.

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  1. “Mark my words: if Zimmerman walks, riots will result.”

    I’ll take that bet. I don’t see it. Minor disturbances, some protesting, maybe, but if you think there’s going to be L.A. post-Rodney King type rioting going on, you’re just flat wrong.

    • Agreed. I think some may try and organize these flash-mob style robberies, just because they think they can get away with it.
      This may be Florida, but it isn’t as crazy as LA.

      • Said it before and I’ll say it again, there will not be mass rioting in FL like we’ve seen in large cities in the past.

      • Who says that people all over the country won’t use it as an excuse to cause some destruction?

    • depends what his definition of riot is. six people with signs getting cited for jaywalking because they’re in the street blocking one lane will constitute a riot to him. we’re not going to see riots like with rodney king because the world is completely different now. rodney king happened a long long time ago (before O.J.). Unlike O.J. there were no cameras in the courtroom which are present with zimmerman. the reasons why the riots happened is because without the cameras in the courtroom or incessant media coverage of the trial proceedings, coupled with the video evidence it seemed to casual observers that convictions were bound to happen and then all of a sudden they were acquitted. it hit people like a ton of bricks. now with all the coverage there is people will be eased into any decision of the jury and the evidence made public isn’t like the rodney king video. for a similar rioting to occur there would need to be a video of zimmerman clearly executing martin and then an acquittal. as much as RF might hope for a little chaos, a riot just isn’t in the cards.

      set up a gambling site for taking that bet and i’ll gladly throw in.

    • It will only be half the size of the Rodney King deal because Zimmy is half white (libtard race card logic).

  2. I tend to agree with you RF. There will be massive redistribution of wealth in the form of plasma TVs being liberated from urban storefronts.

    • Aside from Miami, there aren’t really any dense urban areas in Florida. Orlando and Jacksonville are both really spread out. I’ve never been to Tampa though, but I don’t think there are dense enough neighborhoods for serious rioting to be a concern. The whole states basically one giant suburb.

      • I’ve seen St. Petersburg burning at night from an airplane and that’s next door to Tampa….

  3. Focusing on whether the screams were GZ or TM distracts from the real evidence of what took place, which is the goal I suppose. Convincing a nation that the screams and cries are from an innocent child about to be murdered helps push the gun control agenda. The real evidence of what took place that night are the photos of the cuts on the back of GZs head and his broken nose. The close contact and the angle at which TM was shot. The position of TMs body when found and his only injury being the gsw. These all point to TM being on top and beating the snot out of GZ. To say that the cries for help heard before the shot are TM makes no sense when looking at the rest of the evidence.

  4. I’ll take your bet Robert, but not because I don’t think there will be riots if Zimmerman is cleared. I’ll take it because I have not even a scrap of doubt that he will spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit due to our judicial system being a complete joke.

    You can rape and kill a little girl and be out to rape and kill another in under 2 years, but God forbid you kill a dog, carry 9 bullets in your magazine, take a little pot, or try to defend yourself against scum.

    • Every time I ask someone why we could put a granny in for life under three strikes for simple possession, but we will let rapists and murderers out for “good behavior” and “overcrowding” the answer is universally the same. “That doesn’t happen.” Flat denial, and the discussion goes downhill.

      People don’t want to think about it so they plug the old sound gatherer’s up and go LAAALALALALALALALA

  5. “Mark my words: if Zimmerman walks, riots will result.” I think it’s more like WHEN ZIMMERMAN WALKS. There will be riots across the country, and these fools are to stupid to realize that they are destroying their own property.

    • there will be some minor disturbance, but it wont be as bad as the Rodney King riots. the cops left la because most of la’s population would have killed them on the spot if they had the chance. if GZ gets off, the hate will be more against white people but nothing on a huge scale.

