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“The president and I have talked about this. When you look at places in middle America, people who make less money than they used to. I mean, I just saw this blog entry by [CNN’s] Fareed Zakaria the other day, that the one area is middle-aged white men where life expectancy is going down. So you have this segment of society that just feels like they’re losing things, and they look at gun issues and their right to own a gun as one of those things that they might be losing.” – Mark Kelly of Americans for Responsible Solutions  [via Meet the Press]

[h/t DrVino]

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    • I will not besmirch a guy who climbs into a rocket. Will say that I (sales roadie) and every trucker has traveled further in a day than his altitude above the earth.

    • Sorry his wife was shot. Jared was an evil SOB and deserves the death penalty. That being said, why does Mr. Kelly think that taking my God given rights from me will resolve anything? Had a few of us legal gun owners been there armed, the body count would have been a whole lot lower and Jared would be shoveling coal in Hell.

      • Even more importantly – how does your wife getting shot make you an expert on guns and gun related policies? I got a flu shot a couple of months ago, does that mean I can now guide healthcare policy?

  1. Can’t bring myself to watch the video. This guy should be ashamed for what he does to his wife.

  2. How do you close something that doesn’t exist? When did “feasible” change meanings?

    • Of course it’s feasable. He, and they, are trying to fix an imaginary issue. Since the problem isn’t real, any solution presented will work.

      Look at it this way…. it is a very elaborate take on the Tiger Rock idea: As soon as we make this law there will be no more people using the Gun Show Loophole. We will have fixed the problem and there will be no more loophole.

    • Sounds alot to me like two people with a like mind discussed something they both agreed about and decided they were both right. That’s certainly no reason to push a presidential directive that is ineffectual, redundant and runs contrary to the 2nd Amendment.

      This administration has (and has had) it all wrong. Our founding fathers established our Republic to protect the peoples’ freedoms not restrict them. That only works when the three branches of government are treated equally. The people, through congress, have already spoken on this issue. BHO needs to listen to the people and (using those prominent handles on either side of his noggin) pull his head out of his fourth point of contact. The majority of US citizens don’t want more bureaucracy.

      The sad reality is that government grows; it never shrinks. At this point our government has grown to a level of overreach where it no longer seeks to protect its people; but rather its own existence. A government can do that only if it can control its subjects. “1984” isn’t fiction; it’s just a few decades late (unless you’re talking about the Van Halen album which is timeless). Even with the election of a “gun friendly” president, government overreach will continue to grow.

  3. Mark Kelly is a has been, clinging to a disabled wife to remain relevant!
    Projecting his growing sense of irreverence unto middle age white men? One sick puppy!

  4. Mark Kelly? The NASA space cadet Mark Kelly? A straphanger on a commie Russian spaceship ala Howard Wolowitz? Had his 15min/who cares.

    • Kelly was an astronaut back when the Shuttle was flying. I don’t think he ever flew on a Soyuz.

    • You might be thinking about his twin brother Scott Kelly. Mark has been out of the space game for a while.

  5. What do you expect from a gigolo, seeing as how his main squeeze is no longer on the Government Gravy train, his wife has to support him some how, sad how he cannot believe in the Constitution for Money! Maybe that’s the reason he’s is a has been used to was! Typical fascist sell everyone’s right’s down the river for profit!

  6. I’d like to close the big media loophole, that allows these insane fringe groups free advertising far exceeding their representation of the American populace. And frankly, his poor wife should be removed to protective custody. This “man” disgusts me in ways I didn’t think I could feel.

  7. People are getting depressed and their life expectancy is going down, so obviously the solution is to further circumscribe, regulate, and bureaucratize their lives. It worked for the Soviet Union, right?

    • That sounds like the military…

      “Sir, the men’s spirits are down. What should we do?”

      “I see. Well, get them started cleaning up around, first thing. And then, they can start mandatory PT an hour early tomorrow, while I sleep in. Oh, and schedule a personnel inpsection this afternoon; no one goes home until they pass.

