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“I believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks and everything. … We already got a thumbs up from the Brothers over there and Anwar al Awlaki before his martyrdom and many others. … I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves.” – Alleged jihadi Christopher Lee Cornell in Green Township man planned ISIS-inspired terrorist attack on US Capitol [at]




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    • Yep.

      As Chris Martenson repeats often in his “Crash Course” video series, the next 20 years will be unlike the past 20 years.

      Probably always true, but the point merits emphasis.

      • And you know that quite a few of the people shooting and/or blowing people up in western countries for jihad would probably be considered “mentally disturbed,” right? And that it’s getting easier and easier for foreign groups to influence mentally disturbed people here?

        Being a nut doesn’t mean you’re not dangerous.

  1. All I can say is I would like to catch one of these jihadist groups in the process of conducting an terrorist attack I’m going to take em down hard if not neutralize the problem straight from the door………. Note to all US JIHADIST GROUPS: if you don’t like the US, get the fuck out!!!!!!

    • I’d rather they learn to coexist peacefully with people who hold different views.
      But then I’m not interested in having dozens of people die, just so I can fulfill some Hollywood-style fantasy.

      • It’s not possible to coexist peacefully with a group who wants you dead or forcibly converted. I’d like that as an ideal, but hugging suicide bombers is a dicey proposition at best.

      • Until you’ve been overseas and witnesses the IED attacks and the sniper kills that they have committed against my fellow soldiers and their own people, what you have to say is invalid and irrelevant……..

        • If invading a foreign country based on lies and cronyism had an influence on the validity of a position, it would reduce it, not strengthen it.

          But back to the original point: your stated desire to kill some jihadis isn’t worth risking the lives of innocent Americans, just so you can have a terrorist attack to stop and get excited about.
          If you really want to kill some jihadis, why not go someplace they already are killing innocent people, like northern Iraq, rather than wish that they would come here and kill Americans, so you can get your rocks off?

        • To Jason M, I’m retired US Army. Do you forget about 9/11? We were attacked plain and simple period. Now if you want yourself and the rest of your country (that is if you’re a US citizen ) to be attacked, fine. I’d rather keep fighting terrorist on THEIR soil and not mine. If your ideology is different which sounds like it is, then make sure you don’t ask for help if your home, workplace or those close to you are attacked by terrorist. Terrorist want you dead because you are an infidel, period..

  2. “He said, ‘Dad, you just have to let people believe in what they believe. I have my beliefs, and you just have to let people believe what they believe in,'” Cornell Sr. said.

    Well, well. The old “people are people” meme… Big Mike must be laughing at us from hell right now. This should wake up a few of those latte sipping hipsters in NY who marched in “solidarity” with the looters; some people are not people, and we should not let them pretend to be.

    • If they didn’t wake up on 9/11/01, I don’t think this will do it either, frankly.

      Yes there are people who are young yet, but still.

    • All people are people. Some people are brainwashed or evil and sociopathic or hold harmful ideologies. But they are all people. When we dehumanize people it makes it easier to kill/torture them. If you have to kill someone to protect your life, fine. But not pretend it isn’t a person. You need to admit you are taking a human life, even if the taking of that life protects you and others.

      While I would not personally go out of my way to befriend a Muslim because I have no reason to be besties with someone who has such a harmful ideology, even if that one specific person is “nice”, that is a BIG giant leap from saying they are not human. There will be a lot of persecution of Muslims who may hold harmful ideologies but weren’t about to commit violence against anyone because of the behavior of a few. The “some people aren’t human” line is how we have holocausts and horrifying war crimes. It’s how most large scale violence is successfully perpetrated while other people look the other way.

        • At some point ANYONE can lose parts of their humanity. And dehumanizing others so you can more easily do whatever it is you feel you need to do to them is ALSO a loss of humanity. So you can’t win by playing that game.

        • General third person “you” meaning “everybody”. Not you personally or specifically. I’m referring to everyone INCLUDING you, me, etc.

        • Who are you talking to, Grindstone? The way the threads are set up, it’s not that easy to know what specifically you’re replying to and who. Was that aimed at me or czp09?

        • Yes, it was aimed at czp09. Anyone who has paid any attention to history knows that dehumanization is what leads to genocide and mass murder.

        • “dehumanization is what leads to genocide and mass murder.” Which is precisely what the adherents of islam have been doing for hundreds of years.

        • Grindstone, I thought that was what you were getting at, but wasn’t totally sure. Thanks for clarifying! And I concur.

        • Maybe it’s because you have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that human nature if violent and bloody and nasty and horrifyingly assholish. Humans are slightly smarter and definitely more violent primates. Not everybody, obviously, but we live under a thin veneer of civility. And it doesn’t actually take much of a crack in the social order for that mask to come off with most people.

          Maybe the problem is in thinking human beings are super lofty and great and noble and kind. No, we aren’t. A few people are, most of the time. Most people are some of the time. But hardcore evil is absolutely within the “normal range” of what the human species is.

  3. Here was the guys to do list:
    Step 1: Acquire drivers license
    Step 2: play with my only friend, my cat.
    Step 3: stop being a mommas boy
    Step 4: like, you know, stop writing like I’m 12 and everything
    Step 4: Plan global Jihad using crayons, glue and construction paper at the dinner table.

    He forgot go to jail and make some very close friends!

  4. My concern going forward is evidence in such cases. It is a trivial matter to fabricate digital “evidence” for these situations. Creating fake log entries (such as phone call metadata, IP addresses, and website visits) and social media messages is exceedingly easy.

