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“The ownership of guns is mostly symbolic most of the time. The gun as a symbol says this: the state is not God. The state is not finally sovereign. Citizens are sovereign under God, and they possess the right to bear arms as a mark of this sovereignty.” – Gary North via [h/t to Phil Mc]

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  1. I read Mr. North’s blog at I think he is full of S^#t. As the old adage goes Free men own guns, slaves don’t. It is the armed American Citizen that has been the only stop gap from a complete dictatorship. While we are enroute to that now, the left’s major problem is how to disarm us.

    American’s will not go quietly into that Good night!

  2. Armed American citizens have been complicit in selling their freedoms and birthrights for pieces of silver and gold. NAFTA, the 1965 Immigration Act, pointless foreign wars, the most recent NDAA, Patriot Act, ad nauseum met no armed resistance.

    All this drivel about “stopping dictators” has got to. Soft, demure, family-friendly tyranny crept up on us. We as Americans have almost zero resistance to subversion of this stripe. An open despot would be preferable to the Rainbow Coalition from Hell that deconstructs our values and demolishes our monuments.

    The enemy has weaponized the narrative. We’re the bad guys in our own history books. It’s considered immoral to take our own side in a fight. Chest-thumping ain’t gonna fix it, sorry.

    • Who’s that “we” you’re talking about? I didn’t vote for that sh!t and don’t approve of it. Do you?

        • Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

          I’ve been on board since Goldwater in ’64. I was only 16 and couldn’t vote, but I was a very industrious campaign worker. His campaign rally at Madison Square Garden was one of the high points of my life. So tell me: where have you been?

          Charlie, if you haven’t read “Conscience of a Conservative,” you should. It’s the political blueprint for everything.

            • That was the last election in which Ralph and Hillary were on the same page, without doubt. Goldwater’s family made their pre-department store money selling mules and horses to the federal government, the Army, by the way. More and more people are “calling it as they see it,” and that’s going to help. I’m thinking Swiss, myself: “Neutral, but heavily armed.” It’s a start.

          • Mr. Goldwater had cojones to oppose the Civil Rights Act. For that alone his writings are worth the reading.

  3. I actually support the Libertarians myself.
    I campaigned hard for Ed Clark in 1980.
    I try my best to promote Ron Paul.

  4. Well, I would agree with Gary North to a large degree on this subject.
    I think people in this Country remind me a lot of the story of Esau and Jacob. I think the American Public does a good job of emulating Esau in selling their free birth right for a bowl of Fascist gruel.

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