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“The reality of a Black man carrying a gun on the dangerous South Side of Chicago should be noted. In spite of the police reports stating that the crime rate in Chicago is on a downward trend it doesn’t quite feel like that on Chicago’s South Side. Moving about in the evenings and early night in South Side neighborhoods is cause to carry a gun for protection and out of fear. The police don’t always get there in time. I may take scorn for telling it, but a lot of Black men carry guns. With the arrest of (State Senator Donne) Trotter, I hope everyone pays attention to registration of the gun they may carry.” – Hermene Hartman (via

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  1. “The police don’t always get there in time.”

    The police rarely, if ever, get there in time.” *Fixed.

  2. With the arrest of (State Senator Donne) Trotter, I hope everyone pays attention to registration of the gun they may carry.

    Or you could join the free and low-crime world by eliminating the stupid registration.

  3. What good is making sure your handgun is registered and that you have an FOID card when Illinois has criminalized carrying guns in public?

  4. Hermene Hartman doesn’t seem to understand that even if Whatshisname (Trotter?) had an Illinois FOID card (in other words, he was paying attention to his gun registration as she puts it), carrying concealed is illegal statewide in Illinois. Nevermind that carrying even a small pocketknife (much less any kind of gun) in an airport security checkpoint is going to get you “quality time” with the local constabulary.

    She does seem to have an good grasp upon the reality of the crime situation and the logical reasons many people have for wanting to defend themselves.

    Too bad she can’t make the leap (or does not know enough that there is a leap to be made) to legal concealed carry. Let’s hear it for journalistic Ignorance! Hip-hip…sigh.

    • “Nevermind that carrying even a small pocketknife (much less any kind of gun) in an airport security checkpoint is going to get you “quality time” with the local constabulary. ”

      It depends on your definition of small. If under 3″ and is manual only opened (not spring assisted) your ok in most places unless there is a complete ban.

      I know from personal experience. I keep a small pocket knife even if its one of those swiss army multi-tool kvives with me everywhere. In two seperate occasions I forgot to put my knife in the checked luggage and it was found on the carry on bag. I was told to either mail it to myself or check in my luggage and was simply escorted out of the security line and directed to either the USPS kiosk or check-in counter. Both times I simply mailed it back to myself. In one case, it had passed through NY JFK security on my trip to Dallas, but it was found in Dallas on my way home and I had no idea it was even in there.

      If it was large 4″ or 6″ blade you may run into local issues depending on the state or locality of the airport.

  5. Anti-gun people believe that a law will effect the lawless, that a sign on the side of a building with a picture of a gun with a slash through will keep out a homicidal maniac with a gun and that an average law abiding citizen with a gun will become a ruthless killer if cut off in traffic.

    No wonder most of these people are Liberal/progressive, with people being this delusional and out of touch with reality, they would need other people to take care of them.

    Of course, since most of the liberal/progressives in office are just as delusional and out of touch with reality, it’s definitely the inmates are running the asylum.

  6. The police rarely ever get there in time!!! That being said, since it is illegal to carry outside the main home in Chicago the best answer is to move your happy little butt out of Cook County completely and let it fend for itself, without your tax dollars and without any of your disposable income. Anything you can buy in Chicago you can buy anywhere else too!!
    Maybe just maybe Chicago and Cook County will feel the brunt of lost income and tax dollars and collapse or maybe even change for the better, if enough people will unass the city and county!!
    And what I up with her saying everyone should register the gun they carry?! So you register it and then get slammed in the hoosegow for illegally carrying a weapon??
    Suggestion to cause entrapment??!!

    • i would say it will be exciting watching people move from chicago and the place burning down as economic collapse proceeds, except that people that didnt deserve that city’s rotten corrupt politics will suffer.

      the real tragedy is that there are good people that helped built chicago into a great city still living there, only to have politicians and criminals tear it down. liberals…tsk task…youre supposed to know better.

      • No it won’t, because when those people relocate, they will take their Chicago values with them, and then ruin their new home. Like Cali refugees are doing to Arizona and Nevada.

      • True and I will rephrase. I would like to see the good law abiding, constitution supporting people move from Chicago and Cook county and Illinois if necessary and then let the thugs and crooks, both political and non political, do the Nero and dance and fiddle while their Rome collapses around them.
        The crooks made their bed in Chi Town so let them sleep on it, if they can. Don’t really want to see Chokecago burn per say -I have enjoyed going to Wrigley field a few times!!

    • Actually, despite her hue, she is recommending that black people specifically go to police and admit to criminal activity.

      Black person: “Excuse me officer, on the advice of of Ms. Hartman, I have decided to register this gun I’ve been carrying to protect myself.”

      Chicago cop: “Certainly! May I see the gun? That’s nice now put it down so I can arrest you. You have now lost the right to own a gun.”

      I don’t think she’s a member of the KKK, but I’m not sure what she would say differently if she were.

  7. I agree with all the statements about her ignorance about guns, etc. But, her core subject was dead on. People need to have the tools to defend themselves. In the case of Chicago, illegal is better than dead.

  8. If you want the real story on crime statistics in Chicago, go here:

    Specifically, scroll down to Saturday, Dec. 8 and read the first posting. The comments are often even more illuminating.

    Then again, cooking the numbers is nothing new in Chicago. . .

  9. At least Ms. Hartman is not looking to disarm her own fellow Citizens like that Laura Washington person. She may have missed a few key things, but she’s on the right track. There’s Hope for Hermene Hartman.

  10. “The police don’t always get there in time.”

    Actually, they get there in plenty of time. To investigate the crime that has been committed. Remember, LEO stands for Law ENFORCEMENT Officer. If their role was crime prevention, then they would be Crime Prevention Officers, and there’d be a whole lot more of them. It’s good times when they happen to be “right there” as something goes down or looks like it’s going to go down, but I’d bet good money those situations happen less than 10% of the time.

  11. The link leads to a good story about life in Chicago’s South Side and how it is vital and simply common-sense to be armed.

  12. So really Ms. Hartman has admitted that despite the cooked numbers regarding crime in Chicago, she doesn’t blame “black men” from carrying a gun. Well isn’t that refreshing.
    Now to do something about those pesky laws, that you have!
    Right now the “black man” in Chicago can’t even legally carry his firearm for protection. Ms. Hartman goes on to state in her post “I may take scorn for telling it, but a lot of Black men carry guns. With the arrest of Trotter, I hope everyone pays attention to registration of the gun they may carry. Why? Scared of the policemen and now scared of the young thug. A lot of Black businessmen carry guns. Why? It is perceived they carry money and they are prime candidates for robbery. A lot of preachers carry guns, particularly on Mondays. A lot of teachers carry guns. They fear the children they teach might have surprise weapons in their backpacks. A lot of alderman carries guns as they perform public duty. Why? Simple. Fear. They are not looking for trouble, but want protection in case it comes. Some argue better to have it than not. Better for the police to lock me up than the thug to shoot. A lot of old black men carry guns. They remember life in a different time. Some Black men, particularly older ones, take second jobs as security guards or in the Sheriff Department so that they can carry guns and have the power of arrest.”
    Yeah she pretty much nailed it, living in a bad area of town and you want the option to protect yourself. These are all law abiding citizens and they should have a right to carry. I agree wit her. She however does not go on to challenge the current laws on the books. Maybe that is going to far, I don’t know, but certainly we need more people like her. At least she gets it, that this is a crime problem and having law abiding citizens legally carrying is an option, or at least should be.
    If more people voiced this opinion it might help change the laws. then again maybe not.

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