  6. Hahah my face when riots happen and only liberals get raped murdered and robbed cause they don’t have guns. Nothing of value was lost

  7. It shall be interesting to see the post-trial effects here in Florida irrespective of which side raises triumphant. I for one, am hoping that we have matured as a nation and do not suffer a repeat of the self destruction of neighborhoods such as has been seen in the past.
    Hooliganism, rioting and looting will not reverse the decision of a jury, nor will it provide for a better rapport between races. The MSM would be wise keep this in mind and tailor their respective reports to a manner which would not inflame passions or incite violence. Sadly, altruism is an asset which the media does not possess.

    • If we’ve at all matured as a nation in this regard, then all the criticism against our current POTUS would not have been labeled as racism for the last 4 years by the MSM.

      • Good point. Its the only card they got, and they deal it from the bottom of the libtard deck.

  8. Yep, the fix is in, on a CSI show at the gym, I saw a snippet where the “cops” talked matter of factory about GZ as a vigilante murdering TM because of racism. Boom, done deal, GZ is guilty.

    I don’t watch TV just because so much of is PC progressive/socialist garbage.

    I don’t

  9. Media picked sides long ago when they only showed pictures of a 12 year old good kid and not the 17 year old Thug.

  10. The MSM is desperate to get back to unbridled “Obama-Adoration”. They will cover this story extensively so they don’t have to talk so much about the gallery of Obama-related scandals. The Governments involved don’t want to risk rioting where Government Troops might have to harm any Obama Supporters/Voters. No Jury selected can be kept secret and why risk retribution from angry Citizens once your ID is “outed”.
    Zimmerman is in deep trouble.

  11. This is the first time I’ve truly looked forward to a trial. I realize this is a very serious real-world case, but I can’t help feeling like my team is playing in the Superbowl.

    • I’m very interested in the outcome of the trial. It will either be an affirmation of a person’s right to defend himself or confirmation of my fear that the liberal media controls what this country thinks and does. I just pray for jurors that are brave enough to focus on the facts of the case and not the threat of violence.

      • I’m also very interested. I was concerned that media interest was waning, and made an effort to search Google news for updates. I wouldn’t be surprised if liberal coverage of the trial disappeared in the event that the cell phone records from Martin are confirmed as admissible.

  12. This case is kind of special to me. It heralded my arrival into the community of distrust in the Media. All of the people on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc basically just saying it was a hate crime on par with the lynchings of the civil-rights movement motivated me to look deeper into it. I found that it is not as cut and dry as they were saying. I personally think Zimmerman F-ed up in getting out of the car, but the shooting was in self-defense. But i doubt their will be Rodney King level riots (not like they would reach this far north, Erie PA,) but i will have my rifle near by.

    • They spread a lot of false or unsubstantiated info. My favorite is GZ ignored the police and followed TM. 1 it wasn’t a police officer it was a dispatcher and 2 if you listen to the rest of the 911 call after the dispatcher tells GZ “we don’t need you to do that” they start discussing where to meet the police and GZ personal info when he stops giving his address and says I don’t know where this guy is at. To me it sounds more likely that TM ambushed GZ not the other way around.

    • What, a guy, who is the captain of the neighborhood watch,
      can’t get out of his car, and check out a suspicious person,
      creeping around in his neighborhood? He has every right.
      The only person not a resident of that neighborhood, was
      Trayvon Martin. That neighborhood is 15 minutes from me.
      That neighborhood has had continual problems with 1)black
      people, 2) walking through their neighborhood, 3) causing
      criminal mischief. A point long lost since Al Sharpton first
      came to town. Wherever Al Sharpton goes, riots, arson, and
      death soon follow. The New Black Panther Party was down
      here after the shooting first happened, and they put out a
      bounty on George Zimmerman. I don’t know where you live
      Ben, but this is right down the road from me, and the idea of
      members of the NBPP running around stirring up trouble is
      not what we need. Here’s an short excerpt of Al’s handiwork.

