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“If anybody in Chicago is culpable for the armed carnage on that city’s mean streets, it’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who never misses an opportunity to blame peaceable, law-abiding gun owners for the daily bloodletting by violent Chicago thugs. Emanuel steadfastly refuses to demand application of tough federal laws that would surgically rid the streets of criminals who currently terrorize many Chicago neighborhoods. And that represents a kind of aggressive political malfeasance.” – Wayne LaPierre in Not enforcing gun laws: That’s a crime [at]

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  1. Nothing more than more “common sense”….

    Something the “control” freaks have no grasp of…

    So it falls on deaf ears.

  2. So Lupica at the NY Daily News will call LaPierre a gun-crazed baby murderer, the NYT and WP will ignore him, and NSA will keep grinding away…

  3. Emanuel and the rest of the Chicago machine won’t ever understand. The one and only truth is that the criminals are and always will disobey the laws. If you kept the criminals in jail the law abiding wouldn’t have to worry. Most(if not all) of the shooters have criminal records, but, that won’t make the news, nor will they(you know who they are) state that they acquired the weapons illegally.

  4. Ol’ Rahm is proving to be a talented guy. My gun-loving friends hate him because of Chicago’s ridiculous gun control laws. My more liberal, education-loving friends hate him because of his mass school closures and firing of school employees, despite protests by students and their families.

    The guy seems to be on a one-man mission to screw up Chicago even more than it’s already screwed up…

  5. La Pierre’s statement is a follow-up to recently released statistics that reveal Chicago is the least prone to request federal prosecution of those arrested for gun+drugs offenses. I personally, like many others, am PO’d that a core group of politicians pushing more federal gun confiscation laws allows its own hoodlums to receive minimal sentences, or ROR before trial for shooters,…because ‘our prisons are full.’ Fine, borrow federal prisons. Fix your own problems.

  6. The reason that the Machine won’t enforce the law is because the gangs act as the Machine’s enforcers in the ghetto. The Chicago Magazine documented this several years ago.

  7. 18 USC § 922(g) & (n). Punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. May receive
    minimum sentence of 15 years without parole if offender has three or more prior
    convictions for a felony crime of violence (e.g. burglary, robbery, assault, possession
    of offensive weapons) and/or drug trafficking felony.
    A. Possession or receipt of a firearm or ammunition;
    B. By a subject who falls within one of the following categories:

    Alien – (Includes illegal aliens and aliens lawfully admitted under non-immigrant visas, i.e., those aliens not admitted for permanent residence…

    While .gov’s ( local, state and federal ) so conveniently keep crime stats, anyone yet to see a column anywhere which identifies the number of ‘gun crimes’ within the statistics committed by non-U.S. Citizens?
    Does it matter?

  8. Like most, Tiny Dancer doesn’t give a crap about these neighborhoods or what happens within them. As long as the violence is contained and doesn’t make it to the Loop, the Mag Mile or the more affluent North side neighborhoods who cares. Besides, confronting the issue will only put a spotlight on decades of poor public policies that have only help to destroy families, neighborhoods and communities. Plus as stated above, many gangbangers are supported by their local Aldercreatures.

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

  9. Did anyone watch “Vice” on HBO last Friday? They did a segment on Chicago gangs. If you dont already know where the murders come from this will show you.

  10. Speak truth to power. For the Children. Because the MSM wont for fear of making The Empty-Suit-Chief look bad. Or themselves for their own culpability and naked empowerment of their failed agenda.

    • Hey. Watch it now. You didn’t write (TM) after the “for the Children(TM)”
      you don’t want the mighty midgets after you.
      Rahm, ‘i can only count to 9 and 1/2’ and Bloomturd, have a lot of money.

  11. Heh, not too bad. Get ’em, Wayne! It’s past time he started giving as good as he’s been getting from these Vichy assholes.

  12. Rahm doesn’t care about the incessant crime, because it’s poor gang banging minorities killing other gang bangers, for the most part. Now, no one really cares too much about gang bangers offing each other (as far as the media, politicians, etc). But the poor families stuck in those areas care very much. But, they don’t have a lot of money to make campaign contributions, so they aren’t a priority.

    And, they are a convenient way for politicians like Rahm to cry to the richer constituents “we need money for our campaign so we can fix this problem, omg gunz!~”

  13. And the Feds certainly have no qualms about harassing legal cannabis dispensaries, at least here in Mexifornia.

  14. “Emanuel steadfastly refuses to demand application of tough federal laws that would surgically rid the streets of [some] criminals…”

    What this means is that he’s resisting having Federal troops come into Chi and enforce the Federal laws. But it’s a lame excuse. And “surgically?” we all know how well the US’s “surgical” strikes have worked in the past. I don’t think any of us wants that. That’d be Al Capone all over.

    But all this tongue-wagging is window dressing and smoke & mirrors – “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.!”


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