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“If they’re not in the store they can’t be bought.” Representative Carolyn McCarthy

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    • No one this naive should try to be making law for the rest of us. You couldn’t buy alcohol in store during prohibition. What makes her think another prohibition scheme like this will work out any better?

    • I see the pic is edited and my second comment has been edited but I can’t edit my first comment. She is a Representative

    • Look – she got this position from sympathetic votes only. Thing that goes up is just the tip of the iceberg for this dummy.

    • It’s not so naive if you think about it. All the guns already sold are in the possession of either lawful gun owners like yourselves or criminals. Since most of them, the criminals and you guys, want to hang onto the guns for your own use, by removing the new ones from the marketplace, many fewer weapons would be diverted into the black market. Over a year or two this would have a significant impact.

      • You forget to account for the fact that those banned guns would become 10x more valuable. I think that quite a lot of the weaker-stomached gun owners will be more worried about turning a nice profit than holding on to a gun they bought to make a point.

        For example, 2 weeks before the elections I bought 25 Pmag 30 round AR magazines for about $13 each. Now, there isn’t even a ban and I could easily sell them for over $100 each!

      • Looks great on paper, except that it doesn’t play out that way in reality.

        Given some cash in pocket and the desire to purchase, one can readily obtain a firearm, anywhere they are tightly controlled, or banned.

        Mexico, the UK, doesn’t matter. This is much of a disconnect from what really happens as suggesting that the tens of billions spent on drug interdiction make any difference as to the availability of cocaine and heroin.

      • Guys, Mikeybunchanumbers is right! The same strategy of limiting legal supply has worked exceptionally well in the War on Drugs and in- wait a second…
        How about immigration? We’ve made it illegal to cross into our country without papers, and look how few… no, that’s not the one…
        But gun-free zones! It’s illegal to go into a school with a gun and… D*mmit, this is tough!

        Perhaps people willing to break current laws don’t care so much which new ones are passed. Perhaps limiting supply will raise demand to the point that criminals will break into homes and kill for guns with a much greater frequency, while people who have never done anything illegal will have a harder time getting them for defense and will have more to worry about? Yep, that’s the one.

        • Yuz. What Afghanistan lacks in 19th century infrastructure like paved roads it makes up for in AK’s in the hands of monsters. If only they’d shut down all those gun stores over there…

      • Mikey- this is off topic, but I’ve been meaning to ask an anti: do you think that woman in India who was raped so badly she died in ICU should’ve been limited to 7 rounds? You think the poor gay kid in Texas who was roadhauled behind a pickup until there wasn’t much left might have liked to have a gun in his hand? Do you realize your rhetoric contributed to their deaths? They could have been armed and you scared them off. Whose side are you guys on?

        • He probably thinks women should just lay there and take it though he won’t say it. Those who would deny my wife and daughters their guns are saying exactly that.

        • It’s a good question to ask a garden variety useful idiot. Most will employ doublethink with great agility and change the subject, but over time cracks might start to appear in the mental walls.

          Now, it’s a waste of time to ask this of media shills and politicians. They already know what they are doing is bad for the public.

      • Cant seem to find the link at the moment, but read a study 3 or 4 years sago where it would take between 400-500 years for a ban to have a siignificant impact on criminally owned firearms.

        Then again, the study didnt account for the black market, just like poor mike never does!

        By the way, hows that there drug war doing to remove illicit drugs from anywhere in the world eh, LOl, get a clue missing link!

      • Right Miley, just like crack and meth can’t be found anywhere bc it’s not in the store. Nobody would ever smuggle anything illegally into this great country, Hahahaha!

        • Love him or hate him, NOBODY gets as many replies, on average per post, than Mr.#s. That’s not meant as a compliment to Mr#s. I just think he knows how to antagonize people.

        • Look Mikey, the fact of the matter is that anyone with a little skill and a few basic tools can make a firearm in their garage, basement, workshop, whatever. Now with the advent of 3D printing it is even easier. You simply will not get our guns, deal with it.

      • Just because you outlaw them doesn’t mean you can’t make them….
        Seriously, it isn’t that hard.. We would see a massive underground market, untraceable. Someone gets stopped, they say they made it themselves, which BTW is legal.

        There are all those illegal drugs out there too… Those are pretty easy to get. Mexico and Columbia spend millions building submarines, and other things to bring drugs in illegally. The Iron river would reverse course.. they would have huge factories pumping out parts..

        Right now if you want an AR and you don’t know someone who owns a shop, good luck. They are pumping out mags, rifles, parts as fast as their round the clock operations can handle.

