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After realizing how much I liked OWB carry, I figured I’d give some other Comp-Tac holsters a try. Next out of the gate was the Belt Holster from the fine folks in Spring, TX. Based on what I read in the product description, this holster was designed for customers who wanted a traditional belt holster vs. the paddle holster that I reviewed earlier. Make the jump to see it in action . . .

The retention system and “gun touching” parts seem to be exactly the same on the Belt as on the Paddle. The only difference being the thick double loop of Kydex that your belt threads through. You can still run red dot optics, larger front/rear sights and whatever other gear you want. Renention can be adjusted using the two allen screws as well. You can see in the video that I could have adjusted it a touch looser.

Unlike the Paddle, the Belt is only available in a vertical cant configuration. My guess is that this holster is geared towards competition shooters as I found it to print just a bit too much for EDC. While your average Joe probably wouldn’t notice, I’d rather not tempt fate.

Specifications: Comp-Tac Belt Holster

  • Type: OWB 3 o’clock
  • Materials: Kydex
  • Adjustment: N/A –
  • MSRP: $68.00 as tested. Add $20 for a digital camo print.

Ratings (out of five stars)

Fit and Finish * * * * *

Absolutely top notch work from the guys and gals at Comp-Tac. This holster is hell bent for stout and built to last just like all the other gear I’ve seen from them.

Customization * * * ½

You can customize things form the factory (color, open/closed end, left/right side), but after that, no more adjustment is available to you.

Concealability * * *

Unfortunately, the vertical cant and tendency to fall away from my body with a nearly full sized gun meant that I never felt comfortable carrying concealed with this holster. I’m sure it’s great for competition or as a “range day” holster, but for concealed carry I can’t recommend it.

Comfort * * * * *

I found the belt holster to be extremely comfortable. Carrying a nearly full size gun, the weight would really put a workout on my belt as the whole thing tried to fall to the outside, but that never got physically uncomfortable. The fitment is tight enough on the belt loops to keep it in place, however if you need to slide it further forward or backward, you can accomplish that maneuver without too much fuss.


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  1. Great articles on the holsters. What’s with the forward lean shooting stance? Never seen that before. You might want to try standing up and bringing the gun to eye level, or go into an isosceles stance…like the old FBI stance. Not criticizing, everyone has their own syle, just wondering what the advantage is to your particular stance…night quite standing…not quite isosceles.

    Again, thanks for the holster reviews. I’m not far from Spring, might have to give one a try…especially the OWB.

    • Some trainers advocate working with the body’s natural response to recognizing danger which often entails orienting toward the threat and lowering the center of gravity with a slight crouch.

    • I’ve had a couple of friends that grew up with revolvers, which shoot really well when you let the shot ‘break’ your wrist to absorb the recoil. Obviously this doesn’t work well the semi-autos. By getting them to get low and forward, their grip completely changed as well. All without having to talk about their grip at all. A great conversation to have AFTER all the shooting is over and the friend has a solid group of hits out of his gun.

  2. Ok, ok… this will stir up some “stuff” …(maybe)… how many “Chevy vs Ford” holster arguments are gonna go on?
    I have a CPL. I carry (almost never–but Geeze it has a wonderful trigger) a Walter PPK (which is evidence of a death wish cuz that summabitch is less reliable than a Yugo…), a S&W Air wieght snubbie and a S&W 469. The grips on all extend above my pocket and can be snatched in an instant.
    Question to ask: Are holster requirement different between Peaceful Citizens and militarized State thugs?

  3. You should review the Silent Thunder OWD paddle holster by Garrett Industries. They make Kydex holsters that are lined with leather and are extremely adjustable. I’ve been carrying my Ruger SR9C in one for a year and love it! The owners and service have been fantastic. When I inquired as to whether or not they were going to make a magazine carrier with a paddle for easy on/off, they had their design team work on it and sent me a prototype to try out. They even made some design tweaks I recommended and sent me the improved version. Hopefully you’ll be as pleased as I’ve been.


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