      “He wants to be remembered as the guy with the funny lines rather than a racial provocateur who smeared an innocent man during the Tawana Brawley hoax and built his New York notoriety on race hatred. “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business,” Sharpton said in a 1995 Harlem controversy over a Jewish storeowner who had a conflict with a black rival neighbor. A protester in that case eventually shot his way through the store and burned the place down, killing eight people.”

      This ain’t NY city. We’re armed, and we carry down here.
      If he stirs up trouble, we won’t have to wait for the police
      to come save us. Down here, Al Sharpton is the interloper.

  13. Remember when liberals believed that people where innocent until proven guilty?

  14. This is a true story: About two weeks ago, the day after the judge denied the Motion to Continue, I read an article that said the trial would go forward as scheduled, with 500 prospective jurors being called in on June 10th. I thought, “Boy, wouldn’t it be interesting to be on that jury.” I started thinking about how I would answer the questions I might be asked so as not to disqualify myself.

    The next day, I opened my mailbox to find a juror summons. I could see it without picking it up because in Florida it comes in a 6″x9″ envelope with the word JUROR on the front in 3″ high red block letters. You can imagine my somewhat profane reaction. I thought, there’s no way I could be that lucky, to have just been thinking about it. Sure enough, I was right. My report date isn’t June 10th, it’s June 25th. Only the third time in my life, 18 years of eligibility, that I’ve been called for jury duty, and the first time in a 12 years, and I missed it by that much.

    Oh well, it’s just as well. There’s no way I could have held back from talking about it here anyway.

    • Providing you were honest in your responses, I doubt you would have made the cut. Selection questions are bound to be on the topic of guns, concealed carry, and stand your ground. Prosecution would never have let the defense have you.

        • Also, “Do you believe everyone is equal and
          refuse to take sides based on skin color?
          Yes. Disqualified!”

  15. It is sad that the DA dumped the evidence on the Defense Friday for the trial on Monday. And that is what they didn’t delete/erase off TM’s phone. The Defense just has to create doubt and the DA helped them with their deceitful actions

  16. I call on the President of the United States to stand up and be a leader. The President, who is a lawyer (even though he gave up his license to practice), is the most influential BLACK leader in our country. The President can be the voice of reason and counter whatever Sharpton/Jackson try to stir up. The President can and should call on other Black Leaders in their respective communities to encourage restraint. MLK marched in protest but he NEVER broke in windows and burned buildings. Destroying property and stealing are actions of cowards and opportunistic thieves and have nothing to do with advancing any agenda of reducing racial discrimination.

    The likelihood of riots is high. The President could easily help prevent it. If riots ensue after Mr. Zimmerman is acquitted, any loss of life/property will be directly related to the failure of leadership in this country.

    I know the NSA monitors this site and reports back to the President, so tell him. The people expect leadership. Whatever differences in opinion on the 2nd Amendment we may have are irrelevant, Mr. Obama are the President of the United States.

    • yes, surely the NSA is giving the president updates on what every random dude on the internet says.

    • Yeah right, if anything POSOTUS will praise them for their courage to stand up to the man. They aren’t stealing those flat screen’s, they are taking what should have been theres to begin with, redistribution.

  17. GZIM is lucky the shot from his KelWRECK was all it took, since it jammed after the first shot.

    • It is likely it jammed because the slide didn’t have room to cycle due to the closeness of the encounter. This is a good example of where a revolver would have been a better ccw choice. Besides, everyone knows that if you polish all friction points to a mirror finish, double up on the extractor springs and red locktite everything in place, bend a V into the hammer spring pin, replace the plastic trigger with a custom “pops” trigger, don’t limp wrist it, only use 115gr critical defense ammo, and have the whole thing cera-painted by goldielocks, the little Keltec is a fine personal defense weapon. Just visit theKtog for more details.

      • One of the best features of the XD platform is the guide rod end is a stand off that helps prevent the slide from going out of battery when pressed into an impoverished oppressed Sizzurp sloshed youths belly.