      That’ll show ’em just how good they had it before they started b*tching.”

      Mark was an officer. Not hard to see which kind.

  8. LOL – meanwhile in my own part of the US all of the gun owners I know work in cyber-security or otherwise professional fields. I drove up to shoot skeet the other day and parked next to a Porsche 911RS (unsure exact model). We know our rights and are not in a lower economic class. This is the same old bullshit smear – gun owners are uneducated white hunkies or hicks. EXPLETIVE DELETED

    • On average, law abiding gun owners are better educated and make more money than non- gun owners.

      It makes sense. Those individuals that are more self-disciplined, work harder at getting a good education, which means they are more successful, which means they are more mature, which means they realize they are the only ones that are responsible for their own self-protection of themselves, their family and their community. Which is why they own guns to protect themselves. Which makes them more likely to be conservative or independant.

      Everything a progressive/democrat is not. Progressives/statists (which includes too many in the Republican party);are the group of the powerless, helpless and dependant that want to be controlled by their “betters” and those that want to control everyone else. (For their “own good”, of course).

      • So the definition of those that are of the peasant, peon and virtual slave class; and those that are free, is still defined by those that carry defensive weapons for protection and those that do not. Which is still, mostly voluntary.

        Which the progressives/statists are doing everything in their power to “fundumentally change”.

    • Achmed,
      Amen. I have two Bachelors of Science degrees, accounting and forensic accounting. White, Middle aged, Christian and conservative. My shooting buddies are Black, Jewish and Hispanic. Some middle-class, some above. I am a Southern boy so Mr Kelly would call me a redneck.
      Who knew that a has-been astronerd would attempt to destroy the Constitution.

  9. Nice work, President Change gets a private citizen repeating what he said about the east coast folks clinging to bibles and guns. Now move the demographic to old mid west white men…brilliant. Then King Oboma redefines what a gun seller is to “fix” a loophole that doesn’t exist thus restricting gun sales to law abiding citizens. And and a republican controlled Congress doing nothing.

  10. The firearms classes I take in the Puget Sound region are largely dominated by well-off young techies at Amazon and Microsoft.

    I can’t believe he’s using the same “economic depression = gun clinging” that got Obama flamed so much. It plays beautifully with their well-heeled contributors, though. The kind of rhetoric you’ll see now, during fundraising season, not so much closer to Election Day

    • Exactly. My wife and I each pull north of $120K, don’t live in the “middle of the country”, aren’t really religious and we ain’t giving up our guns either…. so Mark and ol Barack can go and pound sand.

  11. In a nutshell: “We’re concerned that once we’ve taken your freedom, prosperity and future you might get a little uppity. So, it’s best we just take your guns now.” People like Kelly are essential to the mechanisms of the state in totalitarian regimes. He’s vermin.

  12. Must be nice to be able to talk about people as if they are just numbers and demographics instead of people just like you.

    Maybe you should think about how to help people like that instead of trying to take away their 2nd amendment protected rights. If you weren’t pushing to take something away maybe people wouldn’t feel like they were losing it. If that is even the case.

  13. If white male life expectancy and earning potential is going down, wouldn’t that be a better issue to work on rather than make it harder for them to buy firearms?

    • Perhaps the work/economic events causing mid aged males to either be priced out of the market or downsized out of a position should be looked at first. Being in that demographic i’ve had a rather dramatic life shift in the past couple years and became the “homemaker” of the family now. To be honest though, it’s not all that bad. In fact it has some rather unexpected perks. (hitting the gym with the stay-at-home mom’s who have nothing better to do than work on their tone and tan isn’t the worst way to spend a mid-afternoon.)

  14. Again with the 40% lie. And then it’s “middle aged white males who feel like they are losing something” red herring. Guess what, we ARE losing something everytime BH Obama opens his mouth to talk his way around congress.
    I don’t know folks, I just get the feeling that we are going to be pushed too hard, too far…

  15. Middle aged white guys supposedly feel that they’re losing things, including their firearms freedom. So this shill’s solution is to…..further infringe on firearms freedom by banning private, person-to-person sales of firearms?

