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“Thanks to the National Rifle Association, that’s all you can do in this country when you have an angry emotionally unstable neighbor who is fascinated with guns, all you can do is worry. Because the NRA has made sure that your angry unstable neighbor will have no trouble getting his hands on the most murderous weapons that exist, and unlimited amounts of ammunition. And the NRA has made sure that the day your angry unstable heavily armed neighbor is overwhelmed by homicidal urges, the question is not – will he kill anyone? The question is: How many people will he kill?” – Lawrence O’Donnell at

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  1. Thanks to the Statists, that’s all you can do in this country when you have an angry emotionally unstable government who is fascinated with guns, all you can do is worry. Because the Statists have made sure that your angry unstable government will have no trouble getting his hands on the most murderous weapons that exist, and unlimited amounts of ammunition. And the Statist have made sure that the day your angry unstable heavily armed government is overwhelmed by homicidal urges, the question is not – will they kill anyone? The question is: How many people will they kill?”

    Fixed that for you!

  2. I’ve lived too many years in apartments and duplexes and the like and I’ve never given a second thought to somebody above, below or beside me owning a gun or fifty.

    What has however kept me up at night is knowing that person above, below or beside me is a blackout drunk who smokes like a chimney and fries every meal. Will today be the day his intoxicated white-trash ass torches the building? Will my family and I get out in time?

    Stupid people worry me. Not inanimate objects.

      • I use them all. White-trash, ghetto-trash, whatever applies.
        Skinny white guy has the cops show up every weekend to take his carnival purchased “ninja swords” away likes to get plastered and have shouting matches with his lady friend in the the middle of the street then tosses his Christmas tree through the pane glass window in March pretty much qualifies as white-trash in my book.

        Trash is trash. Sorry a qualifier upsets you, Lawrence. Man up.

        • I’m white trash, and I know everybody hates white trash, and I don’t particularly care. I don’t care about a lot of stuff, which is mainly what made me white trash, but I’ve got something that I think people can’t or won’t appreciate the value of – Freedom. I have no need of religion – Freedom is my worship word. I wonder if it’s impossible for a person who has never been locked up to appreciate the sweet, sweet nectar of the power to walk out one’s own front door whenever in the world he wants to.

          But I do believe that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and any senator or representative who votes for any infringement on TROTPTKABA is a traitor.

    • The addition of good locks and smoke/CO2 detectors are a must in any apartment.
      Of course, there’s no preventive for the stoner above you who allows the kitchen sink to overfill regularly.

  3. This “journalist” and his statements perfectly meet the websters dictionary definition of terrorist spewing propaganda. It has been bad enough watching journalism slide into bias over my lifetime but, to see it mutate to this makes me fear for the future of our country. Job well done MSM, you have devolved to political terrorists.

  4. Yeah, I sure can’t think of one solution the NRA offers for a homicidal maniac.

    Oh, wait. You can shoot him.

    Of course, it’s not as beautiful as the liberal utopia where you can call the police as your neighbor kicks in your door to stab you and your family to death, significantly aiding them in filling out the paperwork on how you died.

  5. My only worry is that douche bags like this guy and his followers are always clamouring for gun owners to be dragged into the streets and shot with our own guns. If these are the peaceful “for the children” folks then I’m very worried.

  6. TO: Lawrence O’Donnell @ MSNBC
    RE: What’s a Person to Do?

    Then the best thing is to be equally or better armed and trained than the imagined unstable neighbor, in order to protect yourself, your family, your property and your friends.

    After all, one in twenty is a sociopath….just like you. So we should be prepared to fend off your attacks.

    And then again, let us not forget the sociopaths in law enforcement. The ones who quite literally get away with murder using the same sort of weapons you would deny the rest of US.


    P.S. We all know that you’re a sociopath, because you pretend to be a news person, when it is widely known that MSNBC is nothing more than a propaganda outlet.

    • MSNBC is pathetic; their audience at a given moment isn’t a quarter million. It’s a miracle they can get advertisers at all.

  7. O’Donnell is nothing more than a sociopathic twat monkey.

    The fact that he still has a show fills me with great shame. How can there be enough people in the US that listen to his drivel?

    -5 faith in humanity

    • There’s hope=-apparently MSNBC has cancelled Chris Matthews” show-one piece of garbage gone and maybe O’Donnell,Sharpton,Maddow,and that racist filth Melissa Harris-Perry will follow.FWIW I still won’t waste my time on what’s left.It’s strange but on weekends after the morning shows,MSNBC has all that crime and prison coverage-split personality channel 🙂

  8. People who don’t own guns worry. Those of us who do practice to ensure that we can hit our target if need be. O’donnell…if you’re that concerned about a neighbor in your millionaire’s cul-de-sac, NRA training classes are forming now. Feel free to exercise your rights and sign up.

    • Agreed. I’m sure your gun club or training course would love to have you. No sarcasm intended either–we’re always happy to have one more, and if that means changing the mind of an anti then all the better.

  9. It’s kind of amusing watching these idiotic punk metrosexuals like O’Donnell become dillusionly unhinged. How can anyone live in such a pathetic state of fear and ignorance?

