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 Faith with an FN SCAR 16S & 4x Trijicon ACOG (courtesy

Evolution is a bitch. Literally. As a twice divorced man I consider beautiful women nature’s way of perpetuating the crazy gene. I’m not passing judgement. How could I? I have three bio daughters from those two wives. But by the same token I reckon the AR-15 is the world’s most beautiful rifle. Where Dianne Feinstein sees evil incarnate I see evolutionary perfection. Nick says the AR-15 has “issues” and Ralph gives its aesthetics the Bronx cheer. But the AR has exactly the right blend of ergonomics, reliability, capacity, accuracy and affordability for tens of millions of American shooters. That’s why it’s popular. That’s why it exists. Americans aren’t going to give up their ARs for, what, a shotgun? I don’t think so. Then again, I didn’t think Obama would dare touch gun control. And I did get married twice. More non-surprise surprises in tonight’s digest . . .

Modern sporting rifle [as above]. What part of that doesn’t understand? Oh wait; they “get it.” But they want to stop any more AR-15 sales. Go figure. reckons the existence of the full-auto Glock 18 means that Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban 2013 bill bans Glocks.

All semiautomatic pistols that can accept a detachable magazine and have at least one military feature: threaded barrel; second pistol grip; barrel shroud; capacity to accept a detachable magazine at some location outside of the pistol grip; or semiautomatic version of an automatic firearm.

Don’t scare the horses? An awesome pro-2A editorial by David Mamet (no less) at besmirched by the usual concession on machine guns. makes the connection between the Second Amendment and the modern police state (a.k.a., the UK).

"Barry L. Saunders Jr. says he regrets having a gun that day at Southcenter." (courtesy

When did free will go out of style? “I wish I didn’t have the gun with me that day. I had nothing against Diaquan.” Insults, disrespect and access to weapon often have deadly results

The “gun owners are racists” meme rears its ugly head again, focusing on Wayne LaPierre’s Boyz. Fear of a Black Gun Owner


Andres Oppenheimer: Let’s put gun violence in focus An otherwise reasonable (if slightly misleading) piece about gun death stats at suddenly, parenthetically explodes with anti-NRA bile:

(Contrary to the National Rifle Association’s absurd claims that the U.S. Constitution prohibits any regulations to help reduce mass murders such as the recent massacre in Newtown, Conn., the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment doesn’t say that Americans have the right to buy semi-automatic rifles, or bazookas. And the NRA’s claim that banning semiautomatic weapons would violate the rights of hunters is even more outlandish — you don’t need a machine gun to shoot a pigeon.)

Society’s evolved to the point where Americans don’t need the Second Amendment. Well, that’s one theory

“Nowhere – NOWHERE – is there any discussion of giving or encouraging these poor women to protect themselves.” A Rape a Minute, A Thousand Corpses a Year

Why Young Women Want AR-15s As above and because they can’t afford a SCAR.

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      • Yep. Obviously agree with both since this is the outcome I’ve been predicting.

        Mark my words, the self-defeating AWB 2.0 dog-and-pony show will look like the easy part by the time this cycle is over. Defeating the mag capacity limits is going to be seriously fracking hard, because it is way less objectionable to some of the pro-2A legislators than AWB 2.0.

        Folks, our OODA loop is substantially behind the confiscators on the magazine capacity limits. We need to work on framing the argument in terms that work in our favor. We need sound bites and well-honed arguments that leave the opposition speechless.

        I’m deeply concerned that we are starting off behind in the real battle to retain our full 2A rights.

        • The fact that they have been pushing this even with the bill pending and that there is another bill that specifically has those two items, I say, yeah, welcome to hollywood and the political shell game that we will be fed. The Fienstien Bill is cover for the incrementalism and they will tell use they had gun owners in mind with whatever they pass. We will Harry Ried say he fought for us and this was the best compromise. When all the noise began I too said the gun show loophole and mag caps was the agenda given the hard political push by the Brady Campaign.

        • “Defeating the mag capacity limits is going to be seriously fracking hard, because it is way less objectionable to some of the pro-2A legislators than AWB 2.0.”

          That’s what I’ve heard, but I don’t understand why that would be the case. Mag cap limits would apply to most full sized pistols — it seems like the part of Feinstein’s bill that would be most likely to effect what the media considers “the average gun owner.”

        • @Alphageek; So give me a cogent, simple argument for defending standard magazine capacities that a non-gunowner could grasp.

          How do you bell that cat?

