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“Many believe the Constitution protects the right to bear firearms; I want to offer an anecdote. In elementary school we were allowed to have kickballs, but we eventually started to hurt each other with them. The school decided to take away the kickballs to protect us from ourselves. While we protested and complained, bloody noses, bruises, and tears were all alleviated during the ban. If one day Americans can be responsible, we should be privileged to own firearms, just like with the kickballs. You sometimes need to lose a “right” or “privilege” to learn how to better behave.” – Daniel Wlosowicz

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  1. “bloody noses, bruises, and tears (caused by kickballs) were alleviated” -fixed that for you moron. I’m sure kods never got in any fights outside of kickball, no one ever tripped and fell while running down the sidewalk, feelings were never ever hurt once those evil kickballs were taken away?

  2. Someone needs to teach this man how to form a valid argument. Toys and firearms are completely different things. You won’t find a school playground with kids running around with ARs and AKs shooting at one another. They’re restricted to law abiding adults, and their use for criminal purposes is outlawed.

    And if we are to regulate all seemingly dangerous things, I can think of things far worse than guns to start with…

  3. How about we take away Daniel’s 1A rights since he insults our intelligence and promotes the State a wee bit too much? When he learns how to behave he can write again.

  4. Pretty standard stuff, he think’s we’re children. We think he’s an imbecile. And a poopy-head.

  5. Hmm. Now they use those silly gator balls
    Quickest example I could find. Anywho, now kids throw their arms out to get a decent speed on ’em because they’re so light. They fly erratically if there’s a tear in the rubber skin so consistency is right out. I always thought dodgeball was one of those games ya play to learn: ow that hurt I should dodge or catch it next time.

  6. Apparently he doesn’t understand the fundamental difference between a privilege and a right. A privilege is extended by authority and can be rescinded at will. Rights exist separate from authority and in our constitutional system rights are protected from authority’s intrusion…at least in theory. Our rights do not come from the government, in the case of the enumerated rights in particular the government is forbidden to restrict them.

    Dude is a moron. I wouldn’t pick him for a kickball team, unless it was his balls we’re getting to kick. He writes like a serf.

    • Sadly, I think he explicitly understands the difference and wants to rescind the right and make it a “privilege” that only the chosen are allowed to have i.e. the state and the oligarchy.

      Apparently, falling crime rates nationally don’t equal “learning to better behave”. I’m sure the definition of that will be spelled out as well as the ATF definition of a firearm.

    • Apparently he doesn’t understand the fundamental difference between a privilege and a right. A privilege is extended by authority and can be rescinded at will… in the case of the enumerated rights in particular the government is forbidden to restrict them.

      I dont think you’ve been paying attention, the government recognizes none of the rights from the bill of rights except maybe 3A. 1A, need a permit to protest. 2A need a permit to carry (just about everywhere), if your a “felon” you get no rights at all. 4A, cops can pat you do for weapons whenever they want. 5A – 8A, indefinite detention, torture and extra-judicial execution if your a “terrorist”. Wasnt that service member from a recent article here who was exercising he 2A open carry rights in body armor even declared a terrorist?

  7. Great argument Mr Wlosowicz. Criminals have shown a long and stable track record of learning their lesson!! I think you’ve just saved the world!!!!

  8. I’m sure he means that only those who abuse their rights should lose them. Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.


  9. This man should volunteer himself as an example, but seeing as it’s unlikely he owns a firearm a different right should be sacrificed. I suggest his 1st amendment rights be revoked for a set period. Whenever he speaks out of turn the government can “protect and teach” him. (i wish there was a sarcasm font.)

  10. Nevermind the author’s piss poor logic and excuses for why the states should take away my right when someone else did something wrong.

    Personally, I thought dodgeball was fun and I’m hardly scarred for life because of a few lumps. In fact, I remember when those bruises were a badge of honor.

    “Did you hear? Little Timmey broke his arm!”

    Now kids have to be swaddled up in blankets and bubble wrap and if they get even a small cut DCFS wants to investigate. Pansies.

  11. Actually, I find the kickball story particularly sad and chilling. The “bloody noses, bruises, and tears” are part of the price of the fun that is kickball (or softball, or skate boarding, or just about any activity that doesn’t involve a videogame controller). The occasional “ouchie” helps us learn to not do stupid stuff.

    Also, was it really every student that was abusing kickballs? Or was it simpler for a harried and overworked staff to take away all the boy’s balls rather than just punish the abusers? Would firm punishment of the first kid to abuse his kickball rights have disuaded others from doing so?

  12. I’m speechless. I would say this guy doesn’t deserve to be an American, let alone live amongst civilized people, but…he’s not American. So…why do we give a crap? Like we’re not used to clueless foreigners commenting on rights they can’t comprehend?

    Or is he? From the way he words things he sounds like he is, but his letter says “Macedonia.” Well, whatever, if he’s from Macedonia he can STFU, and if he’s from the US then he can stay in Macedonia. He doesn’t deserve to live here.

