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“It’s my hobby to blow things up.” – Celia Alchemy Savage, ‘I love mass destruction’: Meet the glamorous gun-toting college student arrested on explosives, firearms and drugs charges,

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  1. While the charges say she was in possession of a firearm or explosive not registered to her, they must be only talking about the pipe bombs. There is no gun registry in Georgia. If they try to pin something along those lines on her, there will be a shit storm…

      • I know, but it specifically stated firearm not registered to her. The drugs make it different, but it isn’t what was reported.

  2. This is why you NEVER post 2A related material on Facebook.Its handing “probable cause” to a bored federal agent on a silver platter.The laws on firearms are so inane that if you ever owned a firearm the ATF can jail you on *something*.IIRC Facebook is also how that reservist soldier in California got a flash-bang wake up call years back.

  3. Facebook doesn’t suck – users that post controversial stuff on it suck (btw, I’m no facebook user but the conversation looks a lot like gun control).

  4. Don’t it? Facebook sucks just like guns kill people and pencils write suicide notes.
    There soo soo many people on Facebook who suck, who are stupid, and probably shouldn’t own a computer. So, 2nd Amendment fans, should we ban computers or Facebook? Or maybe just let the dumbasses faces whatever it is they bring upon themselves?

  5. The drugs are the problem. Everything else looks fine. METH is bad stuff…aint no way to pain that pretty like some people do with marijuana. PIPE Bombs…bla. Looks like without the drugs and pipe bombs she would be one seriously fun loving all american woman.

    • As long as a person doesn’t hurt others or their property, why would you care what they choose to put into their own bodies?

    • whats wrong with pipe bombs? you can buy high explosives at big box outdoor stores. Near Chicago, if you go to the Gander Mountain in Joliet, you can buy Tannerite which is a binary explosive comprised of AN and some other stuff, similar to what was used Oklahoma City. Swap out the other stuff for some diesel fuel and you have the same thing that was used in Oklahoma City. Nothing illegal about it on a federal level, so long as you dont transport it once the two parts are combined, and use it promptly so it doesnt count as being stored. You can get 20lb bags at, 4lbs is enough to launch a full size refrigerator 100 yards in to the air, check youtube for videos.

      • I love how people act like “explosives” are so mysterious and hard to find when all you gotta do is mix readily available fertilizer with readily available oil and you have an explosive just as effective as TNT or comp-4.

        Not to mention you can just buy a bunch of propane tanks if your too lazy to mix anfo.

  6. Judging by the number and size of explosions in movies and on TV these days, I think MOST people like blowing things up. They just don’t have the initiative and/or private land to do it themselves.

    Guns and drugs aside, I really don’t see a problem with small explosions on remote private land, as long as it doesn’t pose a danger to anyone else.

  7. Why is it considered “a double life” to have some pictures “toting guns” and others “looking glamorous”?

    Regardless of what anyone thinks about drugs, guns, explosives, or law enforcement… as far as we know, this girl never hurt anyone, damaged anyone else’s property, or infringed upon anyone’s rights in any way. She did nothing criminal yet will now have her life ruined. Land of the free indeed.

  8. There’s nothing unhealthy about an interest in firearms, but pipe bombs are a great way to get the feds interested in your stupid ass, and meth is a cheap and miserable way to kill yourself slowly.

    • who cares about meth? alchohol is slightly more expensive way to kill yourself slowly, and tobaco is a expensive way to kill yourself slowly. there are plenty of jobs that will pay you poorly to kill yourself slowly. everyone has to make their own choices in life, we all have to die sometime, and not everyone wants to live long enough that theyre having wearing diapers again.

  9. After reading the story from a less slanted perspective, Im confident that the charges are bunk.

    A judge has ordered that a young woman from north Georgia be kept in custody until her trial on federal explosives and firearms charges.

    Federal agents searched the home of Celia Alchemy Savage Wednesday. The agents say they found pipe bombs, firearms and suspected illegal drugs.

    She appeared in federal court in Gainesville Friday, and the judge ordered that Savage remain in custody. She is charged with possession of an unregistered destructive device and possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance.

