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Special election victor Sam Belsito courtesy

Connecticut is ground zero in the latest push for civilian disarmament. Maybe the gun rights pendulum is starting to swing the other way in the Constitution State, foreshadowing a national backlash against gun-grabbing progressive pols. Pro-gun Republican Samuel Belsito won a special election to fill the Connecticut State Legislature’s 53rd House District. Democrat Bryan Hurlburt vacated the seat for greener pastures (a job with the USDA). Belsito says gun rights were at the front of a lot of his constituents’ minds. “Every day I was out knocking on doors, I would get at least one person who was really ticked off about the gun bill. There were an awful lot of people, including Democrats, who are really ticked off about the gun bill.” Score one for the good guys. Speaking of white hats . . .

Texas Governor Rick Perry is journeying north to pitch Lone Star State relocation to Connecticut’s storied gun makers. Come Monday, he’ll meet with gun manufacturers at a restaurant just a stone’s throw from the State Capitol and Governor Dannel Malloy’s office. Catherine Smith, the commissioner of CT’s Department of Economic and Community Development, responded to accusations that Democrats have screwed the proverbial pooch. “We’re not trying to drive anyone out of the state . . . I think the governor has been one of the friendliest governors to business at least in the last couple of decades.”

Unless you happen to be in the business of making or selling firearms, that is. The presidential candidate who could remember the third branch of government he wanted to ditch (hint: pick any one) has made similar offers to gun and accessory manufactures in Colorado,  New York State and Maryland. OK, all together now…

Rick Perry went a-courtin’ and he did ride, uh-huh
Rick Perry went a-courtin’ and he did ride, uh-huh
Rick Perry went a-courtin’ and he did ride
Wooin’ gun makers nationwide, uh-huh

Not to be out Texased, Representative Steve Stockman is raffling off a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle while taking a rhetorical pot-shot at the president: “Grab this gun before Obama does!” Stockman’s re-election campaign is holding the drawing. Twisting the knife into Uncle Sam, Stockman tweeted: “You don’t need to be an IRS agent to get your own Bushmaster AR-15. I’m giving one away for FREE on July 4! Sign up!”

Citizens for a Safer Colorado (CSC) has filed an initiative to amend the Colorado constitution to repeal the gun control laws passed by the legislature in March. “The Colorado legislature overstepped its bounds to do the bidding of the Obama administration and the big city mayors from the east coast to impose laws that are actually dangerous and do nothing to reduce crime,” CSC chairman Mike Holler pronounced. “We are reminding them that in Colorado, the final authorities are the citizens.”

Under the amendment says individuals may “buy, sell, transfer, own, loan, possess, transport, carry, and operate firearms as well as all standard, necessary, customary, or usual equipment and accessories including magazines and ammunition.” It also also prevents the legislature from writing new laws infringing citizens’ rights to bear arms; any future changes must be done by a vote of the people.

It will soon be illegal to “out” concealed handgun carriers in Louisiana. The AP reports [via SFGate] that the Sportsman’s Paradise legislature passed a bill making it a misdemeanor to release or publish the names or addresses of permit owners, as well as applicants for permits. Violations will carry a $10,000 fine and up to six months in jail. The bill’s on Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk where it will gain the requisite signature.

In Wednesday’s Daily Digest, we told you about Glenn Chasteen, an Ohio ne’re-do-well nicked for robbing a bank. With a hand grenade. The UK can relate. The BBC reports that Dale Cregan was convicted of using hand grenades in the 2012 murder of David Short and Police Constables Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone. On June 3, Manchester Police found 10 grenades in Oldham (they think part of Cregan’s stash). Between January 2008 and September 2011 UK police recovered 42 grenades. Lesson of the day: if you ban guns, the bad guys will just find other ways to commit violent acts – and the citizenry will have no way to protect themselves from it.

Here we go again. Still. The New York Times reports “Democratic leaders in Congress and the White House renewed their push for gun legislation on Thursday . . . amid delicate talks on a new background-check measure that advocates hope could change enough votes from no to yes.” However, “those negotiations met a warning from Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, who said he would not accept any bill that is substantially weaker than the one defeated in April.” Here’s hoping Reid wants a bad bill as a poison pill to please his pals in the NRA.

The latest propaganda headline from Stop the NRA screams “6,003 Americans Murdered With Guns In Six Months Since Newtown.” The HuffPo CEO’s pet peeve provider doesn’t give a source for that statistic. Or mention any gang or drug-related activities associated with these deaths. FYI: there’s no such thing as a “six month anniversary.” The word “anniversary” denotes the ANNUAL – as in yearly – observance of an occasion. So by definition, there can’t be an any-month anniversary. Just sayin’.

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  1. A progressive proof rewrite of the 2nd Amendment;

    “The Right of The People,explicitly defined as the population not employed as law enforcement and serving as active or reserve military,to acquire,purchase,transfer,or retain arms,explicitly defined as firearms,knives,tasers,or technogicially advanced substitutes thereof,shall under no circumstances including emergency decrees and times of war be in any context be infringed.Infringement is defined as any law,ordinance,organization,intent,employee,agent,private entity,private corporation,foreign corporation,foreign government,foreign based organization,or any combination thereof which has been or proposes to obstruct any of the above named actions related to the ownership and transfer of arms.Violations command an automatic charge of Treason against the United States,and any individual action by a member of a government agency or organization constitutes constructive intent of Treason by the management of the same organization.The penalty of death will be pursued as the minimum sentence in such cases.

    • Everyone, and yes I really mean everyone knows the writers of the 2A meant exactly what you wrote. The fact we have lawyers making laws is the real misunderstanding of the whole constitution.

      You don’t need to be a constitutional scholar to understand the constitution, all you really need to do is read it.

      But what do you expect from lawyer politicians they can’t understand “congress shall pass no law” !!

    • You seem to have left out any substantial definition of “bear”, though you have “keep” well covered.

      • Exactly!

        What’s the use of having arms if they can’t be deployed for protection or used for practice and proficiency? We’re only a hairs breadth away from de facto prohibition of even defensive use of personal firearms in our own homes in some jurisdictions (NYC, Chicago, D.C., et al).

    • I have always fancied short and simple:
      “An armed citizenry indemnify a free state; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    • You forgot swords, maces, axes, bows, nunchucks ( currently banned in California ), crossbows, ( which were banned in olden times because tyrants feared a weapon that anyone can use, also banned in California, without a lisense ) sai, etc. Oh and cane swords, which are banned in california you now what, just think that if it’s cool it’s probably banned in California.

    • Nicely done.

      That should keep the lawyers entertained for about 20 minutes as they find loopholes and back-doors and challenge all manner of terminology.

      The original text in the Bill of Rights was written by a bunch of scholarly folks, lets just stick with that one and not make it all complicated and legal-eese.

      The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      Pretty simple when you look at it. And it fits perfectly with the KISS principal that so many people have forgotten these days.

  2. I have my doubts about the Colorado amendment that would only permit gun control laws “voted in by the people.” It was the people that voted in Governor Chickenpooper and the statist progressives. Colorado has been invaded by progressives. Why would they not vote for additional gun control? Just sayin’

  3. OK, I’ve been looking at that picture and trying to read the road sign behind him. Does that say Crystal Lake on it?


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