          Edit: Actually BeninMA may have put his finger on it. Explaining it to non-gunowners is one thing. But if you explain to federal legislators that their “reasonable compromise” is going to fall onto virtually *every* gun owner in the country, it could appear more like the trap it is to them.

        • Yup.

          The original plan, as near as I can tell, was to focus on the Evil Black Rifles, split them off from ‘traditional’ rifles and pistols, and try to sell the bill as only affecting ‘military-style firearms’.

          We may be behind their OODA loop, but it looks a lot like their ‘plan’ is to throw everything they have at the wall and see what sticks.

        • Actually Bob, the above exchange got me thinking and I’m working on a post to send to Robert and crew with just that.

        • 10 round cap would have a good chance of being shot down by the current supreme court, since the vast majority of common defensive hand guns are designed with higher capacity. The background checks would probably stand (though, technically, that should be a state issue if private sales occurs within states).

        • Three of my simple arguments to AG’s point:

          1. “Why don’t you ask a police officer why he needs 15 rounds?”

          Follow up with

          2. “He or she will tell you it’s because reloading in a defensive situation can cost a life, but”


          3. “Reloading is less than an inconvenience to mass murderers. They aren’t being shot at; in fact the V-Tech investigation panel determined the killer would have been just as ‘effective’ with six shooter revolvers.”

          You can also add as a bonus “Most gun murders involve one or two shots. This won’t prevent crime, and it will energize the base of hunters and gun rights advocates against further legislation, no matter how reasonable it seems.”

      • Haven’t held it, but the SCAR 16 doesn’t impress me that mich compared to an AR. The SCAR 17, however, is a long term goal.

        • I agree the 17 has a place for a SBRed 7.62mm rifle. The L has a crappy plastic stock and offer nothing over the Army M-4A1 now.

  1. Didn’t the Glock 18 come after the introduction of the Glock 17? If so, wouldn’t that make the 18 a full-auto version of a semi-auto firearm, thus leaving the 17 (and presumably other models derived from it) free from the AWB’s grubby mitts? Or am I wrong in assuming that facts and reason will prevail?

    Oh! Wait! Shoulder thing that goes up. I forgot, for a moment, that these politicians are ignorant, petty tyrants who can’t be bothered to to spend a few minutes on Google. God forbid our political representatives expend any effort learning about the the things they attempt to legislate.

      • A friend of mine just picked up a Spanish made Llama .45 pistol in stainless steel. It would set off a metal detector and send it running away screaming.

      • That’s a good point. Congress should act immediately and ban plastic bullets, too.

        Now that I think about it, knives and box cutters could be made out of plastic! That’s to say nothing of plastic explosives! We should definitely save time and just ban plastic!

      • Yeah, we also need to ban hollow point armor piercing cop killer bullets that can shoot through bulldozers, no one needs those.

    • Yes, glocks were named as they came out with the g17 being the 17th model and the g18 devised afterward. Then the g19 which was a shorter version of the 17. The 20 then was created which was a 10mm based on a beefier version of the 17. and so on..

    • “Insults, disrespect and access to weapon often have deadly results”

      They do if you are a murderous thug who places no value on human life. Otherwise, no.

      • Two people have been murdered in my town in the last 10 years. They were murdered by a well respected gentleman- a retired geophysicist who volunteered in the community, and was a law abiding citizen- until he shot and killed his neighbors in a boundary dispute. There has been one attempted murder in my town in the past 10 years. A woman put several bullets in her husband when she found out he was cheating. When rage and guns mix, the result is not pretty.

        • WC, in 10 years your town has seen 2 murders and one attempted murder with a gun? I’d like to know how many people live in your town and how many of them own guns. With such a low number for 10 years your town could very well prove the point that an armed society is a safe society.

          • This is a very small place. How many own guns I haven’t a clue. The only incident close to a DGU is when pot growers defended their harvest from hikers. There was a ND: a guy shot off his thumb, there was a suicide on Valentine’s day, and one New Years eve somone put a bullet through the ceiling of the local bar.

        • WC, you haven’t a clue? It could be very well the majority. Which explains the peacefull, for the most part, town you live in.

          I lived in a very small town in West Virginia. 1 store, 1 church and relied on the county sheriff for what law enforcement there was. Practically every family there at least owned a shotgun. Crime was non existent.

    • You assume they would want to follow their own rules. Progressives are lawless. They want to remove as many weapons as possible, particularly handguns. It is highly likely that they had Glocks (probably the most popular modern handgun) in mind when they put in that language.