    Her court-appointed lawyer said Friday he had no comment on the case

    A sworn statement by a federal agent says Savage told agents she likes to blow up toilets in the woods, and that she’s made pipe bombs as a hobby.”

    Suspected drugs? Sounds like a load of trumped up BS:there are kits police routinely use in traffic stops to test if a certain substance they take is meth, crack, etc. *Suspected drugs* can apply to the salt in the saltshaker, and we all are in deep trouble if having guns and anything which looks like “suspected drugs” can get you a visit from a three-letter agency.

  10. This one creeps me out. Videos of people blowing things up are a dime a dozen on you tube. My guess is the her politics pissed off some agent browsing the web. Hence the charges.

    If the ATF wants to see some pictures of self flaunted illegal weapons, money and drugs in the hands of known felons, parole violators and minors, they may want to look at
    Haven’t seen any small armies of agents going to any these guys houses yet. These don’t talk much about the second amendment and irritate the ATF. They just deal drugs in the communities, are involved in thefts, shootings,carjackings and murders.

    I’m in for the defense fund no matter how it plays out. Jesus, my neighbor used to shoot a small canon on holidays. The cops would come by and ask nicely to maybe stop after 9 out of respect for the other neighbors. My father once chased a couple of IRS agents off with a shotgun. Now it seems you get a SWAT raid if the zoning board doesn’t like your color of your house.

  11. She wasn’t harming or threatening anyone that justifies this raid on her property and person. The real criminals are the government and the ATF and law enforcement officials. They are the only ones harming anyone here.

  12. Facebook is like a bad neighborhood in the worst part of town. You have your pedos, school bullies, kooks, nuts and other assorted loonies, all doing what they do, and the ATF and cops watching them and then doing what they do.

    “Beware of stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places” applies to Facebook, too.

  13. Pipe bombs is what got their interest, the rest are just tack-ons used for negotiating room on the plea bargaining.
    My favorite “blowing things up” on the internet was a film about anvil chucking–sending an anvil sky high with a charge of black powder. Really sick thud as it buries itself three feet down on re-entry. One day I have to try that…

  14. She’s completed a “Georgia MacNab.” Rare enough these days. True, a MacNab used to mean a red deer, a grouse, and a trout all in one day, but times have changed and so must the sport. They say, though, that completing it in one day requires weeks of preparation for either type of MacNab. In her case I suppose it should be called a BinNabbed, in which case it simply shouldn’t count.

  15. Gotta say Ms. Savage fills out a lot of my check marks for the ideal gal – guns, bikes, martial arts, blowing stuff up and she dolls up spectacularly. Unfortunately she made the obvious facebook mistake. Facebook is commonly used as a surrogate confession in prosecutions by lawyers and persecutions by the public. Some things are best kept to yourself even if you’re a blowhard like she seems to be.

    She should have shown more common sense. Way back when in my teens I used to build pipe bombs and blew up all kinds of things but as soon as I turned 18 and could face adult charges I quit. I really, really love blowing stuff up but the possible repercussions simply weren’t worth it. I’m 22 years explosion free. As for social networks, I’ve no use for them. I follow the mantra of Buddy Revell in the old ’87 movie 3 O’Clock High.

  16. I got no problem with guns explosives or drugs. Long as you don’t use them all at once. That’s wasteful.

  17. I couldn’t get past the part where they referred to her as “glamorous”. I mean, she cleans up ok, but not glamorous in my book.

  18. Things like this really peeve me. I’m not really for guns myself.. nor drugs–though i had my fun when I was her age. What lurks me about this case is that minus the explosives she sounds relatively normal. In fact, unless she was being unruly and the officer was in uniform–they wouldn’t have ground to stand on. I suspect foul play. I don’t believe that the words people say constitute probable cause to search anyone’s house.

  19. Maybe she can say her hero and idol is Bernardine Dohrn. That would qualify as a get out of jail free card, wouldn’t it?
    Sadly, she probably doesn’t even know who Ms. Dohrn is.


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