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(courtesy Bodybuilders Against Guns Facebook page)

“Guns KILL people! As bodybuilders we are uniting to let it be known guns need to banned and we need to stop the endless violence in the United States.” – About section of Bodybuilders Against Guns Facebook page

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    • Are you referring to his steroid-riddled, unhealthy arm or the gun-ban mindset?

      I’ll say yes to both.

      Am I the only one who sees something fishy here? This muscle-head, who could presumably beat 99% of the population in a fist fight, or force himself on just about any woman, wants to ban guns, which make us all equal?

      European knights and Japanese samurai felt the same way about guns. Before guns, they had the advantage in equipment (horses, armor, swords, and lances) and training, and were able to slaughter peasants left and right. After the introduction of firearms, a group of peasants with simple metal tubes and a few hours of training could resist the knights.

      • I believe the polearm predated the firearms as being the most effective weapon wielded by peasants against armored horseback warriors. Firearms emerged during a time when professional soldiers and mercenaries mostly fought one another, thus firearms became more crucial in providing an edge over the opponent. Despite the “relative” ease of using firearms and comparative less training compared to other weapons, it still required a certain amount of training to use them skillfully in volleys. Also, the material and logistics for firearms were not cheap, so most peasants were not going to have access to them unless they were provided by their lords if pressed into battle. See battle of Nagashino (Japan) and Battle of Cerignola (Europe).

        • Not everything is about war, though.

          Back in the day, the average samurai, knight, w/e could rape or kill peasants/churls/eta/etc without repercussion.

          Suddenly, a technology existed that allowed someone with money to put a weapon into the hands of a malnourished, untrained peasant and give them a chance against the bigger, stronger, well trained warrior class.

    • And a tactfully deployed firearm makes a great defensive equalizer tool against one with great guns on his arms and roid rage in his mind.

      Maybe THAT’S what the roid monsters are really against.

  1. “slayed tons of ladies” – so either that is a very sexist remark about this lifter’s purported sexual prowess (yep, liberal hypocrisy on the whole “war on women” thing) or he has killed women and perhaps developed his muscular features while in the prison system. Hey – is this the Pillowcase Rapist? I am sure Shannon Watts will swoon over his photo and like it on facebook. . . . . that is until he moves next door.

    • It sounds like he doesn’t want to let those ladies have a chance to even the odds against him. He certainly couldn’t kill too many of them if they had the ability to fight back.

    • It’s been found that a lot of bodybuilders nuts are dessicated due to over steroid use. They ain’t slaying the ladies lately with their sexual prowess.

      • The dirty little secret of the body building world is that a significant amount of these Uber-manly men go “gay for pay” in order to fund their protein and steroid needs. If you think about it, only gay men swoon over this body type. Women usually have more sense then that.

    • He’s part of that generation of youngsters that define their “manliness’ through the number of women they play around with, not the quality in which they treat them, not the quality of their companionship to develop as humans, and not in the quality of their morality.

      Since he has a big ego, he should go to a MMA ring sometime. Hilarity would prevail.

    • There is an interesting psychological angle there. I got the sense that (if this isn’t a hoax) there’s a fear of being vulnerable to the equalizing power of a bullet. It’s as if he spends all this time getting ripped and realizes he’s not bulletproof.

  2. Right, ban the guns because only cowards use them… because one of these shredded up neanderthals has never done something so childish/cowardly such as break something or hit someone like their girlfriend when they were angry.

    • Moreover, big, bulky muscles do not automatically mean you can fight better…

      MMA fighters are lean for reason.

  3. Obviously satire. Don’t bother, it’s not even funny, and most of the people are too dumb to get the joke.

    • Sadly, it’s not. Those roidos think that bodybuilding is the same as strength training and that only “cowards” have guns.

      • I looked at the page. Eventually got to this “About to hit the gym. Seems like there was another local shooting in my city. When will people wake up and take these guns off the street. If we get rid of the guns, the criminals won’t be able to shoot or rob anyone.” 80% chance its satire, although God help us if it’s not.

    • The world is certainly full of enough stupidity to yield this page as a 100% sincere undertaking.

      That being said the page has likes listed for several right-leaning groups including the Tea Party, so it (hopefully) could be a parody.

  4. And everyone knows how safe steroids are! Just ask any woman who had to get a protection order from her roided out boyfriend to protect her from his “guns”…..