    If it wasn’t so dang early, I’d offer plenty more anecdotes substituting “kickball” for other more “valued” Amendments or cars or knives or fertilizer or whatever, but really, if there a point to talking with a mind as twisted as his?

  13. ‘You’re all children and should be treated as such because I still have the mind of a child.’ – Daniel Wlosowic

  14. 1. How many people have died from bloody noses, bruises, and tears? This writer went to an overprotective school–the only kind these days, it seems.

    2. His experiences as a child are applicable to the adult world? He’s arguing that because his teachers took away a privilege from children, the government would be justified in taking away rights from adults. What’s his opinion about alcohol, sex, contracts, voting, driving, and many other activities that children don’t get to enjoy?

    3. In the cited article, he says that hunters don’t need semiautomatic rifles. As many have said before, the Second Amendment ain’t about hunting, and rights aren’t subject to a needs test.

  15. Mr. Wlosowicz’s comments are just all kinds of wrong. If exposure to stupidity caused cancer we’d all need chemo right now.

  16. Lets examine this theory….

    Take away kick balls because kids are playing to hard…. = Kids are not playing at all and get lazy and fat….

    I think I would rather keep the kick balls, and the kids learn to take a little responsibility for there actions…. The kinder gentler world is making our children weak, lazy and fat.

    The correlation with guns kinda rolls the same way. When used responsibly there is no need for regulation. In force the current laws, and there is no need for new laws that aren’t being in forced on those that are breaking them anyway.

  17. This guy’s just doing what hoplophobes so often do – projecting:

    “In elementary school we were allowed to have kickballs, but we eventually started to hurt each other with them.”

    He couldn’t handle a kickball, and knows a gun would be too much for him. He knows he can’t trust himself with one, so of course nobody else can have one.

    (But Silver, I’m guessing he’s from Macedonia, Ohio – alas, most likely an “American,” deserving or not.)

    • /headsmack

      I hope we don’t see a letter from Paris(Illinois) or I might make another dumb slip up.

  18. Too bad he did not use his right to not incriminate himself, and has now shown himself to be guilty of stupidity in the first degree!!!!
    Yea we got bumps and bruises from kickball but like someone said earlier we learned to dodge and catch better from it too!!!! And yes those same bumps and bruises were cool badges!!!
    Wow Little Timmy got a black eye and has a really cool blue cast from playing football!!!!
    Nowadays the only injuries a lot of kids get is from straining themselves playing video games all day and half the night!!!!

  19. I added this comment to his article:

    “So do you feel ok with taking away someone’s first amendment rights of free speech, or choice of church, if they don’t meet certain arbitrary criteria, until their “behavour” changes? Maybe we can still freely assemble as long as it is in groups of 5 or less, to prevent mob violence. Would you put a limit on how many times a person can plead the 5th amendmant before he or she is forced to incriminate themselves? This limiting and restricting of unalienable rights stuff can get tricky. Be thankful that you don’t live in a country where your typewriter would have to be registered and subject to inspection by the secret police (Romania in the 1980’s). “

  20. Yeah, there’s a rash of opinions out there too, and the enews media is always looking for write-ups by uh, concerned people just like Mr. W there. Years back in the heyday of the fishwrappers, blurbs by one anti-type guy in particular showed up often in the local rag. Come to find out, he was on the payroll of one of those high profile ban the gun groups. Fancy that. ( I was just learning ’bout libtards back then. Gotta give ‘em credit for the first thing I leaned, which I’d have never found out without ’em and that’s that I’m a conservative. Do tell. Who‘d a thunk it? ) Nowadays, they paste stuff like what Mr. W came up with hopin to get a rise outta someone who might happen to read it. So far, on their site it didn’t work. Comments 0. Viewer rating on the opinion by yours truly -2.
    BTW, don’t kids nowadays play soccer, and highskrools still have football and baseball games.
    Far as I see, kids are still allowed to ride bicycles without training wheels too and I don’t know, but I’d bet most of the boys aren’t wearing j-straps without cups while ridin’ em either. Why they called the ones with the ballbuster brace the boy’s bikes and the safer ones for girls is an unsolved misery for sure.

  21. If that is his logic I would say most adults can’t own a car either. We should outlaw cars, and you have to submit a statement of reason as to why you need one. Then you only can buy one on an approved list. Then you have to pay every year through the nose just to keep it, oh wait we already do that! If you change cars you have to re-certify on the other car. Oh and if you get a speeding ticket you loose your car, no reimbursement either. Just imagine how many lives we would save!

    See I can make arguments just like him!

  22. It’s obvious that this guy regards gun owners as children, lacking in maturity and judgement, who need supervision by adults in the form of government. What an insult!

    With concealed carry permits, most states already do what he wants. You need a history of responsible behavior (no criminal record, drug abuse, etc.) and formal training to earn a permit. If you screw up, your permit is revoked, often for life.

  23. I just checked today, and my responce to his artical is the only one there. Aparently very few people read his stuff, and don’t feel the need to comment on his stuff or rebutt my comment. And we all know that in todays internet, EVERYBODY has an opinion on everything, so if I was this guy’s editor, I’d be thinking about his replacement with so little interest in what he writes.

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