  2. When does a rifle stock stop being a stock and start being a shroud? I’d like to see that get argued in court.

    • A barrel shroud is sort of like Dumbledore. It is exactly what a politician wants it to be, when she wants it to be. Also… fiction, since the antis seem to have little regard for reality when it comes to firearms.

      Either that or I’ve been seriously misusing the sling swivels on my AR-15.

      • Right. Just like the term “assault weapon”. It means whatever a politician wants it to mean. IOW it’s meaningless.

  3. I think I have a new blog to read. Click the first picture to see what it is.

    “Read” is a generic term.

  4. Bobby!
    I comend you for having 3 daughters who will carry your genes foward for the next (100’s) of generations. I am sure they are far more beutiful than any ArmaLite.
    Speaking of beuty have you ever gone down on an M-1 Tanker Grand in 308?
    It took me almost 50 years, shooting the M-1 rifle, M-2 Carbine and M-14, before I found me some Tanker Love but it was worth the wait!
    It’s the same with women Bobby, be patient.

    • And with the pussifacation of our country and all this progressive B.S. they may even carry the name Farago on for you too. ( in a really horrible world)

  5. You know what separated Django from others of his ethnicity?

    His possession of and skill with a firearm. Without both, his story would have ended as another dead man killed in his chains.

    What is true of that fictional character applies in equal measure to our factual lives.

  6. They soon going to ban your popular tactical mosseburg 500 or Remington 870 too, under the bill “Assualt Weapon” because it holds more then 2 shells and the shorter barrel looks so scary and pistol grip will give you a better concealment.

  7. Young beautiful women are works of art, but, it is illegal to hang them on the wall. I respectfully disagree that the AR15/M16/M4 motif is beautiful. More like a rack than a rifle. Light weight, then add pounds. Save time, like women, get ugly, they make you happy the rest of yo life……………

  8. Unfortunately, AR15’s – being subject to the law if supply and demand – are no longer affordable. In addition, there is a full auto version of the Beretta 92fs. This would put it in the same boat as the Glocks with the Feinstein legislation.

  9. Funny thing about race, I was born in Tx raised in Mississippi, back in the bad old days, when people were equally poor, and regardless of government, equally respected each other. There were bad and good, that was all we knew. There were a few grey spots, of course. My folks were segregationist, but God help you if you ever caused harm to any one because of color, or out of spite, or pure meanness. We knew it. My Dad ran the KKK off a public street corner, in 62, they thought they were going to set up shop there for a civil rights parade. Just happened it was on a corner that was on the property of his business, a service station, do you remember those? My uncle had a tire tool, and , I had big crescent wrench, sort of a back up type thing. Dad would stop for anybody broke down on side of road (safer times as well), and if he could not help them on the spot, he would call help for them at first phone he came to, no cell phones then. All offered him money, what little they could, he refused politely, a person’s pride is worth something after all. He just asked if they ever came thru town stop by his station. Mercenary? Perhaps, but we got to know a lot of good people, and trust. From a different world, long ago.

    • Don’t be eyeballing my SKS. I just got mine back. My kid “borrowed” it and I practically had to take a grandkid hostage to get it back.

      • Would you believe I’ve never shot an SKS?

        I mean, I’ve shot stuff not generally available to the civilian market, including the rare-but-oh-so-fun MP5/10mm. At the other end of the spectrum (Soviet milsurp) I’m way behind.

        Ah, well. Someday the panic buying and ammo shortages will ease and I’ll be able to add some Soviet milsurp toys to the arsenal.

        • The Chinese knockoffs are hugely popular in Canada. They’re cheap (in normal times most guns are significantly more expensive north of 49), they like cheap ChiCom ammo, they’re easy to shoot and they’re not Restricted weapons, meaning you can plink on your farm and you don’t have to register them. .

          I was in a gun store in Vancouver talking to the owner and he’s been moving a huge amount of them lately. They actually sell them by the case.

        • No SKS? Man that sucks. How about a Mosin Nagant? And if you think glocks are reliable, try a Makarov. I don’t know what they put in the vodka in Russia, but their gun guys sure know reliable.

    • Agreed the shoes are clunky, but what kills me about that shot is the lighting – horrible. Also the pose looks forced. The model has some potential, but shots in the basement with her boyfriends Iphone aren’t very interesting.

  10. Shootin’ white people… nuthin’ racist in THAT, eh? Surprised Tarantino didn’t go with “peckerwoods” or some such. Has he gone PC?

  11. Nobody in the limelight is saying it, so I will continue to repeat it until I’m blue in the face:

    U.S. V. MILLER.

    Settled law. The “assault weapons” ban is pure bullshit, because a SCOTUS precedent SAYS so.

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