    In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves? Got it.

    • In other words, the beatings will continue until morale improves? Got it.

      Haha. Exactly. Well put.

  16. More of that OFWG nonsense…

    It’s particularly amusing when it’s parroted by an OFWG.

  17. “…they look at gun issues and their right to own a gun as one of those things that they might be losing.”

    What a jackass. He and his wife are in the employ of a billionaire, control freak zealot and they are actively trying to take away rights. “They might be losing” is passive tense in order to avoid their own culpability in the issue.

  18. Didn’t watch the video, the transcript was enough. It can be hard to speak extemporaneously, granted, but the transcript wasn’t exactly a paragon of clarity of thought.

    Oh, yes, I almost forgot – glad he’s buddies with the president, good for him.

    As for the rest, everybody is entitled to self-defense, even if they’re part of the modern silent persecuted majority.

  19. I’m not concerned that I’m losing something. I’m concerned that my kids are losing something. Specifically, their liberty.

  20. So, this has occurred to me:

    To stop “kitchen table” FFL’s, ATF raised the lower level transfer limit.
    Now to stop the “gun show loophole”, Obama’s gonna lower the definition of what constitutes an FFL.

    Basically gonna declare all citizens in the business, then say they can’t be in the business with an FFL license because they are too small. Its gonna be a law that can’t actually be followed, passed by executive fiat. No. I will not comply.

  21. Anyone ever see the video of this idiot’s dog tearing apart a baby seal? I am not kidding. This guy is a real piece of shit. Watch the video. Maybe he should consider Dog Control as a second hobby, rather than shill for the disarmament complex.

  22. Does anyone know how much money this ass has made from his wife’s shooting? He seems to have been seeking donations ever since, to a personal “foundation” of some sort. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

  23. Well I am in middle america, I am very very well off, and I have lots of guns. Oh yeah, I am Black, numb nutz.

    Now go back and help your veggie wife stutter over some more memorized lies and slogans

    • Hey listen, if GZ and I can be “white Hispanics” for being middle-class gun owners, then you can be a middle-class, gun owning white black guy…

      • I’m confused now. I used to self identify as an ofwg. My grandaughters, 2 of them anyway, are half mexican. I got a cousin that’s half black.

        Does this make me an ofwmbg? I’m getting stressed. Think I’ll go have a lie down and figure it out later.

        • Come on, there’s gotta be some Asian in that mix somewhere. A new minority, I see it coming, ofwambg, until we find a way to stick another a and an n in there for ofwambang, and we are the all time winners!

  24. This seems the new norm for progressives. They believe that if you demonize, put down your opponent or just call them nasty names it is compromise and will move people to your side. They also love to put down people they believe that are in flyover country because only the East Coast and West Coast liberals matter everyone else is just peon.

    I live in a town with close to 50K residents with average income of 76K with 85% at least a BA or BS degree and oh yeah, with 79% of households that are gun owners and we are in freak’n CT. How does my town fit the narrative jackass?

    His statements are just meant to demean people and nothing else. The tact for 2016 will be to double down on making gun owners some kind of low life and low intelligence people. Screw the anti-gun lobby.

    Actually, on second thought, please, do more of this maybe if we can get 100% of gun owners to actually vote from being pissed off we can keep Hillary out of office.

    • East coast, West coast, Austin, Texas and Madison, Wisconsin. The rest of us are uninformed and unimportant. To THEM.

  25. It’s not the new norm for progressives, it’s the old norm, straight out of the Chicago Saul Alinsky activist playbook. It’s never gone out of circulation in Chicago.

  26. Arg…take care of your wife space boy. This is far from the most annoying “news” of the day-BREAKING>The Slow Bone restaurant in Dallas bars open carry in their BBQ joint and goes on Varney(FOX business) to whine about open-carry “scaring” him and his customers. Like COPS scare people? Thought you Texas guys(RF) should know that…

    • Never heard of him, this restaurant, or his other restaurant “Maple & Motor” before today. I’ve dashed off separate complaint emails to both just now.

