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Murdered school teacher Rachel D'Avino (courtesy

“Our big thing, it’s not the gun that killed the kids. It’s the mental illness that killed the kids and his mother.” Peter Paradis, step-father of murdered Newtown school teacher Rachel D’Avino [above] quoted in Family of Newtown victim rap gun control politics [via]

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  1. To their credit CBS 60 Minutes broadcast a report last night that focused sharply on the fact that so many mass killings were perpetrated by persons demonstrably mentally ill who were not receiving treatment, the woefully inadequate and ineffective state of the Mental Health Care System, and how to quote the Warden of a Prison who was interviewed “…we (Americans) think it is wrong to put the Mentally Ill in a Mental Health Care Facility, but it’s okay to lock them up in a Prison.”
    This piece made a strong case for rebuilding the Mental Health Care System. both physically and legally.

      • The majority of the media is afraid of improving mental health disease detection and treatment/care because they would find themselves recipients of such treatment/care due to the state of their mental health, IMO.

    • so they didn’t talk about how basically all of these mass-shooting killers have a prescription for some sort of SSRI?

      • They briefly highlighted Pho, Laughner and Holmes describing their diagnosis, prescriptions (Pho never obeyed the Court Order to seek treatment and they stated as much) and status of treatment at the time of their crimes. So, yes they did address your question. You should watch the report on the web and decide for yourself, however. Link kindly provided in a response below.

    • DeRoy50,

      This was a great story that focused on the real problem of mental heath and why some of these tragedies happen. It was a solid piece of Journalism I highly recommend those that have not seen it watch it. It will answer a lot of questions that you were not aware of. You can watch it at 60 Minutes website. Here is the link below for those that want to check it out.

    • That IMO well presented 60 Minutes report was an expose’ of the failure of our society to address the mental health issues that so often lead to tragedies and in some cases violent acts against family members, innocent strangers, and occasional mass shootings.

      But don’t get your hopes up that media liberals like CBS and anchors / reporters such as Scott Pelly will for even one second acknowledge that mental health is the REAL problem that should be addressed. Their mantra is going to continue to be: “It’s the guns, stupid”; they will not for a second relent on their focus on gun control and confiscation as the remedy to tragic shooting events committed by deranged, sick individuals.

      • I agree this was not indicative of a “turning point” for the MSM, but it may get some people to thinking and seeing what the “real” issue we have talked about for so long is, and that is a start, at least. You should watch the report on the web, if you have not already seen it, and decide for yourself. Someone above provided a link. Further, it gives us something to refer to those we are trying to convince. The part with the Prison Warden is particularly compelling. A baby step, but a step nonetheless.

  2. Well, if I happened to be a billionaire mayor, I would definitely use some money to give this guy and his family a platform to push for reform of our broken healthcare system and it’s failure to properly care for the mentally ill.
    But the universe works in strange ways, so all I can do is nod in agreement and be sorry for his (as well as the others’) loss.

    • Maybe because the billionaire mayor is a psychotic with a Messiah complex? Who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality?

  3. The other day i put a loaded gun with the safety off on the table.
    I yelled at the gun kill embody go shoot! somebody.

    The gun did not respond. Again I beat my fist on the table and yelled shoot somebody shoot somebody
    No response!

    Therefore guns do not kill people people kill people

  4. I have the utmost respect for a man who can remain rational, even in the most tragic of circumstances. I hope I never have to go through that test.

  5. Well, this one is obvious. He never loved his step daughter and wanted her and those children to die so the NRA and gun manufacturers can make more profits. He is also a killer in waiting and stupid. So say we Liberals.

  6. I admire his conviction to the truth of the matter, which, undoubtedly, many Newtown parents probably share. I expect that the majority of the parents who lost children aren’t interested in harrowing up the deaths of their children for political gain, and who simply want to grieve. I grieve with them, and I grieve that tragedies like Newtown may very well continue.

    Obama knows, just as MAIG and Moms Demand Disarmament, that none of the “sweeping” “common sense” gun control measures that Congress tried to put into place would’ve done ANYTHING to stop something like Newtown from happening. Maybe a metal detector might have triggered something at the Navy Yard. But as it stands, nothing, other than someone reading Adam Lanza’s mind, could’ve prevented the Sandy Hook massacre.

    • Newtown maybe, since we only have anectodal evidence that he may have had Asbergers (which isn’t associated with violence). He may have just been very good at covering up what was really wrong. However, the Navy Yard, Tuscon, and Virginia Tech likely would not have happened if the perpetrators had been treated (and with schizophrenics there are times you need to force them to do it.. Unfortunate but true). To throw up our hands and rely on the very last line of defense is and has been disasterous

  7. There have been others related to Newtown that spoke out against the gun banner’s side of things. It doesn’t get much traction because they don’t become “professional victims” and profit from financially and in notoriety.

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