    • Like Jared Remy, body builder son of former MLB’er Jerry Remy who murdered his girlfriend in front of their small child. This after years of abusing women as a result of his steroid use. Is this what they’re advocating?

      • Don’t blame the anabolics for him being an ass.

        I like iron sports (though I’m more interested in strongman and powerlifting than bodybuilding). I’ve known a fair amount of people that cycle steroids of various types. I don’t think any of them exhibted violent tendencies.

  5. Body builders against guns… because when we snap into a ‘roid rage, we like our rape and murder victims entirely incapable of defending themselves.

  6. The bodybuilding crowd has never been known for its intellect.
    You can’t fix stupid.

    • I know that it’s low hanging fruit, but we can’t call out someone else for lazy stereotypes designed to mis-characterize gunowners while using stereotypes against them. At best we look like hypocrites and at worst it ends up as a mud slinging match where we look bad.

      Respond with statistics and facts. Keep it polite and respectful. If the other person still makes it clear that (s)he has no intention of engaging in an honest way then leave them in their ignorance.

    • Exactly what I thought, I was trying to figure out why it was hanging to the side before I saw it.

  7. Yeah, great. So then you can intimidate people with your size, right, cause you’d never do that. Nope, I’ll keep my field leveling firearms, thanks.

  8. My rifle has never killed anyone, but has slayed about a half a ton of food…

  9. I always preferred “Anacondas” or “Pythons…but they went out of production around Y2K.

  10. This guy’s FB page rivals that of the idiot white “rapper” from Cincinnati I looked at the other day, thanks to the article here. Thanks to the internet, I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of people in the world.

  11. As a bodybuilder I have to say… wtf? This is silly. I use my big muscles to lift big guns. I am probably one of the few who hunts moose with a ~14kg .338LM rifle :V

  12. Honestly? I think that is disgusting, there is a difference between being strong and being…whatever they are. That is unhealthy just like the fashion industry.

    No disrespect to people who excersise or train a lot.

    • Actually bodybuilding is very hard on your body. Being overweight with muscle is the same as being overweight with fat as far your skeletal structure is concerned.

      It’s hard on your joints and heart, among other things.

      My buddy does bodybuilding competitions. He says they have to keep EMTs on staff because so many people pass out in the back from being dehydrated and malnourished . It makes them look more vascular.

      He has so little body fat and so much muscle mass that he actually has to wake up in the middle the night to eat.

      • Yup, I heard that one too. That bodybuilders starve themselves before shows so as to reduce their body fat percentage.

        The whole “mean, lean machine” is the way to go. Just look at Bruce Lee, wasn’t the strongest guy but was probably the strongest guy per pound.

        What annoys me is when people show bodybuilders as something to strive for, just like the starved “super” models are shown as an ideal for women.

      • They don’t stay in contest condition year round, but yeah, extreme levels of any sport become more about performance than health.

  13. Why would people that spend all of their free time trying to become more muscular and physically intimidating wish to do away with the greatest equalizer in human history?

    It’s almost like they have an agenda or something.

  14. Why not do both? Lift weights, and shoot guns. They’re both fun, and a great way to improve yourself physically.

  15. This is my rifle, these are my guns, one is for self defense; these others are to impress the ladies which might lead to some fun.

  16. It’s just an expression of the will to power. In the gun-free existence imagined here, the bodybuilder would be, if not king, at least much more powerful. He could do as he pleased to a greater extent, with little fear of resistance or retaliation from others. Really, this is someone who is strong but stupid bemoaning the technology that has leveled the self-defense playing field.

    • Not really, without guns he still wouldn’t be a king because what’s stopping someone from stabbing him in the kidneys then running away?

      But I get your point, the physically strong in society want to revert back to a society where they have power due to their strength.

      • The fact he has STR 18 (or Str 5 in the WoD) is merely an expression of his will towards power over others, he’s just saying that whether bodybuilder or smooth-talker or genius, it is only one unique manifestation. I’d say an inefficient path to power when taken to that extreme.

        • This is why I play a Ranger…my STR is low, but I never miss and always hit for 30-40. OPAF Rangers for the win.

  17. Whats more dangerous: a gun that just sits there? or a jacked up body builder with roid rage?

  18. Sorry grandma, you cannot have a gun to protect yourself…

    Yeah, I know you live alone, but you should just hit the weights.