      • It is entirely too easy to get guns in America, according to him. Maybe he knows from experience. DUN-DUN-DUHHHHHH!!!

    • These people are not living in fear of gun owners any more than the Nazi’s lived in fear of the Jews. This is propaganda to stir up fear among the low information populous so that they will join in the attack on law abiding gun owners and the 2nd amendment. What they fear is opposition to the tyranny they sponsor.

    • Someone watched so as to report it to us.

      I hereby nominate Dan Zimmerman for receipt of the coveted TTAG Order of Merit, for his heroic service exposing himself to corrosive drivel that we might know what’s foot.

      Do I hear a second?

  10. Or maybe all the people in the crazy person’s life could A) pay attention and B) intervene. Instead of just ignoring the problem for decades.

  11. I have an angry unstable armed neighbor who has already attacked me once yet the police the court the politicians refuse to do anything. To protect my family and my self I have been forced to buy handguns.
    Thank God for the NRA.

  12. Progressive/socialist, they truly believe they want a peaceful harmonious world where people don’t persecute or murder one another and the world is safe for the children; it’s all for the children.

    Yet in the actions they take to create this “Utopia”, they are driving us ever closer to economic collapse, chaos, government tyranny and mass death.

    Progressive/socialism; this is the belief system under different names that has always destroyed a free people and created dark ages; Greece, Rome and now the US of A. There is nothing new under the sun.

    The only question is have enough of us learned from the lessons of history to correct the path we are on? We will find out shortly.

  13. It’s particularly sad that after all the recent scandals and encroachment on our civil liberties that have become evident under this Federal administration, that citizens still feel the need to slander organizations that fight to maintain the spirit of our Bill of Rights.

    • Is it okay for news organizations to commit slander? If you talked about him that way, he’d probably sue you for maligning his good name. maybe the NRA should be looking for a good lawyer….just sayn’

    • How many of us revile the ACLU because they defend flag burners and such?

      Freedom is freedom, and sometimes tat means accepting what we don’t like, but is withing te other guy’s rights.

      We really must solidify on this not always pretty thing called freedom, in all its many shades.

  14. The Progressive/liberal, more frightened by the average citizen with a gun than the planned mass murder methodically carried out by governments around the world; including the mass murder of unborn children in our own country.

    Do you people think that some one that can justify the murder of the most helpless and defenseless among us would not hesitate to commit mass murder against those they publically and vociferously spew hate and dehumanize as gun owners?

    Which is why they want to disarm us; it’s to dangerous if the people they are trying to abort can shoot back.

  15. Wait a minute, I joined the NRA a while ago and this is the first I’ve heard about this unlimited ammunition supply. Where do I sign up?

    • I was wondering the same thing- unlimited ammo? Nobody said a thing to me about that! Must need the secret decoder ring from the bottom of that last bulk pack of 9mm.

      • Yup,
        First demonize a something in conjunction with guns that oppose their views. Ya know, Like a scapegoat sorta thing. Then use stretching ideals to establish an uneducated basis to have discord with a protected civil liberty. Then draw a conclusion said civil liberty threatens you in some shape or form rather than protects a given liberty through constitutionality resulting in a free state, without ever really disclosing the absolutenes of liberty or constitutionality, thusly concluding a free state then threatens you.

        Revert to earlier mentioned sale goat…

        Finally, block negative feedback so as to secure a superiority of opinioned domain.

        Lather, rinse, repeat.


  16. When I ended up in the middle of a thug v. thug shootout in the liberal utopia of Chicago with no lawful way to defend myself, that was the NRA’s fault? Sorry, I’m not seeing it.

  17. Most murderous weapons that exist? But the NRA doesn’t have anything to do with drunk driving, does it? Was there an option for “American Drunkass” on the magazine subscription?

  18. O’Donnell, pierce, and Moore should do a cross “kuntry” tour lets call the the A**holes with no common sence Tour 2013 they can be the follow up act for the MAIG Tour

  19. I love how they fall to mention I have the right to have the same weaponry to defend myself because we are both citizens & protected under the second amendment so we can keep & bear arms.

    No fear here,
    Move along.

  20. Isn’t MSDNC in a ratings collapse? Does anyone watch that channel? Surprised they still get ad dollars?

  21. Since the Constitution guarantees that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, anyone who would infringe your right to be armed is a traitor.

    Gun Control is Treason.

    • Agreed. And if I recall, there is no statute of limitations for treason. I am calmed with the recent historical precedence that most tyrants and their minions eventually face justice. You know, they would be fine if they stopped trying to usurp the Constitution, and instead debated to propose an admendment to the Constitution. Of course, an amendment to the Constitution that would overturn the 2nd amendment would never pass, but at least their actions would be legal according to the way the constitution was meant to be followed by its signers. I really hope I live long enough to see them face justice.

  22. Ok,we’ll the comment is about msnbc I, think he is not talking to me or to anybody else . I, think he means those how commit a crime…jmk

      • But very satisfying. Don’t defend them (libtards….democrats), unless you are one (or enjoyed the post Newtown gun grab attempt by many of the libtards you may have voted for, as many on this forum foolishly did but shall no longer do so).


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