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SIG SAUER just announced [press release after the jump] that they’re going to be revealing a an Adaptive Carbine Platform. Basically, it’s a thingie that mounts to your existing handguns’ accessory rail and and makes them more tactical . . .

The SIG SAUER Adaptive Carbine Platform (ACP) allows any handgun with an accessory rail to be quickly modified into a personal defense weapon or carbine style firearm. Regardless of the brand, most pistols equipped with an accessory rail can be mounted to the ACP without the need for modifi cation to the base gun.

Fabricated from solid aircraft-grade aluminum, the ACP sports M1913 rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions with a full-length top rail at the 12 o’clock position. Compatible accessories such as lights, red dot sights and lasers can be mounted for additional functionality.

The ACP brings Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) features to almost any handgun.

The ACP offers law enforcement or executive protection that are looking for the quick deployment of a carbine or SMG, but with the controllability of a handgun, the ACP offers everything in one package. An integral hand stop permits the user to get a forward grip without the danger of covering the muzzle. The integral quick-detachable sling mounts allow an ACP-equipped pistol to be carried on a sling for fast access.

The new SIG SAUER ACP allows the shooter access to the pistol’s frame mounted controls, providing an easy training transition and familiar manual of arms. The ACP is also compatible with most sound suppressors.

The ACP is available in three models:
• BASIC ACP – This basic model allows for fast, easy conversion and works with most railed pistols.
• ACP-Enhanced – The Enhanced version includes the new SIG SAUER MIL-GRADE Mini Red Dot Sight, a quick detachable sling swivel and a Single Point Bungee Sling.
• ACP-LE – This National Firearms Act-regulated military/law enforcement model features a top folding shoulder stock. Civilian purchasers must comply with the requirements for registering a short-barreled rifle.

So we’re looking at a block of aluminum that you bolt to any handgun to make it (the handgun) easier to manipulate. The good news: unlike some previous attempts at a similar concept, the SIG version will come in two non-NFA violating flavors, as well as the “tax stamp required” version.

I like the charging handle, but will the SIG ACP make a pistol any more usable or controllable? At the very least the device seems to increase the options available for sights and other accessories.

I’m intrigued.

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  1. My interest is piqued. Especially since it fits other firearms and I haven’t yet drank the Sig flavored kool aid.

  2. It seems to comport with the “options” car analogy someone or other wished for around here. I agree with options on a robust platform instead of niche guns.

  3. Since they so conviently break down the parts for you in the video I’m sure that you are charged for each piece.

    Now that you have spent _____$ for these fancy rails and 3 point sling, you can blow another ______$ on lasers, flashlights, red dot sights, and a few other gizmos that you can turn your lightwieght pistol into a 15lb. monster that fires the same rounds the same way.

    Seems to me there are some new rich people that need fleecing in the market……

    Thanks Obamma….

    • or maybe it’s an aluminum housing for a pistol that gives you the option of quickly giving your handgun a stock, sight, and/or sling. if you think rails are fancy guns probably aren’t for you, and what are you planning to attach to bring this up to 15lbs?

  4. i have never seen the appeal to the carbine conversion kits whether its the Roni, or any of the other versions you gain a small amount of added control for a significant increase in size and weight and little to no gain in accuracy, and no gain in power or performance.

    • Really, this is meant for full-auto pistols; It offers a way to effectively add in a stock in no time flat.

      • then why demonstrate with a pistol that is not capable of full auto and advertise compatibility with pistols that are not capable of full auto fire, along with that why make 2 versions with out a stock and only 1 with a stock if that was the goal.

        yes I understand this is a niche Item but at the same time it doesn’t mean just cause its a niche item that its above criticism for being impractical.

      • except anyone who would carry a glock 18 could choose a p90 or and MP7 if they wanted a carbine with rails and junk, but they chose a G18 for the fact that it looks just like a normal pistol or can easily fit in a waist or underarm holster.

        • This would make good car gun for us here in NV. As like a SBR its legal for us law abiding citizens here. 🙂

          And dude it would PS90 and NO MP7! The ones you mentioned are military and LE ONLY! LOL A gun forum where people don’t know guns. Oh well that’s what happens we you click random links on Google searches.

  5. We’ve seen similiar things in recent years but this actually has me vaguely interested IF….. Can fit a glock 34/35, que the 33rnd mags. Imo fun range toy if the kit doesnt cost more than ~3-400.

  6. This would be about making the gun barrel more round! Huh!
    I asked this last week but no response? Sure most know who Mr. George Soros
    Why did he buy up about 5-7 weapons mfgs in the USA and which ones? Agree
    about why spend all your $ for items that won’t make the weapom hit the
    target? You must!

  7. Seems really silly unless you have a Glock 18 or something, and even then there are better options. In order to be universal they made it unnecessarily big, and even then it seems like they cut a few corners. The rail mount for the pistol is plastic, do you think this thing returns to zero every time you take the pistol in and out? Because its plastic, do you think in the long term it will allow the optic to hold zero? And why do you have to disassemble this thing with a rifle round? Isnt the point of this thing to not have to carry a rifle/ammo? If your not getting the one with a stock, for the cost it would probably be better to get your slide milled for a MRDS, instead of doubling the weight of your gun.

    • obviously you can use whatever you want to disassemble it. you dont seriously think a rifle round is the only thing thats going to be able to push that little piece down do you?

  8. I don’t see any practical use for this except for the NFA version. Even then, I would just by an Ar-15 sbr.

  9. Interesting, I almost got the HERA 1911 one, then I remembered that I had to engrave the slide, which who is going to engrave a Kimber for NFA info… not me.

  10. Only the NFA version would add any controllability at all. Without the shoulder stock and vertical foregrip, it just turns your pistol into an imitation Steyr TMP. Even the original TMP is pretty useless.

  11. Is this a joke? This is just a handgun with a bunch of junk bolted on to it, not a sub-gun or even a carbine. In what video game inspired wet dream was this POS designed? How would a shooter do a clearance drill on that thing without making a reservation?
    I am not impressed.

  12. While this does amuse me, I hate the misuse of the firearm terms. A carbine would be a rifle that is shorter than normal, like the K98k, or the dragoon version of the M91. This is clearly (in the non NFA version) the firearms equivalent of a power strip. Plug into one outlet, for more outlets. In the NFA version it is more of… the exact same thing it was when the Luger came with a stock, a less good SMG.

    And why do we say PDW all the time? Are SMGs taboo now? I hear people say “it’s not the same, a PDW has a higher velocity bullet to penetrate armor ‘n stuff…” to which I reply:

    “Just like that SMG the russians made?”

    It’s all just buzzwords and it tires me.

    • Any gun can be a PDW(Personal Defense weapon) this is when you play to much call of duty!

      SMG is the real name(Sub Machine Gun)

  13. I see Sig & Glock mentioned….
    wonder if one will fit my HK.
    (because I suck, and they hate me)

    but as others have said, it really does nothing more for a pistol than dress it up pretty (is this what is meant by tacti-cool?)

  14. I’m wondering how the charging/cocking handle assembly on this device interfaces with the pistol…and what kind of wear/tear it might inflict on the pistol when used? I’m guessing that this charghing/cocking handle assembly (or rubbing from elsewhere) isn’t going to be very kind to the finish on the host pistol. Anyone? Also, why aren’t they posting the targeted MSRP anywhere?

    • $300-369 ish. Geez go to a real forum like Sigforum or HKpro….Sigh About guns dot com. LOL Give me a break.

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