        Those Croatians build some fine stuff.

  18. There are a lot of people who believe it is perfectly O.K. to walk up to someone and punch them simply because you are upset by something they said or did, and that the only proper response is to accept a beating, if you’re unable to physically prevail.
    All the crap about armed vs unarmed comes from this crowd, no matter what Martin did Zimmerman’s response was “unfair” in their stupid little ghetto minds.

    • MANY cases of one punch killing a guy, usually from falling back and headsmacking a hard surface. Interestingly, the actor from David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” was killed that way, punched outside a liquor store, went home feeling ill and died.

      • MANY cases of multiple gunshots not killing a guy, too, thereby proving that gunshots are not lethal.

        • My point was that the argument of fists vs. guns is fallacy. The MSM would have us believe that anybody who is having their brains beat out should not revert to firearms in defense becaust that’s somehow “cheating.” This kind of faux argument is part of the MSM’s war on firearms for self defense, Castle laws, and Stand your Ground laws.

          I am not much of a boxer but I will ring the bell of anybody who tries to lay hands on me. Are you supposed to let some goon give you a subdural hematoma over a perceived slight because “real men fight with their fists?”

    • I’ve heard the argument: “Pro-gunners are sissy’s who can’t take a beating.”

      As though getting attacked and beaten for no good reason is something to be proud of. Or that an attack will stop at a beating.

      For the record, I don’t really believe Zimmerman’s story. I also don’t trust the prosecution or think they have compelling enough evidence to send someone to prison for life.

      • What is there not to believe about Zimmerman’s story? Martin decided he was being “dissed”, it happens countless times every day. People are supposed to bow down and kiss their little feet.
        At a certain age you decide that you don’t want to play around and let people hit your face any more. I reached that point many years, actually decades ago.

        • According to Zimmerman, whose story has been pretty inconsistent. Martin is dead, so we’ll never get his side. You also have witnesses contradicting eachother. Hence, I really don’t think we’ll get a full picture of why Martin is dead.

  19. My quiet former small towm home in Florida had THREE(thats a big nber for this town) racially motivated assaults right after the shooting. No suspects ever arrested. There will be riots because the media will whip everyone into a.frenzy how this WHITE man got away with murdering a black “kid. My SHTF gear is ready but i domt think GZ gets a fair trial he is the sacrifice to keep every major city with a large African American population from rioting

  20. i think this trial is a lose-lose. if innocent GZ gets off, other innocent people will be beaten or murdered. if the media condemns him, a man will have been falsely sentenced to jail.

  21. From all the facts I have examined about this case, it appears that Zimmerman lost track of Martin, and was headed back to his car to meet the cops when he was ambushed. Which, in my mind, makes it a good shoot. But that being said, I think there is no way Zimmerman gets a fair trial. An innocent man will be going to jail.

  22. I was on the outskirts during the Rodney King Riots. This time, I’m armed. I’m also living in a safer area but one never knows.

    • Umm, theres these things called “donkboxes” you might not have heard about, they allow easy access into previously tamed lands.

        • Only problem with those “boxes” is they often have a Sizzurp sloshed impoverished oppressed Obama Youth with them.

          Whatchoo lookin at?

  23. if rioting does start the SYG law that is being crapped on will prove worthy when it comes to people defending their property and self’s

  24. The savages have been wanting to riot anyway. That’s one of the reasons why they are called savages.

  25. I don’t believe that there will be wide-spread race riots. First, because the black community in FL wanted a trial, and they’re getting one. And I think it’s going to be a good one, too. There are going to be some isolated incidents by criminal lowlifes seeking to take advantage of the situation, but it’s not going to be a repeat of the Los Angeles riots. Not with a black man in the White House. Besides, FL is very well armed.

    Second, I don’t think that GZ is going to be acquitted. I think he’s going to be convicted (if FL law allows it) of some lesser included offense such as voluntary manslaughter.