      I expressed disgust at this treatment, which nobody would stand for were it applied to women, Catholics or homosexuals being barred service unless they concealed all outward evidence of their gender, religion or sexual orientation.

      • Good to see Jonathan! I live in Illinois and often travel a mile east to Indiana. Where open-carry is legal. Rare to see anti-gun ANYTHING there. Let this azzwhole see where this gets him. He annoyed to hell outa’ ME on Varney…

  27. This is the snide, condescending type of view held by progressives who can’t or refuse to actually understand the thinking of the opposition. You see it a lot of times with their views towards conservatives as well on issues towards crime, foreign policy, etc…Kelly (and by his admission Obama’s) view on gun ownership is akin to the progressive view that people who own guns for self-defense are fearful of the world and fear their neighbors and so forth. The reality is not only is that view wrong, but even more the opposite IMO: it is the gun controllers themselves who strike me as fearful of their neighbors and fellow humans (hence their fear of their fellow humans possessing guns, and anyone who owns a gun is to be registered and known, and anyone with multiple guns and thousands of rounds, EEK!). Most gun owners would encourage their neighbors to own guns and for everyone to own guns and for everyone to carry. Would make for a safer society in terms of stopping criminals.

    In his own way, Kelly probably is right to some degree in that gun owners are fearful and purchase guns out of fear of losing that right, but not because of society changing or anything like that, but rather because of President Obama and anti-gun state legislators themselves. The Obamas, Andrew Cuomos, Governor Malloys, and O’Malleys (when he was governor of Maryland) and such make people who cherish gun rights fearful of the right being heavily infringed upon. It would be no different than if there were lots of speech control proponents hell bent on banning books and then you saw lots of book buying on the part of the public.

  28. It really is humorous to hear anti-2A dems repeatedly try to characterize supporters of the second amendment as old fat white guys with, an erroneous stat, less education. The Republicans, if you believe Barack, are poor uneducated losers.

    That’s rich. Every election the post-voting numbers come out, and democrat wins are usually propelled by the votes of inner-city blacks and hispanics, together with poor single moms. Talk about a demographic that’s low on cash and education….

  29. Mark Kelley said that the ATF KNOWS there are individuals that sell “hundreds if not thousands of guns every year”.
    Can you say, EXAGGERATION!?
    Hundreds, if not Thousands.
    What a load of horse shit.

    I tell you what.


    • Why should I say “exaggeration” when I can more quickly and more accurately say “lie”?

      • The “special” people have armed security. The little people have the 2nd Ammendment. A nation of armed citizens is dangerous to a power and right grabbing government.

  30. It is really hard to be an ex-astronaught and/or an ex-Colonel. One day you are
    hot shit and rule your world. The next day, you are Mr. Nobody.

  31. Did’ja ever notice that some people believe their accomplishment in one narrow field of endeavor imbues them with authority and expertise on any number of subjects across the board? For example, armchair psychoanalysis by this former astronaut. Well, analyze this, Perfessor: For seven long years, armed middle-aged white guys with lowered life-expectancy have had to endure a smug and divisive collectivist in the Oval Office who’s done his dead-level best to stifle the economy, forcing millions of Americans onto government assistance, allowed millions of dead-beat illegal foreigners to invade the country, and humiliate the greatest nation on earth before the world community, among myriad other insufferable provocations. Nevertheless, there have been no armed middle-aged white guy counterparts to Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, et cetera, ad nauseum. Why is that, do you suppose, hmm?

  32. How does an average American born “citizen” go about expressing their extreme disgust, contempt and reprehension for a fellow citizen without being vulgar? When supposed betters feel they know the best for everyone else I believe they give up any respect they may have ever earned in public life. The astronaut/nut and the politician are two of those individuals. … couldn’t help myself. Go fornicate thy-selves!

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