  19. Yeah because lifting weights instantly makes you a world class fighter able to disarm any threat. There are more than a few in this area that have been disabused of that notion.

    • Working out too much does the same thing as drinking too much… It make you think you’re better at things than you really are.

    • I am sure Mr. Tough would welcome the opportunity to display his prowess in prison. After all, street cred for dropping the biggest mo-fo in the joint is overrated.

    • Yep. Silva would clean up pretty much any bodybuilder (unless said body builder was also fairly good at MMA).

  20. Hey you bodybuilders against guns, you can start evangelizing your message on the south side of Chicago. How dat sound?

    …………. (crickets chirping). Hmmmm, that’s interesting.

  21. Wait. So because I, as the good guy with a gun, who has exactly zero interest in or intention of initiating violence against anyone, choose to deploy a self-defense firearm against someone who would, by surprise and superior numbers and/or ability, criminally and without provocation initiate violence against me, that makes ME the coward?! Oh that’s rich.

  22. Not to stereotype, but I don’t think bodybuilders are known for their mental prowess

  23. “Killed 0 people but has slayed tons of ladies…”

    slay verb \ˈslā\
    : to kill (someone or something) especially in a battle or war

    So since slay = kill, does that mean, according to our friend above, that ladies are not people? How progressive.

  24. This may be an indication that, for some, or many, muscle mass is inversely proportional to IQ.

  25. The irony is that if a man with the size muscles went up against the average man or woman, the size of muscles alone is a disparity of force allowing the firearm to be used if needed, simply because everyone knows that they are easily capable of killing or great bodily harm.

  26. Oh look, someone saying something controversial to get Facebook likes, to feed his narcissism. Too much time in the gym and not enough time to Google, all his info is gun control propaganda stats, he is one of the uninformed masses who thinks a semi-auto AR is an “machine gun”. I would expect as much from someone who looks like a Jersey Shore extra, who I’ll bet uses his muscles to intimidate and would prefer it if nobody was armed.

  27. Well this is bizarre. Even though I’m over 60 I used to have muscles similar to this doofus. Without drugs. I’ve known a LOT of bodybuilders, powerlifterss & competitive weightlifters over the years. Since 1967! Not ONE was anti gun or a pacifist. And I’m not talking about non serious guys who play in the gym. BTW the stereotype of overcompensation is nonsense. Well unless you’re a drug addict musclehead who has a heart attack at 35…but then you won’t live to be over 60.

  28. I do both. I fail to see how doing one nullifies the other, as they fulfill different purposes. If I were smart I could tell you what sort of logical fallacy is presented here, but I’m not, so I redirect you to Google for that information.

  29. Bodybuilders Against Guns = Bag.
    Bag = Big airhead Gibberish.
    ‘Nuff said…….

  30. On the other hand, how many people have been killed by a steroid crazed bodybuilder in a “Roid Rage”?

  31. has the gun crew. Many posts on guns, building guns etc. These guys are probably a small minority of non critical thinkers.

  32. They are just pissed that all those huge muscles amount to zero against a gun.

    “God made man, Samuel Colt made man equal”

  33. I guess it’s time to get rid of all the elderly’s guns. Also the physically handicapped. All they have to do is hit the gym! They are so cowardly for using guns! /Sarcasm

  34. So, ‘cowards hide behind guns’? Well what exactly is your advice on the eventuality of running into one of those very same ‘cowards’ who finds himself consumed with a fit of pique and low on impulse control? Arm wrestling? Bad language? Perhaps running, you know, faster than a speeding bullet. You move your steel, I will continue to carry mine. Funny thing about that equation, I have no desire to infringe upon your rights, hmm.

  35. Years ago me and a couple of my buddies decided that exercising was not good for you. You can injure yourself by working out. Sore or torn muscles, worn out joints, it is simple not good for you and it is dangerous. That is why we formed Athletes Anonymous of which I am a card carrying charter member, whenever any member feels the need to exercise or engage in any physical or dangerous activity, he calls us, we show up with a six pack and a pizza and talk him down. There is no telling how many injuries, strokes or what not we have prevented over the years. I urge you to join.