      • You realize the last century of global conflict has flooded virtually every landmass but antarctica on this planet with untraceable, completely unaccounted for small arms right? We are talking mortars, mg-42s, m1919s, stens, enfields, garands, etc, ad nauseam. Europe is full of civil disobedience on gun registration, most of the guns that were mentioned were likely never bought or sold but issued or taken as spoils of war more than 50 years ago. You cannot stuff the gun back in Pandora’s box. There are two and only two things you can do. One is to keep only a small section of the people armed, the rest of the people at the mercy of whatever that group decides to do. Or you can allow people freedom of choice, arms will be more ubiquitous and uniformly distributed if not prevalent, good natured folks will tend to be good natured, and bad natured folks will be inspired to improve their nature or lose it entirely by their own choice.

      • Yeah, when alcohol was prohibited everyone was sober all the time because nothing was legally sold at stores. Nobody had even one sip during prohibition. Is that what this lady believes? Because she’s just prepping the biggest black market ever with her brilliant logic. Another unintended consequence. Except anyone with two brain cells can see this coming.

        • During the prohibition, wine grape growers would sell (through catalogs) bricks of dried grapes along with a packet of yeast. They would ship that with a warning not to mix the two with water as that would cause fermentation……

        • During prohibition even potus was drunk a lot. Bans never work as intended. It is just a push for bigger government and more control over every American citizen

    • According to my 6th grader, there are always a couple of kids selling weed on the bus, and this is in a middle class suburban area. They would have more trouble purchasing alcohol than getting a joint.

      • This fantasy about passing laws to stop human nature is asinine at best. Laws, like locks work on honest people who would mind their on business anyway. All locks do is slow a crook down, and laws on the other hand have NO effect on even our politicians, let alone crooks. Is the end of that last sentence redundant?

        • WC, laws are fine and needed. Until they make it tougher on the good guy than the bad guy. Government should be helping, not hindering the law abiding.

        • WC, that is the absolute lamest arguments EVER! Crimes against people are illegal, whether there is a law or not. Most people instinctively understand it is wrong to kill another or steal their property . I am sure there is a local college near you where you can take a course in logic 101.

  1. I can think of plenty of things that are not sold in any shop that can be bought… For the right price.


    • Outside of Nevada, things with two legs — that are not sold in any shop — actively seek out buyers willing to buy or rent them.

    • Do a YouTube search of “Carolyn McCarthy”…

      You’ll find a 53 second video msnbc with Tucker Carlson in regards to the “thingy that goes up to your shoulder”…

  2. BTW FYI

    CTD is really hurting here in dallas/ft worth area.

    It is the only place with AR’s on the shelf every day.

    Last night they had 8 FEG AMD 65 on the call for 1100 a piece.

    1600 was the cheapest AR….a bushmaster carbon 15

    overheard the sales guy say “we have the guns because we can order in greater numbers”

    if everybody else sells out and you don’t doesn’t mean you are able to order more ust means ain’t no body buying from you

    • CTD is being boycotted for their over the top prices, that’s why they have things on the shelf others don’t.

    • This reminds me of the gun store I went into yesterday. They had a wall full of high demand rifles, stacks of AK mags, a section full of Pmags and an abundance of .223 ammo. I thought I had walked into the best kept secret in the country…until I saw the prices. They weren’t CTD gouge worthy, but still pretty high.

  3. Again, SHE is not the idiot, she knows exactly what she’s saying, and knows it’s a load of horseshit. She’s talking to the brainless constituency that believes such utter nonsense. Her game is about disarmament of American citizens. We need the NRA, GOA, and the local state organizations as well as we ourselves, to very publicly call her out on these lies, point for point.

    • I agree Eagle but still think shes an idiot. Just like I think the Yankees suck even though technicaly they dont.

      • Us Yankees in the far Northeast have a better history of gun rights than you rebels. As they say, just sayin’.

        • Thats The New York Yankees (baseball), Blinky. Im a Connecticut native. Sorry, I wasnt specific enough.

          As far as the northeast and gun rights are concerned, you didnt emphasize HISTORY enough. As in past tense

    • I hope all that means folks on the right are realizing all those forms of prohibition make about as much sense as all the other ones.

      • Sadly, probably not since they use the Bible for their source of all laws.

        Republicans are going to have a very hard time winning the majority in both houses and the White House until they stop the religious nonsense – it has no place in government.

  4. Please explain to me what special qualification one must have to hold office besides age, citizenship and residency? The answer is none. So idiots can apply. She was a nurse and never previously held any office prior the one she has and has no budget, law, business or other experience.

