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“Evan Dodge, president of USC’s College Democrats, says he feels safer now than he would ‘knowing that the next person over from me could have a gun.'” – Should SC allow more guns on college campuses? [via]

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    • Apparently you can’t be a Democrat without having “feelings” on all sorts of issues, especially feeling scared of guns and law abiding gun owner. Back in the day that was called prejudice, now it is progressiveness.

      • A human with a gun next to me? That’s bad.
        A (biological) female with a gun? That’s worse.
        A black human with a gun? We’re all in deadly peril.
        The black human with a gun is a (biological) female? My life is over, I’ll just curl up in a fetal position right here and make a mess in my slacks.
        ^ Thus is the thought process of a modern-day leftist bigot.

    • I graduated with my bachelor’s in 1982. I don’t think there were any CCW laws on the books in KY back then. We kept our firearms on campus in our dorm rooms. Long guns, hand guns didn’t matter. Nobody thought anything of it. We would walk off campus into the national forest that surrounded the campus and target practice or hunt. No SWAT team came running to gun us down.
      I carried concealed then and not one single person noticed.
      So sorry snowflake but you have no idea if the person next to you has a firearm in his/her pocket or not. Just as it should be.

    • That’s right. He could be a depressed sexually rejected kid on anti-depressants packing illegally, ready to get his media attention shoot on.

    • “Hate to break it to you, but the next person over from you could already be packing.”

      I tell this to people at least once a week when I hear them complain about CCW holders.
      Those who carry legally are far less likely to hurt someone than those packing illegally. You would (should) never know about either, until the one wanting to do evil opens up.
      So, the worry should be about the bad guys, who are already packing, maybe next to you.

      Given the world we live in, new laws seldom make us less safe, or more safe. In far too many cases, they make criminals out of people who used to be law-abiding, while offering no more safety than before.

    • Hey pwr, I really hope we won’t be reading about you in the funny papers any time soon where you went all postal and practiced indoor mag dumps. Your visceral reaction to labels is a little frightening.

      • Yeah… Well, when leftists murder more than half of your family, you can come talk to me about visceral reactions. My reaction to leftists is no more irrational than Farago’s reaction to Nazis.

        • Let me help. See if I got this. You want leftist dead. Democrats are leftists. Half America is democrat. Therefore you want half America dead.

          Sounds like you might be the terrorist. Here’s some advice…stay out of bars and learn the difference between Indians and Iranians. And maybe take a break from TTAG until you get your emotions under control. You do know the FBI monitors the comment traffic on this site.

  1. Well, the next person over from you could have a gun. Yesterday, today or tomorrow. The only difference is now you know there is a very good chance that should the next person over from you have one he’s not the rule following type.

    Ideologically blind? Naive? Just plain stupid? Which one is it, Evan? I’m guessing a combination of all three. Stupid naivety constantly reinforced by ideology. Don’t need to fuss over thinking for yourself when the party does your thinking for you.

    • My question is simple – exactly what kind of assholes do these people think others consider them to be that they are always so sure someone wants to shoot them?

  2. As others have said if it’s a gun free zone then there are people there with guns…and they all criminals
    Also nobody cares how you feel
    Your feelings of safety are a complete illusion

  3. He should spend his extracurricular time in the Campus ROTC, rather than wasting it on liberal politics. His generation of Californians are going to need a lot of military and fighting skills in the not too distant future.

      • I should have read the original article. I’m an old timer and USC was always in California and SC stood for Southern Cal. Back in the old days, South Carolina didn’t even have real football, except at Clemson.

    • Hate to nitpick, but in this instance USC refers to University of South Carolina. However your comment about many young Californians is spot on.

      • To be fair it’s usually referred to as Carolina, not USC. SO glad I’m a Clemson Grad.

        • To be fair, that is only in SC that they are referred to as “Carolina”. I know a certain school in my state (immediately due north of South Carolina) who would take umbrage to another school claiming to be “Carolina”.

        • You may have a point there. Tell ya what- y’all can have the Gamecocks and we’ll be square. Deal? Lol

        • SO glad I’m a Clemson Grad.
          Because that’s where your love of animal “husbandry” was born? 😉

          I went to USC back in the ’90s. It was in a not so nice section of Columbia, and I doubt it’s gotten any better. Walking from the engineering college back to the parking lot was always interesting. Had I been a young lady at night, I’d definitely want to be armed.

    • His generation of Californians do not need any military training. We don’t want them trying to disrupt the construction of the wall quarantining them away from the rest of the US.

  4. Evan Dodge … says he feels safer now than he would “knowing that the next person over from me could have a gun”.

    Perhaps Mr. Dodge regularly becomes unhinged and screams at people who have the “wrong” political positions … and is worried that someone who he accosts might shoot him?

    Here is an example of such an unhinged college student. Warning: the unhinged student uses profanity and the audio is not suitable for work or children.