  36. If the person making this poster gets his way, then only brute physical strength will prevail. If you’re born smaller, if you’re in a wheelchair because of the way you were born or from an accident, then the guy with the muscles can push you around and take your money.

    If you’re a small woman, then don’t worry, you can use your own muscles to protect yourself against a man “slaying” you with his biceps. Don’t worry if he takes your purse or rapes you instead.

    Yeah, that’s what we need, a society ruled by those with all the muscles.

    • the same standard humans been living with for like ~2000 years –

      Might is Right.

    • They also speak from a position of elitism and luxury.

      They are bigger and stronger than others and have increased odds of fending off a opponent. A smaller, weaker person doesn’t.

      That is the beauty of guns. They are great equalizers. Equality is a good thing, no?

  37. I used to be a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. 15 yrs in the trenches with these guys. Most of them are really insecure, freaky shy, introverted, socially inept lefties.

    Nuff said.

  38. Helluva note when you have this much difficulty sorting out the gun-control parody from the gun-control sincerity.

  39. I know a guy that was jumped in Chicago by 6 guys and they beat him pretty bad. Since then he has spent the past decade obsessed at the gym and is in way better shape than I, however he fails to see the logic that his improved shape will not change the outcome if those 6 were to attempt to re-jump him tomorrow. To a degree I am sure it may discourage the attackers and they would probably prefer weaker prey but 6 on 1 really is no contest, throw a couple of melee items in their and forget about it. I tried to get him to take a hand to hand class but with work and 6 hours at the gym a day he just doesn’t have time.

    The good news is random violence is pretty rare so a repeat encounter is pretty unlikely and hopefully he’ll never have to learn the error of his ways.

  40. I don’t recall giving you people permission to use a photo of my arm all up in here.

  41. Muscles don’t translate to fighting prowess. Even with martial arts skills, any advantage these people have is swiftly negated by multiple assailants, armed assailants, etc…

  42. So I carry a gun partially because Ive had to deal with meatheads like those on that facebook page, and it is a lot easier to know that samuel colt is there to equalize.

    Meatheads who most likely workout 1. for the bitches & 2. Because strength and physical intimidation

    Im ALL for physical activity and weight lifting but people like that ruined the gym for me…

  43. I’ve known a lot of bodybuilders. Some of them have “slayed” a lot of women. But a lot of them have “slayed” a lot of men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • I know a lot a bodybuilders who only “slay” fellow fitness obsesses people because the average person doesn’t want date someone who spends 15-20 hours week in the gym.

      My bodybuilder friend is a nice enough guy, but in my single days, I used to get more women than he did. He usually couldn’t get more than date or two because he didn’t drink and eat out when he was getting ready for competitions.

      Make for pretty boring dates.

  44. What if normal people had to protect themselves against these mentally ill freaks. Guns are the great equalizer. Maybe a women needs to protect themselves against the muscle bound women-slayers? There is something wrong with you if you feel the need to get that ridiculous with weight lifting.

  45. It seems to be a troll page of someone actively seeking negative attention. People like that just need to be sent to Coventry

  46. “Killed 0 people”
    Really? I think there may have been a case or two or countless many of peoples life ending or being forever ruined by buff “unarmed” attackers.

  47. May I add…I have been ridiculed( a long time ago ) with “all brawn & no brain”. I usually replied ” it must SUCK to have NEITHER”. There are a LOT of insecure people in this world. Many are GUN OWNERS too. I do believe this BS page is a troll thing.
    Sensible non-drug addict bodybuilding is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. And this old guy doesn’t need Viagra.

  48. They wouldn’t be able to hold a gun anyway, after they get finished oiling each other up.

  49. This is the most narcissistic and egotistical driven idiocy i have ever seen…

    For one, depending on martial arts skills or sheer strength to defeat a opponent in a fight for your life is utter idiocy and delusional. Its hollywood nonsense. There is always someone bigger and faster than you, not to mention better trained and experienced. A gun is a great equalizer. It gives the smaller, weaker, and slower person rough equivalence to someone bigger, faster, and stronger.

    Two, not everybody is a body builder. Some people are disabled by illness or injury. Some people are actually over the hill and are not as strong and robust as they were in their 20s. Some people are smaller in stature, and despite hollywood martial arts nonsense, the heavier opponent has a decisive advantage in many cases. Is someone a “coward” because they have a physical disability through injury or illness? is someone a “coward” because they are older? is someone a “coward” because they are a woman or man of smaller stature? is someone a “coward” because they know their limitations and cannot prevail over a bigger and stronger criminal?


