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“So nobody is talking about confiscating guns, not even the Marxist, job-killing, Kenyan-born, terrorist-coddling, community-organizing president. But there are plenty of good ideas percolating around D.C. on how to rein in the nation’s out-of-control gun market without jeopardizing the Second Amendment—even if you subscribe to the idea that the Second Amendment grants an individual right to bear arms.” – NYT editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal.

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  1. I’d love to tell this willfully ignorant git my ideas for reigning in our nations out of control media without jeopardizing the first amendment – even if he thinks the first amendment applies to people employed by tabloids.

    • Actually many of the adovates for restricting gun ownership while “honoring’ the Second Amendment also feel the same way about the First. Look how the MSM treates people who deviate from the PC line, e.g, the Chik-fil-a controversy.

      • absolutely right. you get labeled as “fringe” when you refuse to buy into the MSM, which is bought and owned by major corporations. conflict of interest much?

  2. “Even if you subscribe to the idea that the Second Amendment grants an individual right to bear arms…” Gee Andy, you mean like the body that determines what the correct interpretation of the Constitution is? Whose opinion is shared by the majority of Americans? What an idiot, this isn’t a idea to subscribe to, it’s a fact and the law of the land.

  3. It is simply amazing that the editor of the editorial page of a major newspaper was able to cram that much fail into two sentences. Well done, Mr. Rosenthal. [SMH]

    • Reading the full story, AR from the NYT was being a liberal journalist and sarcastically poking fun at the perceived paranoid views of the gun community. He was also criticizing Obama and Congress avoiding taking any real action to close-up gun control loopholes.

  4. And what would those “good ideas” be?

    The easily circumvented Security Theater of Waiting Periods and registration? Maybe he is talking about Political Theater prohibitions on cosmetic features like barrel shrouds, pistol grips, bayonet lugs, and flash hiders? Or maybe its limitations on magazine capacity (also easily circumvented), because surely a nutjob who rigs his whole apartment to explode would never think of bringing two, or three or four guns to commit a crime…oh, wait, that already happened.

    Please tell us Mr. Rosenthal, which of these non-sensical, for-show pieces of legislative vomit would have prevented the Aurora shooting?

    Wait, there was one I forgot….Gun Free Zones! Just put up a sign that says “Firearms and Weapons are Prohibited on these premises” and that will surely stop an insane person from walking into a crowded theater and murdering at will.

    Except that the Aurora theater was labeled as a Gun Free Zone and somehow, those little placards were unable to stop a maniac.

    You know Mr. Rosenthal, what we really need is an outright Ban and complete confiscation of all firearms. That will make us safe from this type of mass murder. Because crazy people could never think of some Other way of murdering Lots of people all at once.

    Well, maybe there are other ways

    And once we are all disarmed and helpless we will have the Government to keep us safe!

  5. I find it interesting that they attack any Christian value but fail to realize that the same 1st amendment protects their freedom of press. If the religious freedom is defeated, so is the freedom of the press. Brilliant, just brilliant these “journalists”.

    • Anybody wanting to gently “persuade” gun-grabbers to relax their idealogies need to read the comments following the New York Time’s article. We are not dealing with persuadable people.

  6. Don’t disparage these journalists just because they live the utopian world of words. They can’t help the fact that they can’t see past the keyboard they peck away at.

  7. oh, the new york times. this is the same group of assholes that have proven themselves, time and time again, as shills for the government.

    If we only had a liberal media…

  8. As with most reprehensible leftists/antis, you need only look at the face to know what kind of person he is. That look of disdain, contempt, and superiority over those “beneath” him is the same look the public gets from Bloomberg et al. Used to be that decent people would put morally defective assholes like this in their place.

    • Actually, he looks like someone’s uncle. . . . unfortunately, it’s the uncle who went to prison for lewd and lascivious acts with a minor.

  9. The Second Amendment doesn’t grant me, or anyone else, shit. It RECOGNIZES my natural rights as a human.

  10. ” … even if you subscribe to the idea that the Second Amendment grants an individual right to bear arms.”

    Well actually, no I don’t. It grants no such thing. The right is universal and self evident. It may not be conferred nor abridged. The Second Amendment is a charge by “We the People” to the federal government to protect the right.

    This “intellectual” thinks the Constitution is the government talking.

  11. “even if you subscribe to the idea that the Second Amendment grants an individual right to bear arms.”

    How about even if you subscribe to the NY Times? Oh, sorry, nobody’s doing that anymore.

  12. You know, we hear this refrain from Jews about “never again.”

    And then we read this sort of drivel coming from the majority of Jews like Rosenthal above: “…even if you subscribe…”

    RF, you’ve gotta realize by now that you’re one in perhaps a hundred of your brethren on the RKBA issue, and while they might be mouthing the words “never again,” they’re complete poseurs hiding behind male gentiles who actually stand between Jews and mass death.

    Rosenthal is one who would have been stupid enough to get on a train just because the French offered them a free ticket.

    • I think you confuse someone of Jewish ancestry with someone who is actually Jewish. Rosenthal and people like him are JINOs (Jews in Name Only) or they wear their grandparents religion on their sleaves when they perceive an advantage in doing so.

      • Mmmm…. Yea, that’s what motivates my concern that a whole lotta Jews are whistling past the graveyard in this generation, especially in Israel: Antisemitism.

        Sometimes, you might want to up your dosage long enough to stop listening to quite all the voices you hear…

  13. Anyone that claims that Pres. Obama hasn’t done anything at all to effect gun rights during his administration, need only to look at the voting records of the 2 supreme court justices he appointed to see how wrong they are.

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