    If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, I’m sure that a lot of people currently worshipping GZ would be screaming for his head on a platter and predicting race riots if he’s convicted. It all depends on which side of the racial divide you are on.

    • I totally agree with Ralph. Of course in a way it is very sad that we are still often divided along racial lines. GZ will most likely be convicted of some charges and acquitted on others. The whole thing is a tragedy and so many people’s lives have been forever changed. On another note please remember Fox and MSNBC are the same creature and neither is a news outlet although they are both mainstream. If both ceased to exist we all might be better off as all they do is fan the flames of their blind followers. Try to read through the BS bias on both sides, somewhere there is a middle called truth.
      Be safe.

      • We are divided along cultural lines. If everyone was pulling together race wouldn’t be the issue it is, but it really seems that there are inherent divisions.
        At this point if you don’t welcome some flavor of socialism you are called a racist. One has nothing to do with the other, really, but the situation is being exploited that way. If we don’t give up most of our Constitution and much of our freedom they are going to hate us and there is going to be trouble.

        • When does culture and race merge? In prisons the convicts are divided by race, each race has their own area carved out. This is not done by the prison staff, but by the prisoners themselves. The factions are not divided by height, weight, religion or socio economic status on the outside, but the color of their skin.

          If you see prison as a microcosm of society then is there any hope for racial unity?

        • Saul, I’ve worked in a prison. Yes inmates segregate themselves. But the rest of society is not in prison for a reason. Comparing us to the lowest common denominater is probably not the most accurate way to address the issue.

          • jwm, the “lowest common denominater” now has an inordinate amount of power in our society, the left side of the Bell Curve controls the votes. The only way that can lead is down.

        • Saul, yes prisoners segegrate themselves. I worked in a prison. In no way, however do I ccept that the inmate population is a microcosm of our society in general. As Richard Pryor once said.”Thank God we got prisons.”

    • you’re probably right on the last point there, but it’s going to go over the head of some posters here.

    • “If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white” The vast majority of the country would have never heard about it. The President wouldn’t have have made a statement, the MSM wouldn’t have picked it up and distorted the story and so on. Filed under local news and forgotten. I don’t see many, if any “worshiping GZ”. People who don’t have a racial agenda and believe in the right of self defense look at the facts that we have now and say, “I’d have done the same thing.”

    • If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, I’m sure that a lot of people currently worshipping GZ would be screaming for his head on a platter and predicting race riots if he’s convicted. It all depends on which side of the racial divide you are on.

      That’s divisive in tone and a borderline slimeball-liberal argument tactic, but you covered yourself logically by limiting racist intent to those “worshipping GZ”.

      I don’t suppose you care to clarify those who, by written word or action, “worship GZ” (and are therefore racist)?
      Does Alan Dershowitz “worship GZ”?
      Do any commenting on this post “worship GZ”?

      I think a dispassionate argument based on the legal facts makes a 2nd degree murder conviction very tough. An emotion-based argument based on race baiting media hype makes a 2nd degree murder conviction likely. Nice to see you fanning the flames of the latter.

    • If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white, I’m sure that a lot of people currently worshipping GZ would be screaming for his head on a platter and predicting race riots if he’s convicted. It all depends on which side of the racial divide you are on.

      In a word: bullshit.

      It depends on the evidence at hand. Period. By your line of logic, if I criticize the current President, it MUST be because I’m on “one side of the racial divide.” Bullshit.

      I predict the physical evidence at hand will exonerate GZ.

      I believe the jury will have no choice but to acquit him because of that evidence.

      And, I agree there will be riots. Big ones. Many of them. I will be VERY surprised if there is restraint and calm.

      • Agreed. I would hope other gun owners would understand this bias. 500 murders in Chicago inner city? -Yawn… 20+ children killed in an affluent neighborhood in Connecticut? – NATIONAL CRISIS! BAN ALL GUNS. The pattern is simple – when the wealthy get attacked, the wheels of government go into overtime, when the regular people get attacked your SOL.