    Can we trust Big Brother to resist the temptation to use such techniques against political enemies? After all, we already have evidence that the United States Internal Revenue Service tried to stymie groups with certain political affiliations.

  5. It really sounds like a misguided youth who was enabled by the FBI. Im not saying he doesn’t deserve a traitors death, but I wonder if he could have been talked out of this.

    • That’s one interpretation, and I’m sure it will be played in court. However, the timeline I see from this article is that he converted himself and then began dedicatedly enlightening the world on social media that he was going to engage in Jihad. At that point, he was engaged by the FBI, not before, just as they should engage anyone openly declaring he intends to violently attack Americans in the cause of Jihad. He announced that he was going to purchase guns and attack Congress. He can do that, no problem. Then he put that plan in motion, including buying a gun for his pet FBI informant. That he cannot do, I suspect he will have free room and board for several decades.

  6. May you live in an interesting age…. Perhaps an incorrectly attributed curse but it still sounds ominous. Yet it is only when we are faced with the greatest adversity that we know who we truly are. Personally, I welcome this truth. Too long have we all lived in lies and confusion. In conflict are we revealed as our true selves. This would not be pleasant, but maybe a little bit of reality would do us all some good.

  7. Thing is, wouldn’t he be the very one having his head lopped off on video if he tried to pop over and join one of those “Destroy the West!” type groups?

  8. Christopher Lee Cornell is such a naive, pathetic loser that I almost feel sorry for him, and definitely feel resentful of the money the FBI spent to ensnare and arrest him….

    • Everybody gets an opinion, it sounds to me like the FBI was doing exactly what they are paid to do, for a change. Finding out about this sweet innocent looney tune after he murders several people would cause a lot more complaint about the FBI, especially when it was discovered that he’d been advertising his intentions worldwide for years, first.

      • “Finding out”? He was telling everyone, not a lot of skill needed in that “investigation”. Wonder why these geniuses could not catch the Tsarnaevs, given they were told about them before they set off their bombs? Hmmmm, it is a conundrum, for sure.

      • Yeah, I see your point, LarryinTX. Still, this doesn’t exactly inspire my confidence the FBI is very good a discerning who is a real threat and who isn’t. Just sayin’.

  9. Sadly the FBI ran the ATF playbook on this one.

    They baited him all the way, taking advantage of a dim wit to get an arrest. Just like they did to that poor guy in Milwaukee.

  10. I wonder what this dude’s IQ score would be? Anytime a plot unfolds in which the ATF or other alphabet agency has to assist them in moving their plot forward sets off a red flag. The ATF has been known to set up mentally deficient young men as part of their SOP.
    Right or wrong, there is still a degree of entrapment in this practice.

  11. So, let me get this straight, this idiot, operating at the mental level of an 8 year old, hopped on social media and declared to the world he was going on violent jihad against America, the FBI/ATF then hooked up with him, financed him AND helped him connect with actual muslim terrorists online and then arrested him. That about sum it up?

    • 8-year-old mental capacity? I doubt it. Read the quote under the photo again. It’s more grammatically correct than the average TTAG comment post. It is lucid, straightforward, and terrifying.

      Entrapment? No.

      • It does seem a bit odd 2H9 but then you have to look at it from the LE point of view – useful idiots can be useful. Anyone dumb enough to post Jihad on Facebook is by definition, dumb, I’ll grant you that. He may have paid attention in grammar class but mentally, if he’s not smart enough to known know social media sites are monitored, then he is probably of a lower IQ.

        Some investigations start with suspects who really, no one can believe they are that dumb. But they are, and that does not make them any less dangerous in the end. Take the underwear bomber for instance – basically, a useful idiot for AQ. But does anyone doubt he would not have caused some serious harm had he succeeded in exploding his johnson?

        The investigation probably started skeptically but the kid was organized, and motivated. We don’t know all that we should with respect to AQ, ISIS and the rest of the jihadi community. This dope offered to pave the way and perhaps develop some not so stupid suspects along the way who would help him achieve his jihadi dream. Thus, the useful idiot serves a purpose, a life is destroyed but a life he chose none-the-less. Entrapment is the setting up of someone do something illegal they would not normally be disposed to doing. This kid was well on his way before the FBI jumped in and used him for all he’s worth. Personally, I don’t mind, when you plan to attack America, you should expect that treatment.

        If the Feebs are smart, they’ll use him twice. This time and in a few years when he gets out on parole. A guy like this, with a diminished mental capacity will probably not be smart enough to reform and join society. They’ll monitor him while he’s in and when he gets out to squeeze the last drop of intel out of him. Again, this is a guy trying to kill Americans – because they are Americans. In my book, he’s the enemy.

  12. Just another loser, desperate to be someone, something, anything but the complete waste that he is. So he latches on to whatever movement or idea that strikes him as being an express lane to significance. If it weren’t jihad, it’d have been the “Occupy” nonsense, the anti-free trade groups, the pro-thug/anti-cop rioters or some other groupthink body of nonthought.

    Or it would have been some solo spasm of violence, conveniently blamed on some selfish scapegoat like school bullies or girls who won’t date him. Yawn. Seen it all before.

    Morally, I blame the parents. If twenty year old Johnny Jihad in his jammies gets to while away his days in Mom and Dad’s basement playing video games and dilettante terrorist in roughly equal measure, then they’ve failed as parents.

  13. The guy seems like a scumbag, but this seems to be stretching the definition of “planned” to the point of thought-crime.

  14. All I can say is the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Often we feel some sympathy for the parents but not this time. Heck I even had a tiny bit of sympathy for the 19year old in Chicagolands mom crying in her burka at the courthouse this week. At least her evil boy came by his jihad beliefs honestly…


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