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“I think the vigils completely miss the point because they’re assuming that more gun-control laws will lead to fewer crimes, but we find that the opposite is true. The more gun-control laws you have, the easier it is for criminals to commit crimes.” – John Velleco, Gun Owners of America federal affairs director at

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  1. History has shown that pleading with your attacker seldom works and in the cases of sociopaths may actually feed the problem. Begging for an end to violence sure does sound good and feels nice though. If you want to end violent acts by perps they tend to pay attention to DGU and quick executions by the police in certain situations.

  2. Is it generally human nature for many or most people to believe all problems have a superficial fix as in putting a band-aid on an injury that needs surgery?

    Problem: ‘America is mega trillion$ in debt and the country is losing its competitive edge and oh businesses are fleeing the country.’

    Solution: ‘Let’s borrow trillion$ more, pass more rules and laws restricting business growth (and personal liberties), and make America an increasingly less desirable place for men to live and so what that more engineering and science grads who are in demand keep moving overseas to work?’ (sarcasm off)

  3. These demonstrations may very well have an affect on the great masses of people who are apathetic about gun violence and gun control. That’s what you fear. That’s why you guys are so critical.

    The quote above that these people presume something that’s not true is misleading. The argument that more and better gun control leaves the criminals with a safe environment in which to work is proven false in each of these mass shootings. The CCW permit holders who are present, are unable to intervene. Why? We’re talking about that on my blog right now, but I’d sum it up like this.

    Random violence happens too quickly and unexpectedly for anyone to intervene unless he just happens to be in exactly the right place at the critical moment.

    Five seconds into the violence, shock and fear and a lack of training add to the delay. By then the business is over. I always picture Fredo trying to get the gun out to protect The Don. That’s you guys.

    • You’re right, we are afraid of stupid people enacting more stupid laws that disarm us and make us victims.
      You really need to quit fantasizing over what happens in the heat of a crime, you’re quite full of it. Most recently the Chesapeake Va bar robbery turned out very bad for one of the perps. You would have been one begging for your very life on your knees, just like the people in the video.
      How’s it feel to enjoy the security of armed people around you?

    • Depends on how fast the perps strike. In my social shotgun situation, the bad guys dawdled enough for me to get into position with the 870. Sometimes the bad guys do not act as a normal human being would. I just cannot believe the arrogance and stupidity of them sometimes… and this can be your advantage.
      No, I did not shoot them, luckily at the last second they left my porch and attacked another house. I called the Cops who responded in about 15 minutes and arrived at the wrong address and drove on.

    • This:
      “Random violence happens too quickly and unexpectedly for anyone to intervene unless he just happens to be in exactly the right place at the critical moment.”
      Guess what mikeb I say you’re right! That’s why there need to be MORE of us so that the chance of us being in exactly the right place/time are much higher. Oh that and we need to get rid of “gun-free” zones since these are the places that mass shootings will most likely occur.
      Now there are many other reasons why there is a clear reason the individual shouldn’t be restricted from arming themselves for protection against dangerous wild animals in nature to the urban animals in the streets…

  4. Organizers hope events like this will help prevent gun violence in the future.

    Good luck with that.

    As for mass shootings, yes, they can be extremely difficult to intervene in. Targeted assassinations, too. So what? Massive, multi-house fires are hard to fight too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a fire extinguisher. The fact is that those of us who carry don’t carry so we can save the day in case of a mass shooting, or in case of a pre-planned assassination attempt. We carry to defend against the guys who come to mug us at the gas station at night. It’s about a black guy having a chance when three racists show up and threaten to beat him up. None of us is naive enough to think, as apparently you think we do, that a gun is a magic shield that will save us from all harm. It’s a tool that can give us a chance for survival when otherwise we would have none.

  5. “The CCW permit holders who are present, are unable to intervene. Why?”

    Maybe because they had to lock up the gun in the car before entering the “gun-free zone”, like Luby’s Restaurant.


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