    • I agree with Ralph. Zimmerman was told not to pursue Martin but he did anyway. Had Martin been seen actually committing a crime that would be different. Anyone have evidence Martin was committing a crime at the time Zimmerman chose to confront him?

        • Your quote conveniently leaves out the next few lines, where Zimmerman responds.

          “Alright sir, what’s your name?”
          “George… He ran.”

          And then they go on to discuss where he will meet the cops, which indicates (to me, at least) that he has broken off pursuit. He is asked for his address, and he responds, “I don’t want to give it all out, I don’t know where this kid is,” which again indicates to me that he has broken off pursuit.

          How do you interpret that as “Zimmerman was told not to pursue Martin but he did anyway?”

      • That was my biggest problem with Zimmerman’s story. There’s no proof Martin was doing anything wrong or that Zimmerman had any reason to believe he was committing a crime. The attempts to use pictures on his phone of him smoking pot (most posters on this board have smoked pot) or handling a gun (who here DOESN’T have those?) are laughable.

        • Who cares. You cant sucker punch a dude and try to crush his skull into the ground because he thinks he is Barney Fife and followed you a few feet.

      • “We don’t need you to do that.” isn’t the same as don’t do that but there is evidence Zimmerman took the advice anyway.

    • It all depends on which side of the racial divide you are on.

      It depends which side of the state / citizen divide you are on. Instigated racial agita is a tool. Zimmerman’s thought crime was acting autonomously.

  26. Floridians won’t be caught off guard like Californians were in 1992. They’ll be camped out and tooled up, awaiting the verdict and the potential post-verdict uncivil disobedience.

    However, as innocent as he is of the charges, I expect he’ll be convicted. It isn’t that the Florida jury wants to reverse centuries of supposed racial injustice. It’s that they want to avoid a week of racial violence.

  27. Riots will happen.

    How to put it gently – some types will actively look for a reason to loot and burn. This would be more than enough reason for those types, since the victim was one of their own.

    • Don’t bother to put it gently. If you’re going to be racist, be racist. That way we at least know you for who you are.

  28. Do not try the case in the media folks. Remember, their agenda is to make money. Not to honestly inform. They will do whatever it takes to keep the news cycle going.
    I don’t even blame them for that. Their jobs depend on ratings. But we cannot allow their agenda to sway ours. On this site I think we are all united by our belief in 2A.
    To that end we should let the case play out based upon facts when they are brought up during the trial. As far as this silly theme of riots that is starting to spin throughout this post. Riots are carried out by hoodlums. They are carried out by bad guys. It has happened throughout our history. Idiots riot. It rarely has anything to do with grave injustices. Just hoodlums acting out. From Five Points in the 1860’s to the present. Heck we even have people rioting after sporting events…….when their team wins! Hoodlums.

  29. Yes, it’s that LIEberal media doing all the race baiting. Saying blacks are going to riot and steal TVs is not race baiting at all, you perfidious hypocrite. Do the world a favor and stuff yourself in an oven, Robert. Your right wing spew brings only shame to other gun owners/ 2a advocates.

        • rsimpleton isn’t a Nazi. A major @ssh0le, yes. But not a Nazi.

          But I could be wrong about the “not a Nazi” thing.

        • Then rsimpleton should clarify then what the “oven” was in reference to? Sounds like an anti-Semitic reference to the Holocaust to me…

          • If we’re going to have civil discussion, you should be as reluctant to accuse others of racism as you expect them to be reluctant to say racist things. Both are thoughtless gut reactions.

    • Hmmm…. I didn’t see where Robert (or anyone else) said that “BLACKS are going to riot.” He suggested there would be riots. No race was identified. So… WHO is doing the “race baiting” here, rtempleton???