    She was swept into office after her husbands death for no other reason than emotion and because she said she would do something about crime. Her husband was shot with a handgun by a criminal and not a rifle but she supports this ban and as far as I can tell, she has done nothing for her district to reduce crime but continues to win simple because he husband died. Her only agenda is gun control and everytime they speak about her, it ALWAYS comes up about her husbands death because that is her only attribute that apparently makes her special.

    She is an idiot and we should not be surprised. Her district keep electing her, so there you go. You get the government you elect and we have seen NY loves idiots.

    • Welcome to the world of sensational public grieving, where their loss is supposed to be your tragedy too. Someone’s death/serious injury also grants them mystical powers of divination. Or entitlement. Or something.

      Sorta like Gifford’s husband.

      • I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets squeamish at the way the Brady crowd is using Giffords, a victim of traumatic brain injury, as their new spokesmodel.

        I need to update my legal docs to instruct my caregivers not to let me be the spokesman for anything if I suffer traumatic brain injury. It’s just not right.

    • If that’s what she really said, that makes it worse, since the only people with modern guns would be the criminals we’ve every right to fight off.

      You’d think some idiot pulling on the coattails of her husband’s murder should know that.

  5. Her whole purpose is to lash out and punish all gun owners because she lost a loved one, even though the majority of them didn’t do anything to her. These gun Prohibitionists will never stop.

      • Which is great, because while marijuana is well known and understood but totally evil plant, the fake stuff is down home goodness, manufactured with a chemistry set in a Chinese factory. Prohibition rules!

    • Come to Cleveland. The only time a hookah lounge isn’t selling weed is when they are caught. Guess what is springing up all over town?

  6. Echoing what EagleScout said up top, she’s not an idiot. She knows what she says is false. The idiots that vote for her that DO believe her are the problem.

  7. There really should be an age limit on lawmakers and takers in this country. Some of these folk are just down right paranoid on top of ‘incredibly-stupid-to-the-point-of-mental-illness-due-t0-age’, it seems. How about mandatory mental health screenings? Seriously? We have heard some of the most stupid shit in the past few weeks that it really makes me wonder who the hell people are voting for.

    Good luck to us. The world is laughing.

    Also, the comment function on this site has become such a pain in the ass it almost isn’t worth posting. It feels like programming through a 1980’s D-Base dumb terminal with too many active log ins. Words lag and some letters just don’t make it in. I use a good few blog sites and this is the only one I have an issue with.

  8. You can’t buy cocaine in the store.
    Thank goodness because of that, there is no drug problem in the US.
    I am glad we can pass a law and that fixes the problem.
    You can all go to sleep now my children and dream sweet dreams.

  9. I agree she knows exactly what she is saying and aiming it directly at the firearms ignorant Public, who believed the all the other BS flowing from her mouth and elected her.

    There will be a surge in Black Market Black Rifle sales because they will skyrocket in value. There are quite a few people who own multiple modern sporting rifles and who will not resist the chance to sell their least favorites into the Black Market at a hefty profit. Not to forget that existing criminals will see this as a new source of “revenue”, so home burglaries for firearms will surge up, too.

  10. “Dear Mrs. McCarthy,
    Could you kindly pull your head out of your ass!! All the shit in the wrinkles is making you look like an aged Bengal Tiger and we don’t want to hurt the Tiger’s feelings!!!”
    Thank You and btw:FOAD!!!

  11. Someone should call her and tell her that no matter how many guns she bans, her husband isn’t going to get back up off of the floor of that Amtrak. However, if he had been armed that day, he might still be alive.

  12. Law abiding citizens will not be able to buy them. Hate to break it to her, but the law abiding citizen isn’t the problem here. Douche.

  13. If their not in politics, they can’t take our rights. Where ever this dolt is from, the citizens should not vote for her or her ilk, in coming elections.

  14. Man, that thing is one fugly beyotch. Congratulations, McCarthy, you’ve offended both my intelligence and my senses at the same time.

  15. Well, thats one more for the grand reopening of the Salem Witchcraft trials. Is she talking about 50’s style earrings, I’m sure the ladies would be heartbroken if those were no longer on the shelves, Randy

  16. A rock is smarter than here time to ship her to Afghanistan Mexico or Mali where guns are banned yet every one has a real AK-47 Assault rifle not a semi auto plinker!

    I think NY should elect a rock its better than this imbecile.

  17. DERP DERP..and when we ban them, they will all go POOF and disappear! Unicorns and rainbows for everyone!!! DERP

    /throw up

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