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It looks like Magpul is pulling out all the stops this year. Not only have they announced a Remington 700 chassis, AICS magazines, and a 60-round drum mag, but they are also releasing a line of stocks and grips specifically designed for AK platform rifles. Included are apparently new handguards, stocks, and reinforced magazines. Compared with the last couple years where their list of new items was basically an extended magazine and a few sights, this is some serious expansion to their product line. And to me, it looks pretty darn hot. Oh, and one more thing…

After market GLOCK magazines.

It looks like Magpul has some cool stuff coming for 2015. Stay tuned!

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    • I’m envisioning a “Take that! and that ” to Governor H. with each new product announcement…

      • @John L., yep. The only think Gov. Hickenstoopid did was make Magpul very profitable and put Coloradans out of work. Typical Leftist shitbird.

        • I’d send a copy of my financial statements to his desk each year to show how much tax revenue CO was now missing out on each year, and maybe an FTE count to show the opportunity cost of missed employment. But I’m a spiteful little bugger.

        • Notalima: if I were a gun-rights group in Colorado, I’d ask Magpul if I could publish their quarterly profit / loss statements as part of an ad campaign against the idiots who got them to move.

          (I don’t think they’re publically traded, so they’re under no obligation to release the info.)

  1. How dare they move out of my beloved state?!??!?

    Oh, wait. They had to because of those pukes in the state capitol (some, not enough of them, are gone now) and that zero in the governor’s mansion.

    Best of luck, Magpul, in all your future endeavors.

    • All I want is this ridiculous magazine law to go away. Life was so much easier when I could just throw a couple PMAGS in my cart when shopping with gift cards to get the total amount of them.

  2. Neat. They’ve already sold me on the AICS mags. Now they just need to make those Glock PMAGs for the 19 and they’ll have sold me on those too.

    • Any mag that works in a Glock 17 will also work in your Glock 19.
      Magpul customers aren’t the kind of people who ask for smaller magazines. 🙂
      You can put Pierce mag sleeves on them to give you a little more grip and make the whole works look pretty.

      • “Magpul customers aren’t the kind of people who ask for smaller magazines. ”

        Sure we are, hence 10 and 20 rnd pmags (and this request for a G19 map). 😀

  3. In case Magpul is reading, the only thing I would like to add for their consideration is, how about a chassis for the Winchester Model 70?? Please…enough with the Rem Model 700 already….

  4. Wow, Magpul hitting the ground running since the move, I may just have to go out and buy an AK and a 9mm glock. This stuff is really cool.

  5. Awwwwwww yeah. Add some cheaper glock mags to that market. I’ll probably try a few out. Just to see how they fare. One of these days I will actually get out for some training.

  6. You know you’re a gun nut when….

    You get seriously excited about steel reinforced PMAGS for AK x39!

    (insert big old happy face here)

  7. Hope the Glock mags work out – those Korean ones are PoS. And if they do work out, hope they make some for G20, G21 and G30.

    • And the G23, and the G22, and 20 and 30 round mags, and for the new single stack GLOCK 9mm subcompact.

      • “Single-stack 9mm” …you dreamer. I have a feeling we’re all dreaming abut that tantalizing ghost of a gun.

    • I’ve never had a problem with a KCI mag, they’re just a bit stiffer to load. I use them for practice. I think I’ll stick with OEM for carry and KCI for practice.

      • You must be using the 9mm ones. The .40s are so out of spec that I pulled the floorplate off of one trying to get it out of my G22. Had to drive it out of the frame from above, with a punch.

  8. Would be nice if they did a 30 rounder for the G22. Still don’t understand why Glock stopped at 22 rounders for 40 SW

    • I imagine it is a capacity/spring tension issue. I had reliability problems when running my 22rounders on my Gen4 G22 with a Streamlight TLR2s mounted I checked and they had the correct/newest follower design and 12 coil spring, but in the longer mag it wasn’t enough tension to push the rounds up fast enough with the increased slide cycling speed from the heavy light on the front. 15 rounders with the same ammo and light mounted were 100% reliable. A 30 round mag for 40S&W would be a bit longer and probably need a much longer/heavier spring to be reliable in all situations and that would make getting 30 rounds down even harder.

      • Good info as always, Tex. Sounds like you just planned my next range test. I haven’t run my Gen 4 G22 with the 22 rounders AND a light up front yet. I do have the latest follower and spring… Now I’m curious to see if this config chokes on me. Honestly, I really got the 22 rounders for the Sub2k 40 SW anyway (which is really what I want the extended mags for). I run the Gen 4 G22 pretty vanilla, with flush 15 rounder, OWB. Thanks. Maybe I’ll ping you in a thread if I see this setup choke on me as well. I’m a consumer of data myself, so like to pass on the data I get through my own testing as well…

        • Mine ran ok (read didnt fail in the 40 or 50 rounds I ran that specific day) with American Eagle 180grain FMJ’s, but choked every 2nd or 3rd round with 165grain AE FMJ and 165grain Gold Dots which makes sense, 180 grain 40S&W target ammo is weak sauce compared to the 165grain offerings FMJ or otherwise so the 180’s probably ran the slide a lot slower. Same rounds through the factory 15 rounders with or without the streamlight it was gtg and without the light mounted it ran the 22round mags like a sewing machine.

          No idea how that will translate to the Sub2000

  9. I always wondered why MP didn’t have a line of Glock magazines. That market consists of genuine Glock magazines, which in my extensive experience with the 9mm and .45acp flavors and sizes, work flawlessly, and the various other manufacturers, which can be hit or miss. The other guys’ products are fine for range use, but I only trust genuine Glock in my EDC and zero dark thirty guns.

    Magpul’s expertise and reputation would make this move a no-brainer, about as simple as waking up and asking themselves “How much money do we want to print today?” They just have to be careful of infringing on G’s patents, of course, by introducing a compatible and reliable, but different, design.

  10. don’t write that check yet!..if you call right now, we will also throw in a free pic of ol vlad riding bare chested on horeback with every order.. 19.99 value!

    • Only if you hack it up. I just bought the polymer FAB defense furniture for my VZ 2008 and it worked out really well and was not that expensive. I kept the paratrooper stock though.

  11. I’m glad Magpul delved deeper into the AK market. I can’t wait for the steel reinforced mags and I would seriously think about the folding stock for my converted Saiga 5.45. I think Zhukov would be pleased with those parts.

  12. This just moved Magpul from my personal “meh” list to my must have for Valentine’s Day list. Hopefully they produce all above in a great enough capacity to meet demand.

  13. Congrats to Magpul for hitting the ground running in Texas.
    Hickenpooper should be reminded every day what consequences follow from worrying over progtards twisted panties. His pr people built a great myth on his beer parlor success, based on listening to customers… I dont buy it. He chose politics over jobs, and he and other Democrats in CO need to be reminded what that costs, in real dollars to citizens, vs his donations from Bloomberg, et al.

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