      • You’re being disingenuous, and rtempleton, as much as I hate to say it, is right. When RF says “riots will result,” he’s thinking of black people. When people like Cameron S. say things like he did above, that “some types will actively look for a reason to loot and burn,” he’s talking about black people. He’s pussyfooting around it so that nobody can specifically call him racist, and of course, so that if someone does say it, he can turn it around and accuse them of racism, because “I didn’t mean it that way, honest. You went there, not me.” Which is exactly what you did.

        They’re thinking of black people, because they remember L.A. and Rodney King, and because the Trayvon Martin side is primarily supported by and made up of black people, and it gives them a chance to let their inner feelings out “gently,” as Cameron S. put it above.

        I’ll say it again, in case you can’t believe I said it the first time: “rtempleton is right.” When RF says “riots will result,” he’s playing into and effectively saying that he believes the stereotypes about black people. But of course, I know he didn’t say “black people,” so I’m sure he’s innocent. Just like Cameron S. and many other people from whom the level of racism has slowly been creeping up lately.

        • What’s disingenuous is proclaiming to know what someone is THINKING. When I speak, I am always VERY literal. I do a lot of writing, and my writing style is the same. Perhaps unfairly or even naively, I expect other people to say what they mean and mean what they say. As such, I don’t pretend to have the ability to divine what others are thinking when I read a written piece.

        • While that’s a valid point, the waters get real murky when you’re talking about race. Even normally forthright people get very circumspect in how they express themselves.

        • When the riots occur… and they will (in my opinion)… I expect we may see a preponderance of participants being black, as many feel a connection to this case. But, I also expect we will see opportunistic thugs of every color raising hell. Is that murky?

        • I disagree about the likelihood of riots. Demonstrations, maybe. Some opportunistic bad behavior, perhaps. But not anything that would reasonably be called a riot. I agree that opportunism has no race.

        • Maybe some people here to think that black people will riot. The Rodney King riots were race riots, and people are predicting race riots in this case. Mainly this prediction is based on the heavy discussion of race in the coverage of this event, painting it as a racially motivated murder. It seems in the coverage and discussion of this case people can talk about race all they want, as long as they are accusing GZ of being a racist. If anybody speculates about the criminal fallout of a not-guilty verdict, they’re supposed to pretend that race will no longer be an issue? The opposite of racism is not race-baiting, it’s impartiality. If the trial and coverage were impartial, then there would be no riots because the case would not be framed as a major race issue.

    • brings only shame to other gun owners

      Well, then it’s a good thing you’re not a gun owner right? Not legally that is.

    • If there is going to be a riot, it will be done by black people.
      What, do you think it will be Asians…..elderly Mormon women?
      Its the libtard way (most blacks vote libtard, and libtards play the race card).
      What the liberal media did is not defensible.

  30. Looks like a whole lot of opportunity for reasonable doubt regarding GZ’s guilt based upon the evidence so far. Also, GZ was already released once by the police, and was re-arrested as a white Hispanic who shot a black man after a deplorable level of media intervention. I’d be happy to serve on that jury, by the way. Of course, I would immediately get canned from jury duty.

    • He was re-arrested because the State of Florida was intimidated by a lynch mob.

  31. I’ll ask all of you a question. You are sucker-punched. The guy ends up on top of you and breaks your nose. He then bangs the back of your head against the concrete. He then sees your gun and tries to go after it.

    Would you draw and shoot?

    These are the facts, interlaced by the only witness testimony. Everything else is window dressing. The Orlando Sentinel has spent over a quarter of a million dollars in preparation for this trial. And that’s just a local newspaper. Don’t think for a minute that this is not the ultimate dog and pony show for the media.

  32. I live in Sanford, and even passed by the community where the shooting happened and stopped at that 7-11 on Friday. The people here are on edge and expecting trouble. Thankfully years ago they built a new courthouse closer to the edge of town, because the old one was downtown and the area probably couldn’t function if they’d had to accommodate the expected crowds down there. The big shock to everyone in the area is that the trial venue wasn’t moved.