    Finally, the size of your biceps is absolutely useless when the criminal is armed with a weapon. Your martial arts skills with your hands is utterly useless when a criminal has a weapon and has standoff in their favor.
    (and there are plenty more)

    What a bunch of young, stupid, douchenozzles.

    They should stick to what they know: jack shit and let the adults and well trained actually give advise on how people should defend themselves.

  50. A little slice of life commentary since that bicep jogged a memory.

    In my first unit at Fort Bragg, one of my immediate NCO was an E5 named SGT Smith. SGT Smith was originally one of these avowed body builders in his younger years and I was often told by others that he was even bigger years ago. Mind you, he was pushing maybe late 40’s early, 50’s but he out PT us young-uns with barely a sweat. On some mornings, he would even run in the morning from his home off base to PT formation on base, as a “warmup”. He kind of reminded me of the character Ned Flanders from the Simpsons: Wore glasses, had a mustache, borne again Christian and of course very muscular. Never had a temper or swore, until his roid rage slipped at the most in-opportune times (which I was the unwilling recipient at least twice). I don’t know the full story, but I was informed he used to take all kinds of supplements and steroids to bulk up, but was caught by the Army during a urinalysis testing. This almost got him discharged from the military, but something happened and he stayed in. The years of roid use, however, permanently altered his body’s chemistry and he had to take hormone supplements of sort on a daily basis (again from what I heard). While riding with him one day on the way to some training, he confessed to me when he almost got discharged from the military, he almost lost it. He said his life was in the gutter and figured that was the end of it. He said he almost took his AKs down to the local Federal Credit union and robbed the place. Not knowing if he was serious, I asked what he would have done if a guard had tried to stop him. He replied in his usual quiet voice, “Well, I guess I would have shot and killed him.” He paused before continuing, “But luckily I found the Lord, the Army forgave me, and I was able to go on with my life.”

    Praise the Lord indeed.

  51. Bodybuilders are people too. And one advertisement shouldn’t stereotype all those who choose to bodybuild into one category. Does anyone think that all mothers are against guns just because some actively protest? Of course not. It is called freedom of speech for a reason. You are allowed to spout out whatever nonsense you believe in as long as you are not threatening someone.

    I bodybuild. I carry. Just not in those speedos….

  52. I take offense to this add im at the gym 7 everyday becouse i faught in the mma seen before my kids were born and like to keep my skills sharp and i carry everyday your muscles arent gonna stop a bullet or a blade and how can you punch someone or grab them if ther 10ft infront of you with a gun demanding your wallet its imossible. i know im trying to make it home to my family so ill keep my XD9 by my side and you keep doing your steroids and believing your superman

  53. Love firearms and love bodybuilding checking in. Personally, I go the “natty” route unlike the joocemunky in the picture, i.e. no “banned” substances, but I don’t look down on those who choose to get a little help, provided they know what they’re doing. “Banned” is determined by the governing body I compete with, however when age takes it’s toll, who knows what I’ll choose to do. That said, I’ve got plenty of friends who run gear, and none of them have ever “roid raged”, many of them are also law abiding firearm owners. Then again, they’re not D-bags. Anabolics don’t cause “roid rage”, they simply amplify any douchbaggery that is currently present in the user.

    Check out guys like Branch Warren and Dennis Wolf, both IFBB pros, and both proud gun owners. Branch is a TX boy, so there’s that. Wolf is from Germany, living in Vegas, and fully agrees with a free people’s right to own and bear arms. Layne Norton is also a big Glock fan, and not exactly your average musclehead.

    People in any group fall all over the spectrum, as they say, it takes all types. Guys like this, much like MDA and everytown, are a flash in the pan provide little more than a few minutes of laughter. So keep it up, we’ll have our laughs, and watch you fade into irrelevancy.

    inB4 TL;DR

  54. So large, chemically enhanced, potentially drug iduced rage filled, aggressive men. Don’t want other people to have an equalizer. That actually makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

  55. Wow. They put even less thought into their arguments than MDA.
    I’m not sure about anyone else but I think that picture, that whole look is disgusting. Steroids, by the looks of it.

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