    • Nobody, and I mean *nobody* can spew vile hatred like the Left can.

      It’s a *perfect* example of the intolerance and utter non-acceptance of *anyone* who’s view or opinion doesn’t match theirs.

      ‘Zero Hedge’ had an article a day or so back where the author is convinced there is a real, actual chance of armed conflict between the Left and the Right initiated by a murderous Leftist who simply cannot accept the results of the election. He was convinced a Leftist is gonna snap like a rubber band in the non-distant future.

      He predicts when it happens, it’s not gonna end up well…

    • Midol en-bulk should be provided at no cost. See, this is what happens when girls go to College. (jk)

  5. On February 14, 2008, the students in Cole Hall on the “gun fee” Northern Illinois University campus undoubtedly felt safe.

    That is until a deranged lunatic walked in, carrying multiple firearms, killed five people and injured seventeen more.

    He stood on the stage in the front of the lecture hall, totally exposed, and executed as many as he could. One armed student could have stopped the threat. But they had all been disarmed by state law and campus policy, so that people like Even Dodge could feel safe.

  6. You don’t know if the guy sitting next to you has a gun anymore than he knows about that gerbil of yours.

    • Not quite- the gerbil squeaks now n then or it smells because it’s dead and the cat hasn’t got it out yet. The gun only talks when ordered to.

  7. “States allow concealed-weapon permit holders to carry guns on public college campuses: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin”

    The rampant carnage on these college campi is well known. Idiot lying snowflakes.

  8. Obviously, going to College has done Evan no good at all. His need for “approval” is the only development apparent in his parroting of Democrat false meme speak. After completing his degree in “Snowflake”, he will only be qualified to stay locked in his Parent’s basement 7X24 in his personal “Safe Space”. These kids have no future because all they know is self-limitation.
    If your kid values critical thinking and self-determination, you should be teaching him/her that one day they will rule the World because the snowflakes, like Evan, won’t have any idea how to compete.
    Oh, and Evan, next you should worry the person next to you has a stick ballpoint pen because he/she can easily kill you with that, too.

    • USC barely qualifies as a college. It’s the safety school of South Carolina. Oddly, also the only accredited law school as well.

  9. Sorry- he lost all credibility as an intelligent/educated person when he went to Carolina. Go Tigers. That said, while I was a Cadet at Clemson, there was a period of about 3 months where the building right next to my primary lecture hall got no less than two bomb threats a week. We only heard abt it through the campus textnet. I don’t know about this upstanding Cock Lover, but I sure as hell would’ve felt better if I were allowed to wear/carry my rig. I’m certain that my gear is well-disciplined and would never intentionally cause harm to innocents either in the classroom or out, but would gladly defend them against any threat even if they were Gamecocks. In addition, we often had campus police patrolling and sitting in class with us, usually in uniform. Would he want them to disarm before taking their classes also? Once again, for the Gamecocks amongst us, GO TIGERS!

  10. While there are university security officers on campus, and at events security is visible inside, I rarely see security when walking from the event site to parking areas which are often some blocks away.

    May be secure in the event, NOT secure walking to the car. I try to avoid those situations.

  11. “Evan Dodge, president of USC’s College Democrats, says he feels safer now than he would ‘knowing that the next person over from me could have a gun.’”

    Well, it seems clear who President College Dodge thinks the problem is: He feels safer knowing that peaceful, responsible, law-abiding folks deterred by a gun ban don’t have guns, while he’s indifferent to thugs, predators, crazies and terrorists who might carry guns, undeterred by any law or policy.

    Or did I miss something?

    • No, I don’t think you did.

      Wait – check that. Yes you did. You forgot to demand that he turn in his man card.

      One of the cardinal rules of being a man is that he never used the phrase “I feel” when talking about an issue that needs analysis or thought. He did, therefore, he loses his man cred.

    • Yes, you missed his bigotry. The thugs, crazies, predators and terrorists are anyone who carries a gun. The concept of a “good guy with a gun” is as foreign to his mind as a young black man who isn’t a gang member is to a different brand of bigot.
      Are you tired of being the target of bigots yet? I am. And I take particular delight in pointing out their bigotry straight to their stunned faces.

    • Honestly, I genuinely don’t think he’s even thought about that. At a deep (maybe even instinctive) level, liberals genuinely believe that their laws are automatically followed by all. Ultimately, while they consider themselves exempt from this, they assume (as the wannabe tyrants they almost all are) that everyone else is inherently a slave to the law, and that the writing on some piece of paper hundreds of miles away automatically forces compliance

  12. If I was still a student, I’d feel safer knowing that the next person over from me could have a gun than I would knowing that the next person over from me was Evan Dodge.

  13. Is this one of the ‘Flaming Liberals’ I’ve heard about? I need earplugs to look at that guy’s hair.

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