  33. OMG! Accusations of Racism OMG!
    The term “racist” has lost all meaning to me and a lot of others. You criticize the president, you’re a racist. You want curbs on Government spending, you’re a racist. You believe GZ acted in self defense, you’re a racist. Give me a break people, you don’t have to defend yourself from cries of racism. It’s a well worn tactic used by…………shall we call them the left, liberals or just trolls? They throw out the racist bomb and all discussion about the issue ceases and we go into the “I’m not a racist” defense. The truth is the truth, if GZ is acquitted and riots ensue 99.9% of the rioters will be Black, not White, not Asian, not Inuit; Black. Deal with it.

    If I’m a neighborhood watch person (don’t want to be sexist on top of being racist) and I see a young black guy who doesn’t live here walking through my predominately white neighborhood where there have been a lot of break ins, you can bet I’m going to profile him and observe more closely. That’s what neighborhood watch persons do, look for suspicious behavior. So the racist GZ unfairly profiled TM and TM was justified in trying to beat the living $hit out of him?

    The above was just an attempt to bring shame to other gun owners by me and my ilk.

  34. I have been reading TTAG for awhile now. It saddens me that this thread has really caused some ugly and divisive comments. A few months ago it was great because we were all unified about 2A. If this thread is an indication of where we are as a society and nation we are seriously limping. On the other hand, if it is just the 2A commuity that is this blinded by color we will be defeated. It seems that each comment has divided us more. I urge us all to keep an open mind about this case and not make alarming delarations. I personally think there might be guilt and innocence for both GZ and TM. But I will not pass judgement because I wasn’t there. Guys and gals of the gun, keep you eyes on the prize. Be safe, be smart.

    • Don’t be sad. Have a Skittle. The libtards use the race card and hate guns.
      That’s why we had to fight to keep them (libtards) from taking our guns (liberty) these last several months and why this open/shut trial is taking place. You see ugly and divisive comments because that’s the libtard game that we must now play as they have set up the chess board.
      Sadly, this is exactly where we are as a society and nation.

  35. I agree. If Zimmerman is acquitted, there will be riots. That’s what happens when you don’t respect the rule of law and your convinced everything is racial. The Sharpton’s of this world, are looking for any excuse. Damn the truth! It has to be racism. You know, Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”, which is an entirely made up racial category, as a result of this case.

    I think it’s a fascinating case, as a firearms trainer. Why? Because if you put yourself into the situation (by following) then shit goes south, where does your right to self defense end and where does it “kick in” again. I submit, that if your getting your head pounded on the concrete, you have the right to self defense.

  36. They will try to pack the jury with anti-gunners. This is the way to convict Z because the libtards think that only DANGEROUS people carry guns.

  37. Actually, even if the GZ is found guilty, it will be turned over on appeal- the judge has been very prejudicial towards the defense, already had decisions in this case overturned twice by higher courts. She appears to almost deliberately be providing reversible errors in her rulings and conduct of the trial preparations.

    Here’s a website I’ve been following on the case which is very good-

    • This is an excellent link, I’m reading an article there now. Thanks for sharing it, very informative.

    • This site has some amazing ana1ysis of the Zimmerman case, especially the recent developments regarding the withholding of discovery evidence by the prosecution. I’m a little angry right now after reading it, actually.

  38. Al Sharpton is a racist,he is also a crook,don’t ya’ll remember that trouble he got into a few years ago nothing ever came of it because he pulled the race card!is using this situation to put money in his own pocket,that goes for Jesse Jackson also.When Boobama was elected Prez it took away some of Sharpton and Jackson’s power over their own people,due to Boobama being black,plus it took a lot of the donations away too,so both of them need something to get the money coming back in,so why not jump on the bandwagon and the money will start to come back in!These guys are just crooks using their own people for profit,I’ll bet I will be called a racist over my opinion but I call it as I see it.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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